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Dear Mandi,
    Konnichi wa! How’s life been treating you? I’ve been alright, I guess... >_<; Oy. I noticed you finally started updating again......heh, just giving you a hard time; you must’ve been busy. I read the newest books in “The Series”...and WOW. Way past awesome. “Lands of Confusion: Book 2” has to be my favorite book yet! “Of Flesh and Steel” was a good read as well. I particularly enjoyed the banter between Sonic and Mega Man, and Lyric’s character was just plain HILARIOUS. Right on! ...I’ve still got more questions to ask youse, though... ^-^
    1) Dr. Robotnik’s roboticizers, as you know, transform their captives into robots and bends their will to obey Robotnik. Then why wasn’t this the case with Lyric’s transformation? Why was she able to keep her humanity?
    2) Did Wily snag a sample of Signal’s MIRA? If so, any idea on what he’s planning on using it for? Y’think he plans to use it in Bass’ construction?
    3) “Lands of Confusion 2” pretty much implied that the “Mega Man X” series does NOT reflect the future of Megaland and its inhabitants. But referring to Question 2 (and also to the ending of “Power Fighters”), if Signal’s MIRA and Wily’s “Bassium” are one and the same, and he’s using Bassium in Zero’s construction, then......ugh, lost my train of thought...
    4) The invisible army that Break Man, Mega Man and their doubles teamed up against...will it make an appearance in Book 3 of “LOC”? Just reading about that gave me chills...
    5) Will Mega Man and Sonic ever cross paths again? For THAT matter, I’d like to see the kind of conversation that might occur between Knuckles and Break Man... ^-^
    6) Does Lyric have a “thing” for Break Man now?? Heeheehee...
    7) Why can’t Wily find a less destructive maybe papier mache?
    8) Do you have any idea why Capcom won’t release games like “Superadventure Rockman” or “Battle & Chase” here in the States? ’Cuz I say we don’t have ENOUGH Mega Man games!
    My brain only allows for a limited amount of usage, as you can probably tell from the rest of my questions after #3. That one just involved too much thinking. ^-^ Argh. Hope I didn’t annoy you too much this time around! Thanks a ton!
    - Nemesys-sama

    1) The roboticizer wasn’t perfected yet. After all, it was new technology and all, and was bound to go through a few revisions. But don’t worry, Robotnik took it back to Mobius and he’ll have plenty of time to refine it on his own. Heh heh.
    2) I’ve been wondering if anyone’s found the FAQ yet. But I must congratulate you for being astute.
    3) Well, just because it was an alternate universe doesn’t mean that Zero couldn’t also be built in the future of the current timeline. After all, there are plenty of alternate Mega Men running around, right? So there could be multiple Xs, multiple Zeros, etc.
    4) We’ll have to see.
    5) No plans currently, but I wouldn’t be against the idea. I’m a fan of the Sonic series as well.
    6) Yep. Well, someone said, after all, that Break Man needed a girlfriend, right?
    Break Man: I do just fine on my own.
    MegaMaster: Oh, where did you come from? Well, anyway, we all knew you weren’t amused.
    Break Man: That’s an understatement.
    MegaMaster: I thought it was funny.
    Break Man: You would.
    7) I’m sure Wily’ll stop destroying things once he gets everyone to agree to his rule. Heh heh.
    8) I don’t know for sure, but I heard once that Sony wouldn’t allow Battle & Chase to be released in the United States, and in that sense they sort of nipped the entire localization project in the bud. I have no idea if this is true, but it’s not outside the bounds of possibility (after all, Sony almost didn’t allow Mega Man 8). As for Superadventure, it’d take a lot of effort to translate because you’d have to find voice actors, and Capcom has a horrible track record with that when it comes to the original and X series so far...

