Lan’s dad is transferred to Central Town, the heart of Cyber City. Lan says goodbye to his old friends and prepares to meet some new ones. He’ll face new areas and new challenges, but some old foes...

Special Features

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This game comes in two versions, Cybeast Falzar and Cybeast Gregar. Largely the game interface seems unchanged from the previous one except for the new environment. There are a few alterations to the game play:
  • The Regular Chip system has been adjusted to allow for “Tag Chips” as well.
  • Soul Unisons have been replaced with a new system called “Link Navis” (otherwise known as “Cross Changes”). They’re virtually identical to Soul Unisons in all ways except how you activate them.
  • Dark Chips have gone into hiding, and now you get the Dark Chip related berserk mode using “Beast Over” instead.

Tag Chips

Once you pass a certain point in the plot, you are allowed to set up two “Tag Chips” on your Folder Edit screen. Unlike Regular Chips, tagged chips are still subject to the random draw; however, when one of them comes up on your Custom Screen during battle, you are guaranteed* to get the other one as well. This way, if you need, say, a Fan in order to take advantage of a powerful sword attack, you can pair them together so that you always get one when you get the other.

(* There is a bug with the Tag Chip system which can prevent you from getting both chips at once. Basically, when your first chip is chosen in the random draw, the second chip is always placed to the right of it. However, if the first chip ends up in the rightmost slot in your Custom Screen window, the second one will be in the slot to the right, which is off the window; therefore, you can’t see it or select it. It’ll appear the next round, though, if you use some chips to allow it to “scroll” on.)

You cannot tag your Regular Chip, and you cannot tag chips that go over a certain MB limit.

Link Navis / Cross Change

This is the new system that replaces Soul Unisons. The main difference here is that you can activate a Cross Change at any time that you choose, and you can stay in Cross mode as long as you like (unless you get knocked out of it; see below). You do not have to “sacrifice” chips to activate the mode and there is no counter that limits how many rounds you can stay in Cross mode. Use it in every battle if you wish.

To activate a Cross, just press Up (on the control pad) while on the Custom Screen until you see the list of Link Navis, and choose one. If you pick a Cross and change your mind before you close the Custom Screen, you can cancel it by pressing B (you might have to press it a few times if you need to back out of choosing Battle Chips as well).

You can only use each Cross once per battle. If you are hit with an attack that your Cross Change is weak against, you take double damage and lose the form, so be careful to select your Cross wisely.

Beast Out and Beast Over

Beast mode is similar to a Soul Unison in that it gives you specific abilities and changes your charged shots. Like the Soul Unisons of previous games, each round that you use Beast Out mode will consume 1 point from the total points displayed by MegaMan’s face portrait (known as his emotion window) during battle. (You can delay turns, however, by just not opening your Custom Screen.) When you run out of points, MegaMan will revert. Unlike Soul Unisons, your points are retained across battles. At 0 points, MegaMan is stuck in “tired” mode and you cannot go Full Synchro or use Beast mode (except as mentioned below). For every battle that you fight where you do not use Beast Out mode, you gain one point to his emotion window, up to a maximum of 3.

If you run your emotion points down to 0, revert, and then use Beast Out mode again in that same battle, MegaMan will go into a berserk mode virtually identical to the “dark soul” mode you could get in previous games by using Dark Chips. If you risk activating this, try to end the battle within that turn because once MegaMan reverts (which he will do automatically at the end of the round; you cannot avoid opening your Custom Screen in this case), he becomes extremely vulnerable.

Virus Battling

This is a mini-game you can activate a short way into the game which allows you to pit viruses against each other. The viruses fight automatically, and if your team wins within the time limit, you can earn a reward.

Once you have a Battler Card, you can pick up more viruses by fighting and winning battles containing “Rare” viruses that will pop up randomly on the Net. You can only collect each virus once.

Winning virus vs. virus battles is half strategy and part luck. You must know the virus attack patterns (they are the same as when you fight them) in order to choose your viruses effectively, but since viruses can get Counter Hits on each other and such, luck still plays a role.


Top Help
  • Which version of Battle Network 5 is the “real” version?
    Team Colonel, most likely. Lan recognizes Baryl and the other Navis that were once teammates with him in that version of the game. I suppose it could go either way, though.
  • Which version of the game should I buy?
    They’re very similar; the only real differences are the Link Navis you get, the final boss, and, of course, the Beast Out form that you take on. In all honesty Gregar seems to be easier to defeat than Falzar as a final boss—you can just use LifeAura and he practically can’t touch you.

    Check out the Link Navis to see if there are any that catch your eye, or just pick whichever Beast Out strikes your fancy. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

  • Where is the Graveyard?
    The entrance is in Undernet2 on the skull-shaped platform where the Undernet BBS is found. You really can’t miss it. However, you have to have beaten the game first before you are allowed to go through the door.


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Play Control: 3
The same. Nothing has changed here.
Graphics: 4
Some of the Net area tiles have translucent-like effects that look pretty cool. They also added shadows beneath ledges and overhangs that affect all sprites that walk underneath them. Otherwise, not a whole lot has changed.
Animation: 3
The sprites are more or less the same, except that for some reason they changed MegaMan’s battle pose slightly. Actually I kind of prefer it over the old one; the new one looks more dramatic somehow, and a bit less stiff. Amusingly, many people have “laying down” sprites now. There are a lot of folks going splat in this game...
Music: 3
The music sounded a little off-key to me at first, but then I guess I got used to it. There’s one tune that really grates on me (unfortunately it’s also the one that sticks in my head the most), but the rest aren’t bad.
Sound Effects: 3
The same here too.
Plot: 3
Better than Battle Network 5, definitely. Wily is back, which is somewhat confusing—first he’s a bad guy, then he’s a good guy, then he’s a bad guy again. Surprising, Baryl and Colonel also make return appearances. My main gripe with the plot is that I wish I didn’t have to spend practically the entire game worrying about whether MegaMan would go berserk on me again. I swear, MegaMan does almost more damage in this game than the bad guys...
Difficulty: 3 (normal)
In a way, I found this one slightly easier than a typical Battle Network game, but maybe it’s just due to years of practice. Also affecting the difficulty level was the fact that I was rolling in Zenny throughout most of the game, making it easier to buy high-powered items, though BugFrags still tend to be in relatively short supply.
Replay Value: 3
This one doesn’t seem to be any better or worse in this department than the other games.
Polish: 3
Nothing really to speak of. Since this is the sixth game, you’d think they’d have had a chance by now to make extra cosmetic changes—like using a smaller font on the Battle Chips, for example, so that the names and descriptions don’t have to be so ridiculously abbreviated. I know it could still be readable; games like Metroid Fusion and Mario & Luigi are good testaments to that.
Overall: 83%
Nothing really blew me away with this one, but it was as enjoyable as the others. Capcom just keeps building on the previous games, so largely the entertainment value is the same from one to the next (outside of any irritating mini-games, of course).

+ Plus:
You can use Soul Unisons (i.e. Cross Changes) whenever you want, and for as long as you want.
- Minus:
This game has way too many places where it refuses to give you a breather to relax and take Link Navi classes, do request board jobs, explore new areas, or so on. Every time I see “a few days later” I just want to strangle the thing.


Top Help
Note: This covers only the initial play through the game. The hidden areas and “Title Menu Star” aspects are not covered.

