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This is a compilation of the following games:

For the most part, the games appear to be pretty intact to their originals, so you can check the Game Hints pages (links above) for the originals for information on how to play and beat each of the games. This page will only make a few notes about the differences.

General Notes

  • This includes the PSX version of Mega Man X3, so, there is FMV. The music is remixed too.
  • The sound effects are a little messed up in most of the games. Many sound effects are noticeably quieter than others, and some are missing altogether.
  • You can use Start to skip most logos and cut scenes and such, but there is a delay after you press Start before the system realizes what you did.
  • Unlike the Anniversary Collection, the buttons are not reversed here on the GameCube version of the game, so it is just as playable as the PS2 version. (Also, you can reconfigure the buttons in most of the games.) I don’t yet know of any differences between the two versions.

Battle & Chase

Battle & Chase is unlocked by beating the first three games (Mega Man X1, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3). If you bought the collection just for Battle & Chase, you can at least give yourself a head-start by using passwords to put yourself at the end of the games. But you will still need to go through the fortress stages from there. See the respective Game Hints pages (linked above) for passwords and tips.

Saved Games

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You can used saved games and passwords simultaneously in games that have passwords. Whenever you can view a password, you can load a saved game, and so forth. Consequently, saved games don’t remember anything more than the passwords do.

If you want to use a password for a game that has passwords, just cancel out of the load sequence and it should give you the password grid.


Top Help
By beating various games, you can unlock image galleries, some music remixes, and hints about the games themselves. Thanks to various people for inclusions to this list. I have not personally verified some of the submissions (those listed as “unconfirmed”), but I have posted the ones that seemed to be consistent.

Some of these have special conditions. If I don’t state a condition, then just beating the specified game (in any way) will do it.

  • Mega Man X1
    • Staff (view Mega Man X Collection credits)
    • Images 8
    • Hint 1 (tells you how to get the Fireball)
  • Mega Man X2
    • Images 7
    • Hint 2 (tells you how to get the Dragon Punch)
  • Mega Man X3
    • Music 4 (“Sigma (arrange version)”)
    • Hint 3 (tells you how to get the Beam Saber)
  • Mega Man X4
    • Music 2 (unconfirmed)
    • Music 3 (“Boss (Arrange Version)”)
    • Music 7 (beat the game as Zero; unconfirmed)
  • Mega Man X5
    • Images 6 (unconfirmed)
    • Music 1 (unconfirmed)
    • Music 5 (unconfirmed)
    • Music 6 (unconfirmed)
    • Music 8 (beat the game as Zero; unconfirmed)
  • Mega Man X6
    • Images 1 (beat the game as X without Zero; unconfirmed)
    • Images 2 (beat the game as X without Zero; unconfirmed)
    • Images 3 (beat the game as X without Zero; unconfirmed)
    • Images 4 (beat the game as Zero; unconfirmed)
    • Images 5 (finish Gate’s fortress level 1, or gather all equipment?)