It’s been five months since the last encounter with the WWW, and Lan is now in sixth grade with a brand new PET (same Navi though). Little do Lan and MegaMan know, however, that an asteroid is aiming to hit the Earth, scientists are planning to shoot it aside with a laser cannon (Mega Man X5, anyone?), a rogue Navi lurking in the Net is terrorizing Navis...and that’s only the beginning...

Special Features

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Whew, where to start? Perhaps with some bullet points...
  • The font in the dialogue text boxes isn’t monospaced anymore.
  • “Full Synchro” is finally implemented in the actual game engine. (It was included in the plot in previous titles, but never had any impact on the actual game.) More on this below.
  • You no longer get BugFrags for countering enemies. Instead, BugFrags are found in Mystery Data or other places where you obtain items.
  • There is no “Add” feature here.
  • ACDC Town has been completely rearranged!
  • Electronics stores are misnamed “electrical stores.”
  • Mystery Data can now appear during battle. More on this below.
  • Bulletin boards are on people’s homepages now.
  • There are no longer any Net Squares.
  • You are now limited to only 4 of each chip in your Folder.
  • Some of the Program Advances have changed, and likewise, many of the chips are mutated here.
  • The manual mixes up a few things, such as by naming the wrong Soul Unison Navis in Blue or using the wrong icons in Red.

Aside from features from the previous game, there are three main changes to this game’s engine that you should take note of:

Soul Unison

This is the first one everyone mentions. Rather than getting Style Changes this time around, you literally merge with a Navi of a particular type. See the Strategies page for more details on this.

Full Synchro

I’m a little surprised Capcom finally put this in. They must be reading the manga. Anyway, this takes a technique from the previous game (countering enemies) and morphs it into a totally new purpose. Basically, while the same technique rests behind how to counter enemies, you get a different result for doing so.

Note that, unlike before, you can no longer counter enemies with just your Buster...but, on the other hand, you also don’t have to actually destroy the enemy to get the counter anymore either. In fact, if your counter doesn’t outright destroy the enemy, it will interrupt its attack and freeze the foe in place for several seconds. This can be a good way to “combo” an enemy into oblivion: take two Battle Chips, counter the enemy with the first one, then while the enemy is frozen and helpless, blast him to pieces with the doubled power level of the second chip.

Mystery Data

Sometimes during battle you will see a giant Mystery Data sitting on the battle field. If you manage to win the battle without this data being hit by either you or the enemies, you gain whatever item it contained. Items obtained from battle Mystery Data are almost always more rare than those you obtain from Mystery Data on the overworld. You might get BugFrags, or a Battle Chip, or a large amount of zenny. Overall, they are worth going through a bit of effort to obtain.

Note: Currently this page deals only with the first play through the game. So all items, plot discussion, and such, are all based on the first play.


Top Help
  • What are the differences between the Blue and Red versions?
    Way too much. For one thing, the tournaments are different, which means you go up against different Navis—and not only do you thus get different Navi Chips and Soul Unisons, but since each opponent has a small story scene associated with him, you also get different scenarios and puzzles. Aside from this, there are a number of aesthetic changes, where various parts of the interface and lots of features in the overworld environments change colors or otherwise have different appearances or layouts. And although this part is more difficult to verify, I’m sure there are the usual minor differences in Battle Chips that you can obtain.
  • Should I buy Blue or Red?
    Honestly, it doesn’t matter. If you have a favorite Navi that is included in the Soul Unison feature, by all means go ahead and buy the version that has that Navi in it. Otherwise, there really is no “better” version. Just buy whichever strikes your fancy.
  • But what Navis are in which version?
    Here’s the list of the Navis you can use the Soul Unison with in each version:
    As you can see, each one has four existing Navis and two new Navis. However, I do find it somewhat curious that they stuck both of Lan’s friends into the same edition (Red).
  • How do I get all of the Soul Unisons that are in my version?
    You have to play the game multiple times to earn all of the Soul Unisons. Each time you beat the game, you can choose to start over again from the beginning. You keep most of your items (including your Soul Unisons), but start the plot over. What this means is that if you didn’t get a particular Navi as an opponent for any of the tournaments during one play (the selection appears to be somewhat random), you will get that Navi in another play through the game. See the Secrets section for more details.
  • Can I trade souls with other copies of the game?
    The manuals imply that you can. However, I haven’t actually tried it yet. Once I do so, I can verify this.
  • What are entry codes used for?
    They’re used in Battle Chip Challenge. On the main menu of that game, go to the park (“BTLSTRT”) where it says that you can compete against your friends. In there, select “Data” and then “Reg” and enter the code. You can then make your own little tournaments and those characters can be entered.
  • Why does my game crash in the WoodMan scenario?
    I’ve had several emails about the game crashing in the WoodMan scenario when played on a Nintendo DS. I have not had time to personally test this. Unfortunately there’s nothing that I can really recommend in this situation other than play on a GBA, which is kind of harsh. If this issue happens to you, you’ll have to take it up with Capcom I’m afraid.


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Play Control: 3
Pretty much identical to the previous games.
Graphics: 4
The graphics haven’t changed a whole lot, but the Net areas have been noticeably updated—corners are now curved and such. Also, I don’t know what category this goes in, but most of the face portraits are entirely new.
Animation: 4
In a rather surprising move, the overworld sprites have been completely redone here. (This decision must have driven their animators crazy.) The actual animations are basically the same, but most of the sprites are shorter now, and thus, the old animations had to be redrawn at the new size. They must have had a reason for doing this, and I figure it was of a technical more than aesthetic nature. (Or it could have just been a higher-up saying “make them look different.” You know, higher-ups have a bad habit of doing things like this...) Overall, the new sprites occasionally look rather goofy to me, but probably that’s just because I got used to looking at the old ones.
Music: 3
None of the tunes has jumped out at me yet, but the songs use stereo, and the title screen actually sounds like something from the classic Mega Man games.
Sound Effects: 3
Basically the same as the previous games.
Plot: 3
Despite the filler of three tournaments, the plot still manages to have a serious thread running through it.
Difficulty: 3 (normal)
One side effect of the fact that you have to play through the game multiple times is that the difficulty of the first play through is a bit below average.
Replay Value: 3
When you first view the ending, you are still only halfway through the content of the game. So I suppose this counts as replay value. The main downside is that there is a lot of repetition of viruses here. Instead of just Mettaur 1, 2, and 3, for example, you also have Mettaur EX, Mettaur Plus, and so forth. The actual number of unique viruses is relatively low.
Polish: 4
They took the time and effort to touch up the interface in places, such as with the font no longer being monospace. Also they added in extra animations for the various cut scenes, many of which are only used once or twice in the game.
Overall: 84%
I’m still not sure how to rate this one. I kind of prefer Style Changes over Soul Unisons, but the game has its positive sides too. I’m not a fan of the whole tournament thing, and some of the mini-games are irritating, but other parts are fun.