Moving Day

  • We start with Lan in school, not asleep, for a change. His teacher announces that Lan’s dad was transferred and that Lan is moving to Cyber City. So Lan’s friends see him off at his house.
  • Once the opening plot sequence is over, you are allowed to explore Lan’s new house and town.
  • Not far into town you should encounter a robot dog. This is the tutorial. Jack in and learn how to fight (if you don’t already know). If you have played the previous games, it’s the same tutorial here as before.
  • Once that’s done, jack back into the dog again if you want.
  • Talk to everyone in the town and eventually you’ll get mail. Lan’s dad tells him that in order to get mail from ACDC, you have to go to Lan’s PC.
  • Go back to Lan’s house and jack into his PC. Explore the Net. You’ll find a cyber cafe, some Mystery Data, and a few other things.
  • You need a Rflectr1 to open the first door. Get it from a Mettaur. Really, you should have one of these already.
  • At the next door, you encounter a Navi who wants to see the crater in CentralArea3, but he needs KeyData to open the door. You don’t have it either, unfortunately.
  • Explore some more if you want, picking up Mystery Data and Battle Chips.
  • When you’re ready, sleep in Lan’s bed.
First Day Of School
  • The next day, head off to Lan’s school.
  • As soon as you walk in, Lan is considered an intruder, heh. Naturally, a teacher calls off the security robots.
  • Go through the passage the teacher opened for you. Find and talk to the teacher. He tells you that your classroom is 6-1.
  • Go back out to the lobby of the school and use your new StudntID in the passage on the other side of the lobby.
  • Go up to Lan’s classroom for the next cut scene.
  • At break time, you need to go around and talk to all of Lan’s classmates.
  • During virus busting class, you end up fighting a set of OldStov viruses instead of what the teacher meant to give you. It’s early in the game so they aren’t very hard.
  • When you’re ready, jack out for the next sequence.
  • Mick chews out his Navi, who leaves. BlastMan then comes instead and convinces him to let him “help.”
  • After the break, you learn about CopyBots. These are robots that you download a Navi into. The robot then takes on the appearance of the Navi and he can walk around like a robot. Lan tries it out and you take control of MegaMan for a while.
  • Talk to all of the students as MegaMan. Talk to Lan when you’re done.
  • Mick and BlastMan cause a security robot to go berserk and it enters the classroom.
  • Once the robots start spouting flames, walk Lan around the desks to the back of the room, then circle around to the CopyBot. Transfer MegaMan into the bot.
  • As MegaMan, exit the classroom and head down to the first floor to the kid who was being punished by being forced to stand outside his classroom. He’s got a bucket of water, which he gives you.
  • Go back to the classroom and MegaMan will use the water in a cut scene.
  • Talk to Lan’s teacher lying on the floor to get a TeachrID.
  • Go down to the teacher’s lounge where the security robot controls are. Lan jacks in automatically to the control panel where BlastMan is.
  • Security Bot Computer Stage
  • You have to deal with blasts of flames that cover the screen that BlastMan sends periodically. Stand behind a block to avoid taking damage as the Mr. Prog will show you.
  • Find the burning Mr. Progs and help them. There are three in the first area.
  • In the next area, MegaMan is trapped by fire, and asks Lan to turn on the lounge’s fire extinguisher.
  • As Lan, talk to Mick three times. Then search the orange monitor you see on the teachers’ desks. (The other monitors in the room are decoys.)
  • Mick’s Navi puts out the flames, and you go back as being MegaMan. Find the burning Mr. Progs here. There are four of them.
  • After that, the way opens to BlastMan.
  • Boss: BlastMan
  • Mick gives you a note showing where he hid the key that leads to CentralArea3. Here’s where we finally get first mention of the Cybeasts.
  • Explore the school if you want, and jack into things.
  • Go back to Lan’s house and jack into his PC. Check the mailbox Mr. Prog there first. Dependable Mayl sends you a Roll chip.
  • Go to CentralArea2 and search the shadows under a ledge there.
  • In CentralArea3, there are lots of paths branching off, but all of them are blocked off (in pretty ridiculous manners).
  • Go search the Cybeast statues for information on them.
  • It’s bedtime, but the game allows you to continue to wander around if you want until you are finished.
  • Sleep in Lan’s bed when ready.
The Penguin Deal
  • The next day, at school, Mick runs in late with a penguin behind him that he claims to know nothing about.
  • Go to the teacher’s lounge and ask a teacher about what to feed Mick’s new pet.
  • Go into classroom 6-2 and talk to the kid there.
  • Go outside to the bus station and meet with the old man there. You have to fight some viruses.
  • Take the food to Mick.
  • They still aren’t sure where the penguin came from. MegaMan suggests checking BBS boards, and you’re told there’s one in SeasideArea1.
  • In CentralArea3, find the passage that is blocked by water and talk to the Navi there. You need to find the repairman.
  • Go to the cyber cafe and talk to the guy who was running around in a panic earlier.
    [Screen shot of Tab writing, “I sense a great disturbance in the Net.”]
    Thank you, Yoda.
  • You need to search computers in houses in Central Town for the ToolPrgm. You can start with your own house. Go to the bathroom in Lan’s house and talk to his mom.
  • Jack into the toilet and delete the viruses there.
  • Take the tool program to CentralArea3 and give it to the repairman.
  • After that’s done, an earthquake hits...
  • Head on over to SeasideArea1. (To open the door to SeasideArea2, you need a TrnArrow1.)
  • Circle around to the teleport area that puts you in the “water” (the blue lower level) and find the BBS in the lower left. You learn that Mick’s new pet escaped from the aquarium. (Note: MegaMan jacks out automatically after this so don’t search the BBS till you’re ready.)
  • Find Mick in the school and tell him what you learned.
  • Go to the LevBus station. You end up in Seaside Town. Wander around and explore and jack into things.
  • Go to the aquarium down below where a sailor is going a little berserk.
  • The aquarium is closed (or maybe the sailor’s tirade caused them to lock the doors to protect themselves), so Lan makes a decision to come back the next day.
  • (Note: You can explore SeasideArea2 and SeasideArea3 by this point in the game if you want. You can also reach the aquarium’s HP from SeasideArea2. There’s a toll cube in SeasideArea2 but it’s just a shortcut. It also comes back every time you return to this area. The SeaSdKey you get in the fish sticks shop computer opens a door within SeasideArea3.)
  • Sleep in Lan’s bed when ready.
Aquarium Mayhem
    [Screen shot of Lan riding a dolphin.]
    You know, I would have taken off my backpack first, personally.
  • Yay, you finally get your Navi Customizer now. Read the e-mail, then close the main menu to activate the tutorial and actually receive your customizer.
  • Go to the aquarium. After the cut scene, feel free to explore.
  • When you’ve searched all the panels, there’s an announcement about a show. When you’re ready, go through the door with the man standing beside it.
  • Once through the door you’ll trigger the show cut scene.
  • After the show, explore a bit more if you want, then leave the aquarium the way you came in.
  • Near the door is another cut scene with the sailor guy.
  • After that, head toward the LevBus station.
  • Before you can leave, all the animals escape from the aquarium, somehow magically getting themselves from their tanks to places like the fountain. Mick runs to check on the penguin.
  • Go back into the aquarium and to the second room. Up the stairs is a cut scene.
  • Go back to the entrance of the aquarium, where you can now walk past the receptionist’s desk and to the back stage area.
  • On the show stage, search the seal blocking your way.
  • Walk onto the sun shape painted on the floor, near the water, and you should trigger another cut scene.
  • Head back to the reception area, and go back down the stairs. You’ll get a cut scene that takes you out of the aquarium.
    [Screen shot of MegaMan saying, “And I can swim freely!”]
    Swim? You mean sink.
  • After that, head in the direction your “guide” was pointing. Near the fish stand you’ll find a CopyBot. Use it.
  • Run back to the show room in the aquarium as MegaMan and walk down the stairs into the water. Get the ball.
  • After MegaMan transfers back, talk to the seal again, then go through the door when that’s done. You’ll meet DiveMan’s operator and Lan will jack in.
  • Aquarium Stage
  • Open the doors by matching the fish to their tanks. You can press L to switch to Lan where you can look around the aquarium for hints (although if you listened to all of the recordings earlier, you probably remember the clues).
  • Once you pick up a fish program (they look like Mr. Progs), you have to avoid sharks in the water as you transport it back to the tanks. This is really the hardest part of the whole thing. The path that you take matters—try going a different way if you keep having problems.
  • The Mr. Progs forget what they are, but give you clues as to their true identities:
    • The one that remembers eating a whole cow is a piranha.
    • The one that has a stubby tail is the sunfish.
    • The one that doesn’t like cold water is a tropical fish.
  • (In all of these areas, explore the water area a bit without a fish program following you and pick up Mystery Data.)
    [Screen shot of MegaMan announcing about DiveMan, “It's a Navi!”]
    Yeah, a weird-looking one.
  • In the next area, you have to travel a bit to get to the tanks, but it’s the same deal once you get there.
    • The one that says it is snobby is the king crab.
    • The one that says something about “long ago” is the nautilus.
    • The one that says it’s steady as a rock is a turtle.
  • In the next area is yet another set of tanks...
    • The one that says it’s a whale is a dolphin.
    • The one that says something about its nose is the seal.
    • The one that says it can fly is a penguin (even though it can’t).
    • The one that says something about lizard friends is an alligator.
  • After this, the door to the boss finally opens.
  • Boss: DiveMan
  • Everything’s back where it belongs, but Lan hears Mick yell, so run back to the penguin tank to check on him.
  • There’s a large section on auto-pilot here. When it’s over, you end up in Central Town. Explore if you want, and sleep in Lan’s bed when you are done.
Cross System Test
  • Lan falls asleep during class and dreams that MegaMan is attacked by the Cybeasts. Lan’s teacher is hilarious here.
  • When you leave the classroom, the aquarium director mails you, and now you can use the Tag Chip system.
  • Note: You can jack into several things now that you weren’t able to before, so feel free to explore a bit before going on to the next plot point. Among other things, you can get your Virus Battler Card now.
  • When you’re done with all that, talk to Lan’s teacher. Here’s where you meet your first Link Navi operator: Shuko or Mr. Match.
  • Go back to Lan’s classroom to get his things. You’ll encounter someone else there too.
  • Go back to the door that Shuko/Match went through, and talk to her/him. You get your Cross System here.
  • Search the computer nearby and you will be controlling your Link Navi. (They improved the menus a bit in this game over the previous one for when you open your subscreen while controlling another Navi besides MegaMan.)
  • After this, the path diverges depending on your version...

    SpoutMan Link Test

      [Screen shot of MegaMan having both the SpoutMan Cross and Beast mode available.]
      Bad idea to challenge me, BlastMan. Really bad idea.
    • Get the Mystery Data off the lab computer’s HP, then leave.
    • Go to the Aquarium HP (it’s in SeasideArea2) and talk to the NetPolice-like Navi there. You learn you have to gather all the fish data that got washed out with the cyber-water into the Net.
    • Once you’re out of the HP and on the general Net, SpoutMan explains the rules. You have to use whirlpools to get up higher so you can catch the fish, but you can only stay up there for so long. You have to use the whirlpool to get back down too. The fish will try to run away from you if you approach them, but you can pretty much swim anywhere. When you get all the fish in one area, Lan will let you know.
    • (Tip: Use this opportunity to scope out the areas and see where the Mystery Data are so that you know which moving panels to go down.)
    • Note: There are 5 fish in each area, including SeasideArea1. Remember, you start in SeasideArea2.
    • When you’re done, head back to the Aquarium HP and talk to that Navi again.
    • After that, the only thing left is to fight against your Link Navi, using MegaMan.
    • Boss: SpoutMan

    HeatMan Link Test

    • Get the Mystery Data off the lab computer’s HP, then leave.
    • You need to find Kettle viruses. This is really easy. There’s one in CentralArea1 in the cafe. One’s in CentralArea2 along the main path; you can’t miss it. The other two are in CentralArea3; one’s by the ramp leading to the statues and the other is near the ramp leading to Sky Area. (Just circle the big hole in the ground if you don’t know where that is.)
    • Note: You meet up with a lot of Fire-based viruses here, not the normal CentralArea fare. This also gives you a chance to snag more Fire-based Battle Chips off them if need be.
    • Each time you find a Kettle, you have to fight one or more of them along with an assortment of other viruses. Note that these Kettle viruses are a bit different than the versions you’ll meet later on. They don’t attack (aside from their dying gasp) and can only be harmed by Fire-based attacks. HeatMan’s charged shots count, but they can’t hit the rear row, so you might need something more. Be sure to stock your folder with lots of Fire-based chips to make this test easier.
    • When you’re done, you’ll jack out. Talk to Mr. Match for the final exam.
    • Boss: HeatMan

