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Mega Man Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man [Hints] [Data] Rockman NES/3DS/Wii/WiiU 1987 70%
Mega Man 2 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 2 NES/3DS/Wii/WiiU 1988 91%
Mega Man 3 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 3 NES/3DS/Wii/WiiU 1990 93%
Mega Man 4 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 4 NES/3DS/Wii/WiiU 1991 78%
Mega Man 5 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 5 NES/3DS/Wii/WiiU 1992 79%
Mega Man 6 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 6 NES/3DS/WiiU 1993 75%
Mega Man 7 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 7 SNES/WiiU/3DS 1995 79%
Mega Man 8 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 8 PSX/SAT/PSN 1997 80%
Mega Man 9 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 9 Wii/X360/PSN 2008 80%
Mega Man 10 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 10 Wii/X360/PSN 2010 81%
Mega Man 11 [Hints] [Data] Rockman 11 PS4/XONE/NS/PC 2018 90%
Mega Man I
(Dr. Wily's Revenge)
[Hints] [Data] Rockman World GB/3DS 1991 79%
Mega Man II [Hints] [Data] Rockman World 2 GB/3DS 1992 65%
Mega Man III [Hints] [Data] Rockman World 3 GB/3DS 1992 75%
Mega Man IV [Hints] [Data] Rockman World 4 GB/3DS 1993 95%
Mega Man V [Hints] [Data] Rockman World 5 SGB/3DS 1994 95%
Mega Man & Bass [Hints] [Data] Rockman & Forte SNES/GBA/WiiU 1998 80%
Mega Man's Soccer [Hints] Rockman's Soccer SNES 1994
Mega Man Battle & Chase [Hints] [Data] Rockman Battle & Chase PSX 1997 89%
Mega Man: The Wily Wars [Hints] [Data] Rockman MegaWorld GEN/NS 1993
Mega Man Anniversary Collection [Hints] PS2/GCN/XBOX 2004
Mega Man Legacy Collection [Hints] Rockman Classics Collection XONE/PS4/PC/3DS/NS 2015
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 [Hints] XONE/PS4/NS/PC 2017
Mega Man: Powered Up [Hints] [Data] Rockman Rockman PSP 2006 77%
Mega Man (GG) [Hints] [Data] GG 1994 50%
Mega Man (PC) [Hints] PC 1990
Mega Man 3 (PC) [Hints] PC 1992
Mega Man (LCD) [Hints] LCD -
Mega Man X Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man X [Hints] [Data] Rockman X SNES/PC/Wii/WiiU/3DS 1993 90%
Mega Man X2 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X2 SNES/Wii/WiiU/3DS 1995 79%
Mega Man X3 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X3 SNES/PSX/SAT/PC/WiiU/3DS 1996 79%
Mega Man X4 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X4 PSX/SAT/PC/PSN 1998 81%
Mega Man X5 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X5 PSX/PC/PSN 2000 79%
Mega Man X6 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X6 PSX/PC/PSN 2001 70%
Mega Man X7 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X7 PS2/PC 2003 79%
Mega Man X8 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X8 PS2/PC/PSN 2004 80%
Mega Man Xtreme [Hints] [Data] Rockman X Cyber Mission GBC/3DS 2000 78%
Mega Man Xtreme 2 [Hints] [Data] Rockman X2 Soul Eraser GBC/3DS 2001 80%
Mega Man X Command Mission [Hints] [Data] Rockman X Command Mission GCN/PS2 2004 89%
Mega Man X Collection [Hints] PS2/GCN 2006
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 [Hints] XONE/PS4/NS/PC 2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 [Hints] XONE/PS4/NS/PC 2018
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X [Hints] [Data] Irregular Hunter X PSP/PSN 2006 88%
Mega Man Zero Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man Zero [Hints] [Data] Rockman Zero GBA/WiiU 2002 79%
Mega Man Zero 2 [Hints] [Data] Rockman Zero 2 GBA/WiiU 2003 75%
Mega Man Zero 3 [Hints] [Data] Rockman Zero 3 GBA/WiiU 2004 79%
Mega Man Zero 4 [Hints] [Data] Rockman Zero 4 GBA/WiiU 2005 81%
Mega Man Zero Collection [Hints] Rockman Zero Collection NDS 2010
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection [Hints] PS4/XONE/NS/PC
Mega Man ZX Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man ZX [Hints] [Data] Rockman ZX NDS 2006 85%