+ Plus:
You can fight NormalNavis and HeelNavis in battle. This is really cool. Instead of HeelNavis just throwing viruses at you, they attack you themselves.


Top Help
This currently covers only the first play through the game. For information about what happens when you beat the game the first time, see the Secrets section.

Note: Sections marked “Scenario” may or may not be applicable to your play through the game. Please find the ones that apply for you and disregard the others. Also, not all scenarios are covered yet.

  • Meet ShadeMan
    • After a short story scene, you start in Lan’s room. Pick up the bouncing PET (poor MegaMan) and head downstairs.
    • Talk to Lan’s father and mother, then jack into the stove in front of Mrs. Hikari. This is the game’s tutorial.
    • After the tutorial, talk to Lan’s dad, then jack into the Net at Lan’s PC and head for ACDC 3.
    • Buy a RcvPatch and return it to Lan’s dad.
    • Outside, wander around and talk to everyone, then return to the Metroline station.
    • In ElecTown, walk off without Lan’s dad and enter the next section of the street (off the screen to the lower left).
    • After Lan’s dad wanders off again, go down left a bit further and talk to Mayl.
    • Jack into the stereo system, talk to everyone inside, then jack out.
    • Talk to Mayl and Yai to advance the plot.
    • After the cut scene, walk up to the left to get to the Square.
    • After that cut scene, when you return to the previous street, you will find something going on at the stereo. Jack in if you want to go to your doom...just kidding! Jack in and officially meet ShadeMan.
    • (Stupid question: How do master-less Navis get into and out of devices that aren’t connected to the Net? It’s not like there’s a path from the stereo to the rest of the network...)
    • Jack into the Net and head for ACDC 3. When you get there, ShadeMan will appear and grab Roll. Chase him to the Town Area Net, find your way to Town 2, then take a warp point back to Town 1. This leads to the warp point where ShadeMan went. You’ll end up in ElTwrComp1.
      (Screen shot of Lan asking 'Why did no one think to build a bridge?')
      Well, that would be the logical thing to do...
    • After the cut scene, leave ACDC Town and head for ElecTown. Go back toward the Square where you heard the announcement about the tournament before. A man will block your way. Return the way you came to the empty yard near the Sub Chip dealer. Search the gate and you can go right through.
    • You can’t approach the tower because it’s making too much noise. What you need are headphones! Jack into the stereo and challenge the NormalNavi to a duel. (Man, this reminds me of Battle Chip Challenge.) Win, and get Earphones.
    • Go back to the tower, walk around it, and jack into the control panel.
    • Talk to the Mr.Prog by the door to get the BootDatA, which you need to work the sonar system, which you need to catch the bats, which you need to open the door.
    • Once you’re through the door, it’s time to do it all over again. Get BootDatB and go to it. Note that you don’t have to catch all of the bats in one go. Just grab what you can, then go back and restart the sonar.
    • Once you get to ShadeMan, you switch to Lan. Run back to the Square and adjust the volume on the speakers.
    • Boss: ShadeMan (Just kidding; you don’t have to win this battle. Just stay alive. Go ahead and try to hurt him, even though he will negate all of your shots.)
    • Go to Higsby’s shop and show him the DarkChip.
    • Sleep to advance the plot.
  • The City/Den Battle Tournament
    • Talk to the man in the city square. Get your code, then jack into the TV on display at the store. Go to the Town 3 area and register. (I feel like I’m in Battle Chip Challenge again.)
    • Back at the square, talk to the man again. You have to do three tasks.
      1. Find the Mettaur village: Talk to a Navi in ACDC 2 first. He sends you to a Navi in Town 3 (he’s hiding under a ledge on the lower side). He says the Mettaurs don’t like ElecTown or high areas. But remember, he lies to strangers. So go up on the ledge around the electronics store in ElecTown and jack into the LCD monitor up there. Get LabData from the “evil” Navi. You have to fight the bully first. I think his name is a mistranslation—it’s probably supposed to be “HeelNavi.” Like the NormNavi, he uses Battle Chips. This is really cool, actually.
      2. Find Goldbugs: One of them is in Yai’s house; search her teddy bear. The second is in a tree by the squirrel statue in ACDC park.
      3. Erase viruses from PET: You have to answer a quiz question first before you can even get this task. She asks different things each time. Usually the answer to the first one is ENT, but if you get different questions, just keep trying until you get one you can answer. At any rate, once you do that, you will need to fight a three-round running battle (meaning there is no break in between them) of normal viruses.
    • Now that you’ve qualified, it’s time for the finals. Go to DenDome that has opened up on the Metroline. Enter through the contestant entrance and go up the stairs (feel free to jack into everything along the way, of course). Beyond the waiting room is a door where you will learn the tournament lineup. Once you see this, go back down the stairs for a cut scene.
  • [Scenario] The Ghost Girl
    • Lan’s mom mails him, so go home and meet with Yuko’s father.
      (Screen shot of MegaMan saying: 'Page up page down space space return return. Is that it?')
    • When you enter the Net, you will see a crystal ball (sorry, but that’s what it looks like) icon to the upper right. Just run around until it turns yellow, then find the area where it turns red and circle around that area pressing the search button until you uncover the Navi. If the Navi is evil, he will attack; otherwise, he just talks. After this, MegaMan will perform the CyberSutra on the Navi (this is hilarious). The following ghosts can be found:
      • One is in ACDC 1 near the skull door that’s right near Lan’s homepage.
      • One’s right next to the NetDealer in ACDC 2 (evil). This one’s pretty funny, because the NetDealer reacts to the Navi’s presence.
      • One’s in ACDC 2 near Shuko’s locked door.
      • One’s in ACDC 3 near another skull door (evil).
      • One’s in the Town 1 area near the upper left corner of the wide area.
      • One’s near Higsby’s security door in Town 1 (evil).
      • One’s in Town 2 near the GateData door, on the upper ledge (evil).
      • One is in Town 3 near the blocked exit to the Castillo area.
      (Screen shot of an NPC saying 'I didn't see a thing!')
    • Once you get all of the “evil” ghosts, you are done, but feel free to keep going and find all of the “good” ghosts as well. There are benefits to this...
    • When you’re ready, go to the Dome for the battle.
    • Boss: Ponta
  • [Scenario] The Gang Leader
    • Lan and MegaMan ponder what kind of sneak attacks their opponent will use, but the HeelNavi’s operator, Tetsu, comes in to tell them that he always fights fair.
    • Go outside for a cut scene where Lan collides with a couple of hoodlums who try to trick him with a ridiculous play-act. Tetsu pulls a Blues and intervenes.
    • Go to the ElecTown Square (in the real world) to find Tetsu again.
    • The thugs challenge you to come to Town 3 (in the Net), so go there to find a lot of HeelNavis in an area near the NetDealer that was previously blocked off.
    • You have to fight each of the HeelNavis blocking the path by talking to them individually. They come with viruses.
    • After you reach the two black HeelNavis, they call for reinforcements. When you’re ready, talk to any one of the three in each group to begin each battle. You have to fight all three HeelNavis in each group at the same time (this is kind of cool, actually). Repeat this to take out the other groups.
    • Finally you make it to the black Navis again. You don’t have to fight these; Tetsu takes care of them.
    • When that’s finished, go to the Dome for the battle.
    • Boss: HeelNavi
  • [Scenario] Flooded Net
    • From the tournament center, head down the stairs a cut scene, then go outside for another one. Talk to the guy left behind and offer to help.
    • AquaMan has flooded the Net. You use air out of the CybCanst gradually while you are underwater. You can take pit stops in any homepage to refill the canister (or jack out). AquaMan is in Town 2 on the big round area in the upper right. But he swims off. Chase him to ACDC 2 for a cut scene.
    • Go back to the DenDome and talk to Shuko’s brother to find out where she is.
    • Go to ElecTown and find Shuko. Use the key she gives you to go after AquaMan.
    • When you’re done, go to the Dome for the battle.
    • Boss: AquaMan
