Main Characters

The main characters in The Series are from the Mega Man series of games, but of course they are altered here somewhat to fit into the storylines. So these descriptions are specific to the characters as they are in The Series.
Mega Man / Rock

Mega Man was the second robot created by Dr. Light. He was originally named Rock, but when Dr. Light modified him slightly to enable him to take on Dr. Wily the first time, he renamed him Mega Man. An accident in the lab turned him into a living machine, granting him the ability to think and feel emotions in the same way as a human being.

A skilled and experienced warrior, Mega Man fights with dual built-in arm cannons, and his Weapon Copy system allows him to emulate weapons used by certain opponents after defeating them. When not in battle, Mega Man often spends time at his creator’s laboratory and home, dressed in street clothes and looking very much like a human boy.

Mega Man’s personality is a mix of cheerful happiness and fierce determination. He holds human life in high regard, and although the fact that he is not a human can sometimes cause him to take his own existence casually, he does feel it is his duty to defend and save humans whenever possible.

Break Man / Protoman

As the prototype of a design only used twice, Break Man is virtually the physical twin of his brother, Mega Man. However, his personality is another story.

Break Man disappeared from the lab before Mega Man’s creation and is a reclusive robot. He likes to work on his own and comes and goes as he pleases, usually using the teleporter in his shield for transportation. He will often announce his arrival with his characteristic whistle.

Although Break Man respects certain people, he generally doesn’t hold humans in as high of a regard as Mega Man. He does, however, recognize the value of life (since after all, life is what gave him the free will he so greatly cherishes), and he will defend it as necessary, though usually he leaves the job of being hero to Mega Man. His attitude seems to be that he must help defend humans from themselves since they obviously aren’t capable of doing it.

Dr. Thomas Xavier Light

The creator of Mega Man, Break Man, and Roll, and the developer of robots as the world knows them. Dr. Light teamed up with Dr. Wily for a time, and the two created a number of Robot Masters together. However, when Dr. Wily went his own way on his quest for world domination, Dr. Light reforged his robot Rock into Mega Man to combat the threat.

Dr. Light’s greatest dream is a world where robots and humans live in peace and harmony. However, he is intelligent enough to realize that without certain conditions being fulfilled, robots used in the wrong way could be dangerous. Thus he spends many of his days refining his designs and searching for ways to ensure that robots created to live side-by-side with humankind would not go berserk or be reprogrammed by someone like Dr. Wily.

Dr. Albert W. Wily

Once Dr. Light’s partner, Dr. Wily eventually stole the Robot Masters that the two had created together, reprogramming them for evil. Since that fateful day, he has also created his own robots, these designed specifically for war, unlike the peaceful robots that Dr. Light had envisioned.

Dr. Wily’s main goal in life is world domination, and he plans to accomplish it with a legion of robots that only he commands. However, there has always been one robot that has eluded his control, and that is Mega Man. When he’s not trying to destroy the pesky blue bomber who always ruins his plans, Dr. Wily has never given up trying to find a way to add Mega Man permanently to his collection.


Emulate your greatest foe, and you may discover the secrets to his success. This was the philosophy that drove Dr. Wily to construct Bass. This black robot is essentially Dr. Wily’s attempt to create an enhanced duplicate of Mega Man. Bass, therefore, possesses many of the same capabilities as his blue antagonist.

Obsessed with power, Bass’s goal in life is to prove that he is the most powerful warrior on the planet. For this reason, Mega Man is his greatest rival. Bass cares only about fighting for fighting’s sake, and he forever strives to defeat Mega Man to prove that he’s the greatest.


Dr. Light’s third creation and Mega Man’s sister. Like Rock, Roll was created to be a household robot. She acts as Dr. Light’s daughter, but also helps him by cooking and cleaning.

Roll is generally cheerful and honest. She has no real combat capability, although as a robot, she possesses more strength and durability than a human being. When Rock was turned into Mega Man to combat Dr. Wily, Roll remained behind at home, and so far that trend has continued to this day. Roll assists Dr. Light and helps Mega Man out from the lab as needed.


A red robotic dog that Dr. Light originally built as a companion for Mega Man after the blue bomber’s accident that transformed him into a living machine. But eventually Dr. Light realized that the dog could help Mega Man against Wily, so the scientist built some transformation modules into the dog.

Now Rush can transform into various forms to aid in Mega Man’s travels. As a helper robot, the dog has little in the way of independant weaponry and could thus easily be destroyed, so he rarely follows Mega Man around when the blue robot is fighting. Instead he teleports in when Mega Man needs him and leaves when he’s served his purpose.

Dr. Cossack

This scientist was blackmailed into fighting Mega Man when Dr. Wily kidnapped his daughter Kalinka and held her hostage. It wasn’t long, however, before Kalinka was freed. Without that threat hanging over his head, Dr. Cossack promptly switched sides and has been an ally of Dr. Light and Mega Man ever since.