Barrell Caskett receives an invitation from his old friend Von Bluecher to join him on his new airship, the Sulphur-Bottom. It seems that the two had once landed on the Forbidden Island, where the Mother Lode is said to rest, many years ago, and Von Bluecher is bound and determined to return there.

Roll and MegaMan watch from the Flutter as the Sulphur-Bottom begins its journey. It doesn’t get far, however, before a mysterious woman that looks a lot like Roll’s mother appears and attempts to prevent the giant ship from reaching its destination. Strangest of all, she rides upon the back of a sleek white Reaverbot.

Roll’s parents had disappeared years ago when trying to reach the Forbidden Island. Eager to find them, as well as to help Barrell, who is trapped on the sinking Sulphur-Bottom, Roll and MegaMan make their own expedition to the Forbidden Island...and unlock secrets even deadlier than what they stumbled upon on Kattelox...

Special Features

Top Help
Mega Man Legends 2 uses the same basic engine as the first game. However there are some key game play differences to note:
  • MegaMan can now move around while locked onto an enemy. This adds to the Ultimate Technique as seen below.
  • Because of the above, you can no longer move the camera with the lock-on button. Instead, you must use a separate button to look around (L2 by default, or the right stick).
  • In the first game, if you had no weapon equipped and you pressed the special weapon fire button, MegaMan would kick. In this game, he has a “Lifter” item which replaces the kick. You can still kick while in towns, using the normal fire button, but not anywhere else.
  • There is no longer a shield connected to your life gauge. You don’t have to worry about breaking and needing to repair it.
  • You begin the game with your jumping ability equal to having the Jump Springs from the last game, although you don’t actually possess the item.
  • There are several special damages which can occur to MegaMan and make your life miserable. For example, getting hit by certain flaming attacks will cause him to catch on fire. The only good side is these damages in and of themselves cannot kill MegaMan. In other words, if you get set on fire and you survive the initial attack, you can stand there and let him burn and even if his health reaches zero he will not die to the flames themselves.
  • Special weapons have two energy meters; the green bar goes down as you fire, then refills automatically whenever you’re not shooting. The blue bar is the weapon’s actual energy supply and diminishes whenever the green one refills. When the green bar runs out (usually caused by you holding down the fire button), you can’t fire again until it refills enough for another shot. When the blue bar runs out, you can’t fire period, until you manually refill it.
  • You can now get blue diamond-shaped crystals from defeating enemies. These are like the normal orange energy cubes, except the blue ones refill your current special weapon.
  • Major ruins (the ones you get Keys from generally) have control panels which operate similar to the Map and Compass in Zelda games. One control panel will fill in the map on your subscreen, and the other shows item locations on the map (glowing yellow squares; treasure chests without a glowing square are traps).
  • MegaMan can go underwater now with the help of a Rebreather device that allows him to breathe underwater. Aquatic sections are basically the same as being on land, except everything moves more slowly, and MegaMan can jump a bit higher and lift heavier objects.
  • You earn higher Digger’s Licenses by taking tests in this game (rather than them being handed to you as part of the plot like the first one). Higher licenses make the game more difficult but allow you access to more areas. There are several ruins you cannot enter until you pass these tests.
  • You now open the menu with Select, not Start. This can be irritating when you are in the middle of a battle and hit Start by mistake while trying to open your menu. On the good side, when the game is paused using Start, the game clock is also paused.
  • Reaching the map is a little more complex now, but by the same token, the maps are more detailed and you also have an auto-navigation system that will direct you toward goals.
  • There aren’t as many holes in the walls here. There are a few, but not quite the proliferation of the first game.
  • Trapped treasure chests are a bit more difficult to destroy here. Some of them even get up and chase you.