  • [Scenario] Brotherly Games
    • Dex comes to give you grave news. His little brother, Chisao, has gone missing. Kind of mysteriously, the kidnapper contacts Lan, not Dex. You need to solve clues:
    • The first clue spells “OLD MAN IN SQUARE.” Go to ElecTown and find him. He’s hiding in the upper left corner of the Square area.
    • View the memo you received via the “Key Item” subscreen. The second clue says “the green navi is in town area three.” That should be simple enough. The quickest way there is through the TV in the Jomon Electric store.
    • Once again, view the HintData for the clue. It reads, “You might try looking inside the vase of flowers.” Search the center vase in the DenDome (go in the spectator door). This vase normally has an entry code on it, but if you search it now, you will get an e-mail.
    • Go to the ACDC park and search the squirrel statue. The text reads something like, “ElTwrComp2, Mr.Prog, 3rd from right.” Go to the tower and jack in. At the end, where you found ShadeMan before, is a line of Mr.Progs. Talk to the third one from the right. Fight a running battle against viruses.
    • Man, this kid just does not quit. Now you have to chase down five numbered data.
      1. He’s near the skull door in ACDC 1.
      2. In ACDC 3 near Yai’s homepage. Buy it for 1000z.
      3. Near Higsby’s locked door in Town Area 2. You need to answer some quiz questions. I’m not sure if they stay constant, but the answers to the ones I got were: PErsonal Terminal, Giraffe, Jomon Electric, Nanako, and Hotdog Stand.
      4. Near a locked door on the bottom level of Town Area 2. Need to trade a Bubbler R. You can buy one from the NetDealer in ACDC 3 (but don’t tell the evil Navi that).
      5. Near the end of Town 3, shortly before the gate to the Castillo area. Have to fight the Navi for this one.
    • Go to the square and stand in front of the volume control for a cut scene. You have to fight some SpikeyEX viruses.
    • Run back to DenDome, where the crowd is getting restless waiting on Lan. But hey, you’re here now!
    • Boss: GutsMan
  • [Scenario] Topsy Turvy
    • Go outside and down a bit for the opening cut scene. You meet TopMan and his operator, Tensuke. TopMan’s kind of broken and keeps talking about the prelims.
    • Meanwhile, Tensuke’s top that’s sitting on the ground goes haywire. Lan jacks in. Pick up the blue Mystery Data, then defeat the Mettaur standing there and jack out.
    • Tensuke forgot his top, so you have to return it. Find him outside Jomon Electronics.
    • Find the NetBattle Club in ACDC Park. You have to do a task before the club will help. Find their Navis hiding in the Town Area (on the Net). Then you have to answer quiz questions. If you answer incorrectly, you play a mini-game.
      1. Town 1 near Higsby’s door. Answer: Footsteps.
      2. Town 2 on the upper path. Answer: Sun.
      3. Town 2 on the lower area near the TownKyDt door. Answer: Iceberg.
      4. Town 3 on the upper ledge. Answer: Son.
    • Go to ACDC 1 with the key you just received. Talk to the chief. He asks you to leave, then attacks you with viruses. But when you win, he agrees to help.
    • Go to the ElecTown Square. The chief and Tensuke, who happen to look just alike, are arguing.
    • Go talk to the chief’s Navi in ACDC. He throws virsues at you.
    • Jack out and return to the ElecTown Square for the conclusion.
    • When you’re done, go to the Dome for the battle.
    • Boss: TopMan
  • [Scenario] Locked Folder
    • Lan receives an ad regarding free PET repairs. One should never trust one’s PET to a stranger under circumstances like these, but you have to in order to advance the plot. The guy will give you a new folder and then lock it so that it is always equipped.
    • Go to ElecTown and talk to the girl near the Jomon Electric store. Then talk to the old man around the corner.
    • You need to hunt down a lot of clues, and yes, all while using a crappy folder. The clues are pretty straightforward, but they are shuffled around, so I can’t just give you the answer. Just note that the two carved trees on either side of Yai’s front gates don’t count, even though they identify as “trees” when you search them in the game. Also, if you get some of the numbers wrong, the man will tell you how many, but not which ones. So try changing one digit and checking again, to determine which one is incorrect. Here are some of the ones that I’ve gotten, but just as a warning, these might not even be accurate from one game to the next, if, for example, they fluctuate the number of Mr.Progs and so forth.
        (Screen shot of an official saying 'Phew, his busting skill is frightening.')
        Nah, it’s luck.
      • Number of trees visible in ACDC Town = 5
      • 15 + 2 + 3 - 14 = 6
      • Number of Hotdogs = 5
      • Number of NetDealers in Town Area = 1
      • Number of Homepages in ACDC = 4
      • How many streets radiate from the square in ACDC 2 = 3
      • Number of Mr.Progs in the LCD Comp = 9 (no joke; go see for yourself)
      • Number of Navis in ElTwrComp right now = 4
      • Number of triangles in Town 3 pointing up and down = 6
      • Number of vending machines in ElecTown = 3
      • Number of house markers in ACDC Area = 4
    • When you’re through, go to the Dome for the battle.
    • Boss: SparkMan
  • [Scenario] Saving Higsby’s
    • Go to Higsby’s shop and talk to Higsby. You find out that Higsby needs money to repay a loan or his shop will be repossessed and taken down.
    • Lan gets 20 fliers to hand out. Your reward changes depending on how many you distribute. You need to give out at least 10 of them to continue. I didn’t write down all of the locations, but go through the Net talking to Navis and Mr.Progs and most of them will take one. Also, you can go to ElecTown and hand out fliers in the ElTwrComp (remember that?) and most other devices you can jack into. Jack into everything and talk to everyone you see.
    • When you’re done, talk to the girl behind the counter at Higsby’s to get your prize and to learn of Higsby’s whereabouts.
    • Go to Higsby’s storage area in Town 1 (it’s behind a door near the exit to Town 2).
    • After finding NumberMan, go back to the shop and talk to the girl clerk again.
    • Go back to Town 1 and use the key. You have to figure out the passwords. Note that these are puzzles; most of them are not math problems, so try to think outside the box. Here are some examples of questions that I or my readers have received (thanks to T.J. Echard among others):
      • X=3 Y=4 XYX=??? - 343
      • August, May, April - 845
      • 147, 258, ??? - 369
      • Hi=He - I haven’t verified this one but I believe the answer is 110 (leetspeak for “hello”)
      • (In my notes I also wrote down 119 and 642 as valid answers, but I forgot to write down the associated questions. If you’re desperate you can also try one of these.)
    • Go back to Higsby’s shop for the conclusion. (“You guys...never buy chips. All you do is hang out here, huh.”)
    • Remember to buy a chip from Higsby for good measure. =)
    • When you’re ready, go to the Dome for the battle.
    • Boss: NumberMan
  • Enter Nebula
    • Meet Mayl in her house, then jack into her computer and go to Town 3 and talk to Roll.
    • You need to challenge the official-looking guy to battle. This is a three-round survival against normal viruses.
    • After you win, Lan’s doghouse alarm goes off. Run into his house and up to his bedroom to find his mom.
    • Search Lan’s PC, then jack into it.
    • At the gate to the Park area (in Town 3), MegaMan tries to break down the door barring the way, to no avail. A Navi comes along and says he’ll report you to the officials...then attacks.
    • When you win, search the guy you just knocked out for a password. The numbers under the letters tell you what order to put the letters. Unless they shuffle things around again, the answer should be: RAEJDUK
    • Go to Park 2, find the evil Navi, and fight him. After winning you’ll learn about the DarkChip Syndicate Nebula.
  • Castillo Park
    • Mayl asks Lan to go with her to the theme park. Lan’s dad e-mails him his Navi Customizer (finally!). Apparently Lan’s mom took it away from him to try to keep him from getting himself into trouble. Silly move. Lan gets into trouble whether he’s equipped for it or not.
    • Go through the Metroline to Castillo and find Mayl. Then talk to the staffer to learn about the park’s problem. Jack into the wheeled stand nearby and talk to the Mr.Prog near the homepage’s exit warp. The Mr.Prog should give you the P-Code needed to get past the security cube and out into the general Net. If it doesn’t, go talk to Mayl and the staffer again, and try again.
    • Go to Park 3. Past the downed Navi is a control panel. Fight Shrimpys.
