For a description of what these stats mean, see the Stat Explanation page.

Open Menu: No*
Charge Up: No*
Lose Charge: Yes
Horizontal Recoil: 1/2 block (also, MegaMan freezes into place momentarily)
Vertical Recoil: 0 (believe it or not, because of how MegaMan freezes in place)
Shots On Screen: Yes
Fall Off Ladder: No

* Technically you can’t do anything until the battle officially starts, but really, not counting the dialogue that freezes all action anyway, the “Battle Start” sequence goes by so quick you’ll barely even notice.

Appears In: MMNT
These green glowing items can be dropped by enemies or found lying around in stages, and they restore some of MegaMan’s health when touched. They come in a couple of sizes; the larger they are, the more energy they restore.

Appears In: MMNT
The rotating coins that you find lying around in stages, or dropped by enemies, provide you with money to use in shops. The color determines the value. Red coins are worth 10z each. Silver-colored coins are worth 150z. Yellow coins are worth 300z.

These crystals represent treasure boxes essentially. Check them to see what they contain; they could be anything from Zenny to Battle Chips. Purple Mystery Data must be unlocked with a Sub Chip before it can be accessed.

Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMNT
PowerUP items allow you to upgrade MegaMan. Once you obtain one, go to the menu screen and you can choose what stat to increase. (Personally, I recommend focusing on Attack and Charge first, before going for Rapid.) Each PowerUP can only be used once.

Also Known As: HP Memry
When you obtain this, MegaMan’s maximum HP is automatically increased by 20. You don’t have to use it first.

Appears In: MMNT
MemUp items increase your MP by 8 when you pick them up.

Also Known As: RegMem
This increases the size of your Regular Memory, which is used to store your selected Regular Chip.

This Sub Chip allows you to recover some of MegaMan’s health from the subscreen.

Appears In: MMNT
This Sub Chip allows you to recover half of MegaMan’s maximum health. It’s actually cheaper to buy two of these than to buy a single FullEnrg, but there is a limit on how many you can carry.

Like an Energy Tank, this Sub Chip restores MegaMan to full health when used off the subscreen.

This is needed to access purple Mystery Data. If you have one of these in stock when you search a purple Mystery Data, the game will ask if you would like to use it.

Appears In: MMNT
This is a 1-Up, except that unlike with 1-Ups, your Backups are refilled automatically whenever you jack out.


This does not list every chip in the game (as such a listing would be far too large). I’ve picked and chosen from the total list some highlights. Also, since many chips are simply stronger variations of previous chips (such as Spice1, Spice2, and Spice3), I list only one of each.

AT: 20
Number: 104
Obtained From: PharaohMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN6, MMNT
This places a statue on the floor in front of you. For as long as the statue lasts, it will periodically cause the HP of all enemies to decrease in bursts. If you use this on a boss, the boss will gain his normal temporary invincibility after being struck by the Anubis, which makes it difficult to use your own attacks on the boss. The Anubis seems to have a time limit, after which it will disappear on its own even if it’s not destroyed by enemy attacks.

AT: 40
Number: 1
Obtained From: Canodumb
Appears In: MMNT, EXEWS
Shoots a blast that hits whatever is directly in front of you when fired. Though basic, the Cannon chip will be your staple throughout most of the game. Once you have full PowerUPs, Cannon chips become obsolete in favor of your buster, but M-Cannons are still useful.

AT: -
Number: 46
Obtained From: Peng
Appears In: MMNT
These Battle Chips are necessary to get many of the hidden items in this game (though you can often substitute cubes instead). You also need to use this or a cube in order to reach the link to the Zero Account, but this is virtually the only time such a chip is actually required to complete the game. Aside from this, you can also use these chips to help you navigate obstacles and avoid enemy attacks, though you can only carry a small number of them.

AT: 20
Number: 103
Obtained From: Polar Bear
Appears In: MMNT
Cubes are useful more for navigation than for attacking, though they do have an attack power. You can stand on top of cubes, and you can stack one cube on top of another. You can have at most two cubes on the screen at a time. They last for a short while, then disappear. They can also be destroyed by enemy attacks. And finally, the IceCube can be pushed by using a ColdFist chip on it. For what it’s worth.

