These are non-Mega Man related characters who exist in other series, such as cartoons and such. I did not make up any of these characters, but they appear to varying degrees in The Series. Note that I sometimes alter characters from their original sources as needed for the books.
Kevin Keene / Captain N

This teenager from Earth was drawn to the Palace of Power in the multiverse known as Videoland. He was given a Zapper weapon and a Power Pad, but really, his main skill is his knowledge. Because he’d played so many games that are mirrored in the multiverse, he possesses information which most other people in Videoland have no way of knowing. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and this gives Kevin an edge he wouldn’t otherwise have.

Princess Lana

The princess of the castle that acts as the central hub of Videoland, maintaining peace and order between the various universes. When Mother Brain attacked the palace, the standard army was destroyed and Lana’s father, the king, vanished. Out of options, Lana put forth a call for aid from the greatest warriors across the multiverse, and formed the N-Team.

Simon Belmont

A skilled vampire hunter. In The Series, Simon wears light cloth and leather armor and a bandanna around his head. He is tall, blond, and well-built. Like any good adventurer, Simon carries a magical backpack that can hold quanties several times its volume. He’s been known, in fact, to carry most of his possessions in it with him at all times. Some things aren’t in the backpack, though; the vampire hunter’s famous Mystic Whip is stored coiled at his side, which is known to sometimes have a mind of its own.

Kid Icarus / Pit

Kid Icarus was the title given to a young winged archer named Pit in recognition of his skill and bravery on Mount Olympus in Angeland. He carries a bow and many different kinds of arrows which he uses with quite a bit of ingenuity.

Perhaps because of his small size, Kid Icarus and Mega Man have become fairly good friends during their time at the Palace of Power.

Mother Brain

This alien creature is named due to the fact that she has an appearance much like a brain. She is not a Metroid herself, but Mother Brain has been known to control Metroids for her own purposes.

Whatever triggered her to spread her tentacles and attempt to broaden her horizons, Mother Brain has been attempting to conquer the multiverse for some time now. Although she has been powerful enough to prevent her own destruction, she has thus far been unable to secure domination over the Palace of Power, and, therefore, the rest of Videoland.

Princess Zelda

The princess of Hyrule often dresses in riding clothes (pants, tunic, and a vest) when she’s not wearing a gown. She has reddish-blonde hair in The Series, and the pointed ears of the Hyrulian people.

Zelda is an outgoing, friendly type of person, though very mature and intellegent. She is an excellent shot with her bow, though she doesn’t have the endurance for lengthy battles or quests.


One of a long line of “A-Numbers,” Signal was constructed using the mysterious “MIRA” and thus possesses several qualities, such as self-healing, that normal robots lack. He’s also extremely agile and graceful, although as Pulse loves pointing out, he tends to not think ahead and thus lacks strategy in his actions.

Signal was built to act as an “older brother” to a boy named Nobuhiko, who, before Signal showed up, had no real siblings. However, there is a glitch in Signal’s system such that whenever Nobuhiko sneezes, the sound triggers a transformation that causes Signal to turn into a tiny, kid-like version of himself known as Mini Signal. Another sneeze will reverse the process, but only until next time...


Signal’s brother had the unlucky feature of being the one with weapons, as he’s equipped with lasers in his eyes and razor-sharp blades. This was unlucky for him because it got him reprogrammed a few times, and he ended up fighting Signal more than once due to it. Otherwise, however, Pulse is like Signal’s older twin, and the two get along fairly well...most of the time.