  • Note: You can fight a Link Navi at any time by talking to his operator.
  • When you go outside, you learn of a promotion for the Expo taking place tomorrow in CentralArea3.
  • Once you regain control of Lan, you can go to the chip shop if you want.
  • Sleep in Lan’s bed when ready.
The Cybeast Awakening
  • Lan starts to jack in for the jamboree when his mom calls him to tell him he has a guest. But when he gets there, the guest has disappeared.
  • Go outside and look for her. She should be by the statue in the park.
  • Iris tries to warn Lan against the obvious trap (well, obvious to those of us who can see the bad guys plotting and planning). But Mick’s Navi is already there, and he watches firsthand as CircusMan drains all of the spectators’ energy.
  • CircusMan floats to the chasm and gives Falzar and Gregar the energy he’d collected. (Why is it that bad guys always think that it’s a good idea to revive ancient evils that, in the past, went berserk and nearly destroyed everything?)
  • Surprisingly easily, considering how long they’ve been sealed away, CircusMan revives Falzar and Gregar, then while the two Cybeasts are still weakened from having just been revived, he tries to capture them. He manages to get one of them, but the NetPolice show up before he can get the other one. The surviving Cybeast indiscriminately blasts everyone to kingdom come; CircusMan avoids that fate only because he jacks out in the nick of time.
  • Go back to Lan’s house and jack into the Net.
  • The Net is all funky, just like occupied areas in Battle Network 5. This affects the battles too—the viruses will be slightly different and there are poison panels on the field.
  • Head to CentralArea3 for your doom—I mean... =)
  • Go to the outcropping where CircusMan used to be standing for a cut scene. Rather foolishly (though you can’t discount their bravery), Lan and MegaMan charge into battle against the Cybeast. Or at least they try.
  • Go talk to Lan’s dad. He actually suggests that Lan should leave this up to the adults...which normally would be sage advice, except Lan’s already beaten four or five big-time foes in the past that the adults couldn’t handle, so...
  • After talking to Lan’s parents, go back to his bedroom for the next cut scene. Lan eavesdrops at his door while his dad talks to someone about the research data (you know, the data about increasing capacity...which curiously enough is exactly what is needed for storing a Cybeast in a Navi’s body).
  • Lan’s mom asks what’s going on, and Lan’s dad explains that the Navi (CircusMan) used the program Dr. Hikari created 12 years ago...the program he’d created to install Hub’s DNA data into MegaMan. (Note: For those that haven’t played the previous games, Hub is MegaMan, and he is Lan’s twin brother converted into Navi form.)
  • MegaMan suggests going on the Net, not revealing that he has realized that the solution to this mess is staring them in the face...
  • Jack in and talk to the NetPolice officer just outside Lan’s HP. This is another set of mini-games. Basically, you have to use the weapons he gives you to defeat the evil spirits. (The spirits don’t hurt you until you use a weapon on them, and you don’t get attacked by viruses while doing this.) Press A to use a weapon, and B to cancel. When you attack a spirit, any surviving spirits that are within one tile of you will counterattack. The weapons all have different ranges, so consider this when you choose which one to use. Any weapons you have left over when you clear a particular area will turn into BugFrags.
  • The main trick is to consider all of your targets first, and try to plan a way to attack so that you are hitting red spirits (which will die in one hit), or that you are hitting yellow spirits either from behind, or from a distance so that you won’t get the counterattack. Never hit blue spirits head-on if you can help it; always attack them from behind.
  • Tip: Your SoulGun is a useful weapon for sniping. Take out blue spirits by hitting them from behind across gaps or over the heads of other spirits. The SoulAxe and SoulSword can do this as well in certain situations. Be creative.
  • Go through CentralArea2 and CentralArea3 doing this. Once you have cleared the way, find Falzar/Gregar near the entrance to SeasideArea.
  • (Lan suggests attacking long-range, saying if MegaMan gets close, the same thing that happened before might happen again. He’s forgetting that before, Falzar/Gregar blasted MegaMan at long range...)
  • MegaMan hesitates. He, at least, was listening to what Lan’s father was saying. He knows he has the increased capacity to seal up Falzar/Gregar. (Of course, better hope he’s not actually using that increased memory capacity for, oh, say, storing Hub’s soul...)
  • Lan’s dad, who must be psychic somehow (or maybe he was listening through Lan’s bedroom door just like Lan was, ha ha), speaks up to protest, because he doesn’t want to risk losing Hub again. Lan isn’t too sure about this either. But MegaMan ignores them both and absorbs the Cybeast anyway.
  • After MegaMan goes thud, Iris mails them to remind them of the “HealWatr” in SeasideArea3. But of course, how will Lan get there without a Navi? Oh, right, he’s got another Navi he can use. *grin*
  • Go to the school and pick up SpoutMan/HeatMan. The Net’s mostly back to normal, although the only Navis around are the NetPolice. Head for SeasideArea3.
  • SeasideArea is not normal, however. You have to do the soul weapons thing again. In SeasideArea1, there are some ghosts on the lower level as well.
  • Remember you can circle around in many places to get behind things. Try to always attack spirits from behind if you can, and always look for a way to circle around.
  • Onward to SeasideArea2. (Pay the recurring toll to get around behind the spirits.)
  • Now to SeasideArea3. Remember: Circle around!
  • Once you’ve taken care of the three groups of spirits here, the water is yours for the pickings. Except that CircusMan shows up, looking none the worse for wear after having sucked up a Cybeast into his own body.
  • You fight viruses here, not CircusMan. Oddly, CircusMan gives up after you toast the viruses. I guess they couldn’t have you fight CircusMan here without explaining why he didn’t use Gregar’s/Falzar’s power on you...
    [Screen shot of MegaMan telling CircusMan he has the Cybeast.]
    Don’t tell him that, you fool!
  • Head back to MegaMan’s PC. In the Net, silly. You need to take your Link Navi with you, and you can’t do that if you don’t jack in from the school computer.
  • Search MegaMan using your borrowed Navi for the cut scene. MegaMan transforms into Falzar/Gregar for a moment, whacks your Navi, then transforms back, realizes what he’s done, and goes thud again.
  • The next day, you find out that MegaMan succeeded in fighting off the Cybeast...for now. Oddly enough, despite commenting how terrible the Cybeast’s power is, Lan’s dad nevertheless seems to encourage you to use it during the ensuing tutorial.
  • You get a tutorial here explaining how to use “Beast Out” and “Beast Over” mode.
  • Mick comes in and says CircusMan is in CentralArea3. Time to test out our new power? Ha ha.
  • Jack in and go to CentralArea3, to the statues where CircusMan waits. CircusMan wants to know where the Cybeast is; MegaMan stupidly tells him the truth, but CircusMan doesn’t believe it. At least, not at first...
  • Boss: CircusMan (Note: You don’t actually have to use Beast mode in this battle; CircusMan will magically figure out that you have the Cybeast even if you never use it when you fight him. But feel free to use it if you want.)
Qualifications and Trials
  • A few days later, the Expo announces they are looking for a Navi to operate a CopyBot and act as a tour guide. Naturally, qualifying to be a tour guide requires passing a Net Battling test.
  • (Note: The chip ordering service in AsterLand starts now. You can get a copy of almost any chip that you have in your Library.)
  • So go to the CentralArea1 cafe and talk to the yellow Navi there. She sends you on your first test.
  • Jack into the Aquarium HP (or just go there via Lan’s HP if you’ve made the link already) and talk to the Navi there.
  • Now go jack into the fish fry computer at the fish sticks shop and talk to the Navis again.
  • Go to Lan’s school and search the crayfish aquarium in class 6-1.
    [Screen shot of Lan asking MegaMan to read him his e-mail.]
    Lan, can’t you read?
  • Talk to the kid in front of the crayfish aquarium.
  • Search the security camera in the corner near the door by the blackboard. Now you will be able to jack into the camera. Do so.
  • Get the Mystery Data and then talk to the Navis.
  • Jack out when you are done. Lan gets an e-mail asking him to come to the trial of Captain Blackbeard in Green Town that afternoon.
  • Go to Green Town via the bus and explore around, jacking into things.
  • When you get to the courthouse, you’ll get a cut scene. Lan goes inside and sets off the intruder alert. Again.
  • For some reason, Lan has to go to GreenArea2’s Net Cafe to get permission to testify in the trial. So much for invitations.
  • Jack into the “TRUTH” tablet and head toward the cafe. You have to chop down the pine trees in your way. Detour to get items as usual. (There’s a Navi Customizer program dealer here.)
  • When you get to the Green Area2 door, you will get a clue that you need to solve. You can’t just guess this one. You have to find it in the plot.
  • Go to the Green Town HP and join the “Lawyers in the Making” group of Navis there. The entry fee is 1000z.
  • Talk to the other Navis about the law that you need the answer to for going through the door.
  • Go back to the door and you should be able to pass through now.
  • A few more infuriatingly twisty paths later and you should find the cafe.
  • Talk to the Navi behind the counter for your authentication.
  • Jack out and try to go through the gate again.
  • After the cut scene, go through the big double doors. Here you are introduced to the “JudgeTree”—the computer that acts as the judge during trials. Talk to everyone, then go stand in front of it for another cut scene.
  • Naturally, Lan irritates the guard robots, who try to apprehend him. The parka kid from before comes to save him.
  • After the trial, you get an e-mail from your next Link Navi operator. Go find him outside and take his class if you wish.

    TenguMan Link Test
    • Search the book to start with TenguMan. Make your way to Green Area1.
    • You have to gather cyber-scrolls without touching the cyber-crows. Press A to use TenguMan’s “leaf fan” to get rid of the crows. Use cyber-leaves to restore the fan’s power.
    • (Tip: One technique is to stand by a teleporter, let the crows get close, then jump on the teleporter and send yourself across the area, leaving all the crows behind.)
    • Head to Green Area2 when done.
    • Same thing here, though there aren’t as many teleporters to aid you here. Still, trying to keep the crows grouped together is the easiest way to deal with them.
    • When you’re done, talk to Feng-Tian again.
    • Boss: TenguMan

    SlashMan Link Test

    • Search the book to start with SlashMan. You need to collect vegetables.
    • Once you find a veggie, follow the arrows to slice it. Although you have a total time limit for slicing, you don’t have to press the buttons with specific timing. Just press them in order.
    • If you hit all of the arrows correctly, you get bonus points.
    • Once you have enough cabbages, leave the area to Green Area1. Now you’re looking for carrots. This area mixes in the B and A buttons to the slashing.
    • After that, go to Green Area2 for radishes. This area adds L and R buttons to the mix.
    • When you’re done, jack out for the battle.
    • Boss: SlashMan