AT: -
Number: 105
Obtained From: Spooky
The Invis chip makes you invulnerable for as long as it lasts. It wears off after a short duration; you are actually still invincible for a split second after the graphical effects disappear, but it still can wear off rather abruptly.

AT: 80
Also Known As: LifeAura
Number: 118
Obtained From: Life Virus helpers
Appears In: MMBN6, MMNT, MMSF1
This temporarily lets you shrug off any attack that deals less than 80 HP of damage. This is affected by your armor—if you’d take double damage from an attack because of your current armor and that puts the total over 80, that will knock off the aura. Conversely, if your armor makes you strong against an attack, that helps you. Sadly, the aura wears off after a very short time (unlike the ones the enemies use which not only don’t wear off, but they regenerate...) For all of the above reasons the Invis1 chip is actually a better chip, believe it or not.

AT: 50
Number: 17
Obtained From: Beetank
Appears In: MMNT
Tosses a bomb in an arc forward. It will explode when it hits the floor or an enemy (it doesn’t get set off by hitting a ceiling). The LilBomb variation explodes into a horizontal line, which will be in the air if it strikes an enemy in the air. Bombs can inflict multiple hits of damage on enemies, dealing more than just their face value.

AT: 80
Number: 121
Characteristics: Auto-Aim
Appears In: MMBN3, MMNT
Roll moves to and attacks an enemy in front of you, then heals you for roughly half your maximum health. This is an auto-aiming NaviChip, but notice that she will not target enemies behind you. So make sure you’re facing the right way when you fire this off.

AT: 40
Number: 41
Obtained From: Mettaur
This produces a shockwave across the ground. It will stop as soon as it hits a wall or a pit or anything other than flat ground. However, the shockwave can deal multiple hits on an enemy as it travels through that enemy, assuming the enemy doesn’t move.

AT: 40
Number: 81
Obtained From: Mushy
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBCC, MMNT
This chip is a lot like the classic shield weapons from the original series games. It produces a small number of little purple clouds that circle fairly randomly around MegaMan. When you come within contact of an enemy, the clouds will home in on that enemy and try to damage him. Each cloud that hits an enemy is used up after dealing one hit.

AT: 50
Number: 5
Appears In: MMNT
This is a great one to use on stairs, as the tutorial to the game shows you rather nicely. Also, in certain circumstances this chip can be used to get through shielded aspects of an enemy and strike him where he is vulnerable.

AT: 40
Number: 87
Obtained From: Yort
Characteristics: Boomerangs
Appears In: MMBN3, MMNT
The disk flies forward a short distance then boomerangs back to you. It can hit on the coming and going for multiple hits of damage, but naturally has limited range. You can adjust its path of flight by jumping or by firing it off from the air.

AT: 20
Number: 75
Obtained From: Bunny
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBN3, MMNT
Shoots a slow-moving ring straight forward at the height that you’re at when you fire it. When this hits an enemy, it freezes him in place for several seconds. During this time the enemy is vulnerable to attack. The damage output is low, however.

Note: All Japanese names are listed given name first, family name last.

Also Known As: Net (Netto) Hikari
Net Navi: MegaMan.EXE
Your typical fifth-grader whose best friend happens to be his Net Navi, MegaMan.EXE. He’s resourceful and isn’t afraid to get in over his head, which is often where he gets MegaMan as well. He is, though, just a little bit dense.

Also Known As: Rockman.EXE, Hub, Site (Saito)
Operator: Lan Hikari
Lan’s Net Navi and a skilled virus buster. Like all Net Navi, he is incapable of leaving cyberspace because he has no physical body, but he communicates with Lan through his PET terminal. MegaMan and Lan get along like brothers—both the good aspects and the bad.

Also Known As: Mail (Meiru) Sakurai, Maylu Sakurai
Net Navi: Roll.EXE
Probably Lan’s closest friend outside of MegaMan.EXE, although he doesn’t acknowledge this fact. Mayl is a girl in Lan’s class who loves walking with him to school and just plain spending time with him.

