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    Just thought I’d ask a quick question about Mega Man 3 (NES). How is it that a robot can split into two of the same robot, like Gemini Man does? It seems illogical. I know cloning is possible, but not with robots. Please clear this up!
    ~ n64stalker

Cloning is in a sense possible with robots (actually it’d be easier to clone a robot than an organic creature). But it does seem a little unlikely that a Robot Master could make a clone himself that quickly and easily. The duplicate might instead be a solid hologram. This wouldn’t really explain why your weapons seem to work equally well on both of them, but it’s a possibility. Or it could just be Capcom not caring if the phenomenon has an explanation or not. =)

Hey Mandi,
    This is my first Megagram (of many) and I just have a few questions:
    1) I don’t read the books, so, who are Signal and...I frgot the other one’s name! Sorry.
    2) Could you describe [the evil guy] from your dream(By the way, I read about it and it sounded COOL, except for a few parts tht were pretty sad{like break man’s death})
    3) I never got that far in Megaman X4, but what’s the deal with Wily?
    4) Is it true that Sigma knows about Wily and Zero? It was just a rumor that I heard.
    I’d really appreiate some answers PLEASE!
    - Cameron (a.k.a. Camcorder)

    1) Be easiest to see the characters page.
    2) Actually, no, because I can’t really remember what he looked like. I have this amazing knack of being able to dream things without really seeing them. Don’t know how I do it.
    3) He evidently built Zero. Also check out the Power Fighters ending as that implies the same thing.
    4) Strictly speaking, we’re not sure how much Sigma knows. However it’s pretty clear he knows at least something, if not the full story. How he learned is anyone’s guess (it’d make sense if Sigma had been built by Wily too, but according to the games, he was built by Cain...).

Dear MegaGrams,
    I need serious help!
    Heyo all! I love your site, it’s the best! Anyway I need some help(obviously)!
    1)Where do you think data, the dancing monkey, learned his dance moves?
    2)Where can I find Megaman X3 for PC or SNES?
    3)Protoman, why hasn’t anyone made a game about you? You da man!
    4)Bass, even Megaman says your name like a fish in the PSX games! What’s going on?
    5)Megaman, why is your voice so high? No offense ^_^!
    6)Protoman, where can I get your scarf?
    That’s it! I’m done! Thanks for your time ::throws on yellow scarf, and monkey dances out of the room::
    - Blues973

    1) Dance Dance Revolution?
    2) I found the PC one at EB. You might be able to find it in a software store somewhere, perhaps used. Try the Buyer’s Guide.
    3) I’ve been wondering the same thing. Or at least give him more of a part in a normal Mega Man game...
    4) Crummy voice actors.
    5) Crummy voice actors.
    6) Well, seeing as to how he’s always wearing it, I suppose if you wanted it you’d have to get it from around his neck. Oh, you meant where to get one like it? You can’t. It’s one of a kind. Bwahaha! *ahem*

Dear MegaGrams:
    I have two questions.
    1.Are Mega Man and X the same?
    2.Is Zero a boy or girl?
    - Dr. Wily

    1) Unknown. They could be the same, although the games imply that X is a new creation, not a rebuild of an existing one.
    2) He’s male. Although with some of the artwork (particularly Cardfighters) you really begin to wonder...

Dear MegaGrams:
    I have a few questions! And a few statements. Oh yeah, some of my questions are irrelevant, so it’s okay if you answer with just a few words.
    1) I know it’s a stupid question, because of how she looks and all, but...was ’Shadow Lady’ (from Marvel vs. Capcom) in any way, associated with any of the Mega Man games? I’m asking because her name sounds a lot like ’Shadow Man’, but...I’m just wondering...I mean, you never know...
    2) Tron...well...Tron is just so not right for Mega Man...Tron thinks she is, though...I think Bass and Tron would make a better match. Mega Man can go with Roll. Or someone that has a lot of blue, like Felicia. What do YOU think? =P
    3) Bass is better than Mega Man! ...ummmmmmmmmm..just wanted to make that clear...
    4) Does you know why all the cool Mega Man games (e.g “Power Battle”) were never brought to console systems in the U.S?
    5) Is Roll just another dumb blonde?
    6) What are all the Mega Man games ever made? I don’t really want a description, just the titles, please..
    7) Where does one find find Mega Man mangas?
    8) Do you know of any Mega Man games that had typos in the story line?
    9) Who are all the females (or at least programmed to female) in all the Mega Man games?
    Well, that’s it. Personally, I don’t expect much of these to be answered.
    - Devilot