    • Outside, talk to Mayl. Buy ice cream down below. After the sequence of rides, enter the vampire manor attraction.
    • Walk through the haunted house, searching everything as you go. Leave via the exit and you’ll get a cut scene. Lan will run over to the toy robot and jack in.
    • ToyRoboComp1: Talk to the NormNavi to get on the raft. You need to pick up missing plot pieces and install them in the correct order. If you ran around the park earlier reading the descriptions for all of the attractions (the BBS in the park’s homepage can help too), these shouldn’t be very difficult to figure out. First: “Mirror.” Second: “Big Tree.” Third: “MightyBl.” Press the stop switch and fight viruses.
    • ToyRoboComp2: After leaving the first toy, go up the stairs and jack into the WzDog toy. It’s the same story here (I think I made a punny). First: “WzMonkey.” Second: “MagicSel.” Third: “GoodNose” and “Scratch.” Press stop, fight viruses, do not pass Go, etc.
    • ToyRoboComp3: Ditto. First: “War” and “Emotion.” Second: “Bird” and “Dance.” Fight viruses. Third: “ToyPart.” Press stop know the drill.
    • ToyRoboComp4: First: “GunSol” and “CrmScarf.” Second: “Otenko.” Third: “Sunlight.” Fourth: “Apple.” Fifth: “Skylight” and “Taiyohh.” Fight viruses.
    • When you get off the raft at the end, you will find that there is no switch. The guide Navi got rid of it because it was in his way. Yep, the guide is ShadeMan. You saw that one coming, right?
    • Boss: ShadeMan (Just kidding again. This is another gimmick battle. You still can’t hurt him, so just wait around for about two rounds of battle until you are given the two DrkSword chips in your Custom Screen (trust me, you’ll know it when you get them). Take them both and kill ShadeMan—they seem to have about the same range as the LifeSwrd Advance, so wait until ShadeMan gets close and swing away.)
    • (Incidentally, the cut scenes during this part of the plot are rather cool, particularly when MegaMan throws the chip at ShadeMan and then shoots it.)
    • Note: After this point, if MegaMan ever reaches the “worried” state during battle (mostly happens when you get hit a lot of times in rapid succession), you will be granted two random DarkChips every time you open your Custom Screen for as long as the worried state lasts. DarkChips are mostly duplicates of other Battle Chips except ridiculously overpowered. Take heed of Higsby’s and Chaud’s warnings, though, before you consider using one. (Just look at what happened to ProtoMan...heh heh...)
  • The Hawk/Eagle Tournament
    • (I think tournaments are what they use when they don’t have anything better to do in the plot...)
    • You are given one “BattlePoint” and told to find 49 others. They are hidden both in the real world and in the Net. I shouldn’t do this, but...
        (Screen shot of Chaud saying to Lan, 'I heard a kid stopped the robots. So it was you.')
        Who else?
      • 1: In the tree near Yai’s house.
      • 1: On the shelves in Higsby’s shop.
      • 2: Under the game system in Dex’s house.
      • 1: Behind the picture frame in Yai’s house.
      • 1: Search the teddy bear in Mayl’s house.
      • 1: A Mr.Prog in ACDC 1 has another.
      • 4: Buy them for 3000z in ACDC 3.
      • 5: Trade them for a Cannon C in Town 2. (If you don’t have a Cannon C, you can buy them from the NetDealer nearby.)
      • 3: From a Mr.Prog in Town 3.
      • 3: The red Navi in Park Area 2 (need to use a warp point to reach him).
      • 1: In ElecTown, find the guy hiding beside the Jomon store. Say “Yes.”
      • 1: In ElecTown, search the crate next to the gate (that you opened earlier).
      • 1: One of the shops in ElecTown 1 has a gray metal door with a label. Search the label.
      • 1: Search the control panel of the ElTwrComp in ElecTown Square.
      • 1: Search the doorway to the Jomon Electric store; a shopkeeper will come give it to you.
      • 1: Search the bikes at DenDome.
      • 1: Search the first poster outside DenDome.
      • 1: Inside the audience area of DenDome, talk to the kid behind the screen.
      • 1: Search the door leading into the spectator seats of the same area.
      • 1: Talk to the guy hiding behind the hot dog stand in DenDome.
      • 1: Search the trash can next to the vending machine inside the contestant area of DenDome.
      • 5: Jack into the tournament NetBattle machine in DenDome and talk to the Mr.Prog. You have to win a match of rock, scissors, paper.
      • 1: In the fountain in Castillo.
      • 2: Talk to the girl hiding behind the castle in Castillo park.
      • 2: In MelSquare in Castillo, search the grate behind the TinMan robot.
      • 1: Search the ship display in Castillo.
      • 2: Talk to the kid inside the vampire mansion in Castillo.
      • 4: Talk to the purple Navi in the corner of the ice cream stand’s computer. Have to fight viruses.
      • 10: Jack into the vampire ToyRobo in Castillo and talk to the Navi right by the entrance. Fight viruses.
      (There may be others, but this should be enough to get you there. If the game shuffles around the locations, you may have to do some searching on your own until I encounter them all.)
    • Go to the castle in Castillo park and talk to the man standing outside. Then enter the castle.
  • [Scenario] Cooking up a Storm
    • Go downstairs to the MelSquare of the park for a cut scene.
    • After Lan shoots off his mouth, head back up the stairs for another cut scene.
    • Go to Park Area 2 and use the ChefKey on the locked door there. Talk to the official-looking Navi for a cut scene.
    • Search the pan to begin the lessons. This is a Dance Dance Revolution type mini-game. (Rule number one for a good video game: Eliminate the mini-games!) If you’re like me and you stink royally at these sorts of things, you’re just going to have to keep retrying until you get it. Sadly, there’s no way to skip the stupid mini-game.
    • Once you do well enough to pass, it’s off to gather ingredients. Head to Park Area 3 to the control panel you once used earlier in the plot, and find the black Navi there. You have to fight a three-round running battle.
    • Jack out and head back to MelSquare for the cooking competition. It’s the same mini-game here, but note that you really can’t lose. If you do too poorly, the judge will decree the match a tie and make you do it over again. Also, you don’t have to do perfectly in order to continue the plot; as long as you don’t mess up too much, you will be declared the “winner” and move on.
    • After that, it’s time for the real battle in the tournament.
    • Boss: NormalNavi
  • [Scenario] For the Trees!
    • Go to ACDC Park (in the real world) and talk to Sal.
    • Go to ElecTown and find Sal in the Square.
    • Go to DenDome, in the contestant’s area. Ignore the man blocking the door and just walk through, into the NetBattle arena.
    • In the arena, Lan jacks in automatically. Find the suspicious Navi and fight viruses.
    • Go to Castillo and find Sal near the castle. Jack into the nearby food stand and head to Park Area 3 (where you see WoodMan in the cut scene). You have to dodge his WoodTwr attacks. Wait right next to one, then run over it immediately after it goes back down into the floor.
    • After you reach WoodMan and get the plot there, jack out and talk to Sal, then head for the match.
    • Boss: WoodMan
  • [Scenario] Damsel in Distress?
    • Some Navi has kidnapped Roll, and we can’t have that. So go to Park Area 1 and find Glyde near the main road.
    • Go to Park 3 to receive a cut scene where you will discover Roll’s current location. Search the door blocking your way.
    • The game doesn’t exactly tell you this, but head to the ACDC 2 NetDealer and find the kidnapper Navi. Fight viruses.
    • Get the key and save Roll, not that she needed it. Turns out she’s learned how to charm viruses and wasn’t really in much danger at all.
    • Go to Mayl’s house and jack into the stuffed bear. Roll will challenge you to a game of tag. You must catch her three times.
    • When you’re ready, head over for the tournament battle.
    • Boss: Roll
  • [Scenario] Going Digital
    • Find VideoMan in Park Area 1, near the exit to Area 2. He puts you in “rewind” mode and you have to find three videos while operating in reverse. (Don’t worry, though; your controls are not reversed during battle.) If you step on the rewind tiles on the floor (they look like double arrows), you will be sent back to the entrance of the area you are in. Tracking down the videos is made a little easier when you take note that most of the rewind tiles are on the path to the video, so just follow them. It’s kind of like breadcrumbs.
      • Volume 1 is in Park Area 3.
      • Volume 2 is found in Town Area 2.
      • Volume 3 is located in ACDC Area 2.
    • That’s it! Go fight the tournament match.
