As a sequel, naturally this game is very similar to and runs much in the same vein as the first game. Like the first, this hosts a combination of characters from various games by Namco, Capcom, Sega, and now also Nintendo. Some of the most notable changes from the first title are: Note: Parental Warning: Unlike most Mega Man related games, this one is not suitable for children.

This is just my personal opinion, but I think I actually liked the first game better. The artwork was a bit better in the first one, and the user interface was more refined. I find the character status pages to be especially cumbersome in this game, particularly the skill lists. But this game does have its high points as well, and is similar enough to the first one that I really couldn’t recommend one over the other.

As usual, I’ll be focusing on Mega Man series characters here, though I’ll list all of the other characters as well, in case you are deciding whether or not to pick it up based on its cast.

Notes on my unit data: Since damage is so heavily influenced by your level, equipment, target, and other factors, I am just giving a rough estimate of damage based on using the neutral A attack as the “100%” rating. Also, these ratings assume a large/heavy enemy. “Block” ratings are the percentage of damage that gets through a 20-point Block; I chose 20 points here instead of the lowest (10) to better represent the fact that as Block rates increase, damage drops off exponentially and not linearly. Extra effects are marked: <D> is Down, <S> is Stun, <B> is Block-depleting. Note that this game makes the ratings a bit more explicit: S attacks are the most powerful; A ratings mean attacks that deal high damage but have no special properties; B class attacks tend to inflict Down or deal more damage to enemy guards; C attacks do low damage but tend to inflict statuses like Poison or Stun.

X: “I’m not one to hold back on special weapons.”

You only have to wait until Chapter 7 this time around for these guys...and you’re alerted well in advance that they’re coming, too. As a unit, most of their moves are fairly similar to the previous game, but just different enough to be not as useful. They’re terrible at breaking guards now, for example. Apparently Namco decided they were too overpowered in the previous game. Having said that, they do have variety in their attacks (the only thing they can’t do is poison) and one reliable guard-breaker.



He’s back. Here’s a brief summary of his statistics. Because the in-battle skill display does not show the activation requirements for Auto-Skills (grr), I’m not certain what Vile’s are, but I’m assuming it’s “at all times” since that’s what it was in the previous game.

As with the first game, Vile comes back in later missions on his Ride Armor, though it’s a new model this time. In terms of game play, it still works in pretty much exactly the same way.

Giving his name alone is a fairly large spoiler, but what the heck. Notice that his Crosspedia entry mentions that he has been defeated “no fewer than three times” which to me implies this game is around the Mega Man X4 era (Sigma’s appearance and weapon suggest this as well), although the list of special weapons and techniques that X & Zero use would put it around Mega Man X5...if it weren’t for a couple of Mega Man X7 and Mega Man X8 outliers.


This briefly details the rest of the cast, for those that are interested. None of this has anything to do with Mega Man in particular.

Pair Units

Solo Units
This isn’t a step-by-step guide for each mission, but just offers some tips, notes, and personal comments. Note that these descriptions apply to the first play through the game only.
You only get eight save slots in this game, and as before, you’ll want to leave at least one slot free for making your clear-game save. You get most of the same bonuses for a New Game+ here as you did in the previous game. The game outlines them as such: Note that you still have to play through the tutorial even when playing a New Game+ (as in the previous game), and most of the effects mentioned above don’t kick in during the prologue missions.


X & Zero don’t have very many funny lines that I’ve encountered yet, so I’m including a bunch of others instead. (Some of these are paraphrased.)