  • Back to the plot. When you return to Central Town, Lan’s dad will call to him.
  • Once back at Lan’s house, you can wander around a bit, or go sleep to continue on with the game.
The Judgements
  • Lan sleeps in class while somebody bangs on the doors of the broom closets. He and MegaMan both hear the noise, but they ignore it.
  • MegaMan receives an e-mail after school from their mom saying their father was arrested.
  • Run home and talk to Lan’s mom.
  • Head to Green Town for the trial.
  • After the sentencing, you will find Ito nearby, where you can talk to him for more information.
  • MegaMan suggests finding the real criminal. Return to Central Town to look for evidence.
  • Remember that Lan’s dad was supposed to have been helping out at the school yesterday? Go there and talk to Lan’s teacher.
  • Go to Lan’s classroom and jack into the security camera in the corner. There’s a control panel inside there, which you can have MegaMan search. Fight viruses.
  • MegaMan discovers that the data from 4 o’clock (when Lan’s dad was there) has been deleted by somebody.
  • A Mr. Prog wanders up and asks what’s wrong. MegaMan asks him about the data. The Mr. Prog says that around 10pm the night before, a tall Navi was in the camera poking around.
  • The Mr. Prog offers the data from the day before yesterday, saying there was something odd in it. He then shows a playback of Mick entering the room and calling to a Security Bot. Mick tricks the bot into looking into the closet, then pushes it inside and locks it in.
  • Go search the closet. The Security Bot is still there. Lan lets the bot out, and the teacher comes in, saying he’s been looking for the bot for two days.
  • Go to the teacher’s room and jack into the security computer (where BlastMan was before). Go straight to the end and search the cyber-panel there.
  • MegaMan finds the data for 4pm showing Lan’s dad. Lan wants to run off to Green Town with this new evidence, but MegaMan suggests maybe they can also find the data showing who jacked into the security camera and erased the data. They see that prosecutor, Ito, come in.
  • Jack out and head back to the courthouse with the data.
  • Talk to the man in front of the courtroom doors.
  • Go around to the right and through the door there.
  • Go to the JudgeTree. Ito is there. You don’t have an option to avoid him; you get a cut scene when you get close.
  • Prosecutor Ito admits to the crime after Lan tells him that he has proof of the real culprit. The JudgeTree, under orders from Ito, pronounces everyone guilty, thereby causing the security robots to try to arrest Lan. Lan runs, and outside the bots are busy arresting everyone in sight.
  • MegaMan says they have to find a way to get near the JudgeTree...
  • (Go to the farthest punishment room, jack into the empty chair there, and get your Guardian.)
  • From the lobby of the courthouse, go to the left, around the corner and to the door there. The door used to be blocked by someone, but it’s not anymore. It leads outside.
  • Follow the path to the door into the basement. You need a password.
  • Jack into the “TRUTH” tablet and ask your lawyer buddies. (Law 153.)
  • Return to the door and enter the password. Go inside and you can see the cybernetic JudgeTree from underneath.
  • Go to the ladder and climb up. Lan is completely unsubtle and shouts to Prosecutor Ito from the top—you know, so that Ito has a chance to run over and knock him off or something.
  • After a bit of talk, Lan jacks in. (Ito is carrying a big, heavy book. Why doesn’t he just throw it at Lan?)
  • JudgeTree Stage
  • Inside the computer, talk to the Mr. Prog next to MegaMan for details about this place. Basically, this is path puzzle. You can only step on every tile once. So you have to figure out a path that touches all the buttons and gets you through the door without walking over a panel which is already turned to grass.
  • Use the L button to scroll around and map out a path in your head before you try walking it. You can skip the Mystery Data if you want and come back later, though it’s possible to grab it all on your first trip through if you don’t mind sometimes going a bit out of your way.
  • I suggest saving after every door that you successfully pass, because if you mess up, you have to go through a trial sequence, lose health, and start all over from the beginning. It’s a lot faster to just reset in this case and restart from your save file.
  • At the end you’ll meet up with JudgeMan and Colonel. The latter moves to attack MegaMan but he’s stopped by that same fast attacker that aided Lan earlier. Colonel jacks out to chase the mysterious attacker, leaving you with JudgeMan.
  • Boss: JudgeMan
  • (See, Ito, you should have thrown the book at him!)
  • So Ito is put on trial by the same JudgeTree that he helped create (once it’s repaired, that is), and Mick gets a bucket of water on his head courtesy of his teacher for hiding the Security Bot. All’s well that ends well, right?
Prelims Take Two
  • Lan is watching the weather forecast. Actually, the weather is controlled in Sky City, it’s revealed, so the forecasts are more like notices.
  • At any rate, naturally it’s back to preliminaries again—round 2 of the Operator Navi selection test.
  • Go to Sky Town and talk to the man standing by a door near the elevator.
  • (Walk around and jack into things, of course.)
  • Take the elevator up when you’re ready.
  • At the top, there are a slew of devices you can jack into, all with control panels inside. Take note of these.
  • Past all of the devices, right down the middle, is a door. Go inside.
  • You find Mick there, and a Navi using a CopyBot, and a few other things.
  • Talk to the Navi to start round 2. You must go to Sky Area (on the Net), find four judges, and fight viruses.
  • Go outside and up to an antenna where two people are standing, and jack in. This is the HP of Sky Town.
  • Find Navis that look like NetPolice and fight running battles. There are two in Area1, and two in Area2. The higher the level of the judge, the more consecutive battles you have to fight.
  • Talk to the Navi in the middle of Area2 when you’re done. (He talks like a Mr. Prog.)
  • During the cut scene, Mick’s nameless Navi runs off. Naturally, you couldn’t get into the Undernet before, but Mick’s Navi manages to do so just fine.
  • Head for the Undernet. (The door blocking the way to UndernetZero is opened with the memo you find in the oxygen tanks. Going there is a side trip, however.)
  • Find Mick’s Navi in front of two Cybeast statues in Undernet1. Some HeelNavis show up.
  • The HeelNavis try to summon forth the Cybeasts to accept their “offering.” This proves somewhat problematic for MegaMan. Mick’s Navi escapes; for some reason, MegaMan can’t do the same. MegaMan transforms briefly, but manages to revert himself. Unfortunately, he then promptly collapses, even while still surrounded by the HeelNavis. (He should have deleted them first, then collapsed. ;))
  • Go grab another Navi (one of your Link Navis) and head for CentralArea3. From there you can now get past the cloud blocking the way to Sky Area.
  • Make your way back to Undernet1. This is a little hard because you can’t use your Navi Customizer on a Link Navi, and you’ve probably made MegaMan way stronger than your Link Navi by this point. Still, careful use of your particular Navi’s strengths should get you through.
  • Oddly enough, there are no HeelNavis when you reach MegaMan. MegaMan is just lying there alone. Maybe he already wiped them out.
  • MegaMan transforms again and nearly destroys your Navi but is brought down by the mysterious fast Navi from before. This time you can actually see him, although he’s cloaked. (He’s got the wrong feet too, but they couldn’t have given him the right feet without making it far more obvious than it already is.)
  • The cloaked Navi warns that if Lan doesn’t take care of the problem, he’ll delete MegaMan the next time...
Wacky Weather
  • After the cut scene, you end up at school. Mick is still upset about yesterday, but Lan and MegaMan tell him to forget about it. Mick offers to race them to the foyer.
  • Walk out of the school and it’s all dark. Then the sky lightens and it starts to snow. Seems obvious something weird has happened in Sky Town.
    [Screen shot of a man saying, “I guess wild viruses really are stronger than lab-made ones.”]
    Just where do you think computer viruses come from?
  • Lan runs home, where his mother is watching a broadcast announcing that the weather station has gone berserk but that people are looking into it. Lan sees Iris on the TV and decides to go to Sky Town to find her.
  • Travel to Sky Town. The elevator is stopped, so walk down the stairs below and jack into the elevator’s control panel. Fight viruses.
  • Go up the elevator and beyond the first antenna. As you walk past it, you’ll get a cut scene where the man who was on the news blatantly exposes himself as the person who’s behind all this.
  • He starts up all of the devices along the route, so you have to go into each and shut them down. Go around behind them and jack in. Find the control panel inside each and fight viruses. (Get to the backsides of the other two by going up and around the weather machine where the bad guy was, and then back down.)
  • (Note: You can actually do your next Link Navi test during all this mess. If you choose to do so, I cover the tests further below.)
  • Once inside, you see Iris walk through the door that was locked before. There’s a CopyBot right next to it.
  • Go search the lockers first. The man from before falls out. He’s the real admin who was impersonated. He says that the bad guy is after the “Force Program” which amplifies the power of nature. They use it to create weather. They also use it to keep Sky Town floating in the air.
  • Go through the door past the CopyBot and try to go down the stairs outside. The stairs fall away, and Lan decides to jump.
  • Return to the CopyBot and switch to MegaMan.
  • As MegaMan, go outside through the lower door (where you originally came in), and walk up past the weather machine and down the stairs there. Then walk out that ledge there which is above where Lan was standing.
  • After the cut scene, head for Mr. Weather.
    [Screen shot of MegaMan riding a cloud.]
    Thanks, Nimbus.
  • Vic reveals his true identity and mentions that the Cybeasts need the power given by the Force Program to move around.
  • Lan jacks in and you end up in the MrWeathrCmp.
  • Weather Computer Stage
  • You find yourself in a big room with lots of things floating in the air. Wander around getting Mystery Data, then talk to the Mr. Prog near the back of the room.
  • Go up the ramp and ride the cloud to collect rainbow data. Avoid getting hit by the typhoon. You can only get on and off the cloud at the glowing green/blue panels.
  • If you fall off your cloud, go back to the ramp and get a new one.
  • Once you have the complete rainbow data, get on the cloud and press A to drop little rainbow balls behind you. Use these to draw a circle around the typhoon to get rid of it.
  • On to section 2. Same thing here. Scope out the place, then get on the cloud. There are two typhoons to avoid (and then surround) here. You can often avoid the typhoons by going around behind the white cloud platforms.
  • On to section 3. Same thing here. After you clear the typhoons in this area, you can get to the boss.
  • (ElementMan says that he already has the Force Program. But if we delete him, then he won’t have it anymore, right? *evil grin*)
  • Boss: ElementMan
  • After he loses, Vic tosses down a flash bomb and tries to flee. But the Mr. Weather machine grabs him.
  • Lan starts to leave to find Iris, and Colonel uses his Screen Divide to destroy Mr. Weather (not sure how he did that in the real world). He also manages to do his blip teleportation in the real world. CopyBots aren’t supposed to be able to attack or use Battle Chips...
  • Colonel goes to attack Lan directly, but then Iris appears in front of Lan, blocking the way. Evidently recognizing her, Colonel asks why she’s there. She, of course, says nothing. Colonel retreats rather than try to fight her.
  • (Somehow Colonel leaves the CopyBot even though he has no PET to return to... Or I guess this means Baryl was nearby?)
  • Lan actually asks Iris who she is, but then the place starts to shake, interrupting them. With the Force Program gone, Sky Town is falling. (How do you lose a program? Haven’t these people ever heard of backups?)
  • Iris moves to the computer and types some keys, activating Sky Town’s emergency energy system. (Why didn’t the admin think of that?)
  • With that disaster averted, you now get a long sequence of cut scenes showing Baryl, Blackbeard and Ito who have escaped from jail, and all the other WWW lackeys plotting. Then you see some scenes with Wily and hear about the “benefactor.”
The Finals
  • Back in Central Town, they’re having the final round for the Expo contest. The mayor walks in with the parka kid behind him. He says a few words, and departs.
  • The final round involves finding a MoonStone in the Undernet. But you don’t have to do it right away. Wander around doing requests and such if you want.

