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This is my official “Ramble and Whine and Ask Stupid Questions About MMX6” MegaGram. Enjoy!
    Why doesn’t Capcom just not kill Zero anymore and save themselves all the trouble of having to come up with ways to bring him back? Whatever happened to Dr. Cain? Is he dead? And will he STAY dead?
    What’s the deal with insects in X6? We have a dragonfly, a beetle, and something that appears to be a bloated tick. What exactly IS a “Mijinion” and why isn’t it Finite? “Metal Shark Player” sounds like a really bad movie. “Wolfgang” is NOT the kind of name I expect to hear associated with a Reploid. With that protruding lower jaw, maybe he should be named “Blizzard Wolf Leno”. And whose bright idea was it to name a Reploid “Commander Yammark”? That’s like that one “Gouverneur Morris” guy during the American Revolution. It took me months to figure out he was never a Governor. Although he WAS a Senator. ... at least there was nothing like “Duff McWhalen”. That was downright embarrassing.
    I was pretty excited when I noticed that Capcom managed to put out 5 Mega Man games (I think ... I lost count sometime in October) in 2001. Maybe the programmers began to get fed up and decided to pour their frustration into X6. After all, misery loves company.
    I love the grammatical errors though. Capcom has apparently been studying Or perhaps they’ve taken a lesson from the Zero Wing translator. (Imagine Sigma saying “All your base are belong to us” - all the Hunters would die laughing and the Mavericks would take over the world.)
    Hey hey hey! Don’t leave! I’m just getting started!
    And what about ... (here it seems the author died of some sort of caffeine overdose. THAT certainly explains a lot.)

    1) Dr. Cain, he looked pretty darn old to begin with. Since the games can’t decide what year they take place in or how many years/decades pass between games, I guess we can assume he might be dead. At least as dead as Dr. Light turned out to be.
    2) It honestly seems as though Capcom just can’t win with Maverick names... If they change the Japanese names, people complain, and if they don’t, people complain more. Seriously, nearly all of the Japanese Maverick names are mangled. In every game. Sometimes they’re mangled English and sometimes they’re mangled Japanese (and sometimes both). Just check out the list at the bottom of the Names page for some examples.
    3) I suppose we should give them some breaks. After all, the games are translated in Japan by native Japanese speakers as far as I know. I’m sure if I tried to write something in Japanese my grammar would suffer just as much. =) Well, okay, so that’s not a valid excuse—Capcom is a company and should be able to afford to hire an English proof-reader. But, I digress.

Yo, Mandi!
    I was about to say that I love your site, but as this is the standard opening for every single MegaGram I’ll not say it. But please know that even if I don’t say I love your site. I do. I really do. It rules.
    Anyway, I just want to know a couple of things.
    1) I’m a little confused on the Proto Man matter. Why does everyone talk about Break Man and Proto Man as two different persons?? I thought Proto Man was Proto Man in common, but used the name Break Man when he worked for Wily...
    2) You always use, for names on the robots which names end in ’Man’, the form [Name] Man (with a space). However, you write ’Protoman’ because that’s what is used in the games, which is correct. So I mailed Capcom, asking what spelling is correct, and they said that for EVERY robot with a ’Man’ on the end, the space is used. I mailed them back, asking if this also applied for Protoman, and they answered, ’The correct spelling is Proto Man.’. So I don’t see your problem?
    3) In Mega Man 7, DO you really see Wily wandering off with a red robot who probably is Zero?? I never got that far in the game, but everybody talks about it... So I suppose it’s true. How did this red robot look? Like Zero? Did you just see his back? If you saw him, how can you be UNSURE if it’s Zero (I mean, you recognize him if you see him!)?
    I thought I had more to ask, but I can’t remember anything more. I’ll just bug you again some time, I guess...
    - Spug

Thanks. =)
    1) That’s not exactly it. As near as I can tell, the official story is that Proto Man was using “Break Man” as an alias (I think so that no one would know who he was, as both Dr. Light and assumably Wily would recognize the name “Proto Man”). It’s possible he had been doing so for quite some time, but we won’t know for sure. The games don’t say that Proto Man was ever working for Wily (although Mega Man 4 hints it). He was evidently just acting on his own (like he always does).
    2) This is the logical conclusion yes. However note I was basing my observations off the games themselves. Evidently Capcom never bothered telling whoever translates the games what they told you. I suppose I should be consistent (unlike Capcom) and switch the site over, but it would take some time (hey, it’s a lot of pages!).
    3) No. However you do see Zero (or his schematic at any rate) in the Power Fighters (Bass’s ending). Maybe this is what people were referring to? (The Power Fighters does use MM7 sprites...)