Operator: Mayl Sakurai
Roll is Mayl’s Net Navi and, as a result, rather good friends with MegaMan.EXE. When called upon in battle, she has both offensive and healing capabilities.

Also Known As: Enzan Ijuuin, Chaud Blaze
Net Navi: ProtoMan.EXE
Chaud is an Official Net Battler—a member of an authoritative group that fights Net crime. He takes his job very seriously and gets irritated by any unauthorized interference.

Also Known As: Dekao Oyama, Dex Ogreon
Net Navi: GutsMan.EXE
Another of Lan’s classmates and the owner of GutsMan. He takes great pride in his Net Navi but in truth isn’t very good at fighting Net battles.

Also Known As: Yaito Ayanokouji, Yai Ayano
Net Navi: Glyde.EXE
This rich fifth grader has a lot of knowledge of PETs, or at least likes to think she does. She helps out Lan mostly by giving advice.

Also Known As: Dr. Yuuichirou Hikari
Lan’s father and an expert in PETs (Personal Exploration Terminals, or sometimes just PEsonal Terminals). He is, technically speaking, the creator of MegaMan.EXE.

Lan’s mother, who is generally oblivious to what Lan is up to (or pretends to be).

Appears In: MMNT
Identified only as the “Professor,” this man picks up where Wily has left off, with designs to destroy the world and remake it in his image.

Also Known As: Dr. Seiji Hikawa
Net Navi: IceMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMNT
This man works in the Waterworks and is generally law-abiding, but he once helped the WWW when they used his child as a hostage.

Also Known As: Yamitaro Higure
Net Navi: NumberMan.EXE
A former member of the WWW, Higsby now runs a chip shop and is good friends with Lan and his pals.

Also Known As: Kenichi Hino, Hinoken
Net Navi: HeatMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN6, MMNT
He’s turned away from his old days at the WWW...or has he?

Note: Hidden bosses are not yet listed here. I will get to them later.

HP: 500AT: ?
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMNT
His beams can be jumped carefully; I’d recommend staying on the other side of the screen from him unless you are attacking with a short-ranged weapon. BrightMan is protected by a barrier (like the chip) which will block the first hit that you deal to him; however, after that hit, the shield will fall and he won’t put it back up again until after he attacks. Having said that, BrightMan is weak against Wood chips, so shoot his barrier with your buster or something, then hit him with Wood chips once the shield is down.

HP: 700AT: ?
Also Known As: ColoredMan.EXE, WackoMan.EXE
Operator: Madd
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC, MMNT
You need to hit his upper body/head, not his ball. He sometimes tosses the ball forward; it bounces rapidly across the room and then returns to him. And he can throw up his arms and cause jets of flame to burst from the ground in regular intervals toward you. I generally toss bombs onto his head, to be honest. If you hit him with something like a Cannon or a Sword, he’ll move a set distance toward you with every blast, eventually pinning you in a corner. And you can’t slide through him. However, he will start moving back toward the right side of the room after a bit.

HP: 700AT: ?
Number: 205
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
He moves back and forth fairly quickly, and occasionally teleports. He’ll call down lightning from clouds above, and sometimes he surrounds himself with electricity trying to zap you. Hit him with Wood chips. You can jump him pretty easily, but you can’t slide through his feet. He tends to attack when you attack; otherwise he’ll move back and forth and sometimes jump. Try to time your attacks so that you can dodge his counterattack, and don’t get trapped in a corner.

HP: 400AT: ?
Also Known As: TorchMan.EXE
Operator: Mr. Match
Weakness: Aqua
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC, MMNT
He starts out just pacing, so that’s a good time to rush up and whack him with a powerful chip. Once he begins using his flame thrower, you can dodge by sliding into the wall—you won’t go anywhere, but you’ll be ducking the flames. Save your Aqua chips for him, naturally. (Conveniently enough, you can buy an AquaSwrd from Higsby before you come here. It’ll hack off half his life by itself. Buy two of them, or do a Program Advance with the other three swords you have, and you will have this battle won in about two seconds.)

