The following pages detail some of the places where Mega Man has cameoed, or appeared in non-Mega Man settings. (Click on logos to load relevant pages.)

Note: Games in which the Mega Man characters are playable characters often land in the Game Hints section rather than here.

The following are places where Mega Man has “officially” cameoed—generally, these are other Capcom games.

Pocket Fighter
Pocket Fighter is packed full of cameos and the Mega Man series alone makes several.
Puzzle Fighter
Puzzle Fighter is a mobile puzzle game that includes some Mega Man series characters. I’m considering this a cameo rather than a playable appearance because it’s kind of hard to consider a puzzle game as having “playable” characters.
Cardfighter's Clash
Several Mega Man characters make appearances in these trading card games.
Marvel VS Street Fighter
The predecessor to Marvel VS Capcom hosts a small cameo of Mega Man.
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Another fighting game reference.
Mighty Final Fight
A small Mega Man cameo pops up in the background of this game.
Mega Man Legends 2
What’s this doing here? Well, just look and see...
MegaMan Battle Network
The Battle Network series joins in the cameo soup...
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
This game has appearances from the Mega Man Battle Network series (no surprise, since Solar Boy Django made a cameo in Battle Network 4).
Dragalia Lost
Dragalia Lost is a mobile game developed by Cygames and released by Nintendo. At one point they ran a promotion that added Mega Man and some supporting characters into the game. So you might count this as a playable cameo.
Dead Rising
A Capcom game with a couple of silly Mega Man cameos in the midst of photo-realism. (Also found in Lost Planet 2.)
Capcom World 2
An arcade “adventure” quiz game featuring cameos from lots of different Capcom series.
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Capcom threw an 8-bit Met sprite graphic into the background of their Bionic Commando remake just for fun. Thanks to DARKflame34.
Power Stone 2
This isn’t really a cameo; however, the game includes an obtainable weapon called the “PowerfulBuster.” The appearance of the cannon and its shots are modeled after the Mega Man’s Mega Buster. Thanks to Gunac81 and RockBuster.
Capcom’s online game Exoprimal features some crossover cameos from the Mega Man series, including a boss fight against the Yellow Devil and some cosmetic outfits.
Not really sure how to categorize this, but a company named Spiky apparently made a pachinko parlor game loosely based off the Battle Network series. If you’ve never heard of pachislo games, they’re basically...slots. Yeah. Not for youngins. This one was evidently authorized by Capcom since it does have their copyright on it. Thanks to Johan Öberg for this one.

These are other, unofficial appearances of Mega Man or Mega Man characters. (Note that unofficial appearances of Mega Man-like characters—that is, things which aren’t blantantly meant to be Mega Man himself—are in the Influences section.)

A Mega Man X costume in a comic strip. Half a dozen people e-mailed me about this one...
Mad Magazine
Various video game characters show up on a page in Mad Magazine. I think this is issue #410, October 2001. Thanks to Nick and Josh.
This is a football satire. (Note: As of this writing, the original version of this page is gone, but you can still view it in the archive.) Even if you don’t like sports, it’s still pretty funny. Thanks to Megamannt92.
In the “Chinese Invasion Alarm” episode of MythBusters, while shopping for jars the guys ogle a shelf full of Mega Man X model kits, among other things. Thanks to Chris for originally pointing this out.
In a January 2016 episode of the TV show Let’s Make A Deal, one of the contestants is dressed in a Mega Man costume (including some of the store-bought props that have been released recently) and wins a Japanese-themed prize. Brought to my attention by David Minter.
99 Lives
Not sure how to categorize this one; Dr. Wily is mentioned (along with other video game references) in the song “99 Lives” by The Pettit Project. I made a sample of the relevant part. Thanks to Seagoni.
HORSE the band
Again, not sure how to categorize this, but “HORSE the band” has produced a song called “Cutman” (or sometimes written “Cutsman”) which really seems to be referring to the Cut Man from the Mega Man series. I’m not going to post a sample or a link, however, due to the excessive amount of swearing found in the lyrics of the song. If you would like to look it up yourself, I’m not responsible. Thanks to the reader who brought this to my attention.
Finally, there are a ton of fan creations out there that include Mega Man, including fan games and Flash files. I am not going to list them all here. See the Links section instead.

The following are unconfirmed cameos that others have mailed me, but that I have not personally seen. I need to get screen shots/scans/etc. before I can move them to the section above. But just to let you know what has been reported...

  • Maximo vs Army of Zin - I’m told there is a Servbot in the “Soulcrusher” stage of this game (the 18th level). I haven’t actually played it, however.
    Contributor: Gary
  • Just My Luck - Apparently a Jazware Mega Man X mini-figure appears in this movie.
    Contributor: Crimson Seiko
  • The Wizard - This movie apparently features a shot containing a boy playing Air Man’s stage in Mega Man 2.
    Contributor: MEGAMANblue
  • Couples Retreat - There is said to be a scene near the beginning of this movie where some children are watching Mega Man NT Warrior in a car.
    Contributor: un balnz’d

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