Mega Man ZX Advent [Hints] [Data] Rockman ZX Advent NDS 2007 82%
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection [Hints] PS4/XONE/NS/PC
Mega Man Legends Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man Legends
(Mega Man 64)
[Hints] [Data] Rockman DASH PSX/N64/PC/PSN 1998 90%
Mega Man Legends 2 [Hints] [Data] Rockman DASH 2 PSX/PC/PSP/PSN 2000 80%
Misadventures of Tron Bonne [Hints] Tron Ni Kobun PSX/PSN 1999 89%
Battle Network Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man Battle Network [Hints] [Data] Battle Network Rockman EXE GBA/WiiU 2001 83%
Mega Man Battle Network 2 [Hints] [Data] Battle Network Rockman EXE 2 GBA/WiiU 2002 84%
Mega Man Battle Network 3 [Hints] [Data] Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 GBA/WiiU 2003 85%
Mega Man Battle Network 4 [Hints] [Data] Rockman EXE 4 GBA/WiiU 2003 84%
Mega Man Battle Network 5
(Double Team DS)
[Hints] [Data] Rockman EXE 5 (Team Leaders) GBA/NDS/WiiU 2005 79%
Mega Man Battle Network 6 [Hints] [Data] Rockman EXE 6 GBA/WiiU 2006 83%
Mega Man Network Transmission [Hints] [Data] Rockman.EXE Transmission GCN 2003
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge [Hints] [Data] Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP;
Rockman N1 Battle
GBA/WSC/WiiU 2004 78%
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection [Hints] PS4/NS/PC 2023
Star Force Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man Star Force [Hints] [Data] Ryusei no Rockman NDS 2007 85%
Mega Man Star Force 2 [Hints] [Data] Ryusei no Rockman 2 NDS 2008 86%
Mega Man Star Force 3 [Hints] [Data] Ryusei no Rockman 3 NDS 2009 82%
Arcades Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Mega Man: The Power Battle [Hints] [Data] Rockman: The Power Battle Arcade 1995
Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters [Hints] [Data] Rockman 2: The Power Fighters Arcade 1996
Marvel VS Capcom [Hints] Arcade/DC/PSX 1999
Marvel VS Capcom 2 [Hints] Arcade/DC 2000
Marvel VS Capcom 3 [Hints] X360/PS3/PSV 2011
Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite [Hints] Arcade/XONE/PS4/PC 2017
Cannon Spike [Hints] Arcade/DC 2001
Onimusha Blade Warriors [Hints] Arcade/PS2 2004
SNK VS Capcom
(SVC Chaos)
[Hints] Arcade
Tatsunoko VS Capcom [Hints] Arcade/Wii 2010
Street Fighter X Tekken [Hints] X360/PS3/PSV 2012
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium PS4/XONE/NS/PC 2022
Miscellaneous Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Project X Zone [Hints] 3DS 2014
Project X Zone 2 [Hints] 3DS 2016
Super Smash Bros. [Hints] WiiU/3DS 2014
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Hints] NS 2018
Mega Man X DiVE [Hints] Rockman X DiVE iOS/Android/PC 2020
Street Fighter X Mega Man [Hints] PC 2012
Rockman Strategy [Hints] PC 2001
Cell Phone Games [Hints] mobile -
Japanese Only Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Rockman Battle & Fighters [Hints] NGPC/NS 2000
Rockman Power Battle Fighters [Hints] PS2 2004
Rockman & Forte
(Challenger From The Future)
[Hints] [Data] WS 1999 65%
Super Adventure Rockman [Hints] PSX/SAT 1998
Rockman Complete Works [Hints] PSX 1999
Rock Board [Hints] NES 1993
Rockman EXE WS [Hints] [Data] WSC 2003 74%
Rockman EXE 4.5
(Real Operation)
[Hints] GBA 2004
Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star [Hints] NDS 2010
Rockman EXE: The Medal Operation [Hints] Arcade
Rockman Collection Special Box [Hints] PSX/PS2 2003
Namco X Capcom [Hints] PS2 2006
Cameos Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Gem Fighters Pocket Fighter Arcade/PSX
Puzzle Fighter iOS/Android 2017
SVC: Card Fighter's Clash NGPC/DS
Marvel VS Street Fighter Arcade
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Arcade
Mighty Final Fight NES
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Dragalia Lost iOS/Android 2019
Dead Rising
Pachislot Rockman Ability Arcade 2018
Others Hints Data AKA System(s) Year Rating
Fan-Made Games