When writing books there’s one thing I hold to: I will not do anything in my books that will change the story found in the games. In other words, I won’t give Dr. Light a wife, or make Zero a female, or kill off Dr. Wily. Things like these I try to avoid. Occationally, for story purposes, I will add characters to the series as I see fit. However, most of these are more or less “bit” players. They don’t drastically change the storyline. I will never create Robot Masters (I leave that to Capcom!). Sometimes I do find myself adding new robots, but these are never true Robot Masters, and as a rule they generally don’t survive beyond the book’s close, for one reason or another...

Sonic Man

Not “Sonic” as in the hedgehog variety, but sonic as in sound. Built by Dr. Cossack and the Harts, Sonic Man has the ability to receive and send out radio and sound waves of many frequencies, as well as the capability to use this to remotely reprogram other robots. He later installs a Needle Shooter weapon into his own chest. The special pellets this cannon fires are able to penetrate robots and render them inoperable for a short time.

Note: Yes, I’m going to be in trouble if Capcom ever makes a Robot Master named “Sonic Man.” Just remember: theirs is official, and mine is not!

Giga Man

When this robot suddenly enters the scene, Mega Man gets the distinct impression that he’s being replaced. As his name suggests, Giga Man seems to be superior to Mega Man in every way. Will the blue bomber have to make way for the “green bomber?”


One of the first truly human-like robots to be built by someone not related in some way to Dr. Light, Trigger was created by a man named Sion Piesk in a country far from Mega Man. Despite the distance, however, Piesk was inspired by Dr. Light’s successes and managed to create his own little miracle—a robot with partial free will and an amazingly realistic personality. Trigger is serious but carefree, always dutiful and respectful to his creator, whom Trigger calls “Master” in the same way that a martial artist would refer to his teacher.

Lyric / Katelyn

An overwhelmingly huge fan of Mega Man’s. Her name is Katelyn but she calls herself “Lyric” in keeping with the musical names which abound where Mega Man is concerned. Lyric is a very out-going and enthusiastic girl with so much energy that, when she finally does meet her hero Mega Man, she runs him ragged.

Guard Joes

There were occasions in my books, here and there, where I needed a generic guard robot for Dr. Wily. Places where Robot Masters wouldn’t work, and yet the guards needed to be humanoid. About the only humanoid robots Wily builds, besides Robot Masters, are Joes. Sniper Joes, Hammer Joes, Skeleton Joes, Crystal Joes...the list goes on and on. But none really fulfilled my needs. So I created the Guard Joe, which is pretty much like a red Sniper Joe without the shield. They are not as durable as Mega Man, but in large numbers they can prove to be a threat.

Ameilla and Corneillius Hart

Husband and wife, they enjoy working together to construct machines and other gadgets. One thing they haven’t been able to build, though, is a humanoid robot with a convincing personality. So when they see Mega Man, they decide it’s worth their time to “borrow” him....

Emily and Ephraim

This is your average married couple living in Mega Man’s world. Ephraim works in construction while his wife tends their home. They have no children living in the house, but Emily has essentially adopted the neighborhood kids and cares for them like a grandmother. Mega Man encounters them one day when he crash-lands in their backyard. Kind Emily and practical Ephraim immediately offer their aid to help the blue bomber get back on his feet.


A rather out-going teenage girl who always keeps up with the current fashions and sometimes gets into the wrong crowds. Her parents own and operate a dance club so Sheral is constantly meeting new people. She probably never, however, expected to encounter Mega Man face-to-face.

Leanne Niccoles

A news reporter with lots of skill and sharp wits. She has been covering the escapades of the likes of Wily for years but had never managed to get an actual interview with Mega Man himself. All that changes one fateful day when she meets him outside a factory...


These three “pixies” are introduced in the Mega Magic trilogy. They are of a unique race that is a mix between fairies and elves, and possess the magic that drives the entire trilogy. Of the three, Zunder is the most mature, being like the oldest sister of the trio, even though they are all the same age. She seems to be a bit wiser and more serious than the other two, though she’s also perky and lively. This pixie possesses the Yellow Power of the Wind element and can cause fierce air currents as well as shocking thunderbolts.


This quiet, strong-willed pixie is the soft and cheerful one of the group. She is always gentle and slow to anger. This is probably why it’s ironically appropriate that she possesses the healing magic. The Blue Power she wields can be put to use for more than just healing, however. Its Water element can blast creatures with either liquid water or frozen ice, and the results can be devastating.


Like her name suggests, Blaze is a wild, carefree pixie who uses her Red Power with a flair. She’s friendly and cheerful, but she also possesses a hot temper and excites easily. Unlike her sisters, her magic has only one mode: Fire! But she is creative with the flames and deadly accurate too...