Dear Mega Grams:
    I only found you’re site a little time ago and I’v been hooked on it ever since. I have some Questions about Mega Man...
    1.Is it possible toget any of the Mega Man books in Europe (in Finland for instance)?
    2.Has the Mega Man “american” TV-series ever been shown outside of USA
    3.How come Proto Man is a bad gyu in The Mega Man TV-series (is it because he acts a bit mean in Mega Man 3)?
    4.You said DUO was one of the two robots that crashed on earth in Mega Man 8. Hwo’s this othe Robot?
    5.Could it be possible to get some Video images of the Mega Man TV-series? And by the way, what company made the TV-series?
    6.How come there are so few female characters in Mega Man games?
    7.How many times has Wily reconstructed the Skull Fortress?
    8.Why do you call Mega Man and the others robots... with emotions, feelings and (just about) freewill wouldn’t that cualafy them as Addroids or Cyborgs?
    - Mega Fan

    1) If you mean The Series, sure, just head to the Download page. Otherwise, the only published Mega Man novel that I am aware of is the novelization of Mega Man 2, which I’m afraid I have no clue where to find (try used book stores).
    2) I know it’s been translated into German and Spanish and probably some other languages as well.
    3) I have no idea...
    4) The other robot was never named. Dr. Wily reportedly makes off with it, and that’s how he gets the evil energy. Evidently he never bothered repairing the robot; maybe he used it for spare parts for his other inventions in that game.
    5) Yes, I’ve been planning to snap screen shots from the cartoons. I just haven’t had the time yet. I’ll get around to it sometime.
    6) Because it is stereotypical that most game players are male? Because the “Man” thing sort of stuck? Got me.
    7) Once per game, sometimes more.
    8) A cyborg is an organic creature with robotic components, so that term doesn’t apply at all. An android is simply a robot that is built to look like a human being. The term “android” in itself doesn’t have anything to do with feeling emotions or having a free will, so those aspects are irrelevant. In that sense, Mega Man is both a robot and an android; ether term can be used.

Dear MegaGrams:
    1)Why is Bass in Power Battle and its sequal/prequal? Why would Bass want to stop Wily?
    2)Why did Beat change from an attacking bird to a life-saving bird?
    3)Why are robots repeated in Rocman and Forte?
    4)Why in your “books” do you call Protoman Break Man? (I know that is/was/seemed like his original name)
    5)Why was the height, power, speed, etc. taken away from the robot masters? (By the way, in Mega Man 6, it tells you everything when you start a level)
    - ImBenjamin

    1) According to the plots as given in the games, Bass was annoyed at Wily for trying to replace him with other (in Bass’s view inferior) robots. So, Bass points this out to Wily by going around destroying Wily’s other creations. This is basically the same reason Bass turns against Wily halfway through Rockman & Forte as well.
    2) Got me.
    3) Got me.
    4) See the separate page which discusses this.
    5) Most of the values I was using were unofficial, so to avoid confusion I decided to remove them. As for the MM6 stats, this and other games have provided statistics but more often than not they make absolutely no logical sense whatsoever, so I tend to ignore them to varying degrees.

Dear MegaGrams:
    Here’s a little mystery for you: What ever did happen to “Protoman’s” fortress from Mega Man 5, anyway? It apparently didn’t collapse...
    - Pteryx

The real Protoman probably went and blew it up once he’d saved Mega Man’s tail. Heh heh. Seriously, I don’t know, the games don’t say...

How are the Megamans from the Megaman series to the Megaman Legends series related. They seem to come from different worlds and situations. In Megaman Legends 2, it says that he was named after a popular cartoon character, or something. Can we get a clear cut explanation?
    - Matt

Yes: They have no relation. =) Seriously, there seems to be no connection whatsoever between the two series aside from the cameo appearances of the original and X series as video games and comic books in the Legends series. In other words, MegaMan in Legends is not in any way related to Mega Man from the original series; it doesn’t even seem to be the same planet.

Here’s an interesting question for you. Mother Brain operates from planet Metroid (or spaceship Metroid, floating-brain-shaped-thingy Metroid... whatever). It’s the thing I remember best about the Captain N shows, aside from Mega Man having a funky voice. He sounded like he’d been a pack-a-day smoker for upwards of thirty years. And he had green armor. And... he had a visor. o_O *ahem* Back to my point... where are the Metroids supposed to be? You may not actually know, but have you got a theory?
    Secondly, I’ve heard Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and maybe even Roll (but never Protoman, although I think the shows aired through the release of MM3) were in some Captain N episodes. I sure don’t remember this. Is it true?
    - Blues_

You know, I don’t think the shows ever discussed this. If any show actually featured an actual Metroid I never saw it. I guess they pretended Metroids don’t exist, although it could be explained away by saying they’re just not around...maybe Mother Brain loses control of them or something and that’s why she has to resort to others (like her new henchmen) to do her bidding.
    Roll isn’t officially in the Captain N shows—while there is a “Mega Girl” in a couple of episodes she is never identified as being Roll specifically. But yes, Dr. Light (“Right”) and Dr. Wily are there—in fact they’re in quite a number of episodes. Protoman never shows though.