    • Boss: VideoMan
  • [Scenario] Let’s Burn!
      (Screen shot of MegaMan saying, 'I know they're viruses but they're not hurting anyone.')
      What next? Benevolent parasites?
    • Given that Mr. Match goes through Fire Navis like there is no tomorrow, it would be no surprise for him to have a new one in this game. But...he doesn’t. Turns out he’s got competition. And things are about to get hot.
    • Exit Castillo for mail from Lan’s mom. Go to the house and talk to her.
    • Jack into Lan’s PC. Exit from his homepage to the Net for a cut scene.
    • As Lan, go talk to Higsby and get the FireBstr, then return to Lan’s room and search the PC.
    • Search the flames to use the FireBstr on them. You don’t have to time the gauge perfectly, but if you don’t get it high enough, MegaMan will fail to extinguish all of the flames in the group and lose health.
    • Work your way through the rest of the ACDC area to find the rest of the flames. (They’re all on the main route.) The viruses here are Fire-based, rather than the usual fare.
    • When you get all of the flames, go to the castle for another cut scene.
    • Take care of the fires in the Park Area. Chase the flames all the way to the control panel in Park 3.
    • Once you’re done, go to the tournament fight.
    • Boss: BurnMan
  • Interlude
    • After you fight the final round of the tournament, LaserMan will arrive to crash the award ceremony. The boss that you fight here varies; for me, it has always been the Navi I fought during the second round of the first tournament—in other words, the first one you get a Soul Unison from. But this might change. The Navi that you fight will be a “DS” version and he uses Battle Chips (but they aren’t DarkChips, I don’t think, although GutsMan used a LifeSwrd on me once which may have been a DrkSword—I couldn’t tell how much damage it did). Note that your opponent will come equipped with the same NaviCust parts as you, so if you have the FstBarr on, he will start the battle with a barrier, and so forth.
    • You’ll also get a cut scene at this point showing the progress with the scientists and their laser.
  • The Blue Moon/Red Sun Tournament
    • One week later (time flies, huh?) Lan is off to Netopia for the World NetBattle Tournament. There are two notes to make here before we go on with the tournament:
      1. Right around now, Higsby should reopen his chip ordering shop. See the discussion on the previous game about this.
      2. You can build the C-Slider (the thing you need to cross all those rails you’ve been encountering) as soon as you are able to reach the prerequisite areas, but you don’t actually need it for a little while. So you decide when you want to pick it up. Just as a side note though, one of the benefits is you can reach a BugFrag trader in Park 3 who sells the AntiDmg chip as well as several other nifty things. The steps required for building the C-Slider are:
        • Go to the Sharo Area via NetFrica’s Net. Find the Navi standing by one of the rails and he will explain that the Undernet is just beyond this point. (As an aside, take note of this location. You just know you will have to come here later...) You cannot do the rest of the steps until you talk to this Navi.
        • Find the Slider Master in the Sharo Area behind the 500z door. (Get there via the Netopia Area.) You need three parts. Two are found in Electopia Nets; if you’ve been diligent, you probably already have them. Look for Navis standing underneath ledges. You know you have found them because they tend to offer to sell you something without telling you what it is first. One’s in Town 2, on the lower level. The other is in Town 3, on the lower level that is reachable via Park 1. The third part is being sold by a Navi in YumLand’s Net hiding under a bluish ledge near a dead-end.
        • Return to the Slider Master with the three parts, and she will make you a C-Slider at no charge.
    • When you arrive in Netopia, walk to the left a bit and talk to the man near the water. You will get a NetPassport—this will get you past the Navi blocking the way in ACDC 2 (leads to YumLand).
    • Wander around and talk to everyone and jack into things. You cannot advance the plot until you have spoken to everyone.
    • When you’re done, talk to the man again, and Mr. Bonds will lead you...well, not toward the hotel, but that hardly matters, because Lan will get kidnapped and whisked away anyway.
    • Inside the hotel room, jack into the statue to enter the hotel’s homepage. Talk to the Mr.Prog on the HP to get the code you need to exit into the Net. The four KeyDatas you need are all relatively close to the HP entrance tile. You don’t have to change areas (in fact, you aren’t allowed to). Each box you open will spring viruses on you.
    • After you find out that the kidnapping was all a ruse (come on, what real kidnapper would hide the key where the prisoner could reach it?), go into the coliseum.
    • Search the circular carving on the wall with the old man’s face in it. The tournament has now officially started.
  • [Scenario] Duels and Feuds
    • Paulie has a HeelNavi and represents NetFrica. He takes you to his country for a festival. When you get there, as usual, wander around and search things, then when you are ready, jack into the statue called Nupopo.
    • Talk to the Navi by the exit. You have to pass a three-round survival battle against viruses before you get the code that allows you to exit into the Net.
    • In NetFrica’s area, find the group of Navis in the big open space (it’s near where you enter from Netopia’s Net).
    • The contest is to find the statue before anyone else. Apparently, the statue was last seen in Sharo, so everyone thinks it would never go there twice in a row. So naturally, head to Sharo. The statue is found on the right-hand side, surrounded by moving walkways.
    • Take the statue back to the official Navi in NetFrica to win the contest.
    • In order to fix the river, you need to pass three doors in NetFrica. You get the key for the first door as part of the plot. The second one requires answering a quiz:
      1. Number of houses in NetFrica: 4
      2. Number of tusks on Nupopo: 2
      3. Attack power of Boomer1: 60
      4. Youth leader wears what color clothes: green (bad, bad one for color-blind folks)
      5. Number of big round squares in Netopia Area: 22 (they mean circles, not squares)
      The third door involves a three-round running battle.
    • WaterGodComp: This maze would be pretty tricky if it weren’t for one glaring giveaway: your subscreen identifies what area you are in (by number). Here is a rough map of the area. The Mystery Data that aren’t marked simply give you 100z. Note that you can walk straight to the exit, but it is worth your while to explore and find everything, since you can’t return here right away. When you bump into dead Navis, you will be attacked by viruses in a running battle with the same number of rounds as there are Navis. You can’t skip these battles (except by avoiding their areas altogether), so just be prepared.
      (Screen shot of Chaud saying, 'ProtoMan! You can't cut me with such a clouded soul!')
      Uh, Chaud, ProtoMan isn’t trying to cut you. He’s trying to cut MegaMan.
    • Find the control panel to exit the level. But pick up the Mystery Data nearby first!
    • After you’re done, go to the coliseum for the battle.
    • Boss: Jammer
  • [Scenario] Got Them (Dark) Blues
    • Ignoring his own advice, Chaud has gone and used a DarkChip, and ProtoMan promptly goes berserk and runs off and gets himself grabbed by Nebula. Guess what you have to do?
    • Go to NetFrica, then from there to the Sharo area that leads to the Undernet (see above). You should get mail when you enter the Sharo area. Chaud tells you that the entrance to the Undernet is in the back of Sharo, but you already knew that, right?
    • If you haven’t done so already, you need to go through the steps to get the C-Slider. (Again, see above.)
    • Once you are in the Undernet, Chaud will take command. Search the first door to learn the location of the RedKey you need. Search the area between the four bones which you passed on your way to the door (just before the warp tile).
    • Ditto for the door in Undernet 2. BlueKey can be found by searching the right corner of the square-shaped area at a dead-end of a passage. GreenKey is just on the other side of a moving walkway panel, one heading up-left.
    • In Undernet 3, work your way to the warp point that is past some more bones, which leads to the last door. Note that if you end up in Undernet 4, you’re going the wrong way, but there are a couple of interesting things there to take a look at, if you are so inclined. (Unless, of course, you’re actually a nice guy and are in a hurry to save ProtoMan.)
