These crystals represent treasure boxes essentially. Check them to see what they contain; they could be anything from zenny to Battle Chips. Purple Mystery Data must be unlocked with a Sub Chip before it can be accessed.

When you obtain this, MegaMan’s maximum HP is automatically increased. You don’t have to use it first.

Also Known As: RegUp
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This increases the size of your Regular Memory, which is used to store your selected Regular Chip.

Also Known As: SubMem
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN5, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This increases the number of Sub Chips you can carry at once.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This increases the size of your NaviCust Memory Map grid, allowing you to place more parts into it. Extremely useful; strive to get these as soon as you can.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6, MMSF1, MMSF2
This Sub Chip allows you to recover some of MegaMan’s health from the subscreen.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6, MMSF1, MMSF2
This Sub Chip restores all of MegaMan’s health outside of battle. Use it on the subscreen.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
When you use this, you will eliminate any “the Mystery Data was a virus!” messages for the area in which you use it. Unlike the Unlocker, this does not need to be used per mystery item; use it per area instead.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6, MMSF1, MMSF2
This is needed to access purple Mystery Data. Stand next to the data in question, then use the Unlocker off your subscreen. Save first, then you can reset the game if you get an item you don’t like.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6, MMSF1, MMSF2
For a time, you will not encounter any random virus battles while walking around. This does not work against all viruses; in some areas, you will still get into battle. Also, naturally you cannot skip boss battles this way.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6, MMSF1, MMSF2
Increases the odds that you will encounter the same enemy as the one you last fought at the time that you use the Sub Chip.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
I’m listing only one here, but all of the “spin” items allow you to rotate the blocks of the stated color on the NaviCust grid Tetris-style. Select the part, so that you are dragging it around on your cursor, then press L or R.

Here is a list of a few of the NaviCust parts you can pick up and use. Find others!

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
Raises your shot power by 1. Since these also affect the power of your charged shots, they are quite recommended. Raising your Power rating enough can allow you to quicky eliminate enemies with just your Buster.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
You have a higher chance of being attacked by Electric-type viruses. Has no effect in areas where Elec-types never attack you to begin with.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
Put this in your command line, and you can bug as many parts as you want, and MegaMan will still say all systems normal. Note: Although BugStop prevents bugs, you must still put programs (the ones without patterns) on the command line or they will not function.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
Raises your charge rating by 1. This shortens the time required to charge.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
When you have this equipped, you are virtually guaranteed to obtain a Battle Chip after battle, no matter what your Busting Level happened to be. Note though that enemies which do not give chips will result in you getting “No Data” (literally) so this prevents you from earning Zenny from battles.

Appears In: MMBN4
The variations on this part open more slots in your Custom Screen during battle, so that you have, for example, 6 chips to choose from rather than 5.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
You have a higher chance of being attacked by Aqua-type viruses. Has no effect in areas where Aqua-types never attack you to begin with.

Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN4
This gives you a barrier at the start of every battle which negates damage from the first hit that strikes you. After that, the barrier falls. However, the real advantage of this one is that you are also invincible to things like wind and confusion while the barrier is active.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
Raises your maximum HP by 100. When you equip this, your actual HP value will not rise, so you will be left with less than max. When you take this off, your HP is clipped to fit in the new maximum if necessary. You can stack multiple HP-raising parts to give your Navi an insane HP level.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
Equip this and return to the overworld and press L. Only works while you are playing as Lan.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
You have a higher chance of being attacked by Wood-type viruses. Has no effect in areas where Wood-types never attack you to begin with.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
You have a higher chance of being attacked by Fire-type viruses. Has no effect in areas where Fire-types never attack you to begin with.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
This is like a permanent version of the SubChip item by the same name. It doesn’t affect the more powerful viruses however.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
Raises your rapid-fire speed by 1. This can help you to get more shots off quickly, but is only really useful when coupled with increases to your Power rating. (Pecking away at enemies for 1 HP each shot isn’t going to be terribly useful, but rapid-firing for 5 HP per hit can very quickly make a dent.)

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
If you’re equipped with this, you can’t be pushed around by wind and stuff.

Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBCC
If you’re struck with a fatal blow, you are left with 1 HP instead, unless you were already at 1 HP, in which case you die. This is actually not as useful if you are planning to use DarkChips a lot, because the DarkChip system already has a better version of the UnderSht built in.

Not all chips are included here. This lists mostly chips which were introduced in this game, and even then, only ones which have some applicable commentary. Some of the chips which were already mentioned in the Data Base sections of previous games I do not bother to repeat here, to save space.

