Mega Fraud
Robots on trial?

Will the writers of the Humanoid Robot Act be swayed by Dr. Wily’s vicious creations?

By now Dr. Light has finally invented the key to defending the future of robot-kind from the likes of Dr. Wily: an anti-reprogramming chip that prevents any robot from ever undergoing unauthorized programming. This is one step closer to Dr. Light’s vision of a world where robots and humans live peacefully together. The possibilities of humanoid robots expand, and more and more people begin to delve into the science of robotics. But along with this comes the age-old question as politics enters the scene:

How much rights should a robot have? Should he be treated as a person or a thing?

The council is divided, Mega Man suddenly finds himself as an outcast, and Bass adds injury to insult with one of Wily’s most powerful weapons ever!