Below is an attempt to explain the very abbreviated details listed in the game for Battle Chips. Knowing what these mean can help you to decide how a chip will work without having to use it first. Note: I’m making educated guesses on these based on observation, so I could be wrong on some of them. If you would like to send a correction, feel free, but please offer proof of your claims (as anyone could write me claiming anything), thanks.

Note that not all of the ratings are listed here, just the more common ones, or ones with some applicable commentary.

Acc (example: “AccB”)
I’m not sure on this one, but it appears to be the hit rate of the chip. It might be the chip’s speed, but note that the Wind/Fan chips (which raise/lower hit rate and dodge rate) state that they raise/lower “Acc” so this implies Acc is hit rate.
Dodge (example: “DodgeA”)
Evidently, the ranking of the Navi’s ability to dodge (“parry”) attacks, with S as the highest. I have not been able to confirm this, however.
Normal (example: “Normal60”)
This is a chip which simply hits the opponent Navi and does damage to him. These chips usually have a higher damage rating to make up for their lack of a special effect.
Add (example: “Add50”)
This means the chip attacks deck. Chips that attack deck also attack the Navi, so the “add” probably signifies “additional damage.” Note that most of these types specify “Left Bchip Attack” in the extended details; what this means is that the chip always hits the leftmost slot that has a chip in it. So for example, if you hit the opponent with this and destroy the chip in his leftmost slot, and then use a chip of this type a second time, the next chip to the left will be hit instead. These types of chips will never hit an empty slot unless there are no Battle Chips left to hit. Note that “left” actually means on your opponent’s battle deck, that is, the last chips used during battle. On your own Program Deck, these chips are on the right side.
AllAdd (example: “AllAdd10”)
This chip attacks deck, hitting all three of the Battle Chips that the opponent is using that round. Generally these chips have a weaker damage rating to balance their higher coverage.
Stun (example: “Stun30”)
This chip attacks the Navi and stuns him if it hits. A stunned Navi cannot use his NaviChip attack at the end of the round. The stunned condition wears off after the round is over.
Pierce (example: “Pierce70”)
These attacks get through “most” guard-type chips, doing damage to both the guard chip and the Navi. There are a couple of chips which are called “guards” but cannot be pierced, such as the Shadow chips.
Break (example: “Break70”)
This is a guard-break chip. If you use this when the opponent has a guard chip in his box, the guard chip will be deleted regardless of its HP, and the Navi will take damage. Note carefully that not all guard chips can be broken with a guard break.
Cnt (example: “Cnt40”)
This chip has a counterattack. It acts as a guard, but when the opponent hits (and does not manage to destroy the guard with that hit), you get a counterattack. Counters cannot be blocked by guard chips, and thus cannot be countered.
Random (example: “Random70”)
The chip attacks deck, but the slot in the deck that is hit is random. Thus, an empty slot might be chosen. Most swords have this.
RndmT (example: “RndmT10”)
This attacks deck multiple times; each time, the slot to be damaged is chosen at random. This might result in the same slot getting chosen more than once.
Aura (example: “Aura80”)
Auras negate all damages that are less than or equal to the number, except for those of a certain Element. When the aura blocks an attack, neither it nor its user takes damage.
None (example: “ChgShot Atk None”)
When you see a “None” this just means there is no element. For a chip that had an element, the element would be substituted here. Sometimes it’s a little confusing just seeing “none” sitting out in the middle of nowhere...
At the end of every round, any non-Fire-based Navi will take 50 damage. Note though that if the Navi doesn’t have 50 HP left, the lava will not kill him, but will reduce him to 10 HP instead. Lava panels will shift to Normal if an Aqua chip is used.
At the end of every round, Wood-based Navis will regain 50 HP. A Fire-based attack will do increased damage to any Navi standing on grass (even if the target isn’t weak against Fire); however, the fire burns away the grass after that attack, returning the panels to normal, so this damage increase is only good for one attack.
Elec-type attacks do more damage when the panels are Aluminum, regardless of wielder. Aluminum panels will shift to Grass if a Wood chip is used.
From what I have been able to discover, ice panels increase the dodge rate of Aqua Navis that are standing on them (even versus other Aqua Navis). However, this is hard to say for sure since dodging is random anyway. Elec-type attacks do more damage on ice panels.
At the end of every round, both Navis take 20 damage, and so do all of the Battle Chips they were using that round. This can get deadly if you are using low-HP Battle Chips as they will only last one or two rounds at most even if you do everything else flawlessly. On the other hand, using “AllAdd” chips can be even more helpful here since the poison can work in your favor.
Two gaps separate you from your opponent. Swords, fists, and ground-based chips (like ShockWav) cannot cross the hole and thus cannot be used. Note that there are a few incongruous exceptions which can in fact get across the gap even though they conceivably shouldn’t, such as TreeBoms and Shadow’s counterattack.

