The Book List page details most of the books in The Series; the rest can be found on the Download page. Some notes before you go off, though...

  • Read and look all you like, but if you plan to download any files off this site for use elsewhere, check out the Usage Agreement first.
  • The minature covers shown for games are shrunken versions of the Japanese box art. Full-sized versions of the box art are not currently available on this site, sorry.
  • Full-sized versions of the covers to the books are posted due to popular demand. Note that some of the covers include as part of the image the back cover as well. Almost all of them are incomplete. You can read the back covers using the “Back Cover” text.
  • Disclaimer: Back when I initially designed the template for the book covers (back a few years ago), I went all out with them. Please note that all references to company names, prices, UPC symbols, and other such items are completely fictional.  I just threw them on to be cute.
  • “Teasers” are the text that shows up on the first page of the books. This text is a short excerpt from the book in question, used in many published works as a sort of promo to get you to read the rest of the book. Read one of the books in the series (through any method) to see what I mean.