      (Screen shot of Chaud saying of ProtoMan, 'He's so good he can even fight with his eye closed.')
      I still can’t decide if this is a typo, or if Capcom is trying to tell us something we didn’t know...
    • Back to Undernet 3. The first key is in the upper right part of the map, where there is a long path with bones lining one side of the path. Search the tile on the fifth bone from the top left. The second key is in the lower left part of the map, again with a row of bones only on one side. Search the gray tile in the corner. The last key is in a corner of the platform with two warp points—not the ones that lead to Undernet 4 right next to you, but the other pair. Reach it via the warp point on the inner part of the square spiral that makes up most of Undernet 3.
    • You’ll end up in Undernet 6. Find the large downward slope and you will reach the exit to the next area which is being guarded by a HeelNavi. You have to fight him, naturally.
    • The next area isn’t long; you will find ProtoMan just up ahead. You will have to fight a five-round running battle to save him. Now come on, you’re not gonna lose with Chaud on your side, are you? (Note: It helps if you grabbed the FlotShoe NaviCust part that lets you walk on any panel without harm. A FstBarr helps too, to prevent wind and such from affecting you. Honestly, you can let the poison panels do your work for you in these battles. These viruses aren’t anywhere near as tough as the ones in Undernet 6. I don’t know what this HeelNavi was thinking.)
    • Once ProtoMan is back to normal, it’s time for the tournament.
    • Boss: ProtoMan
  • [Scenario] Just Chill
      (Screen shot of MegaMan saying, 'Just over-sensitive to heat I guess.')
      Or just over-dressed.
    • Jack into the Netopia Net and find ColdMan near the entrance to the Sharo Area.
    • After you are done, walk back out into the crisp cool air of Netopia (in the real world) and you should get a cut scene.
    • Fly to Sharo (in the real world). Near the upper right of the town is the Space Center (or SpaceCtr as the game likes to say).
    • Inside, talk to the scientist laying on the floor.
    • Go outside and try to get through one of the snow piles blocking your way. Search one of the houses to get a shovel.
    • Use the shovel to clear the snow blocking the way to the four antennas. You need to rapid-tap the B button, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.
    • Jack into each antenna and find the snowmen inside. Once you have destroyed all of the snowmen inside a particular antenna, go to the control panel in the center. You will need to use Battle Chips to activate the torches. (Note: If you have the right chip and the game doesn’t recognize it, put it in your Pack and try again.) One requires a FlmLine1 F (win it from a VolGear virus, or use a lotto number and then dial up the right code from Higsby). Another needs a BlkBomb Z (if I recall correctly, you can get this from the purple Mystery Data next to the Slider Master). A third requires a HeatBrth K chip (you win these from the Whomper viruses in NetFrica and the Undernet, or buy it from the NetDealer in Netopia). The last requires a HeatShot C (win these from Spikey viruses, or get one from your Fldr2). Note that you can order all of these from Higsby’s chip order service if you need to, but you have to have the chip in your Library first, so if necessary, find a copy of the chip—the code doesn’t matter—then go order the correct code from Higsby.
    • Note that once the temperature drops too low, Lan won’t be able to operate his PET, which means you will have to fight all battles without chips. (This is why the viruses are relatively weak here.) If you plan to let Lan suffer, you may want to adjust your NaviCust accordingly. You can take a pit stop inside the SpaceCtr at any time to restore the temperature (or leave Sharo altogether).
    • Now that everything is calmed down, head for the tournament battle.
    • Boss: ColdMan
  • [Scenario] Looking for Trouble
    • When you try to leave the coliseum area, you will get a cut scene.
    • Go to the SpaceCtr in Sharo (in the real world) and talk to the man inside. You have to fight a 3 round battle. You receive the CopyKey from this.
    • Go to the Undernet. If you haven’t done so already, you need to get the C-Slider (see above).
    • In Undernet 1 you will receive a cut scene. A target cursor appears on MegaMan; to dodge, press the direction on the control pad that lights up. This will also happen periodically as you move through the Undernet. Dodging is not really that difficult, but it is an issue if you are caught unexpectedly and you are already pressing a direction key and it’s the wrong one. For this reason, sometimes it’s best to just stop and let the thing target you, dodge it, then move on.
    • You get to Undernet 6 via Undernet 3. If you end up in Undernet 4, you’re going the wrong way, but SearchMan won’t bother you there, so you can go ahead and explore it if you want.
    • In Undernet 6, you want the passage that goes underneath the large slope. This leads to a door that you can open using the CopyKey.
    • Talk to the black Navi. You have to fight a 5 round running battle against viruses. During the final round, the HeelNavi will join the fight. His HP is pretty pitiful though, so he shouldn’t make much of a difference in the battle.
    • After winning, return to the coliseum for the tournament.
    • Boss: SearchMan
  • The Asteroid
    • So the tournament was a setup. Well, I guess I can’t be surprised.
    • Lan is taken to the NAXA headquarters and asked to help with the asteroid deal. Search everything, then head upstairs to the room behind the woman.
    • After the cut scene, talk to everyone, then leave the building and head down to the Metroline. From here, go to the real world countries of Sharo, Netfrica, and Yumland (any order). In each of these networks, you need to navigate to the exits that lead into other Nets. You will find a device blocking the way. Fight viruses to remove the device and restore the connection. Notice that there are two exits in YumLand—one leading to Netopia and one leading to Electopia. (Note: If you haven’t yet gotten the P-Code to get out of YumLand’s computer, donate 6000z to the HeelNavi standing near the top of the StatueComp. You can get the P-Code for Sharo by simply talking to the Navi next to the cube and saying “no.”)
    • When you’ve opened all the paths, go to the Netopia area in the cyber world. Talk to the official Navi standing near the slope leading to Sharo. He sends you to the Undernet. Use the TownKyDt you receive on the door in Town 2, on the lower level.
    • Note: Take care of any extra business you may have (getting power-ups and so forth) before going to Town 4.
    • Town 4 leads to Undernet 1, the upper level. Go straight through to Undernet 2. This leads to Park Area 1, the spot behind the broken path that you could never get to before. Talk to the HeelNavi standing in the center there. You have to fight him, of course. (Get the blue Mystery Data first.)
    • After the cut scene, go back to NAXA and talk to the man standing in the center of the first floor. He gives you a note from Lan’s dad. Go up the stairs and in the elevator you weren’t allowed to use earlier.
    • In the next cut scene, Lan’s dad shows his aptitude. Yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Dr. Regal’s Navi is LaserMan and he’s the leader of the DarkChip Syndicate, Nebula.
    • Lan jacks into the generator automatically. You end up in MeteorComp. The enemies here are what you are used to, so head on out.
    • Sometimes you are caught by a magnetic field. Hammer the buttons to get out of it; it will wear off after a short time.
    • Run over the gray panels in the floor that have little spheres on them. Trigger them in order according to the number of spheres on the panel. When you trigger all three, you will get a cut scene and a warp opens. Grab all of the Mystery Data, then go through the warp.
      (Screen shot of an alert saying 'Evil energy detected.')
      Who, me?
    • Do the same in the next area, except now there are four panels to trigger, and the viruses here are more irritating.
    • Ditto for MeteorComp 3 and 4. There are increasing numbers of tiles that you have to step on, but the deal is still pretty much the same.
    • At the end of MeteorComp 4, you will encounter LaserMan just as you enter the area where the warp is.
    • Boss: LaserMan
    • Once you go through the warp hole, you won’t be able to save the game. MegaMan warns you of this.
    • Naturally, you have to run through a winding, twisting route when a beeline would have taken no time at all...
    • Boss: MegaManDS (Yep. You’re fighting yourself.)
    • Boss: Duo