AT: 120
Characteristics: Auto-Aim
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBCC
This chip has been toned down from the previous game, where it was practically a wrecking ball. It does more damage here, but this time it only throws down one star. The star is still randomly aimed, however, so it might not hit the guy who actually hit you.

AT: 210
Number: 48
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN6, MMSF2
Tosses a bomb three tiles forward. If the bomb lands on an empty tile, it sits there until it is hit with a Fire-based attack, in which case it explodes, damaging all tiles on that side of the field. If it lands on a Fire-based enemy directly (or on a Lava tile), it explodes immediately. (Tossing one of these into a field full of Spikeys is almost guaranteed to have pleasing results.) Otherwise, it simply damages that enemy and disappears. Note that this bomb, like the “Ball” Battle Chip, can damage “shielded” enemies that are otherwise invulnerable (such as the Boomer). It can also be destroyed harmlessly if it takes enough damage while sitting on the field.

AT: -
Obtained From: Tuby
Appears In: MMBN4
A variation on the Trumpy, this one confuses enemies (birdies over the head). When it is used on you, your controls are reversed. For enemies, it messes up their AI. Often, confused enemies will simply wander around instead of attacking. Others will use limited attacks. You can really mess up enemy Navis with this.

AT: 100
Number: 35
Obtained From: Elmperor
Appears In: MMBN4
This is like the FireMan NaviChip from the first game, except it doesn’t freeze the action, and the burst of fire only extends for three columns. Still a good chip that can inflict multiple hits of damage. There are other Element versions of this.

AT: 70
Number: 21
Obtained From: VolGear
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN4
Produces a 3-column burst of fire two tiles from you. This can be a good one to use when you don’t want to hit that mystery data sitting in the first column, and in other situations as well. Note that you can inflict multiple hits of damage on a single enemy if the enemy moves across the affected tiles while they are still burning.

AT: 200
Characteristics: Auto-Aim
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN5, MMSF2
This places a statue on the tile in front of you when you use it. Whoever destroys the statue first gets the retaliation (yes, you can hurt yourself with this, so take care not to hit the statue). The retaliation attack does damage to all enemies on the screen when triggered by any enemy, even “shielded” ones like the Gaia. Note that enemies won’t hurt themselves by simply running into the statue; they have to destroy it.

AT: ?
Number: 24
Appears In: MMBN4
Yes, you can actually pick up Django’s GunDelSol weapon. (It doesn’t work on ShadeMan, though.) This fires a beam of light that strikes the second column over for multiple hits of damage. Supposedly, it inflicts more damage if you are jacked into the Net from someplace where the sunlight reaches...

AT: 90
Number: 28
Obtained From: Whomper
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN4
Produces a burst of fire forward in a shape that hits the first tile before you, then three tiles in the next column. The fire leaves behind lava tiles after it is gone. There are other Element variations of this as well.

AT: 90
Number: 39
Obtained From: MagTec
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBN4
Draws an enemy toward you as far as it can go without leaving its area, and damages it. This can drag around most enemies in the game, which can add some interesting strategy as you can mess up the battle field’s layout. Some enemies are only effective when they are in certain locations, so use this one creatively. You can also use it to draw enemies into the reach of your swords...

AT: 70
Number: 32
Obtained From: Walla
Appears In: MMBN4
Shoots two fangs forward in a formation where one is on the row above you, and one is below you. This makes aiming it an interesting proposition.

AT: 10
Number: 5
Appears In: MMBN4
Weak damage, but this strikes the tile behind it like a Bubbler, and also does three separate hits of damage. One benefit of the various Vulcan weapons is that it is relatively easy to get Full Synchros off them, because of the multiple hits.

AT: 60
Number: 18
Obtained From: Lark
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN4, MMSF1
This one produces a shot which is three columns high. It will be stopped by the first object it hits, on any row. Note that the Lark viruses which give you this chip are in fact using it, even though theirs are always only two columns high—this is because they only fire while they are on the top or bottom row, which produces the type of shot that you see. Shoot from the middle row for the maximum coverage.

Note: All Japanese names are listed given name first, family name last.

Also Known As: Net (Netto) Hikari
Net Navi: MegaMan.EXE
Your typical sixth-grader whose best friend happens to be his Net Navi, MegaMan.EXE. He’s resourceful and isn’t afraid to get in over his head, which is often where he gets MegaMan as well. He is, though, just a little bit dense.

HP: ?AT: ?
Also Known As: Rockman.EXE, Hub, Site (Saito)
Operator: Lan Hikari
Lan’s Net Navi and a skilled virus buster. Like all Net Navi, he is incapable of leaving cyberspace because he has no physical body, but he communicates with Lan through his PET terminal. MegaMan and Lan get along like brothers—both the good aspects and the bad.