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Play Control: 3
Basically the play control is preserved from the first Legends game. There is now analog support but I don’t find it any better or worse than the digital.
Graphics: 3
The graphics are largely the same as the first game, but some things have changed, along with an overall shift to looking darker and less colorful. Some of the textures (most notably of people’s faces) are more high-res which helps, and MegaMan’s shot graphics look nicer, as do refractors dropped by enemies. There are also some added explosion and other graphical effects.
Animation: 3
Pretty much identical in all aspects to the first game. I find it humorous how Data actually admits in this game that MegaMan’s walk animation looks dippy.
Music: 5
Many of the tunes here are either identical to or remixed versions of the music from the first game. One touch I really like is that some sections of the game have varied tunes which match each other: for example, all the musics on Calinca island are variations of each other. This is most obvious in the field where you get one music while outside, a slight variation of this tune when an enemy is nearby, and inside the ruins a third musical selection is used which is the same basic tune but is a remix that uses different instruments. A really nice continuity.
Sound Effects: 5
Almost identical to the first game. Even most of the voice actors are back (something I highly appreciate), although they have a new one for MegaMan himself (herself?).
Plot: 2
For some reason I found the plot of the first game to have a bit more personality and charm. Legends 2 does answer some questions, even within the first half hour, that Legends left dangling, but the plot also has more holes than swiss cheese on a bagel. Also there are many cases where people’s conversations don’t match the plot, item descriptions are inaccurate, and Roll’s lines in the Development Room seem odd at best. Roll no longer bothers telling you what a new weapon or item does when she creates it, or what upgrades to weapons will affect when you’re selecting them (you have to guess what “Special” applies to). Little things like these make the plot seem less personal and not as immersive.
Difficulty: 4 (normal to hard)
Generally the difficulty level of ruins and so forth is about the same as the first game; however this game has a whole lot of “running battles” which can stretch you thin, and some exceedingly annoying enemies which, though not overly dangerous, do their best to irritate you.
Replay Value: 3
Certainly there is a lot to do and explore, although in some cases you’re forced to take tests and leap through other hoops to actually see everything, which can be distracting.
Polish: 3
I like the appearances and other in jokes, but there really isn’t much more polish to this one than the first game.
Overall: 80%
A good game, but lacking some of the charm. I liked the first Legends game better.

+ Plus:
You can move while locked on to enemies.
- Minus:
The lock-on has an annoying habit of switching targets on you without warning. This makes it extremely difficult to focus your attacks strategically on a particular enemy, and also tends to cause you to totally lose your orientation because of the sudden unexpected changes of directions.


Top Help
Most of the bosses in this game you want to circle (use the Ultimate Technique below). However there are some cases where there are dangerous obstacles around which make circling impossible. In these cases stand still and jump attacks, or shoot them if possible. In many situations, enemy shots will go over or under you if you jump with the proper timing. Remain locked on while jumping, and you can even continue to pump your foe with shots. Jumping also helps avoid attacks while circling; if you are circling an enemy and keep getting hit, try jumping repeatedly, and you may find you have a lot better luck. Generally speaking, either circling and jumping, or jumping in place, will defeat nearly every enemy in the game.

Having said that, the following section only lists bosses where the above paragraph does not work, or if there is something more involved to the battle (typically these types of battles are preceded by “Mission Start!”). If you’re facing a boss that isn’t listed here, assume that the above section applies.