Top Help
Most of the bosses in the game are Net Navis or normal virus enemies (sometimes super-powered but still with the same basic battle patterns) which are detailed in the Data Base. This section only contains details which differ from the Data Base. Note: Hidden bosses are not yet listed here. I will get to them later.
He has the same NaviCust parts as you and attacks like a madman. He’s constantly moving, using chips like there’s no tomorrow, and firing almost nonstop. The chips he uses appear to be based on your Library, not your specific Folder setup, because he used chips on me that I didn’t have in my Folder. In some cases you can use his own chips against him—for example, if he puts down a Guardian, just stand behind it, and he will hit himself with it.
You have to hit the glowing center in his chest (but only while it’s red), which is in the equivalent of what would be the center column of his side of the field. But note that because there is no floor, some chips which can hit that column nevertheless will not harm Duo. These include the FlmLine, HeatBrth, and practically any chip which you throw (such as the Ball). So stock your Folder appropriately. (You cannot edit your Folder after the MegaManDS battle, so I would optimize it for Duo, as his battle is specialized, whereas any chips will work on MegaManDS.) Duo has a few different attacks: he scatters missiles and other projectiles from his chest which fly off the screen to the left; he swipes with his fists or pounds the ground with them; he sometimes drops a large purple head on your side of the field (no joke); and he fires a laser straight across the field. For the laser, stand to the far left first (in a row that the laser is not on, of course), then as soon as you see the ring around the laser disappear from the center slot, move to the center, and you shouldn’t be harmed. (Yes, the rings can hurt you too.) It is not possible to use DarkChips on Duo.


