Someone needs to learn how to spell.
Note that I do not, in most cases, make any corrections to MegaGram entries. I post each one as-is, complete with any typos or spelling errors that might have come with it. So you might want to double-check your work! The reason for this is because I don’t want to second-guess what the writer meant. One of these days I might just correct a typo wrongfully, and mess up the entire Gram! That wouldn’t be nice, so I just leave them as they were sent to me.
Writing MegaGrams
  • Feel free to use HTML tags in your ’Grams, if you know them. I do reserve the right, however, to remove tags that might cause adverse affects to the page; however, simple things like italicizing words is fine.
  • Please no swearing. I don’t think I have to specify this, but I will anyway. Many visitors to this site are young so please keep your letters decent.
My MegaGram wasn't posted!
Sometimes this happens, although give it a few months before you give up on it. Although at times I do not post a specific ’Gram (see below), it is also possible that the MegaGram is simply waiting on the proper person to answer it. (I often save ’Grams for a specific character to answer until I have enough to fill an entire MegaGrams page.) Note that there are often times when I receive more ’Grams than I can post, in which case some will be skipped and never posted. Don’t take this as an insult or anything; it’s just a fact of life.
How do you choose MegaGrams to post?
I generally receive more MegaGrams than I can post. So how do I pick between them? There are no hard-and-fast rules, but, generally speaking, these can be considered guidelines. A good MegaGram should...
  • ...have a topic that hasn’t been touched upon before. People all saying the same thing can be dull. If that happens a lot I’ll often just post one and skip the others. Of course, it’s impossible to tell what other people are writing aside from what has been posted in past MegaGrams, but you can get a pretty good idea by reading the archives and by just generally surfing MMHP.
  • ...not cover topics in the FAQ. This dovetails with the above point. If it’s in the FAQ you know it’s been covered a lot already.
  • ...have something resembling grammar. I can understand typos and such, but if the ’Gram is impossible to read because of its grammatical structure (or lack thereof), I generally won’t try to clean it up. I’ll just skip it.
  • interesting. The primary goal of the MegaGrams is to be entertaining to the visitors of MMHP. So write something interesting that others would want to read.
  • ...have a point. This is probably the most critical at all, and goes hand-in-hand with being interesting. A ’Gram that rambles on with no point in sight isn’t entertaining to anyone but the writer.