Mega Fraud

See, I can fit in, ran through Mega Man’s mind with a slight touch of pride. With a small smile he wandered through the crowd, replying to comments called to him by the new friends he’d made here.

Then the calls turned into shouts, causing Mega Man to whirl in alarm. He came about just in time to dodge a blast, pushing people out of the way with him.

“Hey, old friend,” came a hauntingly familiar voice. “Remember me?”

Mega Man spun around. Hovering effortlessly about a meter off the ground was a black robot with gold and purple trim. Metal wings and jet thrusters were holding him almost perfectly motionless in the air. His face, lanced with decorative purple slashes, wore a cruel grin.

“Bass...” Mega Man whispered.

Mega Fraud
Mandi Paugh