    TomahawkMan Link Test

    • Find Dingo near the helipad. Search the control panel and activate TomahawkMan. Leave the computer you’re in and enter the general Net.
    • You need to find 4 Totem Poles in the Sky Areas:
      • The first totem is right outside the computer where you jack in. You can’t miss it.
      • There’s another totem in Sky Area2 near the exit to Sky Area1.
      • There’s another totem blocking a ramp in Sky Area1.
      • Finally, there’s one in the cafe.
    • The tests work like this. You are taken to a battle field that has all red panels on it, meaning you can move anywhere. Press L/R (the shoulder buttons) to turn to face that direction. Press B to slash. If any totem reaches its full size before you slash it, it will damage you. Hitting a totem that is in the shape of a bird will cause birds to fly across the field, taking out totems for you as they go.
    • After you have take care of all the totems, Lan jacks out. Talk to Dingo again.
    • Boss: TomahawkMan

    ElecMan Link Test

    • Talk to Ann Zap on the helipad and search the control panel.
    • Go to Sky Area1 to the Net Cafe and talk to the guy behind the counter.
    • (This is actually the only test where you get an “unexpected” scenario rather than the planned test.)
    • You need to find batteries. There are two in Area1, and five in Area2.
    • The meter in the upper right measures ElecMan’s current power level. You don’t use up power moving around, but you do lose power if you get hit by one of the zombie-like HeelNavis that are moving around the area. Also, the lower your power level gets, the smaller the circle of light is around ElecMan. So move slowly and try not to get hit.
    • The ghost Navis move in patterns and don’t chase you, so just watch where they are going to know how to avoid them.
    • Standing on emergency switches will light the area. They are also “safe” areas where the zombies won’t go.
    • After you get all the batteries, ElecMan jacks out and they recharge them. Then you fight the boss battle.
    • Boss: ElecMan

  • Back to the plot. Enter Undernet1 and talk to the Navi standing there, and he suggests going to Undernet2.
  • Go search the door that has the unknown password on it. A Navi nearby says that the person who knows the password got arrested.
  • Go to the Green Town punishment rooms. Talk to the man standing at the end of the hallway.
  • Go to Seaside Town and talk to the girl outside the toy shop three times.
  • Go back to the door in the Undernet and MegaMan gives the password.
  • When you enter Undernet2 you get a cut scene. A bunch of HeelNavis were waiting for MegaMan. They say they’re more of those Cybeast followers. What I don’t get is why they don’t worship MegaMan, knowing he has one...
  • The HeelNavis try to awaken the Cybeast in MegaMan, but they’re stopped by DustMan/ChargeMan.
  • (The door blocking the way to UndernetZero is opened by counting all the flames in Undernet2. The answer is 12. Going there is purely a side trip; however, you can find some nifty things there.)
  • In Undernet2, after a lot of winding around, you will find two HeelNavis just standing there looking off into space. Walk in the direction they are looking and you will find an invisible passage that leads straight to the MoonStone.
  • Once you have the stone, jack out and go back to the Central Town square and you’ll trigger a cut scene.
  • When that’s done, talk to everyone in the square. Your remaining two Link Navi operators will offer for you to take their classes tomorrow.
  • (Warning: The game is about to throw a slew of story sequences at you with very little chance to take breathers in between them. Best to take care of anything that you want to do now, while you have the chance.)
  • Sleep in Lan’s bed when you are ready.
  • You get a number of cut scenes in a row here. Rather moronically, the game totally skips the two classes that the operators offered Lan to visit “tomorrow,” instead jumping ahead “a few days” and then jumping again to the weekend. Duh. Right, whatever.
  • Mayl phones Lan, who decides on the spur of the moment to visit ACDC Town that weekend. Apparently, even though it’s several hours away, Lan goes alone. Evidently he doesn’t even tell his parents, because his mom doesn’t mention his trip at all.
  • Anyway, you can take your Link Navi classes now if you want to be rude and make Mayl wait. It’s probably better to do them here so that you’ll have the Link Navis available for the events yet to come...

    GroundMan Link Test

    • Find the operator at the other lab computer at the school.
    • Search the computer, and leave through the teleportation panel. You come out in Undernet1. Yes, you do. Go to CentralArea2.
    • In CentralArea2, you get the real test. You have to break stones before the dynamite goes off. Press A and you get a meter. Stop the meter on a number, and that’s the number of panels GroundMan will drill. He will always drill straight forward. Try not to hit the Mr. Progs. You can talk to the Mr. Progs to get them to teleport out of your way, however.
    • When you finish that area, it’s on to CentralArea1, where you do it all over again. Remember to go through the teleportation tile too, the one that leads to another part of the same area, to find rocks over there.
    • After that, it’s time to jack out and fight the Net Battle.
    • Boss: GroundMan

    EraseMan Link Test

    • Find the operator at the other lab computer at the school.
    • Search the computer, and leave through the teleportation panel. You come out in Undernet1.
    • Your targets are members of a gang in Undernet1 and 2. You can recognize them because they have target cursors showing the direction and range of their vision. Try to reach them and press A to delete them without them spotting you.
    • Press and hold A to become invisible. You can’t move while invisible, but you also can’t be targeted.
    • If you are targeted, you fight viruses. If you reach the HeelNavi without being seen, you simply delete him on the spot. Either way gets rid of the Navi.
    • Note that you do have a split second to get out of a target if one hits you. Either press A immediately, or move out of the way of the target cursor.
    • After you get all of the HeelNavis, it’s time to fight the Net Battle.
    • Boss: EraseMan

    DustMan Link Test

    • Go inside the aquarium to the vending machines in the second section and talk to Mr. Press.
    • Search the white vending machine in the middle.
    • Exit the vending machine computer via the teleport panel and find yourself in Undernet2.
    • Go to the skull-shaped area and find the HeelNavi at the top. This starts the first test.
    • You go to a battle field of all red tiles. Press the A button to suck up trash. Press B to destroy bombs. This really isn’t too hard, just move up and down as things come your way, and press A or B as appropriate right just they reach you.
    • Now go to the bottom of the ramp that is on the far left of this area. There’s another HeelNavi there, and another test.
    • Now you need to go to Undernet1. Really, getting to these tests is harder than taking the actual tests...
    • In Undernet1, the merchant is over toward the upper left corner. This test throws in a new twist: missiles. Hit them with B just like the bombs. Also, things fly by a lot faster here.
    • After that, jack out for the Net Battle.
    • Boss: DustMan

    ChargeMan Link Test

    • Go inside the aquarium to the vending machines in the second section and talk to Al Ferry.
    • Search the white vending machine in the middle.
    • Leave the area into Undernet2. Find the cyber-train station near the ramp on the far left of the area. Search the board to begin.
    • You go to a battle field with train tracks. You can move up and down only. You need to pick up passengers (by running them over) and not hit rocks.
    • Hold A to charge up and smash obstacles. Hold A the entire time while driving so that you can release your charge at a moment’s notice.
    • You travel to multiple areas; search the sign each time to go on to the next test.
    • Later tests add Mettaurs to the mix. Also, the end of the last test requires you to charge up and smash rocks to get through.
    • Boss: ChargeMan