Also Known As: Mail (Meiru) Sakurai, Maylu Sakurai
Net Navi: Roll.EXE
Probably Lan’s closest friend outside of MegaMan.EXE, although he doesn’t acknowledge this fact. Mayl is a girl in Lan’s class who loves walking with him to school and just plain spending time with him.

Also Known As: Enzan Ijuuin, Chaud Blaze
Net Navi: ProtoMan.EXE
Chaud is a Net Battler—a member of a group of individuals who have made it their purpose to use their Net Navi to combat Net crime. He takes his job very seriously and gets irritated by any unauthorized interference.

Also Known As: Dekao Oyama, Dex Ogreon
Net Navi: GutsMan.EXE
Another of Lan’s classmates and the owner of GutsMan. He takes great pride in his Net Navi but in truth isn’t very good at fighting Net battles.

Also Known As: Yaito Ayanokouji, Yai Ayano
Net Navi: Glyde.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This rich sixth-grader has a lot of knowledge of PETs, or at least likes to think she does. She helps out Lan mostly by giving advice.

Operator: Yai Ayanokoji
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
Yai’s Net Navi is programmed to be calm and polite.

Also Known As: Dr. Yuuichirou Hikari
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
Lan’s father and an expert in PETs (Personal Exploration Terminals, or sometimes just PEsonal Terminals). He is, technically speaking, the creator of MegaMan.EXE.

Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
Lan’s mother, who is generally oblivious to what Lan is up to (or pretends to be).

Net Navi: LaserMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN5
A scientist who is quite bitter about the world and wishes to overtake the planet with evil, so that there is no right or wrong.

Net Navi: BurnMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4
A very competitive man with a fiery spirit...or so he likes to think.

Also Known As: Ivan Coolinsky
Net Navi: ColdMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4
This man likes it cold. Very cold. In fact, he’s always dressed far too warmly considering the fact that he gets hot easily.

Also Known As: Yamitaro Higure
Net Navi: NumberMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
Higsby loves rare chips, so he has opened a chip shop to turn his joy and hobby into his occupation.

Net Navi: SerchMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN5
A representative from Sharo who works for the Sharo president.

Also Known As: Saloma
Net Navi: WoodMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN4
Sal is a leader of a nature conservation group, but doesn’t agree with the more aggressive actions of some of its members.

Net Navi: AquaMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN6
This woman cares about her Navi, but a mix-up causes AquaMan to think she is about to toss him for a newer model.

Also Known As: Teruo Jomon
Net Navi: SparkMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4
The grandson of a rich corporate owner, Terry wants to be a robotics specialist, but rather than working toward that goal, he expects everything to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Also Known As: Narcy Hide, Hidensuke Yamashita
Net Navi: VideoMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN4
This is a man who looks like a woman. He doesn’t take losing very well.

Note: Hidden bosses are not yet listed here. I will get to them later. Also note that HP and AT levels are generally for the first time you encounter the Navi and may not apply to subsequent battles.

This section currently covers only the first play through the game.

HP: 500AT: ?
Also Known As: SpoutMan.EXE
Operator: Shuko
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN6
As you might expect, he uses Bubbler-like shots, but also lots of bubble bombs. He can also form two helpers that spew water gusts.

HP: 700AT: ?
Also Known As: BurnerMan.EXE
Operator: Atsuki
Appears In: MMBN4
He has two helpers that move back and forth spouting flame on the column where you are standing. BurnMan himself shoots a 3-panel horizontal jet spray. He also charges across the rows. You can block his helpers by standing in their way. Try alternating standing in the two left-hand corners of your section to block the helpers, but watch out for attacks from BurnMan himself.

HP: 800AT: ?
Also Known As: FridgeMan.EXE
Operator: Chilliski
Appears In: MMBN4
He mostly moves around on the back side of his field. He forms ice blocks on his side or yours, and also creates clouds which travel to the left (these can be destroyed with a super-shot or a chip, or dodge them). If you stand behind an ice block that he has formed, he might shove it toward you, and it will stop at the left hand side of your area if it doesn’t hit you. He also jumps over to the tile you are occupying, cracking it when he lands.

HP: 500AT: ?
Operator: Dex
He’s kind of slow, but he’s learned new tricks. His ground-slam can send boulders falling onto your side, in addition to cracking panels. He also has a rapid-fire arm cannon and his fist punch.