Dear Master of All Things Mega Man,
    This isn’t the first time I’ve tried sending a MegaGram and I imagine that you must get a lot of these messages. Your new page format is very visually pleasing and I also enjoy readings the questions sent in by other readers, but could you please listen to me this time? Pretty please with plasma on top? Okay, here I go!
    1.) You seem to get a lot of MegaGrams in “numbered questions” format. I guess this is very convenient for you? How would you feel about randomly numbered questions?
    2.) I firmly believe that Protoman could exist in X’s time since he’s always popping in and out of places. He’s probably been watching X all this time! I think it would be neat if he showed up, since X must be dying to learn about his creator.
    3.) How is X destroying Zero supposed to save humanity if the Maverick Computer Virus doesn’t exist in him any more? Even if he was the original carrier of it, since Dr. Wily obviously built him to corrupt the robots of the future, what’s the point? He’s reformed, and a Maverick Hunter at that!
    4.) Lately in your books, I’ve been noticing an acute lack of weapon stealing on the part of Mega Man. Since that’s what sets him apart from other heroes, you should have him do more of that. How about at least three weapons per book?
    5.) May I have a drumroll, please? Why? Because in Mega Man X5...(ddddddddddddddddd)...X AND ZERO WILL FINALLY GAIN THE ABILITY TO DUCK!!! No, really! I saw this in a preview movie of the game! Capcom had better not cut it out of the final version!
    6.) Didn’t you think it was better when Capcom put the 2 and 3 in Mega Man X 2 and 3 up a little like an exponent? That way you could read the title like “Mega Man X to the Second Power”! I liked that better than plain old “Mega Man X Four”.
    Okay, I’ve had my half dozen, so I’ll leave you alone now. Please keep rocking and writing.
    - CreatureKeeper20XX

Sorry if some MegaGrams get skipped. It’s not due to lack of quality but lack of space. So don’t take it personally. I do read all ’Grams however, even ones which don’t end up being posted. Anyway...
    1) Either way is fine with me. Whatever works best for you.
    2) Protoman could certainly exist in the X series...he just hasn’t shown up yet.
    3) I’m not sure the point is to save the world from the virus. After all if Zero goes crazy X would be destroying him just to save humanity from Zero, not from any virus. But...we shall see in due time.
    4) Ah, well, I don’t determine the plots of the books like that, but I agree with you that weapon-stealing is fun.
    5) Now all they need to do is put ducking into the original series...
    6) This is personal preference, but I prefer it a number rather than an exponent. “Mega Man X2” is a sequel, not a mathematical equation.

I have a couple of odd questions :)
    1)Is it just me or does Zero have more style than X?
    2)Could you tell me where i can find the latest MegaMan games?
    3)MegaMan legends should not have gone to the 64!!!
    4)Why cant the people at Capcom explore more names for the Mavericks so it sounds a little better than repeats?
    - Zero MK2

    1) I doubt it’s just you. A lot of people seem to think this. =)
    2) Try Capcom’s website. You can buy games directly from them, as well as various other things (anyone want a Servbot towel?).
    3) Actually if you ask me they should have made Legends for the N64 from the beginning. The port wasn’t as well done as it could have been. The Legends style of game play really is perfectly suited for the N64, if it’s done right...which it wasn’t exactly.
    4) Are Guns N’ Roses names really any better?

I have one very simple question. Do you know the name of the person who created Megaman? I remember hearing that one person thought up the character and designed him and they built the series from that, but I could well be wrong. Can you shed any light on this subject?
    Thanks in advance,
    Bryan “DarkMoogle” Carr

Although I don’t have much information on exactly how much he single-handedly designed himself, this credit usually goes to Keiji Inafune. If you look at the credits of various games he’s usually listed as producer or something related to design (sometimes under the name “INAFKING”). He’s even listed in “side” games like Battle & Chase and the Legends series.