X:Does that badge of yours shoot lasers or anything?
Phoenix:I don’t think that’s how attorneys work, no...
Zero:Well, why NOT? That’s the question.
Heihachi:If you’re going to challenge me, do it in the next life!
Zero:Good idea. Next time they should use a Sub-Tank.
X:I don’t think that’s how it works for non-Reploids, Zero.
[Ed: Ha ha, 1-Up joke.]
Leanne:X, quick, equip my Frying Pan Arm!
X:I-I think I’ll pass.
Xiaomu:Here, have some nice hot coffee! Got you! It’s iced coffee! I LIED! IT’S ACTUALLY HOT!
Reiji:Do you really have nothing better to do with your time?
Xiaomu:A guy in blue with weird hair and a girl in purple with weird hair.
Morrigan:You mean them?
Demitri:You could have at least tied them up.
Phoenix:Ha-hah... Uh, hi, everyone.
Maya:What’s weird about my hair?!
Maya:Come on, Nick! You can do it! Lay ’em out flat with a big ol’ “Objection!”
Phoenix:I’m pretty sure that would be a bad idea.
Xiaomu:Can’t you raise an army of habeas corpses or something?
Phoenix:Just what is it you think lawyers do?!
Demitri:Behold the aura of a true ruler!
Morrigan:Let me guess: you’ve forgotten how to turn it off?
KOS-MOS:Analyzing enemy movement pattern.
Fiona:I suspect we’ll hit them and they’ll bounce around a lot. Just a hunch.
[Ed: They’re lamp-shading their own game.]
Xiaomu:Look, up in the sky! It’s an avian! It’s an aircraft! It’s—!
Reiji:Wait, it IS an aircraft.
Ingrid:Isn’t calling out the names of your attacks kind of childish, really?
Akira:It gets addicting once you start doing it.
Urashima:Every rose has its violation of the Geneva Protocol, as they say.
Phoenix:Marvel Land? Is that really its name? It sounds like it should be an amusement park.
Ryu: No... My one-hit-victory technique is not yet perfected.
Demitri: Stop blathering and get ready to jump.
[Ed: Says the guy who can fly.]
Xiaoyu: Huh? Am I seriously the only one who thinks this is crazy? What’s going on, Jin?
Jin: ...You get used to it after the first time.
Maya: Yeah, but they had ninja powers, and wings, and Techimarky Seppuku!
Zero: We should descend as well. We still need to find out which world’s sky we’ve been doing all this nonsense in.
Xiaomu: Ugh, attacking during a transformation sequence is just RUDE!
Leon: “Reason for absence: Fell through a time warp and hung out with rabbits and ninjas.” Yeah, THAT’LL go over well.
Xiaomu: They don’t call me “Captain X, the Game Mistress” for nothing!
Stehoney:I made it this far, gob... I have no regrets, gob... and no key, gob.
Xiaomu:If a bunch of Lost Vikings show up, I quit.

Byaku Shin blows up using a very large version of the normal explosion graphic. Naturally, now that the big evil bad gal is gone, the floating island starts to fall. Urashima flies in on the Dragonturtle, grabs everyone, and crash-lands in Makai. At least everybody survives.

They discuss how they are all going to get back home. Some return to the city through the sewer passage. Valkyrie takes some of the others back home through Marvel Land. The folks from the future return via cyberspace. Ingrid returns the folks from the past using her crest that she recovered from M.Bison. And people from the present who hail from other countries are returned manually via the Dragonturtle.

Thus decided, and knowing that time is short since the rifts are becoming unstable, the groups split off, and everyone gets in their last two lines of voice acting before they leave. The epilogue text says that the rifts healed themselves and everyone returned to their proper times and places.

And then...

The scene shifts to Demitri’s castle where everyone is having a party. Apparently, at the request of Reiji and Xiaomu, Urashima opened a bunch of rifts and sent out invitations. The last to arrive, Reiji and Xiaomu go from section to section checking out the festivities. At one table there is a discussion underway about recruiting ninjas for various teams. At another, Segata summons Aura from The World using a Sega Saturn and a 28.8 kbit modem. At a third, Yuri offers to make a strawberry sundae for Dante, and ends up producing a fruit parfait instead using ingredients that include...just about everything except fruit and parfait. (And we thought Raine was “creative” at cooking.)

Meanwhile Kazuya and Jin and Heihachi start squabbling (why did Kazuya even show up to the party?) so the decision is made to have an impromptu three-on-three tag-team match. Akira and Ryu partner with Jin; Ken sides with Heihachi (so that he can duel Ryu) and Chris decides to join in too for melee practice; Kazuya doesn’t want a team, but Kiryu volunteers himself and then picks Phoenix as their third. (What?) Phoenix rather predictably responds with an “Objection!”

As the duel gets underway, Xiaomu and Reiji walk off and find Edgeworth standing alone by a window. He somehow got involved chaperoning (his phrasing) some of the females of the party, who are having a footrace. Valkyrie wins by using Big Magic to increase her stride. Xiaomu and Reiji leave them to it and go to the next group. Sylphie arrives with her merchant buddy and announces they’re the ones catering the event and tries to bilk the men out of their entire life savings. Meanwhile, nearby, Ulala has been recruited by Princess Otohime to train some of the other party members for an upcoming dance battle.

At the end, Reiji takes Xiaomu out onto the balcony and proposes to her. After that the credits roll.

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