Top Help
Just a few of the more significant items and their locations (in the first play through the game):
  • ExpMemory: A blue Mystery Data in Undernet 2.
  • SpinPink: In the Blue Moon / Red Sun Tournament battle machine.
  • SpinWhit: From a blue Mystery Data in StatueComp (a statue in the real world YumLand).
  • BugStop: Behind the skull door in ACDC Area 1, right near Lan’s homepage. This one alone is worth every zenny you had to pay to get the NebulaCd, because unlike in the previous game, here it is one square. You can literally stuff your NaviCust completely full and you only lose one square on your command line (the least valuable squares anyway) to do so. Note: Although BugStop prevents bugs, you must still put programs (the ones without patterns) on the command line or they will not function.
  • Guardian O: From a purple Mystery Data in Undernet 4. The AntiDmg was toned down for this game, but the Guardian is a good replacement.

Tricks and Secrets

Top Help
  • Here are some of the lotto numbers you can use in this game. Find others!
    • 46292983: FlmLine1 G
    • 14769745: Untrap (Sub Chip)
    • 27979609: LocEnemy (Sub Chip)
    • 02109544: MegFldr2 (NaviCust Program)
    • 16589650: MiniEnrg (Sub Chip)
    • 66703422: Recov300 J
  • As you’re probably thinking, you can turn MegaMan black by using DarkChips a lot. Certain chips (such as Static and Hole) can only be used by an “evil” Navi, and certain chips can only be used by a “good” one. If you try to use a chip and it disappears in a puff of smoke, you’ve probably got the wrong Navi type for it. (There are a couple of other cases which that might happen, such as trying to use an Atk+10 incorrectly, but...)
  • When MegaMan is in the “evil” state (the crazy evil grin face with the purple background) and he’s hit with an attack that would reduce his HP below 1, there is a good chance he will activate a dark soul mode and go completely berserk. He turns practically invulnerable and will move around randomly and use Battle Chips automatically, even ones you haven’t selected. You can still open your Custom Screen and send him chips but it’s hard to use them when you want.
    This berserk mode wears off after a short span of time. It’s actually kind of rare that MegaMan will delete all of his enemies while in this state, even as invincible as it is, so you’d better be prepared to take over again when it wears off because MegaMan will be left with 1 HP and very vulnerable. Despite how it sounds, this state is more entertaining than useful, but it can be lots of fun to watch.
  • There’s an isolated story scene in Undernet 4 that you can do basically at any time that you can reach it. Find ShadeMan’s coffin and talk to Django the Solar Boy standing next to it. (If Django used the GunDelSol on ShadeMan before, why doesn’t it work if MegaMan tries it?) You need the S.Sensor. Go talk to the HeelNavi standing near the entrance to Undernet 2. Someone stole the S.Sensor and ran to Undernet 6. Go there and buy it from a wandering black HeelNavi for 10,000z. Now, in order for Django to even acknowledge the S.Sensor, you have to be jacked into the Net from somewhere that is outside. The Jomon Electronics store works. When you have these two conditions met and you talk to Django, a cut scene will result. When the cut scene is over, search the coffin for the NebulaCd. Yep, the NebulaCd gets you through all those skull doors you’ve been seeing (well, most of them anyway).
  • Continue2: When you beat the game for the first time, it automatically records this on your cartridge. After that, when you select “Continue” you will be given a choice to restart from your last save, or to begin a new game. If you start game 2, you keep all of your Battle Chips, Sub Chips, NaviCust parts (and the NaviCustomizer), Soul Unisons, power-ups, and any items which are not plot-related (for example, you keep the SpinPink). You start the plot over again, but the tournaments and items are shuffled around, and most of the viruses you encounter are beefed up versions of the normal ones (you thought you’d have a cakewalk?). For example, during the introduction battle in the microwave, you fight red Mettaur2s instead of the placid yellow Mettaurs, and there is no tutorial. And so forth. The purpose of playing through Continue2 is to get Battle Chips and Soul Unisons that you were not able to pick up on the first play through the game. (If you thought the selection of viruses was rather limited on the first run through, this is why.)


Top Help
(Screen shot of Dr. Regal saying 'I shall create a world of utter evil!'...while being electrified.)
That’s assuming you survive to see it.
Duo says it’s too late to change the course of the missile (the asteroid) because gravity is already pulling it toward the planet. But when MegaMan seems determined anyway, Duo forms a bridge to allow him to try. As MegaMan struggles to turn the wheel that controls the asteroid, people around the world are (finally) informed of their impending destruction and, left with no other option, they gather together cheer for MegaMan.

Outside, a power line cable snaps and Lan loses contact with MegaMan. Curiously, Dr. Regal helps Lan out by acting as a human conductor, thus allowing the flow of electricity to continue and the connection to be reestablished.

Meanwhile, up in the asteroid, Duo activates his sensors and picks up the voices of the people on Earth who are cheering. Lan and MegaMan go Full Synchro and MegaMan manages to turn the controls, averting the disaster. Duo says that now he’s seen what MegaMan can do, and that he’ll delay punishing the humans “for now.”

Back on Earth, Dr. Regal, having miraculously survived the electrocution with no notable injuries, is standing on the edge of a scaffold with Lan’s dad. Chaud shows up in a helicopter (!) and airlifts Lan over to his father. (I’m going to assume somebody else was piloting the copter...) The three of them approach Regal, and Lan tries to convince him not to jump, to instead atone for his crimes and turn a new leaf. But Regal says he doesn’t feel guilty, and accuses all humans of being criminals, since even those who are trying to help often inadvertently cause harm. He also mentions his father, a robotics scientist who was exiled and fell into evil ways. He is probably referring to Wily.

In the end, Dr. Regal refuses to surrender and jumps. Credits roll.

In the epilogue, three days later, Dr. Regal has miraculously survived the fall (what is this guy made of?) and his whereabouts are unknown. Even during the delayed award ceremony, Lan is glum over what Regal had said, but MegaMan tries to cheer him up. Meanwhile, the crowd wants to see Lan’s NetBattle technique. Lan’s friends and family cheer him on from the stands. So Lan jacks in. And the ending ends there.