Rescuing Shu: [Carlbania Island]
A pair of twins will lead you to Glyde’s fortress. However, once you get there, a mission will begin which instructs you to follow them to the side. The target area is on the left side of the fortress; however they won’t run directly there, instead favoring dashing about at random getting shot at. So ignore them and instead concentrate on destroying all the cannons and tanks as quickly as possible. Once they’re destroyed, the boys will then meander their way to where they should be. The same applies to when you are trying to escape with Shu at the end: destroy the tanks directly in front of you that are guarding the door, run over as many of the Birdbots as you can, then pick up Shu and make a dash for the gate.
Birdbots and Glyde: [Nino Island]
This is another of what I call a “running battle” because you get into a long stream of battles with little reprieve between them (in this case you can stop at Data however and refill your energy between fights). The first few sections are pretty self-explanatory; just be careful what you shoot because your weapon shots will hurt your allies as well as the boxes they are trying to use to barricade the doors. If the Birdbots get in, the entire place will self-destruct, taking you with it, so you don’t want to be giving them any help. At the end, Roll will try to repair the weird yellow weapon you may have seen (go in the elevator with the up arrows on it). For this, basically plant yourself directly in front of Roll, between her and Glyde’s ship. Hold down the lock-on button and you will automatically target the first missile that comes into lock-on range. At this point hold down the fire button, and don’t let either button up. Optimize your Buster Parts for Power and Range, and you should be able to destroy all of the missiles before they reach Roll.
Blitztrig: [Teisel Bonne; Kimotoma Village]
Teisel fights using a priceless statue as a shield. If you don’t care footing the bill later, you can just blast the statue to smithereens and get at him that way. Otherwise, one (though time-consuming) way to win this battle is to stand on the sand a short distance from Teisel’s platform (you can’t stand on his platform because he will never come out of hiding), lock onto Teisel, jump, and fire a single shot at his craft (make sure you optimize your Buster Parts for sheer Power). Once your shot connects Teisel will stop throwing things at you (he tosses everything but the toilet paper really), and duck down to hide behind the statue. Thus why you need to fire only one shot; any more will hit the statue (if you have a high enough firing rate, you can sometimes squeeze more shots in, but this isn’t a definite thing). Wait until he straightens up again, and repeat. There is no need to circle in this battle, just sidestep the junk he throws. Note: do not attempt to hit Teisel with explosive special weapons; the explosion will hit the statue even if the actual shot connects with Teisel. Also, make sure you shoot all of the Servbot borer tanks so they don’t get underfoot. Hold down the lock-on button the entire battle and it will target the tanks whenever they appear.
Dinosaur Reaverbot: [Saul Kada Ruins]
When you first encounter this thing, you may notice it doesn’t have an energy meter. You can’t beat it, so don’t bother trying. If you want, hang around a bit until Roll mentions that you don’t seem to be damaging it (this happens when it goes to refill at a lava pool). Then try all of the doors except the one you came through; one of them will be unlocked, and you’ll be allowed to leave the battle behind. You will come back later to finish off the dinosaur; but until it gains an energy meter (meaning you’ve discovered how to defeat it) don’t waste your energy.
Gustaff: [Tron Bonne; Saul Kada Ruins]
This battle is absolutely classic. Tron has two Servbots with her (#11 and #23) and even uses Beacon Bombs on you. Shoot the Servbots to put them temporarily out of commission, then circle Tron.
Gomoncha: [Train]
Taking care of Glyde’s section of the train should be fairly simple, especially if you’ve been upgrading your buster. For the first section of the Bonne train, you have to catch and throw missiles back at it (even at maximum Range, your buster shots can’t reach). Hold down the Lifter button to catch missiles; try to catch only ones that are headed straight for you on a level plane. After you destroy enough of the train with missiles that it comes within reach, you will begin being attacked by a large cannon and some Servbots. Shoot the cannon to prevent it from firing, but whenever you see a Servbot, tap the lock-on button to quickly aim at it. You will also damage the train itself in the process. If you keep alternating between the Servbots and the cannon, no one should be able to get any shots off on you. Once you see Bon, do the same thing: focus on him, but veer off to shoot Servbots as necessary.
Blob: [Calinca Ruins]
You are your own worst enemy in this battle. Although most of the time you need do nothing more than just stay as far away as possible from the blob, when Roll tells you to get on the platforms, you may have troubles when you note that all of the platforms are icy. Even if you don’t have the Cleated Shoes, there is a trick, however: although you can’t tell by looking at them, the lower platforms are all up against the wall. So run toward one head on, and when you jump on, let yourself slide across; the wall will stop you. Once you’re stopped, carefully turn around and walk back to the other end. Whatever you do, don’t panic and over-correct or you’ll slide right off. After you successfully remain on a platform, there are two choices: if you stand on the end closest to the boss, the platforms over your head will protect you from the blobs it tosses. However you cannot shoot the boss from here and it slowly recovers health while tossing blobs. You must jump up to hit the boss during this stage of the battle but you’re vulnerable to being plastered with blobs then. In some cases you’re just better off letting the boss recharge and waiting it out until the platforms disappear.
In finest Mega Man tradition, some of the previous bosses make reappearances here, and you have to fight them all over again in a preset order. (Of course, in classic Mega Man games, the point is to allow you to try out Master Weapons on Robot Masters you weren’t able to the first time, it’s nothing but an annoyance.) You should have better equipment though so they shouldn’t be as challenging. Still, I wouldn’t recommend taking on Sera with a less than full Energy Canteen. If you can’t get through to Data on one energy meter, walk back out after you finish off the last boss and talk to Yuna to return to Terra and refill your Energy Canteen.
Sera: (first time) [Elysium]
Sera fights much like Juno except she has a nicer vanishing animation. Generally if you circle and jump whenever she throws an attack, you will be able to dodge most everything she does. There is one exception: when she raises gravity and produces diamond-shaped pods, stand still and hold down the lock-on button. This way you will automatically fire at each of the pods in succession as soon as Sera vanishes. You should have enough time to destroy all of the pods before she reappears (hint: max out your Buster Parts Attack rating; you should have sufficient parts by this point to do so). Usually Sera does this attack twice in a row, so don’t bother resuming your circling until the room’s gravity returns to normal.
Sera: (second time) [???]
I really don’t have any suggestions for this battle aside from making sure you have the best armor and Buster Parts you can afford and as many packs to your Energy Canteen as possible. Circling is rather useless since most of the time Sera hovers away from the platform, where you cannot get to her to circle. I had better luck standing still and jumping or side-stepping (try rolling) out of the way of her attacks, and taking some of the less damaging hits on purpose so that I could focus on pumping her with shots.


