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Dear MegaGrams,
    Uh...hello I guess. I have a few questions about the Mega Man series for you, since you seem to be the expert on the Net....
    1. My favorite MM game is Mega Man 3. I, personally, think it was the pinnacle of Mega Man evolution. It introduced Rush and the slide manuever, and it was the only game where you could keep your Energy Tanks! Sure, Mega Man 4 had the charged-up Mega Buster and Flip-Top, but the graphics got too cartoony and the levels were a wee-bit too hard.... What I’m getting at is, when do you think Mega Man games started going downhill?
    2. This should be an easy one for you. Are Proto-Man and Break Man the same person/robot? I just wanted to know, because I’m not exactly sure.....
    3. Another easy one. Is the official name for those walking hard hats Mets or, um, Hard Hats? My friend and I are having a debate about that, and I want it to be settled once and for all.
    4. The first Mega Man game I got was Mega Man 4, and the first ever Robot Master I beat was Skull Man. So, therefore, Skull Man and MM 4 have a sort of sentimental value to me. Do any games and/or Robot Masters have any sentimental value to you?
    5. My hand starting to hurt from typing, so this question is my last. Have you ever seen Pixelboy’s ideas for Mega Man X5 and X6? If you have, what’s your opinion about them? If you haven’t I suggest you go check them out.....
    - Rock

    1) I liked Mega Man 3 a lot too. Personally, I began to see a decline around Mega Man 6. I’m not entirely sure why, but it didn’t feel quite the same at the time. In retrospect it wasn’t so bad. Neither were Mega Man 7 or even Mega Man 8 even though Mega Man had turned into a plush toy by that point...
    2) See the FAQ.
    3) Mets, technically, although they’ve been called many other things by Capcom, such as Metalls.
    4) Most of the original series, actually. *smiles* Probably Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 the most, since those were the ones that got me into the series.
    5) I should, sometime...

There is something troubling me lately. Mainly, the cartoon shows. One; Break Man, a.k.a. Protoman, is evil on the show. He is not evil; just misled. Two; in the episode involving X, Vile, and Spark Mandrill, when X is telling about his world, spelling Sigma C-I-G-M-A, instead of S-I-G-M-A. Could this be a Japanese-English translation typo? I doubt it, for Sigma is the Greek letter S and the symbol for it is shown on the Mavericks’ like a bar code. Third, is is true that Break Man has another name? Besides Protoman? Is it Blues?
    - Garrett Martinez

The shows were generally inaccurate on a lot of counts. But I make light of that elsewhere. *grins* And yes, Protoman’s Japanese name is Blues.

Whatever happened to the original Mavericks? I saw Chill Penguin frozen in the backround when I was fighting the miniboss is Frost Walrus’ level. Do anymore past Mavericks appear anywhere?

I think I remember seeing Flame Mammoth as well, or at least a robot who looked very much like him...

Dear MegaGrams-
    I was playing Mega Man X one day when I realized that Sigma’s Dog, and Bass’ dog Treble from MM7 look almost exactly the same. Is there any relation, or possibly are they even the same robot?
    - n64stalker

As far as I know there is no connection. It is an interesting simularity however.

What’s with Capcom and Nintendo? Until recently with Tetris, Resident Evil, and GB Color remakes, there hasn’t been anything Capcom since the N64 debuted! I own all Nintendo systems, so I can’t play Mega Man 8 or X4! Do you know why Capcom stopped making Nintendo games? The only Mega Man games I’ve gotten recently are the rereleases (X, I, and II)! Speaking of which, any plans on MMIII or V being rereleased yet?
    - James McCloud

I really don’t know why they haven’t bothered to make an N64 game, particularly when they created a 3-D Mega Man game (Legends). As for Game Boy, I have heard rumors that Mega Man V will be rereleased soon for Game Boy Color. No official word yet however.

Dear Mandi:
    I read your reference to Breath of Fire in book thirteen, however there are a few things I’d like to mention.
    1) The amnesea is cured by a potion of four parts and then mixed by a certain doctor.
    2) The poison bit I found hilarious since (as all B.O.F. fans know) in the game antidotes are a dime a dozen literally! And poison dosen’t kill it just weakens the person to one hit point.
    3) The ONLY use the songs have (at least as I played it) is to weaken dragons, Thats it!
    Also YOUR SITE IS THE BEST! though I hate this nomadic thing you have it took me a year almost to find this site again!
    - X-Force 1

I realize the reference isn’t accurate, but I know Kid Icarus specifically said music in a bottle to cure amnesia. I immediately thought of Breath of Fire, and even if the reference is inaccurate, I thought people would appreciate it, so I stuck it in.
    Keep in mind that Kid Icarus and Simon never do find this music in a bottle, so there’s no indication that it actually exists. It’s possible Kid Icarus was given incorrect information. Also, we don’t know where Simon was poisoned. It could have been anywhere. And you’re right: it must have been an unusual poison or Dr. Light would have cured it easily.