HP: 1000AT: 50
Operator: Dr. Regal
Appears In: MMBN4
He fires a plus (+) shaped beam onto your side of the field. He can also shoot down boulders from above to drop on various panels on your side, which happens concurrently with his other attacks. LaserMan creates dark holes and regenerates health while they are on the screen. He can also fire a laser straight across the screen from his position.

HP: 1000AT: ?
Also Known As: Blues.EXE
Operator: Eugene Chaud
ProtoMan moves around quite a bit but is still slow with his shield, so it’s easier to blast him. For his main attacks, he either swings from his side of the field (using a LongSwrd), or he’ll jump to your side, right in front of you, and swing with a WideSwrd.

HP: 700AT: ?
Roll fights in a NetBattle for the very first time in a classic Battle Network game (not counting Battle Chip Challenge). She fires the arrows that you get when you use her Soul Unison, and she can even summon viruses. Note that getting hit with an arrow will destroy the chips you had to use that round, so try to avoid it.

HP: 900AT: ?
Also Known As: SearchMan.EXE
Operator: Raika
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN5
The battle begins with two rocks in the field, which can be destroyed when they take enough damage. SerchMan goes underground and tosses grenades. The grenades explode in a plus (+) formation. Normal attacks won’t hit him while he’s underground. He also creates a target cursor and fires. A Discord can really do a number on him—it prevents him from doing his underground attack, among other things.

HP: 500AT: ?
Operator: Terry
Weakness: Wood
Appears In: MMBN4
He appears and disappears, making it difficult to hit him. Shoots spark shots, of course. He can also create a flash which produces a shadow of you that performs an attack (such as using a sword). Avoid SparkMan’s electric pods by standing in a plus (+) formation around them, because they fire in an X shape.

HP: 800AT: ?
Operator: Viddy Narcy
Appears In: MMBN4
This is a busy battle, what with all of the video tape flying around. Stand on the third column on your side to prevent the tape from forming there and blocking your shots. VideoMan can make images of MegaMan to perform chip attacks. His FastForward attack seems to speed up his movements. Rewind causes him to regenerate health.

HP: 1000AT: ?
Operator: Sal
Weakness: Fire
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN4, MMBCC
WoodMan returns but has quite a different battle pattern. The main irritation are the rolling logs; you can shoot them to slow them down and give yourself a window to dodge. Be sure to toast WoodMan with Fire chips where possible.

For the viruses section, currently I’m listing only one variation of each enemy, unless I have specific commentary on another version. (Most variations simply increase the HP and attack power of the enemy in question, although some have significantly different effects.)

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Thunder
Weakness: Wood
Appears In: MMBN4
These viruses produce a small sphere of electricity that slowly chases you around until it either hits you or fades away. Being struck by this will briefly paralyze you.

HP: 80AT: ?
Chip: BoyBomb
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN5
An extremely irritating enemy that produces a bomb box in front of it, then pushes it across to your side. Once the bomb is on your side, it will explode, damaging all tiles on your side of the field. You can slow down the advance of the bomb by firing at it; with a high enough firing rate, you can even stop it entirely. However, this is not very effective when there are two BomBoys on the field. For best results, block the bomb with an object (like a Trumpy), then fire over it with other chips to hit the BomBoy directly.

HP: 60AT: ?
Chip: Boomer1
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
This moves up and down and then throws its boomerang when it is on either the top or the bottom row. The boomerang loops around the last column on your side, then back across the top/bottom row. If you stand in the first two columns of the middle row, you can’t be hit. Boomer is only vulnerable while firing (its boomerang acts as a shield). Some variations of this virus will alter their pattern when they are alone on the field, shooting their boomerang straight toward you rather than the loop described above.

HP: 110AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN4
A deadly enemy that moves like it is on stereoids and fires constantly. It lives up to its name; multiple ones are almost certainly “sure kill” unless you get a good draw of chips. One way to put a stop to a CirKill is to place an object (like a Trumpy) on a square in the CirKill’s path. Instead of going around it, the CirKill will bonk up against it and stop moving.

HP: 90AT: ?
Chip: AirHoc
Appears In: MMBN4
A hockey-puck virus. It slides around for a little while, then shoots its puck. The puck bounces across your side of the field, then back to the right and off the right side of the screen. The exact tiles that the puck hits depends on the virus’s location when it fires, but because of the nature of the battle field, if the puck misses you on the way out, it will miss you on the way back as well, so don’t move.

HP: 100AT: ?
Chip: ElemFlar
Appears In: MMBN4
A lamp which spurts flame on any tile in the same row as it. The flames alter the targeted tiles to match the one that the Elmperor sits upon. You can mess it up by altering the terrain underneath it, but it will still attack to some degree.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN4
A gray statue which is invulnerable to most attacks until it suddenly turns colored and attacks. It attacks by slaming its hammer down, which causes three stones to drop from above. One always is targeted to land right on your head; the others are randomly aimed.