HP: 700AT: ?
Appears In: MMNT
He mostly just hovers on the right side of the screen sending black orbs that travel slowly and try to home in on you. You can control gravity for yourself based on how high you jump; if you jump to your maximum height, you’ll switch between standing on the floor and standing on the ceiling. Use this to dodge the orbs. Regarding GravityMan himself, you have to hit his head; his rotating arms block your shots (but chips that explode, like Bubbler, will get through them). Sometimes the light will dim and he’ll start sucking you toward him. Slide away from him to avoid this (remember, press Up+Jump to slide when on the ceiling). This is a pretty strategic battle, actually, since GravityMan doesn’t move quickly.

HP: 600AT: ?
Operator: Dex
He doesn’t have an element, so you’re going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Jump whenever he jumps and try to time it so you’re off the ground when he lands. You can slide through him without taking damage, if he’s not attacking at the moment, so don’t let yourself get cornered. And don’t forget to jump!

HP: 500AT: ?
Operator: Dr. Froid
Weakness: Elec
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC, MMNT
He runs back and forth across the field, so be prepared to jump, and don’t let him run you down while you are trying to use a Battle Chip. Sometimes it’s best to jump over him and hit him in the back as he runs by. Because of the icy floors, it’s sometimes hard to stay away from him. He’s weak against Electric chips. What I did once was drop a MagBomb on the floor then just avoid IceMan as best as possible until he ran over the bomb. Rinse, repeat, use Sub Chips as necessary.

HP: 600AT: ?
Weakness: Fire
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMNT
He mostly walks back and forth, tossing streams of needles. I sliced and diced him with lots of swords. He’s a Wood type if that helps. Slide under his horizontal needles, rather than jumping them. You can’t really clear him with your normal jumps (might be able to if you do it just perfectly, but it’s near impossible), but you can slide through him rather than jumping him. Also, when he gets low on health he’ll start jumping up and sending needles down at you in a shower. There’s always one spot you can stand, however, where you won’t get hit. It’s usually right beneath him. Be sure to get out of the way when he drops back down.

HP: 1000AT: ?
Appears In: MMNT
He floats around and summons little sarcophagi that shoot lasers. You can jump the laser and the coffin at once, or maybe slide under the laser; if you jump only the laser, it’s difficult to stay in the air long enough to avoid its full span (without some sort of jump aid). PharaohMan can also drop Rattons, and a nasty Anubis that pulses and hits you with consistent damage over and over without you being able to dodge at all; destroy this with all due haste.

HP: 800AT: ?
Also Known As: Blues.EXE
Operator: Eugene Chaud
Like Zero, this guy favors being plastered on top of you. He can move quickly or slowly as he wishes. He has a variety of sword swings, and he’s also capable of pulling out the Guard chip to reflect your attacks back at you. I suggest sword chips here. He’s on top of you most of the time anyway.

HP: 500AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC, MMNT
Living up to his name, he dashes back and forth rapidly across the screen. Since he tends to favor standing in the corners, this is exactly where you don’t want to be. You can often bait him by jumping, causing him to shoot his Quick Boomerang where you were and miss you when you land. Also, moving back and forth slightly can help you to avoid his boomerangs by moving slightly toward him until he shoots, then moving away from him as the boomerang heads toward you. He’ll also jump and fling his boomerangs from the air. QuickMan appears to sometimes have a barrier, so for each volley you may want to shoot him with your buster first, then use a chip.

HP: 700AT: ?
Operator: Dark
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMNT
He splits into three in the air, then drops downward in an attack. Only one of him is real, and you can only damage that one. Conversely, the fake ones don’t appear to be able to hurt you either, even if you touch them. When ShadowMan lands, he slashes his sword on the way down and also tosses small throwing stars horizontally. While he’s on the ground, he can also throw a larger throwing star that angles toward you. And he can slash his sword, which by itself is actually is a pretty pathetic attack. But sometimes he’ll dash toward you and swing his sword, too.

