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MegaMan.EXE and Mega Man Zero are supposedly player characters in this fighting game. Actually, from the screen shots, MegaMan.EXE looks pretty ridiculous included in this game. He’s a bright, colorful anime character in the middle of really dim, colorless, realistic sets and characters. It’s even more severe of a contrast than Cannon Spike.

Anyway, I picked up this game but haven’t had a chance to unlock the relevant characters yet.

Unlocking the Characters

Site visitor lordbluerouge sent me this information, so I thought I would go ahead and post it even though I haven’t yet personally tested this myself. Hopefully I’ve got this right:

  • To unlock MegaMan.EXE, complete the story mode with Samanosuke Akechi.
  • To unlock Zero: Play story mode as MegaMan.EXE and gather the following:
    • Red Z-Part: Complete story mode.
    • Green Z-Part Complete Phantom Realm 1 (10 stages without dying).
    • Blue Z-Part Complete Phantom Realm 2 (20 stages without dying).

You’ll know when you’re getting close to unlocking a character because he’ll show up in black and white in VS mode. To actually get the character, play a regular 1 VS 1 match, and when the battle is over, the new character should challenge you. Win that fight and you’ll unlock the character.