Hi, Mandi!
    I love yu site, and the stories are some of the best mega Man stories I’ve read to date! I just want you’re opinion on two things:
    1) How abut a crossover between the anime “Sailor Moon” (the Japanese version, whihc I know quite well) and Mega Man? The anime DOES have video games in japan, and we could have that the future portion of it (aka Crystal Tokyo) joining VideoLand;
    2) What if Dr. Light has a wife and son, yet he still built Break Man, Mega Man, and Roll, except only as his helpers around the lab?(I’m thinking about writing a fanfic series based on this idea, but I just want your opinion on it^^)
    Ja ne!
    Miya Goldenheart

    1) I’ve considered it. Like everything, if a solid story ever presents itself of course I will write it down.
    2) Officially, I don’t think he has a wife or kids, or we’d have seen them by now. However, for a fanfic, there’s nothing wrong with the idea.

Dear Mandi,
    I have a number of questions.
    1. Some time ago, I sent a Megagram to you asking about stage discription. At that time I assumed you would know what I meant but I was wrong. You thought they were strategies for the MM games. What I meant was that a stage discription was a discription of what a stage would be like (layout or what the stage would look like, what enemies would there be, etc.) The stage discription would normally would constist of a picture of the stage and a paragraph or two discribing it (the stage not the picture.) If you want to get a better idea of what I mean, you may want to check out any of these webpages: The Castlevania Dungeon, Contra HQ, and the Ninja Gaiden Homepage.
    2. Where do you suppose Dr. Wily gets the materials he needs to make those robots of his?
    3. Are you aware of a MM game called Rockman World? (Not sure if this is the real name.) I read it is for the Neo-Geo Pocket.
    4. What about a game staring Tron from MM Legends?
    5. Have you ever thought of having other characters other then Nintendo characters appear in your book series? Examples: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sailor Moon, the Alien, the Predator, Dragonball Z.
    6. Why are there no pictures of the robot masters from the MM PC games? I have a MM game idea for them to appear in and I would like to know what they look like so I don’t have to come up with my own ideas.
    - Sailor Phoenix

    1) If I ever have a huge amount of time and resources, I might do this, but for now...
    2) I figure he steals them or has his own robots mine them.
    3) “Rockman World” is what Game Boy games are called in Japan. I don’t know what the Neo-Geo Pocket game is named, if it even exists. Some suggest it is actually SNK vs Capcom...
    4) See the News page.
    5) Sure, if the opportunities present themselves.
    6) Because I don’t have any yet.

I’ll try to keep this short and not babble as much as usual :)
    1) Have you ever considered writing a Mega Man story that’s not a part of the Mega Man: The Series? I mean like something in an ’alternate universe’. If you wrote in more than one reality you could do things with the characters that you couldn’t do in the series. Have Mega Man and Break Man on opposite sides for instance. I’ve always thought that Break Man would make a _perfect_ adversary for MM, since most of Wily’s other robots are a joke. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about continuity for once?
    - Catalyst

If I get a good idea, I’ll write it. So far all of the stories have been within the same continuity, but that doesn’t mean it always must be that way. If you want to see Mega Man versus Protoman watch the Mega shows. *grin*

Dear Mandi,
    Hey yaz! How’s everything? I haven’t been OL in a while, so thought I’d check your site. ... ... ...Not many updates... =( I’ve got some more questions to waste your time with... >:D
    1) In my last MegaGram, I asked if you would ever write Break Man solo stories, and your reply was that Break Man isn’t the type to go off and fight Wily on his own. Yet in your review of Rockman & Forte, you said, “Mega Man, Break Man, and Bass all set out separately to stop him, but only one will succeed...” Plus, I know that Break Man is your favorite character, anyway... Please... BREAK MAN SOLO STORY!!!
    2) Is the main reason you don’t really care for the X series that much is because they don’t really connect totally with the original series?
    3) Mega Man, I know you can’t become physically accquainted with a girl, and I know it probably won’t happen anyway, but don’t ya think that you and Sheral would make a cute couple?
    4) Dr. Light, have you ever considered figuring out a way to turn Roll into a living machine? ...For what reason, I have no idea, but have you thought about it?
    5) Mandi, will you bring back Dr. Cossack, the Harts, and Sion Piesk in later stories? For that matter, how about Trigger? He kicks!
    6) Tango, I know you’ve always been “here”, as you said in a past MegaGrams, but where have you been since Mega Man V REALLY?
    7) Mandi, have you ever considered writing a story about the X series, just for fun, to attempt to tie it to the original series in some way?
    8) Dr. Wily, I’ve found a good quote that perfectly describes you: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” And why are you so reluctant to let Bass be destroyed? Is he alive?
    9) Mandi, who built Quint?
    10) Mandi, how about a Sonic/Mega Man crossover?
    11) Bass, I’ve got a couple of questions for you:
        a) Are you a living machine? Please, just a straight “yes” or “no” answer... =}
        b) Have you ever considered ditching Wily and going to work for yourself? ’Cause the way I see it, all he’s doing is slowing you down.
        c) Have you ever thought of taking off your fighting uniform and donning street clothes in order to get the jump on Mega Man a bit easier?
        d) What’s your opinion of Break Man? Do you guys ever get along when you’re not fighting? ...You don’t have a personal feud with him, too, do ya?
        e) Has Dr. Wily ever given you reason to not trust him other than the “King Incident”?
    12) Break Man, the comet weapon that Dr. Wily installed into your arm cannon (Mega Man 3 Novelization), was that the Mega Buster?
    Well, I’ve wasted your valuable time enough as it is... If I have any other questions, I’ll write back in a couple of months... That should be enough time for you to recooperate from this letter... =D
    - MatriX