HP: 700AT: ?
Appears In: MMNT
Instead of having a shield like in the original series, here he teleports around. He’ll teleport to a spot, and then start moving forward; if you hit him (or even sometimes just shoot at him), he’ll vanish and reappear somewhere else. He tends to favor appearing on the right side of the screen, at least when I’m on the left. He can also shoot a spread of arrows in eight directions, and he can make a flood of stars rain down on you leaving little room to dodge although they don’t cover the entire screen (they seem to be based on his location).

HP: 700AT: ?
Appears In: MMNT
While he’s tossing his swords around, you can shoot him (he’s floating though, so I doubt ground-based attacks will work). However, get ready to slide or jump out of the way when the swords are hurled toward you. SwordMan will also move back and forth across the top of the screen; just keep sliding back and forth, and when he slams the ground, try to be as far away from him as possible and in the air when he touches down. (By this point in the game your buster should be powerful enough to just blow him away with charged shots...)

For the viruses section, currently I’m listing only one variation of each enemy, unless I have specific commentary on another version. (Most variations simply increase the HP and attack power of the enemy in question, although some have significantly different effects.) Also, not all viruses are catalogued here yet.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: MiniBomb, LilBomb
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN5, MMNT
These periodically toss bombs in arcs forward. The shape of the explosion varies depending on the virus.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Recov150
Appears In: MMNT
Another guest from the original series. This thing hops two different heights, a short hop and a high one. You can run underneath the high jump. You need to shoot its upper body, not its little stand.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: ZapRing1
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMNT
This deceptively cute thing will bound along until you are standing on a level that is equal in height with the rabbit’s level, at which point the Bunny will pause and fling a small ring at you, then continue bounding. These guys aren’t restricted to a particular platform but will hop downward into gaps that they encounter. If you get hit by the ring you’ll be paralyzed for a short duration; any subsequent damage you take will knock you out of the paralysis early.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Recov30, Recov80
Appears In: MMNT
This virus has a body that is mostly head, is fiery, and has a candle behind him. In the standard Battle Network games the candle healed the virus; I’m not sure about here. You can just destroy the head directly. The virus shoots fireballs when you damage it, or just at regular intervals.