Top Help
Some of the development items must be purchased from junk shops. Eventually you will want to buy all of them, but when you are strapped for cash, you can be a little intelligent about what you buy when. Most development items are useless until you find the proper companion item in a ruin to pair it with, so there’s no point spending money on them until you need them. All stores always carry the same items and for the same prices, so you don’t need to shop around.

Note: I do not have all of the items yet, as I’ve only played all the way through the game once as of this writing. I thought I’d post what I have and add to it when I gather the rest of the things.

Normal Items
  • Adapter Plug: Made from Joint Plug.
  • Aqua Chip: [Makes Hydrojet Shoes] 10000z. You need this in order to get the Sower item; otherwise it’s a convenience only.
  • Artillery Notes: [Makes Buster Cannon] Use the Mechanic Notes 2 while in the Development Room.
  • Beam Blade Notes: [Makes Blade Arm] Use Mechanic Notes 4 in Development Room.
  • Bomb Schematic: [Makes Reflector Arm] Found in chest in Pokte Caverns on Manda Island.
  • Bottle Rocket: [Makes Homing Missile] 1000z.
  • Bowling Ball: [Makes Ground Crawler] Found in trash can in Pokte Village.
  • Broken Drill: [Makes Drill Arm] In pot outside mayor’s house in Pokte Village.
  • Broken Model Gun: [Makes Machine Gun Arm] Found in chest in Abandoned Mine B1.
  • Broken Motor: [Makes Vacuum Arm] Found in blue chest in storage room in Flutter (have to repair living room first).
  • Broken Vacuum: [Makes Vacuum Arm] Found in Yosyonke City. It’s in a hutch with glass doors in the house of the woman who lost her husband to Forbidden Island.
  • Candy Apple: Win little girl’s quiz in Pokte Village a second time.
  • Candy Bar: Win little girl’s quiz in Pokte Village a third time.
  • Comic Book: [Flutter Item] 1200z.
  • Cushion: [Flutter Item] 20000z.
  • Cute Piggy: [Event item] Given by Shu after rescuing her. Give to girl in room in Nino base.
  • Fire Barrier: 150000z. Protects MegaMan from fire. He’ll still take damage from fire attacks but will not catch on fire.
  • Firecracker: [Makes Hyper Shell] Given by Johnny in Nino base when ruins are open.
  • Fried Chicken: [Restores Health] Find in gray can after Birdbot fortress blows up on Carlbania Island.
  • Game Cartridge: [Flutter Item] 40000z.
  • Green Eye: [Makes Shining Laser] Found in chest on Elysium Pad near lift to Master’s house.
  • Heavy Duty Gear: [Makes Drill Arm] Find in box outside Junk Shop in Sulphur-Bottom.
  • Houseplant: [Flutter Item] 5000z.
  • Hyper Cartridge: 2000z. Refills special weapon energy.
  • Joint Plug: [Makes Adapter Plug] 100000z.
  • Laser Manual: [Makes Shining Laser] Found in chest in Calinca Ruins.
  • Light Barrier: 50000z. Protects from paralysis.
  • Light Chip: [Makes Hover Shoes] Purchase for 30000z.
  • Long Barrel: [Makes Machine Gun Arm] 1000z.
  • Mechanic Notes 1: [Makes Radar Notes] Found in trash can in Yosyonke City.
  • Mechanic Notes 2: [Makes Artillery Notes] Found in chest at end of hallway in Pokte Caverns B1.
  • Mechanic Notes 3: [Makes Spreadfire Notes] Found in chest in Nino Ruins; need Drill Arm.
  • Mechanic Notes 4: [Makes Beam Blade Notes] Found in chest in Saul Kada Ruins.
