Mega Man must find three keys to Dr. Wily’s core room, where he faces off with Crorq, a megacomputer created by the evil scientist. And behind all this is mayham is, of course, none other than Dr. Wily himself!

Special Features

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This was the first Mega Man game for the computer, but it was rather poor as far as the Mega Man games go. Although it was in color (16 of em), had sound support, and tried to stay true to the Mega Man theme, it was lacking, mostly in play control.

This game was published by Hi Tech Expressions. Though they evidently had Capcom’s permission to make the game, I don’t believe they received any sort of aid from Capcom.

Note: DocLight warns that due to a bug in the game, it is important that you not get any continues, since the game will boot back to DOS later in the game if you do. If there are multiple versions of the game, this might not be a problem for some of them.

Damage Data

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Note: The Robot Masters have 32 units to an energy bar in this game.

Dyna Man2-16
Sonic Man116-2
Volt Man126-
Data compiled by Joe Andrade
Some data from Matthew Presley

Suggested Order

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  • Dyna Man (Use arm cannon)
  • Sonic Man (Use Nuclear Detonator)
  • Volt Man (Use Sonic Wave)
(Yep, that’s all folks!)

Teleporting Hatches

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You do have to fight all of the Robot Masters a second time, but it’s always in the same order (Sonic Man, Volt Man, and Dyna Man). Be careful not to die anywhere in the Wily stage before the boss himself, because you’ll start at the beginning and have to fight all three bosses again. It may be better to use an Energy Tank. (Thanks to DocLight for this bit.)


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Since there aren’t many bosses, here are some strategies for fighting the three Robot Masters as well. (All strategies are from MegaManZ.)
Dyna Man:
Whatever you do, don’t trap yourself in a corner! Dyna Man spends most of his time hopping around the room. As soon as you have a chance, dash underneath him, but be careful—when Dyna Man jumps high he usually chucks a Detonator. If you jump right after you run under him, you’ll hop right over his bomb. When you are a good distance turn around and fire your arm cannon.
Sonic Man:
As soon as the battle starts, fire a Detonator. This is the easiest shot you’ll get on him. Once he’s down by the bomb, set it off. After that you can try to hit him with another bomb (maybe two if you aren’t a good shot) or you can switch to the arm cannon and fire away. Stand under Sonic Man while he’s floating, then run behind him when he shoots to dodge his shots.
Volt Man:
Wait until he has energized his shield, then watch him jump once, run under his second jump, watch him jump again, and jump over his exploding shield (careful—it goes in five directions). Then pulverise him with the Sonic Wave. Once you master jumping his projectiles he’s a cinch!

Fortress Bosses:

Run away from Crorq. Jump over his shots (just jump low over all three and you’ll be fine), turn around and fire the plasma cannon or the Sonic Wave at this giant mech’s “head.” When he catches up to you jump over him.
Dr. Wily:
When Crorq’s head blows off you find Dr. Wily inside. So just keep fighting him like you did Crorq. Also try using the Force Field on him (though it must be used from the ground and not any of the platforms or it won’t hit). You may need an Energy Tank here if you’re not careful.


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There aren’t any passwords or saved games. Have fun.


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Uses: -
Obtained From: Volt Man
Appears In: MM1PC
Force Field
This is a shield. It drains weapon energy at a fixed rate while it is active. It doesn’t work well on bosses, but it can be handy for little robots (like Mets) that can be either destroyed with a single hit, or simply walked through.
Uses: 4 units
Obtained From: Dyna Man
Appears In: MM1PC
Nuclear Detonator
Can be used to open secret passages. Goes off after a set period of time; press the fire button again to detonate it early.
Uses: 3 units
Obtained From: Sonic Man
Appears In: MM1PC
Sonic Wave
Fires a, well, Sonic Wave! Rumor has it this weapon can open a wall in Volt Man’s stage.