This does not list every chip in the game (as such a listing would be far too large). I’ve picked and chosen from the total list some highlights. (Mostly I list guards since it is important to know what to use to counter each type of guard chip.) Also, since many chips are simply stronger variations of previous chips (such as Spice1, Spice2, and Spice3), I list only the one of each.

HP: 70AT: 80
Number: 159
Characteristics: Auto-Aim
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBCC
A guard chip with a throwing star counterattack. This one is cute because instead of getting the guard in front of your Navi, the Navi itself turns into the little doll. Also, like an opposite to Guard, it will not take damage from any attack that has an Element. AntiDmg attacks deck.

HP: 60AT: 100
Number: 160
Appears In: MMBCC
This is an unusual guard chip in that it is totally bypassed and ignored unless a sword is used against you. So basically it sits around waiting and doesn’t get hit by attacks (although it could still be deleted from your deck). At any rate, when this is active and the opponent attempts to use a sword, instead of his action being executed, you get a counterattack instead. This only works once per use, however.

HP: 120AT: 0
Number: 145
Appears In: MMBCC
This is a type of guard chip which absorbs one blow, then disappears. The damage of the blow does not matter. Note that Barrier chips cannot technically be broken with a guard break, but since they only last for one attack anyway, it’s almost the same effect (except that you get to use it again next round since the chip is not deleted).

HP: 200AT: 0
Number: 115
Appears In: MMBCC
You don’t actually have to use this one for its effects to take place. Just have it sitting somewhere in your Program Deck (I usually place it in a slot-in panel so that I’m not wasting turns). The Catcher raises your Busting Level, which increases the amount of Zenny you win and can also help you obtain a Battle Chip from your opponent when you win a battle.

HP: 160AT: 60
Number: 108
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBCC
A guard chip which stores damage done to it for a counterattack at the end of the round. Note that Elec-based attacks do no damage to the guard yet are still stored, whereas Wood-based attacks will destroy the ElecBall outright. If the ElecBall lasts until the end of the round (after both NaviChips have executed), it will perform an attack with its stored energy.

HP: 90AT: 100+
Number: 175
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBCC
This sword does 100 damage plus the sum of the AT values of whatever else is in your current row of Battle Chips (the chips that you are using that round). As you might imagine, you should try to fill your program deck (at least those rows that can be reached from the slot with the GaiaSwrd) with high-powered chips to take the most advantage of this. But really, 100 damage is pretty good all on its own (though for 70 MB there are better chips), plus it’s a Wood-based sword which is rare.

HP: 10AT: 40
Number: 114
Appears In: MMBCC
This guard chip completely blocks any non-elemental attack, and counterattacks with a shockwave. When hit with an attack that has an element, it acts as a normal guard-type chip (the chip takes damage and, when destroyed, does not counter). Guard can be near invincible against certain Navis; however, it is ridiculously easy to delete from the Program Deck (try a MiniBomb).

HP: 10AT: 0
Number: 135
The Invis chip cannot be hit by any attack, and cannot be guard-broken. It also negates chips which would normally hit the deck. The only way to deal with Invis is to delete it from the program deck, either before the user gets a chance to put it up (it does have a low priority), or by using a guard chip which counters and hits deck (such as PoisMask), since counterattacks cannot be blocked. Another option is to use an attack that hits deck which bypasses the box (such as Spice).

HP: 10AT: 10
Number: 155
Appears In: MMBCC
This deletes both chips from both of the opponent’s slot-in panels, regardless of their HP values. Of course, this chip requires timing, so that it comes out before the opponent slots in. Note that even though it affects the slot-in panels, Jealousy also hits the Navi—which means it can be dodged. If the attack is dodged then the slot-in panels are not affected. Also, if Jealousy is slotted in, the opponent can save one of his slot-in chips by slotting in at the same time; even if the Jealousy goes off first, the slotted-in chip will not be harmed.

HP: 90AT: 0
Number: 147
Weakness: Fire
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBCC
This acts like a Barrier, except, because it has an Element, it has a higher priority (it will come out sooner than Barrier) and it can be destroyed instantly by Fire-based chips.

HP: 90AT: 10
Number: 72
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBCC
This is like a MiniBomb except it also stuns the enemy, which is a very nice bonus. Not to mention that things like Elec Navis or Aluminum panels can increase the damage rating.