  • Mechanic Notes 5: [Makes Shielding Notes] Found in Saul Kada Ruins behind the flame trap (shoot the control panel).
  • Mechanic Notes 6: [Makes Autofire Notes] Found in Kimotoma Caverns B1.
  • Model Ship: [Event Item] 100000z. Give to Roll.
  • Mug: Win older student’s quiz in Pokte Village a third time.
  • Notes: [Event Item] Win older student’s quiz in Pokte Village. Give to Shu.
  • Old Hoverjets: [Makes Jet Skates] Found in chest in Abandoned Mine B2.
  • Pencil: [Event Item] Win little girl’s quiz in Pokte Village. Give to Shu.
  • Picnic Lunch: [Restores Health] Search the fridge in the Flutter.
  • Pokte Pastry: Win older student’s quiz in Pokte Village the fourth time.
  • Pokte Tea: Win older student’s quiz in Pokte Village a second time.
  • Radar Notes: [Makes Homing Missile] Use Mechanic Notes 1 in Dev Room.
  • Reaverbot Claw: Go in the back door of the Yosyonke town Junk Shop and talk to the owner. Sell it to the guy near the Saul Kada Ruins.
  • Reaverbot Eye: 100000z. Buy it from the guy near the Saul Kada Ruins. You have to be black first. Sell it to the guy who gave you the Reaverbot Claw.
  • Rebeather: Given by guildmaster in Nino base.
  • Resistor Chip: [Makes Asbestos Shoes] 200000z.
  • Rusted Mine: [Makes Ground Crawler] Found in one of four chests in Manda Ruins.
  • Rusty Bazooka: [Makes Hyper Shell] Found in chest in Kito Caverns B1.
  • Rollerboard: [Makes Jet Skates] 3000z.
  • Shield Generator: [Makes Shield Arm] Found in chest under red barrier in Calinca Ruins.
  • Shielding Notes: Use Mechanic Notes 5 in Dev room.
  • Sensor: [Makes Hunter Seeker] Found in hole in wall in Kimotoma Caverns B1.
  • Soft Ball: In chest in Saul Kada Ruins.
  • Sower: [Makes Spread Buster] It’s in a chest in Nino Ruins in the large room where Roll says there’s a door high up that you couldn’t possibly jump to. You need the Hydrojets and the water level raised. On the ledge where you first enter the room, stand with your back to the door you came from and hold Circle (to begin jetting) and Up (on the control pad/stick) to increase your speed. When you reach the edge of the niche, you’ll jet off automatically. If you were going fast enough, you should have just enough height to grab the platform on the other side. Be sure to shoot the exploding Reaverbots in the middle first.
  • Spike Chip: [Makes Cleated Shoes] In chest in Calinca Tundra; after train event go through where the train once was.
  • Spreadfire Notes: [Makes Spread Buster] Use Mechanic Notes 3 in Development Room.
  • Strange Juice: Win little girl’s quiz in Pokte Village a fourth time.
  • Stuffed Doll: [Event Item] 5000z. Give to Roll.
  • Superball: [Makes Reflector Arm] 500z.
  • Painting: [Flutter Item] 45000z.
  • Taser: [Makes Crusher] 10000z. Buy it from the guy near the Saul Kada Ruins. You have to be black first.
  • Textbook: [Event Item] Win mayor’s first quiz in Pokte Village. Give to Shu.
  • Thick Pipe: [Makes Buster Cannon] Found in chest in Manda Ruins B2.
  • Toilet Cleaner: [Flutter Item] 1500z. If you buy this, the toilet in the Flutter will report being clean.
  • Vase: [Flutter Item] 30000z.
  • Wallpaper: [Flutter Item] 45000z.
  • Zetsabre: [Makes Blade Arm] Given by mayor for winning 100 question quiz (or you can buy it for 2 million zenny).