Hi there. I just want to mention that the MMHP is the first ever Megaman website I visited when I first got the internet back in the summer of 1999. Ever since then, I’ve always been a loyal fan of the MMHP. :O)
    Anyway, I’d like to ask your a few questions about Megaman, if you don’t mind.
    1) My friend and I have been argueing lately about whether or not humanity is present in the X series. Of course, I think it’s pretty obvious that humans do indeed exist in 21XX but my friend thinks otherwise. Also, why don’t any humans at least make a cameo in any of the games?
    2) You mentioned before that the world of Megaman X is in no way related to the world of Megaman Legends yet in Megaman Legends 2, Megaman ventures into the ancient artificial planet of Elysium. Appearently, X mentions building a utopia where humans and Reploids co-exist called ’Elysium’ at the end of X5. Coincidence? I don’t think so. :o).
    Well, that’s it. Thanks for your time!
    - Richard Abrego

    1) You have to wonder. Humans are clearly around during early X games, but later on they seem to drop out of the picture (along with Dr. Cain). However my best guess is humans do still exist, because they are hinted to in Mega Man X5 and others (there is discussion about the need to save humanity). Evidently though humans no longer have any role in the Maverick Hunters HQ, which seems to (at least by MMX4 or so) be run entirely by Reploids. (Now isn’t that a recipe for disaster!)
    2) Well, Elysium is actually a real word that means “paradise” which fits both yes, it could be a coincidence. There’s no way to know for sure until Capcom says one way or another, and with the way the X series plot has been going in nearly any direction but forward, we may have a long wait.

Why can’t Dr. Light just make a giant robot like the ones that Dr. Wily uses to fight megaman at the end of every game for megaman? I mean, that would make it easier on poor megaman!
    - Ablas

Just imagine trying to fit it through the door. “I’ll take you on Wily!, as soon as I get this giant robot through this little entrance...” Just teasing. Seriously, Wily seems to build his giant robots into the rooms they occupy. This seems to work better for the defender (Wily) than the attacker (Mega Man). It’d make sense to put something like that in Dr. Light’s lab though, for defense. Then again, maybe Dr. Light is just better off with Mega Man. After all, look at their track record—Mega Man: 100% wins. Big machines: 0% wins. Hmm...

What is the deal with the artwork on the front of the first megaman game? Is that Megaman on the front??? Why is he WEARING YELLOW and why does he LOOK 50!?!?
    - Adam Varney

Ahh, this is a case of Capcom, in their infinite wisdom, deciding that the English copies of the games needed new artwork because they felt that audience wouldn’t like the original Japanese art. This is why the box covers were altered for nearly every game thereafter, although Capcom has at least gravitated back toward using original Japanese artwork on their covers these days, even if the cover layout itself is changed.

Hi. I gots a little problemo. Your mini story, Soul Search is really good,but every time I pull it up, it blanks out half way through. This is really agravating ’cause (in my opinion) this is one of the best yet! the point where the error thingy comes up is about when Mega Man/Break Man (Man that’s funny ^_^) are fryin’ the computer when Wily is tryin’ to reprogram them. (Not fair, Not fair ^~^)
    anyhoo, please help me out. I don’t know if this is ’cause the story just got put up recently, or ’cause my internet provider changed their system or somethin’. So please post this letter and help, (I’d have you e-mail me but I don’t have an adress.^o^)

This was sent a little while ago—sorry I haven’t gotten around to posting MegaGrams in the meantime. The book loads fine for me, but there are a couple of alternatives even if you don’t have e-mail. First, try downloading the file directly rather than viewing it (see the instructions near the top of the Downloads page). If that doesn’t work, might I suggest the FTP server (again see the Downloads page). If that works for you, you can download a plain text version of the file, which, hey, is better than nothing!

    I just finished reading every one of your books, and they’re really great. I have a few questions concerning them..
    1. I’ve become really attached to Lyric,Signal, and Pulse, so will they ever show up again in another book?
    2. When exactly will book 19 be coming out (I’m dying of boredom)
    3. On the comic version of the stories, The text is too tiny to read!! Even when you enlarge it! It’s been literally driving me crazy, and I was wondering if you could do something to change that.
    That’s about it, keep up the good work!
    - Melody

    1) *innocent look* Maybe. *grin*
    2) There is currently no Book 19. However I have a few mini-books and other random tidbits floating around...
    3) Sorry about that...the text was never really intended to be readable on those, since they were merely examples. However the text is pretty much straight out of the book, except for that one page which adds dialogue not in the book, which I suppose I could post a transcript of...

Hey Mandi,
    I’m a bit confused about the stories 4 and 5. In the end of story four, Breakman get’s captured, but in story five, he’s in Dr.Lights lab! how did he get there? When he was captured, was that when Dr.Wily made the holo-clone? Story 5 is very confusing. BTW, one more question. How old is everyone? You said in the stories that Kevin is a teen, so I get the impression that Megaman, Breakman and such are the same age. Please fill me in.
    - Confused

Dear Confused,
    Hey, now I sound like Ann Landers!
    Just teasing. Seriously, keep in mind that the game Mega Man 5 takes place between Books 4 and 5. (I did start writing a novelization of Mega Man 5 which would help matters, but it’s not complete.) Basically Break Man gets free during the game, and thus why he’s fine in Book 5.
    Being robots, the age of Mega Man and Break Man is actually somewhat misleading. I gave up trying to figure out an official timeline, so I’m not sure exactly how old they are. However it’s somewhere around seven years (give or take several years depending on where in the series you are). Keep in mind however that because they’re robots they were able to be programmed with knowledge and personalities and thus “came out of the box” already with adult-like intelligence. It seems as though Dr. Light purposefully gave them teenager-like personalities rather than making them act like 40-year-old adults, so you could say that Mega Man is basically teenage in terms of his personality.