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Capcom has been getting into the mobile/cellular/smartphone market, and there are several offerings which include Mega Man games. I mention some below, but I have not been able to personally try any of these games, so my information is limited.

You can find a list of the available mobile games on the Game Counter page. Just check the cell phone / mobile games box to include them in the results.


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Screen shot from Colin.
For the North America market, Capcom has some Mega Man titles available for cell phones, iOS devices, and other smartphones and tablets as of this writing (most of them are ports of the NES games, but a couple are original) and may release others in the future.

There’s a list of the available games (that I’m aware of) on the Game Counter page.

You can get more information and see some screen shots on Capcom’s mobile site. (For the iPhone games, look for the button at the top of the main page, unless they move this later on down the road.)

I can’t currently play most of these games, but perhaps sometime in the future...


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There are a number of Rockman (Mega Man) games available for cell phones in Japan, most of which seem to be originals and unique to the mobile platform. Most at the moment seem to feature the original series or the Legends series, but that may change in the future. I rather like the idea of a Battle & Chase game...

Thanks to Andrecrim who first pointed this out to me.

Note: Due to what should be obvious reasons (namely, I don’t live in Japan), I am unable to actually play and review these games.

There’s a list of the available games on the Game Counter page, updated occasionally, although I may be missing a few since it is sometimes difficult for me to find out what games are available in a foreign country.

Screen Shots

Here are a few screen shots I thought were interesting. This doesn’t cover all of the available games, just a small sampling. All of the following were borrowed from Capcom of Japan’s website.