Buster Parts

  • Accessory Pack: (Attack+1/Energy+1/Range+1/Rapid+1) Found in gray cabinet after destroying Birdbot control tower on Carlbania Island.
  • Accessory Pack α: (Attack+2/Energy+2/Range+2/Rapid+1) Found in chest in residential area of Elysium (look behind an inactive gate).
  • Accessory Pack Ω: (Attack/Energy/Range/Rapid:MAX) You start with this when you play on Easy mode.
  • Autofire Unit: (Energy+2/Rapid+1) 2500z.
  • Autofire Unit Ω: (Energy+3/Rapid+2) In chest in Saul Kada past fire trap; shoot control panel through flames.
  • Blaster Unit: (Attack+1/Energy+2) 3000z.
  • Blaster Unit Ω: (Attack+2/Energy+3) 10000z.
  • Booster Pack: (Attack+1/Energy+1/Rapid+1) 4000z.
  • Buster Unit: (Attack+1/Range+2) 4000z.
  • Buster Unit Ω: (Attack+2/Range+3) 10000z.
  • Energizer Pack: Given by mayor for winning first quiz.
  • Energizer Pack Ω: (Energy+3/Range+1/Rapid+3) Found in chest under weak floor in Elysium.
  • Power Blaster: (Attack+2/Rapid+1) Found in chest in Nino Ruins (need Drill Arm).
  • Power Blaster Ω: (Attack+3/Rapid+2) 25000z.
  • Power Raiser: (Attack+2) 1600z.
  • Power Raiser α: (Attack+4) 16000z.
  • Power Raiser Ω: (Attack:MAX) 800000z.
  • Range Booster: (Range+2) 1200z.
  • Range Booster α: (Range+4) Found in chest in Nino Ruins; need Drill Arm and high water.
  • Range Booster Ω: (Range:MAX) 600000z.
  • Rapid Fire: (Rapid+2) Found in Roll’s workroom in the Flutter.
  • Rapid Fire α: (Rapid+4) 10000z.
  • Rapid Fire Ω: (Rapid:MAX) 500000z.
  • Sniper Unit: (Energy+1/Range+2) Found in chest in Kito Caverns.
  • Sniper Unit Ω: (Energy+2/Range+3) Found in chest in Elysium B1.
  • Turbo Charger: (Energy+2) 800z.
  • Turbo Charger α: (Energy+4) 8000z.
  • Turbo Charger Ω: (Energy:MAX) Found in chest in Calinca Ruins.
  • Upgrade Pack: (Attack+1/Energy+1/Range+1) 4000z.

Body Parts

  • Normal Helmet: Found in one of four chests in Manda Ruins.
  • Padded Helmet: [10000z]
  • Jet Skates: Made from Rollerboard and Old Hoverjets.
  • Hover Shoes: Made from Light Chip.
  • Hydrojets: Made from Aqua Chip.
  • Asbestos Shoes: Made from Resistor Chip.
  • Cleated Shoes: Made from Spike Chip.
  • Normal Armor: [3500z] Increases defense; guards against knockdown.
  • Padded Armor: [15000z] Reduces damage by 25%. You can save money by waiting for the omega version.
  • Padded Armor Ω: [25000z] Reduces damage by 25% and guards against knockdown.
  • Link Armor: [40000z] Reduces damage by 50%.
  • Link Armor Ω: [60000z] Reduces damage by 50% and guards against knockdown.
  • Kevlar Armor: Reduces damage by 75%.
  • Kevlar Armor Ω: [100000z] Reduces damage by 75% and guards against knockdown.

