Dr. Wily steals an experimental time machine and skips into the future. For what reason, no one knows, but it’s probably to gain new technology and weapons with which to eliminate Mega Man. The blue bomber speeds to the rescue, and probably thinks he’s been teleported back in time when he finds himself facing old foes! One stage of this game takes place in a time warp, which is an interesting change.

Special Features

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This game puts in the slide and a few other things left out of Mega Man I, since that game was based off Mega Man and Mega Man 2 for the Nintendo. This one takes elements from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3, overlapping the previous game. For that matter, all of the Game Boy games up to Mega Man V follow this pattern, so if you didn’t see a Robot Master in one game, he’ll show up in the next!


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  • Is Quint really Mega Man of the future?
    The first I heard of this was the Mega Man & Bass data CD. If this was Capcom’s intended plot for the Japanese version of this game, it certainly didn’t come out in the English translation. (Personally, I think whoever made this up was smoking something. Quint is a pathetic wimp who doesn’t even have arm cannons and rides around on a pogo stick. Where is the resemblance?)


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Play Control: 3
About the same as the first Game Boy game.
Graphics: 3
Like black and white versions of early NES graphics.
Animation: 4
Like black and white versions of NES animations.
Music: 2
The music is overall very high pitched and gets on your nerves.
Sound Effects: 3
Mostly the same as the NES games, but more tinny.
Plot: 1
What plot?
Difficulty: 3 (normal to hard)
While it’s not terribly difficult, I find some sections can give a person some troubles.
Replay Value: 2
For the most part, I find myself playing the first Game Boy game rather than this one. Which is rather funny when you think about it, because this one is based off my two favorite NES games.
Polish: 2
Nothing really jumps out at me.
Overall: 65%
Not really that much worse than the first Game Boy game, but just lacking somewhere.

Suggested Order

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You can take out Air Man first if you desire, and do Metal Man right before Wood Man, but I of course like to get my hands on the Metal Blade as soon as possible, so I use the following order:
  • Metal Man (Use arm cannon or Crash Bombs)
  • Air Man (Use arm cannon or Leaf Shield)
  • Crash Man (Use Air Shooter)
  • Wood Man (Use Crash Bombs or Metal Blade. No Atomic Fire this time!)

Teleporting Hatches

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These hatches differ from any others because they don’t just take you to a battle with a Robot Master—they take you to an entirely new stage! Capcom was nice, though, and provided passwords for each.

Clockwise from top left: Hard Man, Top Man, Needle Man, Magnet Man


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The new humanoid robot in this game. He’s very easy to defeat; just stay on the opposite side of the screen and shoot at his head. The Quint item, Sakugarne, isn’t all that useful but it’s fun to fool around with.
Use arm cannon or try the Quint item.


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[A1, A3, A4, B3, C1, C2, C3, D1, D3]
This will take you to Wily’s castle.

Make any other passwords you want with the JavaScript Generator!


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  • Sakugarne: Obtained from Quint. Believe it or not, this is his pogo-stick.
  • Rush Coil: Get it from Crash Man.
  • Rush Jet: Received from Air Man (appropriately enough).
  • Rush Marine: Metal Man has this.

Tricks and Secrets

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None worth mentioning. But as an aside, the endings to most of the Game Boy games feature a little slide show of enemies you encounter during the game. Most of these names were not translated from Japanese, but they can be entertaining. Here are some of the more interesting or consistent ones:
    Kaminari Goro = Lightning Lord
    Bunby Heri = Blader
    Kaettekita Monking = Mecha Monkey
    Komasaburo = Top Dispenser
    Mari Harry = Needle Harry
    Matasaburo = Fan Fiend
    Chibee = a really bad pun off the Japanese word “chibi”


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Wily escapes his doomed space fort in a small shuttle craft. Mega Man chases him in Rush. He fires off a missile and causes Wily’s craft to fall out of the sky and crash land on the planet. (It’s amazing he’s survived all these endings!) At this point you see Mega Man standing on a black background and stars (again) and the game shows images and names (sort of) of robots featured in this cart. (Almost all the Game Boy games do this...)