Series Explanation

Mega Man: The Series is an on-going collection of books I’ve written which are chronological and interlaced between the various Mega Man games. The books are written in the young adult genre and average 100 pages.

None of the books have been published mostly because I haven’t had the time to find someone to publish them. I have, however, finally decided to allow them to be posted on the WWW. Visit the Download page to read books online or to download them for later. Printer not included.


Mega Man: The Series is based off the Mega Man series of games, although the plots are original except for novelizations. There are a couple of things to note, however: first, I’m talking about the English versions of the games here; I can’t read Japanese so if there are any discrepancies with these books and the Japanese games, I don’t know about them. Second, I have added to the series in a few ways. I note the major areas below.

First and foremost, in The Series Mega Man, Break Man, and possibly Bass (although Bass is purposefully ambiguous right now) are living machines. This means they can think, make decisions on their own, feel emotions, experience pain, and have other human-like qualities. The games don’t use this term specifically, but they seem to indicate that Mega Man can not only feel emotions, but is also somewhat different from the norm (“not just a robot” as he himself put it). See the Living Machines FAQ for more details (and no, I did not make up the concept of a living machine; it’s been around for ages).

Also, as you may be noting, I call Protoman “Break Man.” He’s still Mega Man’s mysterious brother, just called a different name (which Capcom used themselves without explanation, so I’m not just making things up here). Reasoning behind this can be found on the Break Man VS Protoman page.

Finally, I tossed in some ideas from the Captain N cartoon series. This is different than actually writing Captain N books because I tend to stay true to the games rather than the cartoon shows. More on that below.


The general background of Mega Man: The Series is that Mega Man joins the N-Team but also battles Dr. Wily on his own planet. Some books are more or less isolated on Mega Man’s own planet, while others take place on different worlds.

As part of the ending to Mega Man 3, both Wily and Mega Man are crushed under pieces of the collapsed ceiling. Break Man saved Mega Man but never saw Dr. Wily, so everyone assumed that the scientist was dead. About this same time, Princess Lana had lost her father and most of the Palace’s army and realized she had little chance against the forces of Mother Brain. So she sent out a call for the best warriors of the nearest worlds to aid her. With Mega Man’s nemesis apparently dead and a princess asking for help against another evil being, Mega Man answered the call and joined the N-Team.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the Captain N shows are devoid of Dr. Wily, then all of a sudden he appears? The answer is fairly simple: the shows without Wily occurred in that gap between Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4, when Wily was staying out of sight and building up the materials (and semi-allies!) necessary to wipe out Mega Man. Meanwhile, Mega Man was on the N-Team battling with Mother Brain.

One show deals with Mega Man attempting (and succeeding) to become fully human (though this was short-lived). This happened on his “birthday,” which we know is in the winter sometime because it was snowing. A few days later Dr. Cossack sent his message to Dr. Light (the beginning of Mega Man 4) and Mega Man talked Dr. Light into turning him back into a living machine so he could take on this new threat. (Do you like coincidences? Check out the fortresses in that game. There is snow on the ground!)

Now that the secret that Wily was alive was known, the evil scientist no longer needed to hide. He knew that Mega Man had joined the N-Team—and if he’d had a hard time beating the blue bomber alone, fighting an entire team would be the pits. What’s a lone scientist to do but to ally with the team’s enemy—Mother Brain! This is the subject of Book 1: Teaming Up.

Reader Notes

If you have no clue what I mean by Captain N, don’t worry, the books should hopefully be pretty self-explanatory. If you have seen the Captain N shows, be aware that while I borrowed some of the characters and ideas, my books are not Captain N books, and are not based off the shows. Therefore they will differ from the shows in many ways. Even shows that I directly reference in The Series, such as the one where Mega Man was turned into a human, I may conveniently rewrite pieces of here and there to suit my purposes. So please read with an open mind.

Oh, and if you’ve seen the Mega Man cartoon shows, pretty much just disregard them altogether.