Tricks and Secrets

Top Help
  • You can lock onto an enemy far beyond your firing range. The lock-on graphic is yellow if your normal Buster gun’s shots will strike the enemy, and red if you are out of range. Note that your special weapon may have more range than your Buster, so firing a special weapon may strike the enemy even if the target is red.
  • You can’t kick enemies in the dungeons anymore, but some of them you can pick up with the Lifter item. The gem on the Lifter icon (lower right hand corner of the screen) will glow green if the object you are locked onto can be picked up.
  • You can knock over Birdbots and Servbots by merely running over them. This also occurs with small animals such as rabbits, and certain small Reaverbots as well (such as the tiny worm-like ones).
  • Use the Guild ruins on Nino Island to gather zenny quickly. Don’t take the test, just go in the elevator with the down-pointing arrows. The Guild’s ruins are laid out in a giant circle, so pick a door and go around, and when you end up back where you started, exit the ruins and re-enter to reset the enemies. You’ll make approximately 25,000z per trip. Note that while the floor plan of the ruins is always the same, the enemies you encounter are chosen at random from a small set of possibilities.
  • The mayor in Pokte Village on Manda Island asks you the same questions as her two students. Thus, take the students’ quizzes repeatedly and write down any answers you don’t know (you can either look up the answers or just keep guessing until you hit the right one). This will help you in completing the mayor’s quiz. (My handy-dandy questions list should get you started.)
  • The easiest way to avoid taking damage from trapped treasure chests is to hit Circle while standing in front of a chest, then immediately try to run away. If the game lets you move after searching the chest, it’s trapped. Otherwise, you’ll be frozen as you receive an item. Either way, no harm will come from trying to move.
  • You can avoid the irritating grabbing mouth enemy that comes out of the floor of certain ruins (such as Saul Kada and Elysium) by always walking along the wall. The thing won’t come out of the floor at all if you’re against the wall.
  • Not all of the Reaverbots are aggressive. Some won’t attack unless you shoot first. Learn which ones these are and you can just walk by them if you are damaged or in a hurry or otherwise don’t want to fight. Note, though, that most of these will freak out and attack anyway if you fire, even if you are shooting at something else.
  • Some enemies are immune during certain poses (particularly being knocked over or recovering from attacks) although you can’t tell by appearance. This is most important to consider when using special weapons, since shooting a foe while it is invulnerable is a waste of weapon energy.
  • You can turn MegaMan black by performing “evil” acts and avoiding “good” ones (shooting rabbits does the trick). There are certain items you cannot obtain unless you are either “good” or “evil.”
  • When you beat the game you will unlock the Easy and Hard modes. The game prompts you to save this data to a memory card, then looks for it automatically whenever the game is turned on. You can choose which difficulty level you want when you begin a new game.
    • Easy - You begin the game with the Accessory Pack Ω (making buying extra Parts and the Joint Plug unnecessary). Refractors dropped by enemies are worth more zenny, and energy cubes seem to refill you more as well. You don’t have to take any of the Digger’s Guild tests; you’re allowed to enter any ruin you want whenever you want. A side effect of this final fact is that the layout of the enemies in the ruins is preset to “difficult” just as if you had earned the highest license; however with the Accessory Pack this shouldn’t really be a problem.
    • Hard - The same as normal mode, except all enemy life meters are doubled, making them more difficult to defeat.
    • Extra Hard - Get this mode by beating Hard. If you do this, you either really love the game, really love a challenge, or are insane.
  • Ultimate Technique: The ultimate survival and battle-winning technique from the first game survives in this one, but is enhanced. The basic idea remains the same (circle the enemy with the strafing and directional buttons), but here you can also use R2 (by default) to lock onto the enemy while circling. This ensures that you always remain facing your foe. Note however that this also alters your camera view which may make it difficult to see where you are going. Also if you are facing multiple enemies, you are probably better off circling without locking on, and letting your shots hit whomever they will.


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The only really redeeming value to the ending and epilogue (wait through the credits to see the latter) is you get to see the Bonnes and the Casketts working together for a change (and I mean actually working together—you finally see the series’s two 14-year-old female genius mechanics leaning over a blueprint table together and arguing over how best to build a spaceship). Otherwise...well, one of the good guys dies so that the bad guy might live, MegaMan gets stuck in outer space for who knows how long, Roll never does get to truly meet either her mother or her father...and nothing is really resolved. If there ever is a Legends 3 it will have to spend the first two hours just cleaning up after its predecessor...