HP: 100AT: 10
Number: 116
Appears In: MMBCC
When you use this one, your opponent’s Action Plan gets locked to the one he was using when you hit him with this attack. Note that yours is not affected.

HP: 150AT: ???
Number: 130
Appears In: MMBCC
A guard chip which also attacks at the end of the round, if it survives that long. Like an opposite to the ElecBall family of guard chips, this does more damage the more HP it has. As its HP is whittled away, its attack damage decreases as well.

HP: 30AT: 30
Number: 141
Appears In: MMBCC
This is a variation of a guard. When attacked by anything but a sword chip, the attack goes right through the Navi and does no damage to either the Navi or the Shadow chip. Not only this, but you get a counterattack as well: a sword swipe which hits deck. This makes it quite a powerful chip unless countered with a sword—and even then, when hit with a sword, the chip takes damage like a normal guard chip. Although this will almost certainly delete the Shadow chip, the Navi escapes damage from that blow. Note that guard breaks do not work on Shadow.

HP: 200AT: 30
Number: 69
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBCC, MMNT
This chip is limited to being used on grass panels, and does insignificant damage considering this restriction...usually. Note that if used by a Wood-type Navi, the damage is considerably increased; a Spice3 acts as a virtual wrecking ball in the right hands, as it deletes chips from the deck like there is no tomorrow. Also, Spice chips cannot be blocked with a guard chip (neither do they do damage to the guard chip, except by attacking deck).

HP: 80AT: 0
Number: 140
Appears In: MMBCC
This is a guard chip which reduces all damage done to it to 10 HP, making it difficult to destroy. This essentially reduces the attacking chip’s power to 10, meaning if the chip also hits deck, the deck will only be dealt 10 damage as well. Note though that attacks which do multiple hits get each hit reduced to 10, not the overall damage, so together these hits can begin to stack up to more damage. StoneBod cannot be guard-broken.

HP: ?AT: ?
This is an interesting one, but the description of it appears to be misleading. While this chip is active, any hit which would normally kill you reduces you to 10 HP instead. Oddly enough, even if you are already at 10 HP, you don’t die; it’s as if the attack’s blow was reduced to 0 (although it still does full damage to your deck). Someone protected with UnderSht can therefore be somewhat difficult to take down, although you can still delete the chip out of the deck, or hit the Navi before he gets a chance to put up the UnderSht guard.

HP: 160AT: ???
Number: 38
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
This is a sword where the damage done is random. I’ve seen its damage ratings go as low as 70 and as high as 180. Like all swords, it attacks deck.

HP: 80AT: 10
Appears In: MMBCC
Does little damage, but attempts to delete a chip from the Program Deck. When successful, the chip is destroyed regardless of its HP value.

HP: 30AT: 100
Number: 65
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBCC
The ZapRing family of chips are interesting; they are all 40 MB, but the different variations do vastly different amounts of damage. ZapRings stun. As a side note, a ZapRing3 does ridiculous amounts of damage to an Aqua Navi on ice panels.


Note: All Japanese names are listed given name first, family name last.

Also Known As: Net (Netto) Hikari
Net Navi: MegaMan.EXE
Your typical fifth-grader whose best friend happens to be his Net Navi, MegaMan.EXE. He’s resourceful and isn’t afraid to get in over his head, which is often where he gets MegaMan as well. He is, though, just a little bit dense.

Also Known As: Mail (Meiru) Sakurai, Maylu Sakurai
Net Navi: Roll.EXE
Probably Lan’s closest friend outside of MegaMan.EXE, although he doesn’t acknowledge this fact. Mayl is a girl in Lan’s class who loves walking with him to school and just plain spending time with him.

Also Known As: Enzan Ijuuin, Chaud Blaze
Net Navi: ProtoMan.EXE
Chaud is an Official Net Battler—a member of an authoritative group that fights Net crime. He takes his job very seriously and gets irritated by any unauthorized interference.

Also Known As: Dekao Oyama, Dex Ogreon
Net Navi: GutsMan.EXE
Another of Lan’s classmates and the owner of GutsMan. He takes great pride in his Net Navi but in truth isn’t very good at fighting Net battles.

Also Known As: Kaito; Kaita Todoroki
Net Navi: TurboMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBCC
A younger boy in Lan’s school who hero-worships Lan, even going so far as to call him “Master.” He wants to emulate Lan and be a hero too, and is supported full-throttle by his Navi.

Also Known As: Mari Towa
Net Navi: Ring.EXE
Appears In: MMBCC
Mary is an exchange student from Netopia with a health problem that keeps her from being as active as most kids. She is very shy, but this is curiously balanced by her Navi’s extremely outgoing nature.


This doesn’t list every Navi in the game, but it’s a start.

HP: 500AT: 50
Also Known As: Rockman.EXE, Hub, Site (Saito)
Number: 195
Operator: Lan Hikari
Everyone’s favorite Net Navi is a solid, all-around type warrior, as usual. His NaviChip does decent damage and hits deck as a nice bonus.

HP: 400AT: 50
Number: 196
Operator: Mayl Sakurai
Roll has a lower HP level than the other starting Navis because she heals every round. In certain situations it can sometimes be difficult to whittle her HP away.

HP: 600AT: 70
Number: 197
Operator: Dex
GutsMan uses a lot of guard breaks; in fact, even his NaviChip attack is a guard break. So it’s not very useful to use many guard chips against him.

HP: 550AT: 60
Number: 198
Operator: Eugene Chaud
Sort of a slightly more powerful variation of MegaMan. As is expected, ProtoMan uses a lot of swords, but don’t be caught off guard, because he occasionally tosses in other chips as well. His sonic boom attack hits deck, like all swords, but unlike most swords, it can also be used over holes.

HP: 550AT: 20
Number: 199
Operator: Kai
Appears In: MMBCC
TurboMan uses the Burner chip a lot, in reference to the original Turbo Man’s Burning Wheel. Don’t be fooled by this, though—he’s not a Fire type (though his chip is), probably because none of the starting Navis have an Element. TurboMan is an overenthusiastic Navi whose attack hits deck.

HP: 450AT: 20
Operator: Mary
Appears In: MMBCC
Every time I see Ring’s name I want to think Ring Man. Not because Ring looks like a man, but... Well, anyway, Ring has a ring boomerang attack which can hit twice, for double her stated damage rating. Ring’s attack is of type Elec and hits deck.

HP: 550AT: 30
Number: 209
Operator: Arashi
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
AirMan has no Element, although sometimes it seems like he should. He uses Wind and Tornados a lot. Note that Wind acts sort of like a guard break in that it can blow away your guard (no joke).

HP: 500AT: 90
Also Known As: SavageMan.EXE
Operator: Takeo
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
BeastMan likes to hit hard and fast with lots of blades. His listed favorite chip is the Kunai, which hits random chips in the deck. His NaviChip does three hits, for a total of 90 damage.

HP: 450AT: 80
Also Known As: ColoredMan.EXE, WackoMan.EXE
Operator: Madoi
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC, MMNT
ColorMan has a relatively high-damage Navi attack, although it has no special properties. ColorMan is another one of those that you would expect to have a type, but he doesn’t.

HP: 450AT: 20
Number: 205
Operator: Count Zap
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
The first of the Elec-type Navis, ElecMan’s NaviChip hits all of the chips in his opponent’s deck.

HP: 500AT: 60
Also Known As: TorchMan.EXE
Number: 204
Operator: Match
Weakness: Aqua
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC, MMNT
Good ol’ FireMan with his flamethrower attack. As might be expected, his NaviChip pierces guards.

HP: 600AT: 30
Also Known As: FlamMan.EXE
Operator: Mr. Match
Weakness: Aqua
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
Mr. Match goes through Navis like matchsticks, and this game is no exception. It’s no surprise that FlameMan favors Fire-type attacks, but he also uses Candles, in reference to his original appearance in Battle Network 3. His flame breath attacks deck.

HP: 550AT: 30
Number: 223
Operator: Ray
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
FlashMan tends to favor Elec chips, and he can really ruin someone’s day with his ElecBalls. FlashMan’s NaviChip stuns, but of course this is only useful if he gets his off before his opponent’s.

HP: 500AT: 30
Also Known As: FreezeMan.EXE
Number: 217
Operator: Sean
Weakness: Elec
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
Once a master-less Navi, now adopted by Sean. He favors cold fists and SloGauges...and anything Aqua of course. His NaviChip attacks deck.

HP: 650AT: 70
Number: 220
Operator: Mr. Match
Weakness: Aqua
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
An upgraded FireMan with less space in his deck, basically. Not that this seems to affect computer users.

HP: 500AT: 60
Number: 203
Operator: Dr. Froid
Weakness: Elec
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC, MMNT
He’s small. He’s cute. He has a bad habit of dodging things. Oh yeah, and he likes ice. Well, hey, no surprise there. His FreezTwr pierces guards.

HP: 500AT: 20
Number: 228
Operator: Tora
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
A normal-type Navi with pretty normal attacks. Not to say this is a bad thing, since he does throw in some variety for spice. His NaviChip attacks deck.

HP: 700AT: 50
Also Known As: KnightMan.EXE
Operator: Princess Pride
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMBCC
He’s so big and bulky that it doesn’t look as though he could move around easily, but he manages to make do. KnightMan has a lot of HP, but isn’t terribly clever with his R.W.B. attack. He likes using guards and guard breaks.

HP: 350AT: 10
Operator: Yahoot
Weakness: Aqua
Characteristics: Fire
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC
Almost incongruously, MagicMan’s type is Fire. His HP and AT values appear ridiculously low at first glance, but actually taking down MagicMan can be a challenge. This is because his MagiFire destroys chips with one hit, so if you dawdle you will find yourself with an empty Program Deck. Not to mention he favors Meteors and other Fire-based chips which he can use with quite a bit of effectiveness. Hit hard and hit fast.

HP: 600AT: 60
Also Known As: MagnetMan.EXE
Operator: Mr. Gauss
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMBCC
MagnetMan is not a like most of the other Elec-type Navis in that he uses guards and guard breaks a lot more often. This makes an ElecBall strategy against him near useless, but you can still take advantage of his weakness to Wood.

HP: 650AT: 80
Also Known As: HeavyMetalMan.EXE
Operator: Tamako
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
MetalMan is known for his fist attacks. In fact, sometimes he uses nothing else. His NaviChip is also a guard-break. Needless to say, you will find a difficult time using ordinary guard chips against him (although ones like Shadow can still work well).

HP: 500AT: 30
Appears In: MMBCC
The “NormNav” class of Navis are basically fodder, and come in different varieties. The NaviChip attack of a normal (non-typed) Navi is pretty pathetic; the main reason you might consider using one is because they have a large amount of MB space, thus allowing you to create powerful Program Decks even early in the game. Their usefulness begins to decrease later in the game, however.

HP: 400AT: 10
Also Known As: NumberMan.EXE
Number: 208
Operator: Mr. Higsby
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN5, MMBCC
NumberMan tosses dice-bombs at the end of every round. The number he throws determines the number of hits he does, so essentially his damage rating is 10 times whatever number he tosses. Because his attack also hits deck, he can be anywhere from pesky to lethal depending on what number he throws.

HP: 550AT: 20
Also Known As: VineMan.EXE
Number: 225
Operator: Anetta
Weakness: Fire
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBN3, MMBCC
A Wood-type Navi, but not as useful as WoodMan in most situations, if you need a Wood-type. PlantMan’s flowers attack deck like a MiniBomb.

HP: 450AT: 30
Number: 210
Operator: Dave
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC, MMNT
Well, he’s fast on his toes, and he dodges a lot, but his FstGauges are of little use once all of his slot-in chips are used up. QuickMan uses a boomerang which hits on the going and coming back, thus potentially doing two hits of damage.

HP: 400AT: 40
Number: 213
Operator: Masa
Weakness: Elec
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC
SharkMan hangs out underground (underwater?) for most of the battle, with only his fin showing. He likes using Aqua-based barriers (break these with Elec chips).

HP: 650AT: 90
Number: 207
Operator: Miyuki
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBCC
SkullMan often uses CrsShlds, which is perhaps a fitting choice. He also has high HP and a fairly high-damage Navi attack, although it has no special properties.

HP: 450AT: 30
Number: 218
Operator: Mrs. Millions
Weakness: Fire
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
Millions favors Spice chips and TreeBoms, so she also tends to come with lots of grass panels on hand. Make sure you’re using Fire chips and/or panel changes to minimize SnakeMan’s damage potential or he will delete your entire Program Deck before you can blink. SnakeMan’s Navi attack does little damage but it stuns.

HP: 550AT: 40
Also Known As: ThunderMan.EXE
Number: 211
Operator: Raoul
Weakness: Wood
Characteristics: Elec
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
Elec Navis seem to be popular, and ThunderMan is no slouch. Still, he relies heavily on Elec-based attacks, which can both work for him and against him.

HP: 400AT: 30
Number: 219
Operator: Ribitta
Weakness: Elec
Characteristics: Aqua
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMBCC
ToadMan is an Aqua type, more at home in the water, although he makes do with ice. Incongruously, his attack stuns, like an Electric attack, even though he’s weak against Elec.

HP: 600AT: 80
Number: 206
Weakness: Fire
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN4, MMBCC
WoodMan has fairly high HP and his WoodTwr is high damage plus pierces through guards. A good choice if you need a Wood-type Navi.

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