HP: ?AT: ?
Weakness: Fire
Appears In: MMBN4
A bunch of bamboo stalks sticking out from a patch of grass. This moves around on its side for a bit, then jumps over to a tile on the top row of your side and attacks downward. You can prevent it from attacking by standing in the top row. Like all Wood-based viruses, Kilbys regenerate health on grass panels.

HP: 100AT: ?
Weakness: Elec
Appears In: MMBN4, MMBN5
These stingray-like viruses move in a circle around the battle field, firing when they reach the top or bottom rows. Notice that Larks only shoot when they are against the edge of the field; this is why their attacks only ever cover two rows (even though they are firing WideSht1s). So you can always dodge by standing on the opposite side of the field from them.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: MagBolt
Weakness: Wood
Appears In: MMBN4
This one’s cute. It flutters up and down for a few moments, then jumps forward to the tile on the same row as you and draws you toward it with a magnetic field, then punches at you. There is enough of a delay between the magnet and the punch that even if you get grabbed, you can escape being damaged by simply moving away.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Binder
Appears In: MMBN4
These viruses bounce around randomly, then jump over to your tile. Depending on the version of the virus, it may jump multiple times (typically two). You must be moving quickly to avoid being hit. The easiest way to damage a Melody is to position yourself so that you can move backward away from its final jump, and then hit it with a chip quickly before it returns to its previous place.

HP: 40AT: ?
Chip: Guard
These are invulnerable to most attacks while they have their helmets down. Having said that, they expose themselves when they attack. When the higher level Mettaurs attack in groups, only one Mettaur will attack at a time; the others remain hidden under their helmets, waiting their turns. But a lone Mettaur will attack constantly.

HP: 60AT: ?
Chip: MokoRus
Appears In: MMBN4
These are sheep that run toward you. No joke. You must first shoot their fleece off, then hit them while they are uncovered to damage them. They get their fleeces back every time they exit the screen. Any object in the field that a Moloko runs into, including another enemy, will cause the Moloko to stop and restart its charge.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Bubbler
Weakness: Elec
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4
This moves up and down trying to line up with you, then fires off a bubble which bounces across the field then explodes like a Bubbler when it strikes something. The easiest way to deal with it is to not stay across from it for too long. You can also try breaking panels in front of you, because their bubbles can’t cross holes.

HP: 80AT: ?
Chip: WhitWeb
Weakness: Fire
Appears In: MMBN4
This one moves on your side of the battle field, trying to run over you. Some variations drop webs as well.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: HeatShot
Weakness: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4
Four-legged beasts. These can move freely around their battle area; when they stop animating for a moment, they’re about to fire, so get out of the way. Their shot is extremely fast and thus hard to dodge. Spikeys do Fire-based damage.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4
This Trumpy causes earthquakes.

HP: ?AT: ?
Chip: Fanfare
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
While this plays, all enemies are granted invincibility. A Trumpy cannot affect itself, so you can destroy the Trumpy even while it is playing.

HP: 120AT: ?
Chip: Discord
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
A Trumpy, but instead of protecting the enemies, this one makes you confused (birdies over MegaMan’s head). This causes you to move erratically.

HP: 80AT: ?
Weakness: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN4
This virus moves up and down, trying to keep itself from being lined up with you. Then it stops and fires. Some variations shoot a tower-like blast forward, but others simply form fire on your side of the battle field, with one burst always aimed at the tile you are standing upon (the rest are random).

HP: 100AT: ?
Chip: TwnFng
Appears In: MMBN4
A walrus which fires two tusks at you whenever you are lined up directly in front of it. You can prevent it from firing by standing on another row. The tusks are invincible, but you can get through them with a chip like a Bubbler, or just wait until they go by, then shoot the Walla directly. Also, it is possible to damage the Walla with your regular buster by moving to its row and firing immediately, before the tusks appear. The easiest way to get rid of a Walla, however, is to use chips which can hit him without having to be lined up with him.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN4
These things float around off the top of the screen, then drop down occasionally and sometimes attack. They have varying attacks, from lava to ice to grass. If you stand in the furthest column to the left of your area, they can’t touch you. (Assuming no one is around to Area Steal for them.)

HP: ?AT: -
Chip: Wind
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This produces wind which will push you backward or forward no matter where you stand on the battle field. Alone, a WindBox is harmless, but it can interfere when you are fighting other enemies.

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