    1) Nope, don’t think so. The game titled Shadow Man has nothing to do with the Robot Master either.
    2) Bass and Tron would make a very hilarious match. I don’t know, I think it’s kind of poetic justice that Tron falls for the very “blue boy” the Bonnes are trying to eliminate...
    3) Okay...
    4) They were barely brought to the US in arcade form (I’m not sure Power Fighters actually hit the U.S., but I found an English one in Canada). I assume the Power Battle and Power Fighters port for Neo-Geo Pocket Color would have come out in English had SNK not yanked their systems from the English market...
    5) Of course not!
    6) See the About Mega Man page and/or the Game List.
    7) Japanese import stores are the best places (aside from Japan itself).
    8) Quite a few. My personal favorites (to poke fun at) are “I gonna do” and “Dr. Willy.”
    9) The original series has Roll, Kalinka, and Plum (announcer in Battle & Chase). The X series has Iris (yep, that’s it). The Legends series hosts the most, among them being Roll, Tron, and a decent number of miscellaneous minor characters (Amelia, Denise, Irma, etc, etc...).

Dear Megagrams,
    Hey Mandi, great site. There are a few things that I need cleared up.
    1) If robots can’t die, how come Megaman/Breakman/Bass/etc. aren’t around during the X series? And how come nobody remembers them?
    2) ON the subject of X, how come there aren’t any decent ROMs for Megaman X2 and X3?
    3)Is Rockman and Forte a seperate series?(Like, will there be a Rockman and Forte 2?)
    4) Is there any chance of releasing the MM 1-6 remakes in the U.S.?
    well, thats it. Keep up the good work!
    - Rick

    1) Well, they could have been destroyed beyond repair. But it’s rather unclear why no one remembers they ever existed. I mean, I’d think if Wily had tried to take over the world an umpteen number of times, it’d be a little hard to lose in history. That’s like us forgetting about World War I or II.
    2) Evidently because they require custom chips on the cartridge which are difficult to emulate.
    3) Good question. Technically it isn’t a separate series in the way that X and Legends are. However if Capcom wanted they could easily make a R&F2. This would be similar to how there is a Mega Man 2 for both NES and Game Boy.
    4) To be brutally honest, I don’t really see much chance in this happening. After all, there was already a remake of the first three games (Wily Wars) and that only made it to the U.S. via the Sega Channel. Besides which, Capcom hasn’t mentioned any plans of translating the PSX remakes. But, we’ll have to wait and see...

    First of all, your site is great. I’ve read all books in the series so far ( except lands of confusion...I’m not sure if I want to.)
    Anyway, I’ve got some questions about the series.
    1) Why was Book 3 called “Blind to the Truth” if Mega Man was blind for only less than 5 chapters?
    2) Is book 18 almost done? It sounds interesting.
    3) Shouldn’t you consider “Day to Live” as Mini-Book 4?
    4) In the timeline, Book 18 is before MM8. Does this mean we won’t see Tengu Man, Astro Man and the rest there?
    5) Are you planning to draw the “missing covers” in the book list? I’d love to see a cover for Book 13 1/2.
    6) Shouldn’t Giga Man have a “Giga Buster”?
    7) What’s “A Day in the Strife”
    Well, that’s all!
    - Mega Man fan

    1) It’s a double meaning. Ameilla and Corneillius were also blind to the truth, although it wasn’t a physical blindness.
    2) I’d estimate it’s about half done. The beginning and end are complete. I just have to write out the middle.
    3) Probably. It just didn’t feel like a Mini-Book to me. I’m not sure why. I suppose it’d make things easier though if it were...
    4) Yes. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll crop up at some point.
    5) I never got any inspirations for them, so I never drew any, but if I come up with ideas, I’ll be sure to make them into covers.
    6) Perhaps. Weapons names don’t just arbitrarily change just because a different person is using them. After all, a Top Spin doesn’t suddenly become a Mega Spin when Mega Man equips it. On the other hand, if Giga Man really did have a weapon which was different from the Mega Buster, then it would warrant a different name. The problem is, it’s unclear how much different his cannons actually were (Wily can make all the claims he wants, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are true =)), and they were never actually named. I assume if making a new, more powerful arm cannon was that easy, Dr. Light would have done it by now for Mega Man, so I figure Giga Man just had a Mega Buster.
    7) Check out the Fanfic links page.

    Hey there! How you is? Me is okay. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading (books from the Series), and there’s a few things I don’t get:
    1) In Book 16 (Mega Fraud), Bass ambushes Mega Man at Club Zero. What I don’t get is, how did he know that Mega Man was even AT the club? Not to mention the fact that Mega Man was in casual wear and fit in perfectly with the rest of the people. For that matter, what if Bass had targeted the wrong person?
    2) In my last MegaGram, I asked where Break Man gets all his enhancements from (Super Tanks and/or Mega Buster upgrades), and after re-reading Book 13 1/2 (Mental Chaos), I realized that he probably churns them out with all those computers and machinery he has in his little “home”. But where did he get those supplies from in the first place? The wreckage of Wily’s Skull Fortress?
    3) Where does Doctor Wily get the funds and materials for his attempts at world conquest?
    4) Will “Rockman & Forte” be included in the “Series” timeline? For that matter, will King or any of his (Wily’s) Robot Masters from R&F make any appearances?
    5) From what I’ve read on the download page, Book 18 sounds like a possible end to the Series. Please don’t end the Series!! There’s still so much more to tell!!
    6) (not really a question) Were you aware that Mega Man X5 is in development? You can download the preview clip at under the Movies section.
    7) I’m not totally clear on the status of Reploids. Are Reploids living machines, or merely robots that are able to think for themselves but have no real sense of judgement? Personally, I believe the first statement, since it explains how Zero and Iris fell in love in the first place. But as for everyone else...
    8) Do you know if any actual Mega Man games are in development for the Dreamcast? Such a game would be beautiful, to say the least...
    9) I don’t get it...How can living machines (Signal) enjoy eating? Eating in itself, I can understand. After all, Giga Man was able to eat. But Signal, when eating chocolate (if I remember right) can TASTE. How the heck is this possible? Or is this an unanswerable question, since “Twin Signal” is totally different from “Mega Man”?
    Once again, I’ve gotta thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my MegaGram. The reason I send so many of these things is not to annoy you, it’s just that I want to learn more about Mega Man. Obsessive, aren’t I?
    Thanks a bunch!!
    - Nemesys-sama

    1) Dr. Wily tracked Mega Man and pinpointed his location for Bass. He actually wanted to harrass Mega Man in public—the more people, the better, because he was trying to get people to distrust robots. (Who says Wily never pays attention to politics?) Of course there was still the chance of Bass picking on the wrong person, but as he has no real respect for humans I don’t think it would have bothered him any.
    Why doesn’t Wily just track Mega Man everywhere? It apparently isn’t a terribly easy feat although Wily has been known to pull it off on occasion. My guess is Dr. Light recalibrates Mega Man every so often to block Wily from tracking him, but it’s like trying to stop computer viruses—people keep updating the viruses to outwit the protections, and so on in a cycle.
    2) Probably. I’m guessing he gets most of his supplies from Wily’s fortresses, whether they be wrecked at the time or not...
    3) I doubt he needs funds. He probably steals whatever he wants. Who’d sell Wily anything anyway?
    4) I don’t know yet. We’ll see.
    5) Heh heh. What, and stop picking on my favorite little blue punchbag—I mean, hero? I wouldn’t think of it!
    7) I’m not really clear on the status of Reploids either. I suppose they’ll just remain a mystery for now. Remember though that X isn’t technically a Reploid (he was the base model that Cain made the Reploids from) and Zero probably isn’t one either, considering who made him.
    8) I haven’t heard of any, but you never know.
    9) The creator of Twin Signal never bothers to explain this as far as we know. I suppose since living machines can feel pain and emotions and other human-like things, it’s not out of their league to be able to taste. Just because Mega Man doesn’t, doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Dear Mega Master or Answering Bot:
    In diffrent books, you’ve mentioned both Trillium and Trinium. Each is hard to break, and cannot be blasted. Now, I’m wondering, are they the same? If not, which is stronger? Thanks.
    - Brandon

Trirainium is the super-strong metal that reflects energy. Trillium is merely a compound that seems to be especially useful in making circuit boards, but it isn’t overly strong or resiliant. Now there’s a piece of trivia for you. (By the way, neither of these metals exist in real life. They’re purely fictional inventions (read: plot devices).)