  • When you’re ready, get on the LevBus and head to ACDC.
  • You’re invited to explore the town after the cut scene. You can be nostalgic by jacking into the doghouse, but you can’t enter any of the buildings.
  • When you talk to all of the people, you automatically get a cut scene. You can now jack into the squirrel statue (and actually reach ACDC Area from there). Yai mentions too that they finally finished a road linking ACDC Area to Central Area. About time.
  • Go to the squirrel and jack in. It sure has changed. It’s now considered ACDC’s HP.
  • Talk to Roll about the lost Mr. Prog.
  • Enter ACDC Area and explore, finding items and such.
  • Go find the teleportation tile that leads to an isolated square elsewhere in that same area. There’s a door blocking the way to a Mr. Prog. Search the door to talk to the Mr. Prog.
  • You need to find a key. Since Dex is so much like Mick, it’s easy to assume he might be behind this. Go search the Shogi (chess) piece in Dex’s personal space.
  • Go back to the door and open it, then talk to the Mr. Prog again.
  • Take the package back and give it to Roll. Or try to, at any rate. Turns out it was a gift for Lan and MegaMan. It’s a passport to travel between ACDC Area and Cyber City’s Net.
  • Go on from there to the appointed meeting place—Yai’s section of ACDC Area. When you get close, you get a cut scene where all of Lan’s friends are kidnapped before his eyes.
  • Go through the door that you unlocked before. You end up in Sky Area2.
  • Follow the path and you will end up in CentralArea3, where you use the AreaPass to get past the papier-mache Navi. (No joke: Search the Navi after you show your AreaPass.)
  • Head up the ramp to Sky Area.
  • From there, go to Undernet2.
  • In Undernet2, go to the skull area near the top (where the BBS is). You’ll trigger a cut scene as soon as you step foot on it. (MegaMan’s friends aren’t tied up or confined in any way. They are just standing there. Lots of help they are.)
  • Boss: BlastMan
  • Boss: DiveMan (There’s no break between these two.)
  • CircusMan shows up shortly after you defeat the other two and promptly swallows up MegaMan.
  • Head back to Central Town via the LevBus.
[Screen shot of a kid saying, “Didn't he look just like the Navi in the Expo commercial?”]
No, actually, he didn’t look a thing like him.
Own Free Will
  • There is a long cut scene where The Lackeys™ decide to defect from WWW and make lots of plans and stuff.
  • Back as Lan, go into Lan’s house. Mick calls him and warns him that a Navi using a CopyBot that looks just like MegaMan is causing problems in the real world.
  • Go to Seaside Town. As you walk toward the town proper, you’ll get another cut scene. MegaMan is there in Cybeast form.
  • MegaMan goes to attack Lan, and Iris stops him. She still won’t tell Lan who she is.
  • Somehow, MegaMan flees from the CopyBot to the Net. Not sure how he reached it from there. Anyway, Mayor Cain appears and calls MegaMan a monster, saying he can’t let MegaMan be the Operator Navi for the Expo.
  • Lan gets e-mail from Mr. Mach who tells him he has something important to talk to him about.
  • Go to Sky Town and walk around the top to the ledge where MegaMan jumped from before.
  • Mr. Mach reveals MegaMan’s new location. You need a Navi to go to CentralArea3. Pick one and head out.
  • In CentralArea3, talk to the NetPolice Navi standing by the crater. He says that you have to ask the mayor to lift the barrier that is blocking the Underground. Oh, like he’s going to give Lan permission, ha ha!
  • Anyway, since Lan can’t know this, go to his school looking for the mayor/principal.
  • Go through the teacher’s lounge and up the stairs. You can walk past where the CopyBot used to be standing and to a door, which a security robot guards. Talk to the robot, but it won’t let you through.
  • Find Mick in the foyer. He has lots of experience with getting rid of Security Bots, after all.
    [Screen shot of Chaud saying, “To fool your enemy, you must first fool your friend.”]
    Oh, Lan is a friend now?
  • After Mick does his thing, go back to the mayor’s office. Captain Blackbeard happens to be there. Stupidly, Lan barges into the room and makes himself noticed rather than simply eavesdropping on them. But even more surprisingly, instead of trying to make up a story, Mayor Cain tells him the truth. Of course, he plans to kidnap Lan and make sure he can’t reveal the information to anyone. But still...
  • Mayor Cain then proceeds to tell Lan the tale of his past...
  • After that’s done, Cain and Blackbeard move to grab Lan, who backs toward the door. The parka kid bodyguard comes in, however, blocking that escape route. But instead of capturing Lan, the kid reveals himself to be Chaud and arrests the mayor.
  • Once everyone else is gone, Chaud tells Lan that he has lowered the barrier that was preventing entry to the Underground, and promises to send ProtoMan to help later if he can.
  • Go borrow a Navi again, and make your way back to CentralArea3.
  • Walk over to the overhang where CircusMan stood before. You get a cut scene and your Navi drops down. A few seconds later Colonel appears...
  • Down below, talk to the downed Navi and get more soul weapons. Yep, it’s this again. At least you won’t get attacked by viruses while there are spirits around.
  • When you’re done taking care of all of the spirits in this area, go on to Underground2. There are spirits here as well, so take this time to explore the area and get familiar with its layout without virus interruptions.
  • After you clear all of the evil spirits in Underground2, the cloud blocking the ramp goes away. At the top of this ramp, you find MegaMan. He’s not entirely himself.
  • Boss: FBeast/GBeast (Yes, you have to fight this with your Link Navi.)
    [Screen shot of Colonel saying, “If you want to try [to stop me], you can with your MegaBuster!”]
    How about I do it with Falzar instead?
  • After that, there’s a cut scene where Colonel himself arrives and nearly deletes your Link Navi. ProtoMan comes to the rescue, but takes damage blocking a hit for MegaMan. Finally Lan decides to fight. There’s no real break between these battles, but you do fight this one with MegaMan, at least.
  • Boss: Colonel
Taking Sides
  • After a few cut scenes, and a few days later (whatever happened to the “tonight” that Wily was talking about?)... Lan is at school. Amazingly enough, The Lackeys boldly walk into his classroom and start making demands. (They haven’t agreed on a name for their new group, so I just call them The Lackeys.)
  • Iris comes in and surrenders to them without a struggle, and leaves with them.
  • Lan wakes up and finds Iris gone. Tab suggests searching the Undernet BBS.
  • Go to Undernet2 as MegaMan. On your way there, you’ll encounter HeelNavis who will be blocking the way. They throw viruses at you.
  • You should know the way to the BBS by now. If not, follow the HeelNavis.
  • Read the BBS. You learn that The Lackeys are at the Sky Town Admin Building. Actually, they’re not; they’re standing outside on the helipad.
  • When you get close, you get a cut scene where Baryl has somehow lost to The Lackeys, and they gloat as they talk about tossing him into the sea. Lan races to the rescue but can’t do anything because they’re holding Iris hostage. So Mr. Mach shows up to save the day instead.
    [Screen shot of Mr. Mach saying, “Mr. Mach, huh? I'm glad you still think of me as a teacher.”]
    I think this lost something in the translation.
  • Once The Lackeys are gone, Mr. Mach explains to Lan why he is helping Baryl and Wily. Then he takes Baryl and leaves, but at least he leaves Iris behind.
  • Lan takes Iris back to his school to show his classmates that she’s okay.
  • When the two are alone, Lan asks Iris again about who she is, and offers to help her. She tries to say something but only gibberish comes out. Although she does mention that Lan is the only one who has ever called her a friend.
  • When you get control again, find Lan’s friends in the plaza outside the school. They talk about the expo, and some Navis in CopyBots walk by saying the expo will be held as scheduled.
  • After that, you’re finally given some free time without a crisis hanging over your head for the first time in a long time. You can also now do higher level jobs on the request board, so take the breather to get things done as needed.
  • When you enter Lan’s house, you get a cut scene. Lan is invited to preview the Expo a week later, and he can bring friends.
  • That night MegaMan hears a roar and thinks it’s the other Cybeast, but Lan reminds him that this is the real world, and goes back to sleep.
  • The next day, after school, MegaMan suggests that Lan invite his Cyber City friends, and MegaMan will invite his ACDC friends via the Net.
  • Talk to Mick in Lan’s classroom. Then go find Iris in the lobby of the school. After that, visit AsterLand to talk to Tab.
  • Jack into the Net and go to ACDC Area. Find ProtoMan near ACDC’s HP. Then find Roll, GutsMan, and Glide in each of their personal spaces and invite them.
  • After you’ve spoken to everyone, you get a cut scene.
  • Warning: After this is the road of no return, so I highly suggest taking care of things before going to sleep. (Well, you can return, but not for a while, so it’s still good to get done what you can.)
  • Jack out and sleep in Lan’s bed when you’re ready.
[Screen shot of Lan saying, “I'll invite Chaud too, though he probably won't come...”]
When does he ever?
The Preview Gala
  • Lan’s friends arrive and wake him up.
  • Go to the park in the middle of Central Town. Dex and Mick are Net Battling. Lan shows up with Iris.
  • Walk into the Expo. You learn that the Expo has been reserved for Lan and his friends for the day.
  • Lan’s friends run off and you get control again. Wander around and jack into things.
  • You have to visit the first three pavilions and get stamps, then go to the Central Town pavilion.
  • Inside, the place is full of CopyBots. Aside from that, it should look very familiar...
  • Sure enough, Dr. Wily himself shows up and says the pavilion is the WWW headquarters. Wily says he made the Expo, and naturally he invited Lan to the preview hoping he’d bring Iris. (He knew he’d bring MegaMan, heh.)
  • The CopyBots all turn into HeelNavis at once and surround Lan and his friends. The others get taken away, leaving Lan alone. But ProtoMan, inside a CopyBot, saves Lan. Somehow, he can attack while in CopyBot form too.
  • Lan and Chaud run away and hide in Lan’s school. (I’m not entirely sure why; after all, ProtoMan just waxed about 8 CopyBots with a single blow...) After Mr. Mach rescues them, you get control again.
  • Go toward the principal’s office. In the lobby there is another cut scene, and Chaud tells you to go on ahead.
  • In the teacher’s lounge are more HeelNavis but you can just walk by these. If you talk to them, you are attacked by viruses, and then the HeelNavi turns into a broken CopyBot.
  • Go to the principal’s office and search the bookshelves. (Secret passages are always hidden in the bookshelves!) A hallway is revealed.
  • After a brief cut scene, you can enter the passage. You end up in the aquarium pavilion. The Lackeys are there as well. After this cut scene, Lan will jack into the control panel.
  • Pavilion Computer 1 Stage
  • Recognize this place? Yep, you have to do the fish thing again. Talk to the Mr. Prog, then start exploring the water. This is a pain in the neck, so frequent saving is recommended.
    • The one that says something about “chomp” is, of course, the shark.
    • The one that mentions a sea anemone is a clown fish (you know, as in Finding Nemo?).
    • One doesn’t have a clue what it is, but knows about the aquarium. This one goes in the broken nameplate tank.
  • When the door opens, you can use the control panel. There is no boss.
  • As Lan again, walk across the fish and through the door. You end up in the Green Town pavilion. Yes, The Lackeys are there, naturally. Ito leaves JudgeMan there to take care of MegaMan as The Lackeys flee. (Poor JudgeMan, he gets left behind without even an operator to give him Battle Chips... Not that this affects his performance or anything, but...)
  • Go jack into the Earth model and end up in, you guessed it, a JudgeTree puzzle.
  • Pavilion Computer 2 Stage
  • Do your L button and save-often thing.
  • Boss: JudgeMan
  • Go through the door and you end up in the Sky pavilion. Of course The Lackeys are doing something to Mr. Weather.
  • Pavilion Computer 3 Stage
  • You know the drill here.
  • Boss: ElementMan
  • Go through the door. Yuika bars the way, but then gives you a chance to open the path—by beating CircusMan. (Why not just build the laser door in a place where the intruder can’t jack in anywhere to open it?)
  • Lan jacks in automatically, and you end up in...
  • Pavilion Computer 4 Stage
  • This one has a twist, because it’s a sort of conglomeration of several past puzzles. There are evil spirits here, but you don’t do the soul weapons thing. Instead, just find them and talk to them, and you fight viruses. You need to defeat three of them. Meanwhile, the flames are here like when you fought BlastMan, except they look like spirits instead.
  • Boss: CircusMan
  • When you’re done, Lan automatically jacks out and runs up to The Lackeys, but he hasn’t thought this through and they move to gang up on him instead. Then the Operator Navi (from the Expo) comes in with some HeelNavis and decides to just grab them all.
  • Lan’s friends come to the rescue, but The Lackeys jump off the ledge rather than put up with being captured.
  • Lan tells his friends that he should go on alone because there is a Cybeast beyond the door. He wants his friends to get everyone in Central Town far away. (I would have left someone behind to guard Lan’s back, personally.) His friends say their goodbyes one by one and leave.
  • After that, Baryl shows up and opens the door for you. He says Lan can come with him if he wants, but it’s a one-way road.
  • Obviously, save before going through the door.
  • Beyond the door is a cut scene. After that, Lan jacks in. All you have to do is follow the windy twisty path to the ramp at the end. Be sure to adjust your Folder and Navi Custromizer for the fight to come before you near the ramp.
  • Final Boss: Falzar/Gregar
  • The rest of the game is on auto-pilot.


Top Help

Most of the bosses in the game are Net Navis or normal virus enemies (sometimes super-powered but still with the same basic battle patterns) which are detailed in the Data Base. This section only contains details which differ from the Data Base. Note: Hidden bosses are not yet listed here. I will get to them later.

