Dr. Wily is discovered drilling for oil—and possibly some other power sources—in the middle of an ocean. Mega Man is called in to stop the evil scientist before he can put his newly-gathered energy sources to some devious use. (Frankly, looking at the game, I’m not sure if he ever gets around to it or not!)

Special Features

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Capcom’s turning up the heat for these games, though I’m not sure if they’re difficult by design or simply because of the tiny screen. Nothing terribly significant jumps out from this game, but it does continue the trend by using elements from Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4.


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Play Control: 3
About the same as the first Game Boy game.
Graphics: 4
More detailed than previous Game Boy games.
Animation: 4
Like black and white versions of NES animations.
Music: 4
The musics are remixes of the NES tunes. Some make very nice use of the stereo capabilities of the Game Boy.
Sound Effects: 4
The same as the NES games.
Plot: 1
What plot?
Difficulty: 4 (normal to hard)
While it’s not terribly difficult, I find some sections can give a person some troubles.
Replay Value: 2
For some reason I don’t find myself going back to this one much, although it’s not that bad of a game.
Polish: 2
Nothing really jumps out at me.
Overall: 75%
A much better attempt than MMII, although still missing something.

Suggested Order

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  • Snake Man (Use arm cannon)
  • Gemini Man (Use Search Snake)
  • Shadow Man (Use Gemini Laser. Note: this doesn’t work in the NES version—they broke some rules here to make him a little more manageable!)
  • Spark Man (Use Shadow Blade)

  • Giant Suzy (Use arm cannon or whatever works for you.)

  • Dust Man (Use arm cannon or...)
  • Skull Man (Use Dust Crusher)
  • Dive Man (Use Skull Barrier and Dust Crusher)
  • Drill Man (Use Dive Missiles)

Teleporting Hatches

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Hatches? Where?


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This guy is a huge pain! I found powered-up Mega Buster shots to work the best (along with lots of Energy Tanks); just remember that if he hits you three times you’re scrap metal.
Giant Suzy (again):
Use Spark Shocks or Mega Buster
Wily 1st time:
Stay left and fire fully-powered Mega Buster shots into its eyes.
Wily 2nd time:
Toss the Screw Crusher into the dome. (You knew that weapon would come in handy someday!)


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[A0, B0, B2, C1, C2]
This will get you to Wily’s fortress.

Make any other passwords you want with the JavaScript Generator!


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  • Rush Coil: You get this when you defeat Snake Man.
  • Rush Jet: This is obtained from Dust Man.

Tricks and Secrets

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Go to Drill Man’s world (bottom left corner) to stock up Energy Tanks since the passwords don’t keep track of your tanks for you.


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In this game, Wily has a sea fort instead of a space one. It blows up at usual though (actually, it sinks into the ocean). Wily’s smoking saucer flies out and sputters for a bit, then falls into the water.

The game then shows a new close-up picture of Mega Man, featuring better shading and a four-frame walk animation. He walks along the black background until all of the robots have been shown above him. (Interesting note: This is the first game in which Eddie is named as such instead of being called Flip-Top.) Anyway, then Mega Man stops and looks up with a small smile, and the background fades in to show that he’s standing on a cliff overlooking a city. After a few seconds, the background fades back out and Mega Man is left standing on the dark sky.