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The Series:

Miscellaneous Others:
  • Book 13 1/2: Mental Chaos
    The sequel to Book 13 that finishes telling the story.
  • Mini-Book 0: Transition
    Read the incredible tale where Mega Man’s greatest wish comes true...for a span of about three days.
    Timeline note: Unlike the other books, this story takes place before Mega Man 4.
  • Mini-Book 1: Time Bomb
    Mega Man can’t seem to get any rest without Dr. Wily ruining his fun...
  • Mini-Book 2: Phobia Foes
    What is perhaps Dr. Wily’s most outlandish invention yet turns an outing at the mall into a calamity.
  • Mini-Book 3: Trap Storm
    What happens when Dr. Wily crashes the Mega Man Expo...and what’s that thing rising into the sky?
  • Mini-Book 4: Soul Search
    This one is weird. I’ll leave it at that. Read at your own risk, and don’t try to claim I didn’t warn you.
  • Mini-Book 5: Treasure Hunt
    A bit of a departure from the rest of the series as the entire thing takes place on a ship.
  • Mini-Book 6: For Granted
    Dr. Light’s in the hospital and Dr. Wily doesn’t mind taking advantage of the situation...
  • Mini-Book 7: Armed Threat
    This one’s long enough to be a book, but it’s somewhat untraditional...
  • Mega Magic 1
  • Mega Magic 2
  • Mega Magic 3
    Mega Man and magic make a very strange mix indeed...
    Note: This trilogy is a little dark and a tad unusual compared to the rest of the series.
  • Lands of Confusion 1
  • Lands of Confusion 2
  • Lands of Confusion 3
    A long crossover between Mega Man and the series known as Twin Signal with lots of fun and surprises.
    Feature author: Hoshikage
  • Of Flesh and Steel
    Saying anything about this one ahead of time would spoil it. Just read it.
  • Day To Live
    Takes place immediately after Power Fighters. See the Endings section (Protoman’s ending) for background information.
    Warning: Not for the faint at heart. This short story is very serious (the plot centers around two main characters dying, after all) and is not for the timid. Don’t read it if you aren’t prepared with a box of tissues. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • Powered Down
    A sequel of sorts to Powered Up. This side story occurs late in The Series and contains a few minor spoilers regarding events which haven’t been written yet.
  • Mega Man: The Power Battle
    A short novelization of the game.
  • Mega Man 3
    A simple novelization of the game. (Note: this file is currently plain text only.)
  • X Dream
    Not a part of The Series, but this is a write-up of a strange dream I had once.
    Notice: I’ve gotten a lot of heat about this one due to the fact that, seeing that it’s the X series, most of the original series characters die off. Read at your own risk.