This is an optional battle that you have to go out of your way to find. Later in the plot, go to Green Area2 and search the back side of the giant tree in the center. You should discover a pit that you can jump into. Follow the path to the end to discover Bass. See the Data Base page for Bass’s fighting pattern.
First of all, there is no floor on the enemy’s side of the field, so any attack which requires a panel to hit or to stand on will not work. Also, to damage Falzar, you need to hit the green gem-like beast symbol on its chest (though really it looks like you’re aiming for his head). It’s sometimes a little tricky to aim because you can’t see what panel Falzar is on, but just realize that Falzar will always be considered to be on one of the “slots” even though there are no visual panels, and you can hit it if your attack strikes the correct row and column. (Although note that sometimes Falzar positions itself so high off the ground that it is not on any row, but is above them all. Some viruses do this as well.)
     Falzar is immune to statuses like confusion (though he’s vulnerable to poison) and cannot be interrupted. The Cybeast has several attacks, one of which will blow off any shields or auras you have active. Falzar can use a T-shaped sonic attack (move up or down to avoid it). It can also shoot fiery birds which go down each row rather rapidly; you can shoot these or move up and down to dodge them. Also, it can rain feathers down on your side while blowing you backward; move around rapidly to avoid them. And there is an attack which hits a 2x3 area; just move away from the flashing tiles and you won’t be hit. Falzar is pretty reasonable in this game; you can damage it at almost any time if you aim correctly, although probably the best time to hit it is right after it performs an attack. (For an ancient evil that was sealed away because no one could figure out how to destroy it, the Cybeast is really not that tough. I won’t complain though...)
Unlike Falzar, Gregar has a floor, but you can’t place objects on it because they will vanish instantly. Gregar spends its time jumping around, usually attacking just as it lands. Because it spends a lot of the time in the air, you have only a small window of opportunity to attack it before it jumps again. The longest span of time is when it’s about to do a major attack. You can’t interrupt Gregar but you can damage it while it is attacking. Sometimes you might want to just take hits in order to strike it while it’s standing still. A LifeAura does wonders here, as does a BblWrap.
     While jumping around, Gregar sends boulders down on your side; just avoid the flashing panels. It also breathes fire, which hits nearly all panels on your side. It can also shoot lighting forward and down from the panel that its head is on. And it can attack by shooting rapid-fire spears down on your side. When Gregar disappears for a longer delay than usual, it’s about to slash twice and then hit with its head. This hits a 2x3 area.


Top Help
Here are the locations of some of the more significant items in the game. Search for others!
  • WWWID: Buy it for 3000z from a HeelNavi in UndernetZero (get there via Undernet1). This gets you through all those skull doors you’ve been seeing.
  • BtlrCard: Buy it for 2000z from a HeelNavi in the class 1-2 blackboard. This lets you find Virus Battler Mr. Progs. You get hints from each one as to the location of the next one.
  • RushFood: Buy them from a HeelNavi in the shower computer in Sky Town (jack into the shower device there). You use these on the bone-shaped tiles you will see. Most such tiles are merely shortcuts, so not necessarily worth the cost; however others lead to items that you can’t get any other way.
  • ExpMemry: JudgeTree Area3, in a blue Mystery Data.
  • ExpMemry: Mystery Data in Lab Comp2. One way to get there is through Undernet1.
  • SpinPink: Blue Mystery Data in MrWeatherComp 3.
  • SpinWhit: Use RushFood in ACDC Area to get to a Mystery Data.
  • SpinBlue: Purple Mystery Data behind a cloud in Sky Area1.
  • SpinRed: Get it via a lotto number.
  • SpinGrn: Get it via a lotto number.
  • Guardian O: Blue Mystery Data in the punishment room chair in Green Town.
  • ElemTrap S: Buy these from Mr. Famous in AsterLand a little later in the game. No joke. You can even buy multiple copies of them. Knock yourself out.
  • LifeAur(a): Buy this (no joke!) from a Net Dealer in UndernetZero (get there via Undernet2).
  • BblWrap: You can still buy one of these, this time from a BugFrag trader in Sky Area1, but the LifeAura is arguably better. The only downside to a LifeAura is once it goes down, it doesn’t come back, unlike the BblWrap.
  • BugStop: Get it from the Central Area Net Cafe. It’s bigger in this game, but don’t let that deter you. You can use the BugStop to effectively give yourself 15 more squares on the Memory Map at the cost of 4. How? First, place the BugStop off the grid (make sure it’s still intersecting the Command Line, though). Then place most of your other parts off the grid too. It’s fun!

Tricks and Secrets

Top Help
General Tips
  • You can use the Tag Chip system to help you make Program Advances easier. Of the three chips required for the Program Advance, make one your Regular Chip and the other two your Tag Chips. Then you just need one of the two chips to come up in the random draw and you’ve got all three.
  • Remember places that give a description saying there is a jack-in port but you can’t use it right now. Keep checking them in the future.
  • You can use your Link Navis to get past specific obstacles that block areas of the Net. For example, SpoutMan can take care of the raging waterspouts, and TenguMan can eliminate cyclones, and so forth. Just analyze the obstacles and try to match them according to the Navi, and it should be fairly obvious who to use for what.
  • There are several invisible paths in this game, like previous ones. Try walking into the edge of any suspicious area.
  • Buy coffee every time you go past a Net Cafe. Really, it’s useful.
  • The seemingly random strings of “RLBA” characters that you sometimes uncover are Compression Codes. Use these in the Navi Customizer. To use one, highlight the associated part in the list, then hold Right on the control pad and input the given button sequence (L and R are the shoulder buttons).
  • There are some new panel effects that you can take advantage of. For example, use an Aqua-based attack on someone standing on an ice panel, and it will freeze him.
  • Remember that certain situations can alter weak points for both you and your foes. For example, an enemy standing on grass will take double damage from Fire attacks, even if he’s not normally weak against fire. An enemy in a bubble will take double damage from Electric. And so forth.
    [Screen shot of placing a bunch of parts off the Memory Map in the Navi Customizer.]
    Okay, this is just wrong. (AKA: “Compression codes? Who needs ’em?”)
  • There’s a new “feature” with the Navi Customizer which allows you to place parts off the grid. You will still bug MegaMan doing this, so it’s not something they totally overlooked. It’s just weird. Having said that, with some creativity and a BugStop, you can exploit this delightfully.
Request Board

This list is from the bottom up. You can only take one request at a time, and you can’t do higher level quests until later in the game. Not all of the requests are listed here, but this should get you started.

