Mega Man: The Series

The following timeline lists, in chronological order, the books in Mega Man: The Series. Games are included as reference points (so that you can tell which games happened before/after which books). For more information on these books, see the series subsite.

Mega Man (1) — The (real) Beginning

Break Man is created and subsequently lost after an accident in the lab. Mega Man is created. Dr. Wily turns evil.

Mega Man 2 — Wily's Vengeance

Dr. Wily tries to get back at Mega Man with eight of his own robots. In response, Dr. Light attempts to clone Mega Man and turns him into a living machine instead! (Oops!) Mega Man insists that he can handle Wily, and thus experiences his first battles as a living creature.

Mega Man 3 — Wily's Last Stand?

Dr. Wily pretends to have turned away his old evil ways, and together he and Dr. Light build a huge peace-keeping robot named Gamma. Mega Man helps them by collecting the eight power crystals they needed. Break Man makes his way back after spending over a year in another land, and is fooled by Wily into fighting Mega Man...until he finds out the truth!

Mini-Book 0: Transition

Mega Man’s wildest dream ever comes amazingly true—the blue robot is now a flesh-and-blood human! This much-requested short story chronicles the events of Mega Man’s life as a human, and ties right into Mega Man 4.

Mega Man 4 — A New Threat

A mysterious message arrives at Dr. Light’s lab, and thinking there’s yet another evil scientist out there, Mega Man returns to being a robot in order to battle with this new threat. Turns out Wily is behind it all—what else is new? (Not that I’m complaining—I like it that way!)

Book 1: Teaming Up

Mega Man’s on the N-Team, so Wily joins up with Mother Brain! He manages to take the team by surprise, too...

Book 2: No Shielding the Past

Mega Man’s worst nightmare comes true: despite the fact that he’s alive and now has a will, he can be reprogrammed! Even worse, he can be cloned!

Book 3: Blind to the Truth

A rescue mission goes awry when Mega Man is blinded trying to save his friends. Worse, he’s now stuck deep in Dr. Wily’s fortress unable to see anything but black and gray all around him—and there are two new evil scientists out there all too interested in the little blue bomber!

Book 4: Twin Coins

Break Man throws an unexpected curve ball on Mega Man by joining Wily’s side and dragging his brother into a trap before Mega Man realizes it. Turns out Wily really wants a special pair of golden coins...but for what?

Mega Man 5 — Brother Against Brother

“It’s the battle of the century—and Mega Man doesn’t even get a shot off!”
This is the interesting one where Dr. Wily creates a holographic clone of Break Man and sends it out to terrorize the land. Even Mega Man thinks his own brother has turned against him—until the real one shows up to reveal the truth. Incidentally, Book 4 leads directly into Mega Man 5; unlike most of the other books there’s not much of a break.

Book 5: Remote Possibilities

Mega Man stumbles on a plan of Wily’s and, injured, is hunted down by sixteen Robot Masters. In an effort to save both of them, Mega Man and Break Man trade places. But when Wily reveals his latest invention, his enemies discover—too late—that none of them is safe—least of all Mega Man and Break Man!

Book 6: The Incredible Shrinking Robots

(I wrote this long before the cartoon show was ever made—honest!) Yep, you guessed it: Dr. Wily plans to cut the competition down to size with a shrinking machine! And he uses Mega Man during its first test run! You thought four feet was bad! Now Mega Man finds himself standing a mere four inches, lost in the middle of Wily’s Skull Castle!

Book 7: Death of a Robot

How can a robot die, you ask? Well, Mega Man’s not just a robot—he’s a living machine. He has a life, now, but like all of us he can lose it. Apparently too many people wanted him to be just a robot, so I’m killing him off.

Book 8: Duo Duels

Dr. Wily pulls a fast one on Mega Man and Break Man and almost takes out the entire N-Team too! But the biggest surprise comes not from Dr. Wily—but from Dr. Light!
Mega Man has never met his match...but has he met his replacement?

Book 9: On Ice

This is the everything-goes-wrong book. Like Murphy’s Law says: if something bad could happen, it will! Don’t expect a reprieve in this book because there isn’t one—events jump from one to the other almost faster than the last can occur! Kid Icarus is missing, Dr. Light is poisoned, Mega Man is paralyzed ... and in the thick of it all Mother Brain attacks with her newly-acquired Freeze Fighters! (Thanks to Chris “CHRASH” Hart for this book’s title.)

Book 10: Forgotten Memories

It’s a time for personal exploration when Mega Man accidentally loses his memory...and Dr. Wily just happens to choose that time to attack. Currently the longest book in the series, this one reveals a lot. Mega Man discovers just how famous he really is—and Break Man discovers how much everyone hates him!

Mini-Book 1: Time Bomb

A week after the events in Book 10 finds Mega Man trying to get his mind off his recent, numerous brushes with death. But Dr. Wily just won’t leave the poor robot alone. Will Mega Man’s battle endanger not only himself and his creator, but his fans as well?

Book 11: All For One

Mega Man and Dr. Wily working together!? This is a side to the evil scientist that you’ve never seen before...and you’ll probably never see again.

Mega Magic

What happens when you combine robots and magic? “One was armed with magic, the other technology—each with a weapon the other knew nothing about...” This story was too long to be one book so I chopped it into three. And it was a little too unusual to be a part of the series...although it is still 100% Mega Man. Check it out in the Mega Magic trilogy!

Mega Magic 2

This second book of the three-part mini-series picks up where the previous one left off. Meet the pixie sisters in full flesh and blood...and enjoy the peace while it lasts!

Mega Magic 3

To tie everything together and finish off the series (don’t read the back cover unless you’ve read Mega Magic 2 because it’ll blow the plot) is a third quest under the dome. Break Man enters the trilogy at last, and he and Mega Man make a startling discovery...

Book 12: Dream Machine

Mega Man’s dreams have always been freakishly on target, but suddenly they begin to prove themselves useful by predicting the future! With such an advantage, the N-Team no longer has any troubles thwarting its enemies. However, Dr. Wily is prepared to take advantage of the situation with not one but two sinister new inventions! Will dreams be enough to save Mega Man and his friends?

Mini-Book 2: Phobia Foes

Joined by Break Man and Roll, Mega Man heads out to the new Mega Mall, dressed in street clothes and ready for a good time. He’s not ready to meet Dr. Wily! This is a hilarious book that breaks away from the recent dark trend that the series has been taking. Every serious series needs a comical breather—and Phobia Foes is it!

Mini-Book 3: Trap Storm

What happens when Dr. Wily crashes the Mega Man Expo? The blue bomber attempts to trap him by deliberately falling into a trap, that’s what. This mini-book takes place immediately after Phobia Foes and falls back into the normal serious series genre. It’s actually almost long enough to be considered a full-fledge book. In fact, at first I was going to combine mini-books 2 and 3 into a single book (Book 12a?) but I eventually decided against this.

Lands of Confusion: Book 1

A crossover between Mega Man and the series known as Twin Signal with lots of other fun thrown in. Guest author: Hoshikage.

Lands of Confusion: Book 2

A continuation of Lands of Confusion: Book 1 that you certainly do not want to miss. If you thought times were bad in Book 1 wait till you see what—and who—appears next. Guest author: Hoshikage.

Lands of Confusion: Book 3

The last book of the trilogy ends with a bang...or at least a puff of smoke. Guest author: Hoshikage.

Mini-Book 4: Soul Search

Break Man had once thought that surely Mega Man had gotten himself into every fathomable kind of mess possible. But that idea is about to be blown clear out of the water. This is one time when Break Man may wonder if maybe he really shouldn’t have gotten himself involved...

Book 13: Mirrored Reality

Disaster strikes when Dr. Wily manages to catch everyone unawares and pull both Mega Man and Break Man over to his side by purging their memories and lying through his teeth. With the dynamite duo’s skill and the element of surprise on their side, even the N-Team falls. Dr. Wily’s about to have it all—but Mega Man can’t chase the doubts from his head...

Book 13 ½: Mental Chaos

This is the sequel to Book 13 that I’ve been promising. It contains the type of ending you would expect from the Mega Man series...well, almost. (Thanks to RacShade for the idea for the book number.)

Mega Man 6 — The Robot Design Contest

A mysterious Mr. X sponsors the first ever Robot Design Contest where contestants either design or completely build their own Robot Masters. It was all a set-up by Dr. Wily, though, for he steals the robots to try to take over the land (again). Mega Man finally manages to actually catch the scientist this time (the fortress doesn’t crumble or explode or anything for once...)

Book 14: In the Flesh

Wily can cause problems even in jail! Just wait till you see the invention he builds and the holographic cloaker that hides it...

Book 15: Learn and Live

This is the first (and currently only) book without Dr. Wily! But that doesn’t mean there can’t be trouble. The brand new squad of RoboPolice, led by Mega Man, are up against an equally-matched foe—an entire army of warrior robots—and for once Dr. Wily isn’t behind it all. Honest!

Mini-Book 5: Treasure Hunt

Mega Man accompanies Dr. Light and Roll on a luxury cruise, but encounters much more than he’d anticipated. Is the refurbished old cruise ship harboring a high-tech version of a pirate treasure?

Mega Man 7 — Destiny's Final Battle!?

Wily’s escaped! What would the world be like without Dr. Wily out and about to cause trouble? For that matter, what would an ending be like without his fortress blowing sky-high?

Mega Man: The Power Battle

Robot Masters have scattered all over the land, and to everyone’s astonishment Bass helps Mega Man and Break Man take them on!

Book 16: Mega Fraud

Will robots be granted the same rights as human beings? The populace is divided: some welcome the age of robots while others fear it. The land is in an uproar as Dr. Wily picks this time to strike. Mega Man suddenly finds himself as an outcast...and Bass adds injury to insult with one of Wily’s most powerful weapons ever!

Special: Of Flesh And Steel

This isn’t really a true crossover, but some unexpected characters do make guest appearances.

Book 17: A Hero's Fall

With the completion of the Robot Act, a new robot enters the scene, built by someone halfway across the planet. But he arrives at a bad time, for Dr. Wily is busily hatching a plot to...well, I don’t want to spoil it for you! Just read the book—after all, you wouldn’t want to miss the execution of Mega Man...

Mini-Book 6: For Granted

Mega Man is living his worst nightmare while he’s wide awake: thanks to Dr. Wily’s robots, Dr. Light is in the hospital in critical condition. If his creator dies, will Mega Man find the strength to continue to live?

Book 18: Taking Action

A commander puts together a small army of warriors and he wants Mega Man on the forefront of his team. His goal: to assault Dr. Wily’s fortress and end this war once and for all!

Mega Man 8 — Metal Heroes

A meteorite crashes to earth, attracting the attention of both Dr. Wily and Dr. Light. Wily finds a mysterious robot hoisting a new power source and immediately claims it. But what’s this? There’s another robot rising from the debris...

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

Dr. Wily once again tries to show his superiority with a horde of Robot Masters, and he’s countered not only by Mega Man, Break Man, and an annoyed Bass, but also by the newcomer Duo...

Special: Day To Live

An anomaly in Break Man’s system is slowly killing him, but he refuses treatment. Can Mega Man save him from himself?

Mini-Book 7: Armed Threat

Mega Man acts as a bodyguard for a prominent scientist whose very life is threatened. But who is really behind it all, and what is the ultimate goal?

Book 19: New Challenger

A sudden invasion turns everything on its ear. Mega Man is down, Bass is playing hero, Break Man has to save Bass’s tail for a change instead of Mega Man’s, and an old foe from the past returns...

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

What’s next for the blue bomber? The world may never know!

All Books Copyright © 1991 through 2019 by Miranda Paugh