I often receive helpful information or data from my readers. In most cases, I am able to credit those visitors in the place where I use the item. (I give credit by whatever name or Internet nickname/handle the person wishes.) However, in some cases, it is not possible to give such “inline” credit. Therefore, I am listing those people separately here.

If I have listed you anywhere on MMHP and you wish to have your name changed or removed, let me know.


A special shout-out here to those who have bought me coffees! You are helping to keep the site online. Thank you also for the kind comments. I am always glad to hear that you are finding the site to be enjoyable and helpful!
  • MpH
  • John Hershberger
  • pet all the cats
  • Marcus Jota
  • Polas
  • bad at games
  • krizdingus
  • Mr. Denny
  • Marco D
  • BlazingRaven495


I’d like to thank the following people for their contributions of source material that I used to make the sprites used on MMHP:
  • Pixelboy - Main characters and Robot Masters
  • Mega Boy - Game Boy sprites
  • Deuce - Mega Man & Bass and X series
  • JRPomazon - Battle Network and Zero sprites and portraits
  • MoonRabbit - Wily Wars
  • Andrew Sanchez - Miscellaneous
  • Mike - Miscellaneous
  • B. Solmaz - Powered Up sprites
  • Sean - Rockman & Forte (WS)
  • Joseph Andrade - Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 enemy sprites
  • Craft_Mesa - Axl sprite


Generally I am able to credit people for screen shots where I use them. However, I’d like to thank the following for some of the title screen images: