These crystals represent treasure boxes essentially. Check them to see what they contain; they could be anything from zenny to Battle Chips. Purple Mystery Data must be unlocked with a Sub Chip before it can be accessed.

Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2
PowerUp items allow you to upgrade MegaMan. Once you obtain one, go to the “MegaMan” menu item and you will be able to choose what to increase. Each PowerUp can only be used once.

When you obtain this, MegaMan’s maximum HP is automatically increased. You don’t have to use it first.

Also Known As: RegMem
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This increases the size of your Regular Memory, which is used to store your selected Regular Chip.

Also Known As: SubMemry
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN5, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This increases the number of Sub Chips you can carry at once.

Styles come in two categories, which are then mixed-and-matched for the final style. Rather than list each style combination, I list the categories that can be combined.

Style Type

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
This increases MegaMan’s Power rating, thus allowing his shots to do more damage. Also he won’t reel from attacks, which means you don’t have to worry about getting interrupted. Mastered by using the MegaBuster a lot.

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
You get a shield with this one which can be activated by pressing back and B with the right timing. Mastered by using defensive chips a lot.

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
When you are equipped with this style, you can place more Navi chips into your Folder. Mastered by using Navi chips a lot.

Style Element

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
MegaMan gains an Aqua-based attack and is weak against Electric with this style.

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
MegaMan’s charged attacks turn into ZapRings. These will paralyze enemies they hit. MegaMan is weak against Wood with this style.

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
MegaMan’s charged attacks turn into a three-column flamethrower. This can take multiple hits, but comes out slowly. MegaMan is weak against Aqua with this style.

Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
MegaMan’s charged attacks turn into little tornados. MegaMan is weak against Fire with this style.

Note: All Japanese names are listed given name first, family name last.

Also Known As: Net (Netto) Hikari
Net Navi: MegaMan.EXE
Your typical fifth-grader whose best friend happens to be his Net Navi, MegaMan.EXE. He’s resourceful and isn’t afraid to get in over his head, which is often where he gets MegaMan as well. He is, though, just a little bit dense.

HP: ?AT: ?
Also Known As: Rockman.EXE, Hub, Site (Saito)
Operator: Lan Hikari
Lan’s Net Navi and a skilled virus buster. Like all Net Navi, he is incapable of leaving cyberspace because he has no physical body, but he communicates with Lan through his PET terminal. MegaMan and Lan get along like brothers—both the good aspects and the bad.

Also Known As: Mail (Meiru) Sakurai, Maylu Sakurai
Net Navi: Roll.EXE
Probably Lan’s closest friend outside of MegaMan.EXE, although he doesn’t acknowledge this fact. Mayl is a girl in Lan’s class who loves walking with him to school and just plain spending time with him.

Operator: Mayl Sakurai
Roll is Mayl’s Net Navi and, as a result, rather good friends with MegaMan.EXE. When called upon in battle, she has both offensive and healing capabilities.

Also Known As: Enzan Ijuuin, Chaud Blaze
Net Navi: ProtoMan.EXE
Chaud is a Net Battler—a member of a group of individuals who have made it their purpose to use their Net Navi to combat Net crime. He takes his job very seriously and gets irritated by any unauthorized interference.

Also Known As: Dekao Oyama, Dex Ogreon
Net Navi: GutsMan.EXE
Another of Lan’s classmates and the owner of GutsMan. He takes great pride in his Net Navi but in truth isn’t very good at fighting Net battles.

Also Known As: Yaito Ayanokouji, Yai Ayano
Net Navi: Glyde.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This rich fifth grader has a lot of knowledge of PETs, or at least likes to think she does. She helps out Lan mostly by giving advice.

Operator: Yai Ayanokoji
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
Yai’s Net Navi is programmed to be calm and polite.

Also Known As: Dr. Yuuichirou Hikari
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
Lan’s father and an expert in PETs (Personal Exploration Terminals, or sometimes just PEsonal Terminals). He is, technically speaking, the creator of MegaMan.EXE.

Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
Lan’s mother, who is generally oblivious to what Lan is up to (or pretends to be).

Also Known As: Arashi Kazefuki
Net Navi: AirMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2
The Mr. Match of this game. Unlike Mr. Match, however, it’s unlikely Arashi is coming back.

Also Known As: Dusk, Dark Miyabi
Net Navi: ShadowMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5
Very little is known about this operator. He’s apparently a mercenary for hire who uses his ShadowMan to fight Navis.

Also Known As: Daisuke Hayami
Net Navi: QuickMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2
This is a park official (or pretends to be one, at any rate!) who hates littering. He decides to take somewhat extreme measures to eliminate the corruption of the environment.

Also Known As: Meijin Eguchi
Net Navi: GateMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN5
Well, he’s famous, but you can get past that. Lan and MegaMan will be more famous than Mr. Famous by the time you’re done. You’ll find this guy hanging around the Center, and on the message boards.

Also Known As: Gauss Magnets, Midas Gauss
Net Navi: MagnetMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2
The chairman and CEO of Gauss Inc. who hates the world in general because of his childhood even though he’s no longer poor.

Also Known As: Yamitaro Higure
Net Navi: NumberMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5
Higsby loves rare chips; in fact he’ll go to almost any ends to obtain them. However after spending some time operating outside of the law, he finally reforms and opens a chip shop instead.

Also Known As: Kenichi Hino, Hinoken
Net Navi: HeatMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN6
Remember him? You can find him in the airport after the whole Netopia event. He doesn’t have FireMan anymore, but he’s also no longer trying to take over people’s networks either.

Also Known As: Mrs. Millionaire
Net Navi: SnakeMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2
Okay, whoever in the family tree first gave himself the last name “Millions” was very strange. Of course, this woman does fit her name, nevertheless...

Net Navi: KnightMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5
Not much is known about the princess of Creamland except that she’s got a very loyal knight for a Navi.

Net Navi: ThunderMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2
This man lives in the back streets of Netopia, but has a certain air of honor about him.

Also Known As: Kero Midorikawa
Net Navi: ToadMan.EXE
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5
A news reporter who also happens to like Net Battling. Her computer is in her TV van.

Also Known As: Shun
Net Navi: Bass
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
He’s a kid who hates his childhood and life in general, so when someone offers him a chance, one day, of putting himself in control of the entire cyberworld, he jumps on the opportunity...

Note: Hidden bosses are not yet listed here. I will get to them later. Also note that HP and AT levels are generally for the first time you encounter the Navi and may not apply to subsequent battles.

HP: 300AT: 15
Operator: Arashi
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
He shoots similar to Mettaurs. He also can form tornadoes; these can’t be harmed so just pay attention to the speeds they are moving and dodge around them. When AirMan charges up, he’ll form large tornadoes on the glowing squares which give their locations away for you so you can dodge.

HP: 600AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN2
CutMan will form a cutter which wanders your area in a circle. He will also throw the cutter off his head forward. But this cutter boomerangs, which means its effective range is only 3 tiles. Finally, sometimes he’ll just move in front of you and cut with the blades on his head; this attack only hits the square immediately in front of him.

HP: 1000AT: ?
Weakness: Elec
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
FreezeMan tries to keep himself encased in ice, and he can’t be harmed until you hit the ice enough to shatter it. Meanwhile he’ll use Tower-like ice attacks and also blow on you to make your dodging more difficult. Sometimes he’ll make icicles fall from above as well.

HP: 600AT: 30
Operator: Mr. Famous
Appears In: MMBN2
GateMan’s main attack is to open a compartment on his chest and either fire a cannon or send little men after you. The men track your movements so rapid-fire them to get rid of them. When GateMan gets to about half health he’ll create a shield which blocks your shots and occasionally attacks. Use a punch attack to get rid of it, or just dodge it and use attacks which go over or through it.

HP: 300AT: ?
Operator: Dex
GutsMan can crack the blocks on your side, but this can be to your advantage if you use it carefully. Break a block to the very right of your side of the playing field and stand on the block just behind it, and GutsMan’s main attack will be unable to hit you (but you can still shoot at him when he is across from you). Just watch out for his rocket fist.

HP: 900AT: 100
Operator: Mr. Match
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
His primary attack is a Tower-like burst. But when he gets to about half health he’ll start doing things like dropping onto your side as a block and breaking the tile he lands on (turning it into lava). He’ll also hit three random squares with fire. He’s invulnerable when he’s in block form.

HP: 800AT: 140
Operator: Princess Pride
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMBCC
Initially, KnightMan is an absolute pushover. Stand lined up with him, and he will always throw his mace. Dodge it and fire back. He only takes 1 damage when he’s holding his mace, but otherwise you can hit him hard. The problem comes in when he decides to move. KnightMan can’t walk—he hops—and when he lands he cracks all of the panels. This means you can no longer use the pattern which makes him so easy. Not to mention his other distant attack—the more deadly one which drops rocks from the sky—will leave you completely trapped if you even try to dodge because you have to move around a lot to dodge it. I would suggest multiple Repair and AreaGrab chips for this battle—the AreaGrabs force him to use a ’Grab himself (he uses PanlGrabs, strangely enough) before he can move forward (I’ve never seen him move in any other direction) which may buy you some time. Note: If you stand next to KnightMan he’ll twirl his mace around in a circle, which hurts. Try not to get stuck in that situation.

HP: 1000AT: 50
Operator: Mr. Gauss
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMBCC
At first MagnetMan’s only attack is a slow-moving energy ball that is fairly easy to avoid. You’ll have more troubles with the magnets that keep appearing on his stage, which fly forward then turn once toward you and fly off the battle field vertically (dodge or shoot them). When MagnetMan gets low on health he’ll start using an attack where he forms a blue copy of himself on your side of the screen, and the two MagnetMen slam together. This wouldn’t really be a problem if it weren’t for the other magnets. If you stop one of the MagnetMen, the other one will continue moving forward until he reaches the center of the screen (the two don’t necessarily have to touch). Note: If you use a Repair chip or otherwise remove the magnets from your side of the field, MagnetMan will use a MagLine to replace them. Since he uses this on the line where he is standing at the time, you can somewhat influence where the line gets placed. Two magnet rows next to each other aren’t very effective, so this can actually be to your advantage.

HP: 800AT: 100
Also Known As: Blues.EXE
Operator: Eugene Chaud
ProtoMan is slower in this game; you can actually get in some hits before he puts up his shield. When he’s not attacking, he spends his time moving up and down in the column farthest from you. To attack, he’ll either throw a swipe across the screen that hits two rows, or he’ll vanish and reappear near you and swipe. Where he reappears will clue you in on what sword he is about to use: If he appears one block diagonally in front of you, he’ll use a swipe that hits your column. If he appears directly in front of you, he’s using a swing that hits all three blocks in that row. Move to dodge his swipe, then quickly move back and hit him with a super-shot or a chip while he’s recovering from his swing. If you make him reel, he’ll stop his current attack; otherwise he’ll keep going back and forth attacking you multiple times. Note: If you try to hit ProtoMan with a sword, he’ll abort his own attack and attempt to get out of the way. Smart guy. He’s usually too slow, however.

HP: 400AT: 20
Operator: Dave
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
QuickMan will block your attacks while he’s moving around. He’s also fast (as his name suggests), so probably the only chance you’ll get to attack him is when he stops to fire his boomerang. Dodge until he throws, then move in quickly and hit him. Sometimes he throws more than one boomerang at a time, so keep on your toes.

HP: 800AT: ?
Operator: Dark
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5
ShadowMan can triple himself as he moves. Shooting the fakes will get rid of them; shoot the real ShadowMan to do damage. The ShadowMen will attack with explosive bursts that act like Towers, and swords.

HP: 600AT: 40
Operator: Mrs. Millions
Weakness: Fire
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
SnakeMan is something of a joke. He hides in his pot when you are lined up with him, so any time you need to grab a breather, simply stand in the center (just rapid-fire the little snakes). Of course, you can’t hurt him when he’s in his jar, so the easiest way to deal with him is to stay in the middle row until you have your shot prepared (charged up, chip ready, whatever), then move into another row and wait. When SnakeMan pops up to attack, move back center and fire. Repeat. Note: if you’re using an attack which comes out slowly, wait until SnakeMan starts firing his gun before moving back to the center, and he’ll stay up longer.

HP: 700AT: ?
Also Known As: ThunMan.EXE
Operator: Raoul
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBCC
The biggest hassle with this battle are the clouds which get in your way. You can touch them without hurting yourself, and even force one of them to stop moving by standing in its path, but if you do this it’ll charge up and zap you. ThunderMan himself will cause bolts of lightning to fall on your side on the flashing squares.

HP: 300AT: 20
Operator: Ribitta
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN5, MMBCC
ToadMan alternates between the two lily pads and firing musical notes at you which will track your location and will briefly paralyze you if they hit. He’ll also appear in front of you occasionally to slap you (usually he tries this after he’s stunned you). The lily pads shoot tadpoles straight forward so it’s best to stay in the center of your area when possible. Try standing on the far left, in the center row, moving up or down just before ToadMan’s notes reach you.

Note: Hidden bosses are not yet listed here. I will get to them later.

HP: 1000AT: 120
Also Known As: Forte
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN6
Bass moves around the battle field randomly and somewhat slowly; when he stops and holds both hands in front of him, he’ll fire a shot straight ahead. He also has an attack where he charges up and produces a flurry of multiple shots on all rows—just hit him with an attack that makes him reel to knock him out of it. Nothing really dangerous. If Bass is much of a threat, he’s never shown that side of himself for me.

HP: 2000AT: ?
Also Known As: Grave
Appears In: MMBN2
The most frequent attack you’ll have to look out for are the fragments that continuously move along the rows. They can be destroyed but have roughly 20 HP so it’s not worth your time trying to shoot them unless you’ve got high AT. Also you’re better off saving your charged shots for Gospel itself, since it is invulnerable most of the time. Most of Gospel’s own attacks go straight down the center of the field, except for its Guts Man like attack which tracks you. Gospel can also use NaviChips, literally turning a piece of itself temporarily into a Navi and then attacking you using that Navi’s attacks. This can be an advantage to you because you can shoot the Navi to damage Gospel. Finally, when Gospel gets low on health (“low” being about 400 HP) it will start using its ultimate attack, which involves blowing you toward it while at the same time shooting bursts which hit about three columns from Gospel’s head.

For the viruses section, currently I’m listing only one variation of each enemy, unless I have specific commentary on another version. (Most variations simply increase the HP and attack power of the enemy in question, although some have significantly different effects.) Also, not all viruses are catalogued here yet.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN5
These tanks move up and down in their column, occasionally stopping to fire a bomb at you. The bomb hits three tiles in a column, with your location as the center.

HP: 40AT: 15
Chip: ZapRing1
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3
This deceiving cute little thing will try to line up with you by moving anywhere in the enemy battle field, then when it has a good shot, it’ll fling a ring at you. The ring is fast and paralyzes you if it hits.

HP: 50AT: 10
Chip: Cannon
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMSF1
These things can’t move. They only fire straight forward. Although their shot is fast, it is easy to avoid because the cannons cannot fire rapidly.

HP: 80AT: ?
Chip: DashAtk
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3
These move up and down in a column, then when they are lined up with you, they shoot forward. They go all the way across the screen (across your area as well), then when they vanish off the left side of the screen, they float back down on their side where they had left. A Fishy’s dash will get interrupted if it hits an object or another virus, so you can stop one by positioning yourself behind something else.

HP: 90AT: 20
Appears In: MMBN2
These fireballs wait until you line up to shoot them before attacking. Their attack involves destroying all three panels in their row on your side. Attacking these can be tricky once they’ve moved because you can’t stand on the broken panels. Using chips that don’t shoot straight forward (such as a WideSwrd) is recommend.

HP: 100AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2
These viruses jump slowly from place to place on their side of the field. Every few hops, they will vanish and reappear above you as a large 10-ton weight, and try to drop onto your head. Some variations damage other panels next to the one they strike. Try taking a step back just as they appear over your head, then whack them the moment they land.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
A cloud with a mask. It is generally only vulnerable while it is attacking. To attack, it places its mask forward one tile and then surrounds itself with poison that slowly drains your HP. As the mask is still in front of it, you need to use attacks which can either bypass or go through the mask. Hitting the mask with a punch-type attack will abort the Goofball’s attack but it won’t permanently destroy the mask.

HP: 80AT: 50
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2
These hands move to the column right before you side of the battle field and produce time bombs on the first tile on your side. You can shoot the time bombs directly to destroy them; if you do so before they count down to 0, you avoid the damage. Also, try tossing bombs and other such Battle Chips over the time bombs onto the Handy itself.

HP: 60AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3
Cannons that look like Pac-Man. They are invulnerable to most attacks while sitting motionless. However right before they attack, they turn red and then open their mouths. At this point they can be hit. These viruses toss cannonballs at the tile you were standing upon when they fired (so move) which will destroy the panel on which they land.

HP: 40AT: 10
Chip: Shockwav, Guard
The classic Met enemy of the Mega Man property. These little guys are armed with pickaxes; when they slash, they produce a shockwave that travels forward. Some variations of the Mettaur can only be damaged while they are attacking because they hide under their helmets otherwise.

HP: 100AT: 50
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2
This little magician sends down meteor showers. When a panel flashes under your feet, move. These guys like to hide behind other objects for the express purpose of making them harder to hit, so be aware of this tactic and prepared to get around it.

HP: ?AT: ?
Weakness: Fire
Characteristics: Wood
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
A mushroom that creates damaging powder around it. It regains health on grass tiles.

HP: ?AT: ?
Weakness: Fire
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3
A green Goofball. Remember that if you stand far enough from the mask, you won’t be damaged by its poison.

HP: 100AT: ?
Chip: Bubbler
Weakness: Elec
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4
This moves up and down trying to line up with you, then fires off a bubble which bounces across the field then explodes like a Bubbler when it strikes something. The easiest way to deal with it is to not stay across from it for too long. You can also try breaking panels in front of you, because their bubbles can’t cross holes.

HP: 90AT: 20
Chip: HeatShot
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4
Four-legged beasts. These can move freely around their battle area; when they stop animating for a moment, they’re about to fire, so get out of the way. Their shot is extremely fast and thus hard to dodge. Spikeys do Fire-based damage.

HP: 50AT: ?
Chip: Recov30
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2
Ghosts. These float in place for a while, moving only when you line yourself up with them—they are trying to avoid being lined up with you to make it harder for you to hit them. You can damage them by striking quickly before they move, or use Battle Chips which don’t require you to be lined up with them. The ghosts attack occasionally by disappearing, reappearing in front of you, and strking. You can also damage them then as well, but you’ll want to dodge first.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MMBN1, MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN6
These pesky enemies will pull out Area Steal chips to get at you, which can really be a problem when you’re hit with multiple ones at a time. Try to finish them quickly, and don’t stay lined up with them. They tend to only Steal if they miss with a swing, so don’t give them a chance to swing.

HP: 60AT: -
Appears In: MMBN2, MMBN3, MMBN4, MMBN5, MMBN6
This produces wind which will push you backward or forward no matter where you stand on the battle field. Alone, a WindBox is harmless, but it can interfere when you are fighting other enemies.

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