HP: ?AT: 10
Chip: Cannon
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMNT, MMSF1
Though stationary, Canodumbs can turn to face in your direction. They periodically send out target cursors; when the cursor touches you, it momentarily shows that it has targeted you, and then the Canodumb fires. You can’t see or dodge the Canodumb’s shot itself (it’s too fast), but you can dodge by simply jumping before the Canodumb shoots. Destroying the Canodumb after it targets you but before it fires will also abort the shot. Also, you can slide under the targeting cursor before it targets you to avoid it.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: DashAtk
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMNT
Despite its name, this is more bird than fish. It floats up and down in an undulating motion. If one hits a wall, it will turn around. If it hits ground, it’ll skid across it.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Recov80
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMNT
This giant virus is more like a mini-boss. It’s huge and tries to bound around landing on you. Having said that, as long as you aren’t trapped in a room with one, you can just slide underneath it and run.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: CannBall, Hammer
Appears In: MMNT
No joke! This guy is straight out of the original series. Its hammers deflect shots. Jump or slide under its hammers and then shoot the Joe while it is vulnerable. Shots which go through things (such as Bubbler) will hit the Joe through its hammer.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Barrier
Weakness: Electric
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN6, MMNT
Basically the head is inside an aura and (most) attacks won’t hurt it (though a high-powered chip like an M-Cannon does destroy the barrier). But as you get near enough to the virus, it’ll start zipping its head out toward you. The Heady also moves up and down in the air. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lined up with you in order to attack, but usually you’re safe if you run underneath it if it’s high enough. You can hit the head while it’s not inside the aura to defeat it, but it’s easier to take out the aura. Heady viruses come in all four elements, and you can destroy the aura by using a chip of the weakness of that particular Heady’s element, regardless of damage.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Kunai1
Appears In: MMNT
A little virus that holds two kunai daggers positioned like a pair of scissors. It tosses the kunai a short distance; they hover there for a few seconds, then return to the virus. The kunai themselves seem to block shots, so you’ll have to work around them to get at the virus.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: MagBomb1
Appears In: MMNT
These things toss small blue bombs in a downward arc that sit there on the ground quietly, only to zap you like a ZapRing if you touch one. Be careful with these guys, at least the black variety: if one manages to trap you in a corner, it will kill you without you being able to do anything at all, because the paralysis wears off just in time for the bug to toss another bomb on you.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: ShockWav, Guard
These classic enemies are capable of two attacks: a shockwave along the ground, and a three-way spread shot. They appear to choose an attack based on whether or not they can hit you with the shockwave, which is the attack they seem to favor. Later variations of this virus cannot be damaged when their helmets are down.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Spice1
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMNT
Bounds around a little, and frequently produces a spice cloud around itself. Keep your distance and blast it from afar.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: DoubJump
Appears In: MMNT
This is a Peng from the original series. It moves very much like the Fishy virus.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMNT
Another enemy from the original series. It’s a clown-like thing on a ball. It rolls toward you when it sees you; otherwise, it just rolls back and forth in its area. You can shoot either the clown or the ball. If you destroy the clown off the ball, touching the ball still hurts you (you can’t jump on top of it or anything). But at least the ball stops rolling without the clown to push it around.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMNT
These look like grenades hanging from a thin line. They can raise and lower themselves on their line, which they will do occasionally to line up with you. Shoots three-way shots at you. This thing appears to be invulnerable when its head is inside its shell-like body.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: TreeBom1
Appears In: MMNT
Not sure on the name for this one. These immobile plants toss nuts at you which land on the ground, sit there for a second or two, then explode upward into a Wood spike.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Bubbler, Bub-V
Appears In: MMNT
The standard viruses of this type toss bubbles similar to a Shimpy. However, there is a large version of this which splits into successively smaller variants as you destroy each one. Be careful about shooting these because you may overwhelm yourself and leave yourself with no place safe to stand. I found ShockWav to be surprisingly useful against these guys, despite the fact that you have to wait for them to get low enough to be hit by it, because it pierces through them and continues onward, dealing multiple hits.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Ratton1
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN3, MMNT
These move back and forth on the ledge that they are on, occasionally dropping small mice that move along the floor and downward along walls. These little mice seem to have no upper limit on their range; they will go along until they hit a wall or block or other obstacle.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Satelit1
Appears In: MMNT
You usually find these rotating around ledges. However, sometimes they roam through the air in the same type of motion as a Fishy. The roaming ones will start following ledges/walls/floors if they bump into one.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Bubbler
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMNT
Shoots pretty bubbles that move slowly and bounce off the floor. If you touch them they expand into multiple bubbles, then fade. The bubbles block your shots, making it difficult to hit the Shrimpy itself. But when you defeat the Shrimpy all of its bubbles disappear as well.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: HeatShot
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMNT
These are almost small mini-bosses than regular viruses. They have relatively high HP and blast you with arcs of flame. Depending on your positioning, you can generally jump the first blast of flame and then stand under the second one.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: StoneBod
Appears In: MMNT
These enemies are straight out of the original series. They move back and forth on their ledge, but when you are standing on the same platform, they increase their speed. You can shoot these, although most shots will go over them when you are standing level with them, so it’s easier to attack them from below. Or use a bomb or something.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Recov30, Recov10, Invis1
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMNT
Ghosts. These float in place for a while, though they may teleport if you get near to them. If you damage them without killing them outright, they’ll often heal themselves. At a seemingly random time, the ghost will decide to attack, which he does by disappearing, reappearing next to you, and snapping at you.

HP: ?AT: 20
Chip: Sword, WideSwrd, LongSwrd
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN6, MMNT
Swordy viruses stand still and swipe at you when they take damage. They’ll also swipe if you get too close. They use (and drop) a variety of swords.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Yo-Yo1
Appears In: MMBN3, MMNT
A little spaceship. These move up and down, and toss out spike-edged discs that extend a short distance, then loop back. The discs block shots, so you’ll need to shoot around them to hit the Yort itself.

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