Phew! That was long! I couldn’t get any of the characters in here right now, but I can handle my own parts...
    1) *laughs* Okay, okay, you got me there. Notice however that he didn’t actually do the job himself, he just sorta popped in and helped out (or got himself sliced and diced as the case may be). Still, if I ever dream up a good Break Man solo story, of course I will write it out. (Gee, do I sound like a broken record yet? *grins*)
    2) Not really. There’s nothing wrong with the X series itself. It’s just not personal for me yet. I only really get into a series that I am interested in personally. I don’t determine this. It just sort of happens.
    3) I couldn’t get a comment from him on this question. I think he’s avoiding it...
    4) He might be. *winks*
    5) Cossack and the Harts, yes. See Book 15 for starters.
    6) Wandering the lab, I presume.
    7) I considered it for a while, but the series didn’t work out.
    8) Couldn’t get a comment on this one either.
    9) The games don’t say. I assumed Dr. Wily, but this isn’t a known fact.
    10) *looks at the ceiling innocently*
    11) The only thing Bass said is that he doesn’t do straight answers. *laughs* I think he’s already ditched Wily a couple of times, such as in the arcades and in Rockman & Forte. Strangely enough, Bass doesn’t seem to have that much of a beef against Break Man. Just Mega Man.
    12) I can answer that for him: Yes. *smiles*

Before I go into this final ’Gram, I’d like to mention a few things. First of all, I don’t tend to prefer posting such ’Grams as topics such as these are generally better taken care of in private e-mail. However, recently I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails accusing me of things that are simply not true. Either someone is impersonating me—whether on accident or on purpose—or someone is spreading false rumors about me, which I do not at all appreciate. So just to clear up the matter right here..

Okay, I have a couple of questions to ask.
    * 1. I heard you had a screenshot from whence you found Dr.Light’s Middle name. Can you post it? If you can’t, why not?
    * 2. Is it true that you steal Ideas from fic writers, flame them, and then call them your own? I think that’s cruel if you do....
    * 3. Why do you have specific rules of fic writing for Mega Man? Isn’t writing, or any thing with the arts, supposed to be a original and free and creative thing?
    * 4. Why do you try to match your artwork to Capcom? Why not try your own technique with Mega Man? It would be cooler!
    * 5. How come the stories are so sad and cold. You have Dr. Light treat Mega Man like one would a box. It’s sad.....:(
    * 6. Is it true you want the rights to Mega Man from Capcom? I mean, I know a lot of people do, but is that really true? If you do, are you going to make any of your books into games?
    * 7. Why do you call the new head Capcom Jp. artist’s way of drawing Mega Man “streched out”? I think it looks better and is more mature looking, but that is my opinion!
    * 8.[last one] Is it true that you are just going to videogame college? Don’t you think you’ll need more training for designing a videogame, like animation? I mean, you probably are just going to do programming, but you’d look better If you knew some things about animation.
    That is pretty much all I have to say. Please respond!
    - Nikita M.

    1) I never thought to post it, but yes, I did take a screen shot back in 1995 the first time I found Dr. Light’s full name listed on Capcom’s site. It wasn’t actually the first time I ever saw “Xavier,” it was merely the first time I saw it on Capcom’s website. I myself had already been using the name for years—in fact, I even had it posted here on this website before Capcom posted it on theirs. But it was nice to finally get official confirmation. At any rate you can find the snap here. (Yes, Capcom’s site was “” back then. I have no idea why. Somebody else owns the domain now, but you can see Capcom’s old site in the Wayback Machine if you go back far enough.)
    2) Er, no. See above.
    3) I don’t. See above.
    4) Because Capcom created Mega Man, so naturally their art was on what I would base my own drawings. I think however that anyone will tell you that my artwork is not exactly like Capcom’s...
    5) If my books give Dr. Light no emotions then the cartoons certainly gave him no brains...
    6) No. See above. I have to admit this is the first I’ve heard of this one.
    7) Only some of the artwork is drastically stretched. I don’t know who draws it. It’s just personal opinion.
    8) I graduated from DigiPen over two years ago. I’m now working in a gaming company. DigiPen’s course was designed to teach everything needed to create a game, not just programming, although most of the students hated the storyboarding course for some reason I cannot comphrehend...