  • (*) Virus Deletion: Go to classroom 6-2. Talk to the girl, then jack into the blackboard and delete all of the Mettaurs. Get: 10 BugFrags.
  • (*) Find Keepsake: Talk to the old lady by the school gates. Search the tree next to Lan’s house. (They might randomize this.) Get: RegUP2.
  • (*) Errand Request: Go to the teacher’s lounge and talk to the scientist-like guy by the monitor. Get some money and use it to reserve a toy at the toy shop’s computer (accessible from SeasideArea1). Return the ticket to the teacher for your reward. Get: RefrncBk. (Look at it in the Key Items to get a lotto number.)
  • (**) For Victory: He wants a GunDelS1 C. You can buy it from Tab behind the counter for 1000z. Buy a copy and take it to CentralArea1. Get: HP Memry.
  • (**) JuvenileDiv: Meet in the monitor in the school lobby. Then go outside and talk to the kid by the robot dog near AsterLand. Jack into the dog and talk to the HeelNavi. It’s actually an official in disguise. Fight viruses to show the kid how it’s done. Then return to the NetPolice Navi in the monitor for your reward. Get: FldrPak1 (NaviCust part).
  • (*) Somebody Help: He needs money. Meet in RobCtrlComp1 near the arrow that leads to area 2 (have to circle around to get there). You lend him some money, and he’ll repay you later. You can select from 100z, 1,000z, and 10,000z. Try to do this one when you have 10,000z available (not so hard if you do the two 5000z ones below first). Note that the job is considered finished when you give him the money, so you can go on to other requests even though you don’t get your reward right away. Come back later for your reward. Get: 10x the amount you gave him.
  • (*) Get The Chip: He wants a DolThdr1 A chip, so don’t take this request until you have one. (You get them from ScarCrow viruses.) Meet in front of the Net Dealer in SeasideArea3. Get: RegUP1.
  • (**) Stock Up: Meet in front of the sunfish tank in the aquarium. You get 10,000z to buy cyber-sushi with. Go to SeasideArea1 and buy tuna, eel, salmon, herring, shrimp, yellowtail, urchin, and snapper. Basically, there are several different sellers who have different prices for things. The trick here is to buy the things you need for the lowest prices. Make sure you get one of everything though. Once you have it all, return to the chef to get your reward. Get: ScrtMemo (read it for a lotto number).
  • (**) StandIn Recruit: Meet in the Aquarium HP. Talk to the director first, then once the filming starts, talk to the HeelNavi actor. (MegaMan doesn’t get into costume...) Say: “Halt! Villain!” “CyberWarrior Cybo” “My soul will die!” Fight viruses. Say: “Well, I’m off...” (This is pretty funny...) Say: “It’s just a dream” Talk to the director when done. Get: HP Memry.
  • (**) Penguins Ran Away: Meet in front of the piranha tank at the aquarium. (And don’t tell Mick! Heh.) You need to find 5 penguins. One’s on the stage in the aquarium. One’s in Seaside Town, in the lower corner near the fountain. One’s in Lan’s house’s bathroom. One’s in AsterLand. And one’s in the 6-2 classroom in Lan’s school. When you have them all, return to the requestor for your reward. Get: RngnThnk. (Read it in Key Items for a lotto number.)
  • (*) Daughter Worry: Meet in the Plaza in Green Town. Then go to SeasideArea1 and find the lovers in the upper right corner of the lower blue area. This is kind of funny, because the father asked you to play the “bad guy” and see how the boyfriend would react...but when you get there, a HeelNavi is already playing the bad guy for you. Talk to the HeelNavi. MegaMan decides to jump in and play the bad guy too. When the boyfriend finally starts to show a backbone, MegaMan is satisfied and tries to call the whole thing off, and only then realizes the HeelNavi is a real bad guy. Fight viruses. Get: RegUP1.
  • (*) Stop Him: Meet in Green Town’s courtroom. Talk to the girl there, then head to Green Area1, to the teleporter that leads to an isolated platform near the bottom of the map. Talk to the Navi standing there. Say “Try me!” and he’ll throw a running battle of viruses at you. Essentially, you are exhausting his supply of viruses. Talk to the girl again for your reward. Get: BigBomb P.
  • (*) Loan Collection: Meet in the Green HP. Go to the Net Dealer in CentralArea2 (he’s right by the exit which leads to the cafe). Talk to the HeelNavi there. Say “yes” and fight viruses. Chase the Navi to the Net Dealer in SeasideArea3. Say “yes” and fight viruses. You don’t have to chase him again. You get the cash this time. Return to the Green HP with the money. Get: 5000z.
  • (**) Lumber Merchant: Meet at the large tree in Green Area2. He wants you to find a “Spirit of the Spring” somewhere in SeasideArea. Find a bucket in SeasideArea3 near the upper left corner. Search it, and a Mr. Prog pops out. (This is pretty funny.) Take the enhanced axe back to your client. Get: 10 BugFrags.
  • (***) TimeCpsl: Meet at the Green Town plaza near the bottom right. You need to find the a time capsule buried in Green Area. Look at the base of cyber-trees. There are phony ones that will spring viruses on you. Having said that, I went straight to Green Town2 because that area has the most trees, and the first one that I found an item under was the correct capsule. Get HP Memry.
  • (*) DietGoods Money: Meet in the hallway of the first floor of the Cyber Academy. Talk to the girl there, then go to SeasideArea2, near the exit to Area1, and talk to the HeelNavi. Go to the Green Town courtroom and talk to the man standing by the seats there. Return to the HeelNavi. He’s surrounded by lawyer Navis now. Talk to him again. After that, return to the girl in the school and get your reward. Get: 5000z.
  • (***) Find the Virus: Meet near the Central Town LevBus station. This time it’s Mr. Famous. He wants you to find some viruses that escaped from the lab. One’s in the poor RoboDog. Again. One’s inside the monitor computer in the lobby of the school. One’s in the teacher’s room computer. One’s in the water machine computer in Seaside Town. And one’s in the popcorn shop computer. Get FstGauge *.
  • (*) Got a Problem: Meet on the show stage in the aquarium. She wants to learn how to swim. Find the person dubbed the “Dolphin” at Lan’s school. Actually it’s a girl in classroom 6-2. She suggests getting fat, because everyone knows that fat floats. She gives you french fries, of all things. Return the fries to the lady in the aquarium for your reward. Get: InvteCrd. (Read the back for a compression code.)
  • (*) Songwriter: Meet in the Sky Area Net Cafe. The musician sings a bit of a song he’s trying to compose. You need to make the following selections here: “Your love...” “To soar...” “Only memories...” “Love...” “Your smile...” “That you’re free...” “I still love you.” If you mess up, you have to fight viruses, but you can try again. Get: RegUP2.
  • (**) Buy Which Stock: This is a weird one. Meet in the Sky Area1 cafe and she tells you about three stocks, then sends you to Undernet1 (near the Undernet2 exit) to buy one. I don’t know if they randomize this, but even if they do, you could probably save before buying a stock and then reload if you get results you don’t like. Once you’ve purchased a stock, return to the requestor; you learn right away how the stock performed. On a whim I chose the underdog Blackhole and made out like a bandit. Get: 10% of the profits.
  • (***) Can’t Open Safe: Meet in the popcorn shop computer at the aquarium. This is a puzzle. Count the number of animals in the aquarium as listed on the clue, multiply them by the values given, and add them together. The answer is 564. Get: Millions (Navi Customizer part).
  • (***) Get the Bad Guy: Meet in Central Town in the lower right corner. You need to find five HeelNavis. They throw viruses at you, but they are high level viruses, which is why this is a high level job. Anyway, one is in CentralArea1 near the Net Cafe. One is in CentralArea1 on the blue path on the right side. One’s in CentralArea2 on the wide blue panel in the middle (the talkative one). The last two are in CentralArea3. The viruses here aren’t all that bad if you keep your wits about you, but do bring some swords with you before you take this job. Get: Custom2 (Navi Customizer part).
  • (**) Update Help: Talk to the man near the turtle tanks in the aquarium, then go to the main computer and find the Mr. Progs. This part isn’t hard; they’re all on the main path. Return to the requestor and he informs you that he gave you the wrong data. Go back to the main computer and find the Mr. Progs; they’ve all wandered off the main path and into the “sea” areas. The first one is on a platform not far from where you jack in. The second is in area 2, on a platform near the upper left. The third in the last area is near the left side, past the ramp. Get: MegFldr2.
  • (**) Do Something: Go to Seaside Town and talk to the lady by the fish sticks shop. Her fryer has been taken over by Kettle viruses. Jack in and delete them. When you’re done, talk to the requestor for your reward. Get: HP Memry.
  • (**) Want Meet Dghtr: The requestor is a HeelNavi in Sky HP. Talk to him, then find his daughter near the giant tree in Green Area2. Return to the Sky HP and talk to the requestor again. After that, leave the HP into Sky Area1 and talk to the two HeelNavis standing there. Fight two battles against viruses. Return and talk to the requestor again. Get: Spreadr3 R.
  • (**) Not Engh Member: Meet in the class 6-2 blackboard. He wants Fanfare Z, Discord S, and Timpani T. Get Timpani from Tromby and Discord from Tuby. Trumpy viruses give Fanfare. As for where to find these viruses, you’ll have to explore on your own. Anyway, once you have all of the prerequisite chips (remember to put them in your Pack, not a Folder), talk to the Navi again and he’ll take them and give you your reward. Get: RegUP2.
  • (***) Track the Crmnl: Talk to the man standing beside the Seaside Town water machine. Then talk to the man by the fountain multiple times. Then talk to the requestor again. He wants coffee. Go to the vending machine by the LevBus and pay 100z to buy a can (?) of coffee. By the time you get back to the requestor, the suspect has fled the coop. Go through the door by the fish fry shop. You end up in the back side of the aquarium. Find the man by a control panel and talk to him, then jack in. Go out into Central Area and across the bridge to find some HeelNavis. Fight viruses. Winning gets you the ScrtData. When you jack out, the requestor is standing right next to you. Talk to him for your reward. Get: Roll *, Colonel *, and ProtoMan *.
  • (**) Self Research: Meet in the class 1-1 blackboard. You need an Anubis for this, and the only place I know where to get one is the Graveyard. You also need two PoisSeeds but those aren’t so bad. (If you only have one, you can order the other one from AsterLand.) Anyway, the Program Advance he wants is “PoisPhar” and you create it by doing PoisSeed, PoisSeed, Anubis. Get: SciManul. (Read it in Key Items for a lotto number.)
  • (***) OfficialRequest: Meet in the Sky Town observation computer (jack in underneath the map in the main control room of Sky Town). Talk to the official Navi there. Behind him is image data of various evil Navis. Search each of them and fight them. You fight their original forms, so they have the same HP values as when you first fought them, not their EX or SP values. This makes it kind of easy since you are doing this request later in the game. Also, since you can choose which one to fight when, adjust your Folder ahead of time for each one and you shouldn’t have too many troubles. When you have fought them all, talk to the requestor. Get: AreaGrab *, AntiNavi *, AntiRecv *.
  • EnergBom K for a DublShot C chip in classroom 1-2.
  • DublShot C for HiBoomer V inside the aquarium.
  • HiBoomer V for GrabRvng I inside the water machine in Seaside Town.
  • PnlRetrn * for Geddon A in the Aquarium HP. (You can get a PnlRetrn * from a Mystery Data in SeasideArea2.)
  • Barr100 H for AirHocky M in Central Town, lower right corner, after the Force Program plot.
  • HolyPanl S for a TimeBom3 N in the Green Town courthouse.
Lotto Numbers

Here are some of the lotto numbers in this game. Find others!

[Screen shot showing a NetPoliceman saying, “If we abandon [the underground], it may become the second Undernet.”]
You might be standing in the future second Undernet if you keep ignoring those HeelNavis standing nearby...
  • 04789479: Unlocker
  • 37889678: HP+50 (Navi Customizer part)
  • 82564319: Unlocker
  • 79459146: SneakRun (Sub Chip)
  • 09256524: SpinGrn
  • 23722234: TimeBom3 M
  • 24823665: HP+200
  • 77837421: SpinRed
  • 59485971: Untrap (Sub Chip)
  • 32132348: Rush (Navi Customizer part)
  • 70741543: Beat (Navi Customizer part)
  • 69548756: Tango (Navi Customizer part)
Compression Codes

Here are some of the compression codes in this game. Find others!

  • ALARBRARLB: Jungle
  • RRABLRARLA: Chpshufl
  • ALAAALLABR: SlipRunr
  • ARLALALLAB: MegFldr1
  • ALABBAAABA: Collect
  • RBBBAAABRL: Shield
  • RRALLRAABB: UnderSht
  • LBBRBAALRR: Custom1
  • BRBBBBBARR: Battery
  • RALABLBBRB: FlotShoe
  • RBARALBBBL: Millions
[Screen shot of a sign that reads, “You may jack in.”]
Wow. An invitation.
“Mr. Quiz” is a kid at the end of the 6th grade hallway. Get QuizBook (look at it in Key Items for a lotto number).
1. Left hand
2. Pickaxe
3. Catfish
4. Human
5. Yellow

“Quiz Master” is a man near the main computer at the aquarium (where you fought DiveMan). Get SlipRunr (NaviCust part).
1. 150
2. Eye
3. PErsonal Terminal
4. Truth
5. 4
6. Fur Seal
7. 30
8. 8
9. SeasideArea3
10. 31st century

“Quiz King” is inside the lower part of the JudgeTree. Get QuizData (read in Key Items for a lotto number).
[Screen shot of TomahawkMan reading a gravestone that says “Here lies TomahawkMan.”]
... Really?
1. 10 trees
2. C and A
3. SubChips
4. AquaSwrd
5. 12
6. 40
7. 8 (Lan left ;))
8. Fanny
9. NetBattle
10. 50
11. MiniBomb
12. 30,000 feet
13. 70
14. DiveMan
15. Quiz King


Top Help

[Screen shot of Iris saying, “We want Lan to have a beautiful future.”]
He won’t if you blow him up along with the Cybeast...
This ending is extremely long. First, of course, MegaMan goes berserk (again), and Colonel and Iris merge together in order to extract the Cybeast from his body. Then, once MegaMan is safely out of there, they blow themselves up to destroy the Cybeast.

Wily intends to go down with the ship (again), but Lan tries to talk him out of it. Lan says that Wily could go back to doing research again once he pays for his crimes. Wily seems to be considering it, but then the giant CopyBots explode. Lan and his friends escape, leaving Baryl and Wily behind.

Later, Wily has been found alive in the rubble, but Baryl has vanished. Lan and his family move back to ACDC Town, and his class celebrates their graduation from elementary school to junior high. A man matching Baryl’s description leaves Lan a box containing Iris’s CopyBot, but Lan doesn’t get to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Wily has reformed his ways and cooperates with the other scientists even while he’s still in prison, creating a new Colonel and Iris to maintain peace on the Net. Also, Mr. Mach and The Lackeys were captured and imprisoned, although Mr. Mach was given a light sentence and released early because of his reason for joining WWW in the first place, and because he helped fight against WWW in the end.

Twenty years later, Lan and Mayl are married and have a son named Patch. You never get to see what any of them look like, but you find out that Lan is following in his father’s footsteps, trying to bring the Net to the next level. (He still talks like a kid though, heh.) Lan’s friends have also kept in touch: Dex is a mayor, Mick is a school teacher (wonder where he got that inspiration from?), Yai is president of her company, and Tab is still working at his family’s store chain. Oh, and Chaud is the leader of the international Officials.

The game closes with a screen saying: “Battle Network: END.” Yes, in case you didn’t know, Capcom means for this to be the last Battle Network game. Which is actually the first Mega Man series they have officially ended. However, there will be a new spin-off to continue the story, and who knows, they might decide someday to go back and cover some of those events during the twenty years that were skipped...