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Dear MegaGrams:
    Hello, great site. I have a few questions I’d like to ask, and a few theories I’d like to mention.
    1) Do you think there could possibly be some kind of a connection between the SMB series and the MM series? Look at the two and compare them. Mario has to face Wario. A big plumber with similar powers who lets his hatred and jealously over come him just to defeat him. MegaMan has to face Bass, who has basicly the same goal. Overcome his enemy. MegaMan has Rush, Mario has Yoshi. Both Rush and Yoshi have a similar purpose-transportation. Mario and MegaMan has almost forgotten brothers(not by fans, by their respected creators). Mario has to save the Mushroom Kingdom, MegaMan has the world at his hands. Bowser and Wily both want world domination. HardHats(or Metools) serve the same purpose as a Koopa Troopa. Toad is like FlipTop. Roll is like Toadstool. Do you see a connection? And both a very popular video game series around the world.
    2) Now that Capcom has released Mickey Mouse Tetris, do you think that MM9 and MMX5 might be candidates as N64 games? Do you think they’ll use 3D cinematics like Castlevania or Zelda: OoT
    3) We all know who created Mario, but who created MegaMan? And I mean a single person, not just Capcom, the company. I mean like Shigeru Miyamoto.
    - Mariorox

    1) I never thought of it that way. On the other hand, what evil bad guy isn’t out for world domination?
    2) Real-time cinemas are certainly more likely than FMV. However, I couldn’t start to guess whether or not Capcom would make a 2-D Mega Man game for the N64.
    3) I don’t know. I don’t think it can be attributed to just one person like Mario. At least, the names are different in the credits now than they were back in Mega Man 1, although for the first few games, a lot of the names were constant (such as A.K).

Hi. I think you have the greatest Mega Man site ever but I had a couple questions and comments.
    1 Could Dr. Light be alive? He always knows what’s going on with X so unless he has a time machine of Capcom is messing up the story what else could it be (also, how could he know where to put all the capsules)?
    2 Considering that the robots from the original series don’t apper in the X series it seems like some one killed them off. Robots don’t die of old age so what became of Mega Man, Roll, Rush, etc?
    3 You’ve probable heard this alot but the original series can’t go on forever now that they made X. Since X is the roman numeral for ten it will probably end in 9 or 10. But I’d kinda hate for it to end. One good way would be to make it that all the chicters some how survived (maybe not good for the story though).
    4 How do reploids die? Dr Cain rebuilt Zero several times so what would stop him from rebuilding the Cornel of Iris for instance?
    Keep up the good work.

    1) Either he’s alive or Capcom keeps forgetting he’s dead.
    2) Destroyed, or never built, take your pick.
    3) The original series doesn’t have to end. Who says the two even take place in the same universe? Besides which, the X series could be hundreds of years later which gives the original series plenty of time to continue onward.
    4) Reploids can’t die, and therein lie the plotholes.

Dear MegaGrams,
    I’ve recently discovered Mega Man through the wonderful world of emulation (don’t tell the cops! It was the only way...). Your site is the best, and so are your books! Now, on to the questions and remarks.
    1) Most of the Mega Man classic games happen in 20XX AD. But according to MM2’s and MM4’s intro, MM 1 and 2 happen in 200X, that means somewhere between 2000 and 2010. X awakens in 21XX from his capsule, where he has slept for 30 years. That means that Dr. Light should have lived at least 70 years after Mega Man 2, in which he was already an old man!! I don’t get it! Was Dr. Light immortal? Do people live much longer in the 21st century? Did X sleep too long in his capsule? Or is this a plothole as big as Monsteropolis??
    2) Why is everyone fighting about whether Mega Man was going to kill Wily in MM7 or not? As Bass remarked, he was HESITATING, so he didn’t know what he was going to do himself.
    3) Couldn’t Bass be a Reploid prototype? He resembles X a lot. Just like X, he has a dash, he puts his arm on his Buster when he fires, he has a crystal on his helmet, he has armor and he likes to stand on the edge of a cliff in an ending (see MM7). And his name doesn’t end with Man, (Bass Man? Ewww...) although all other humanoid fighting robots in 20XX do.
    4) Do you know if MM8, MMX4 and MM Legends have been released in Europe? I’ve never seen them here in the Netherlands.
    5) Is it true that you actually DREAM all the stories in the Mega Man series? I usually forget my dreams, and when I remember them they don’t make any sense to me.
    - Tinus

    1) Ignore the years as given in the games. They make no rhyme or reason. There is currently no real indication as to how long X was in the capsule after Dr. Light “died.” He was supposed to remain there for 30 years. But it could have been longer. It could also have been less time, since Dr. Cain was ignoring the warnings on the capsule when he opened it.
    2) I think they are debating whether or not he would, in the end.
    3) Mega Man holds his hand on his cannon in some games too, but at any rate, that has little to do with being a Reploid. Bass could be a sort of prototype Reploid. Goodness knows he has much more of a personality and free will than the Robot Masters.
    4) See the About Mega Man page. That lists all the PAL games that I’m aware of.
    5) Yes. I don’t always remember them either, after some time has gone by, which really annoys me, so I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down summaries immediately after I wake up so I won’t later forget.

Dear Mandi,
    What is the process you use to create the books in MegaMan-the Series? I know you literally dream them up, and afterward you put the full versions on the homepage, but what about between those points? Which parts, if any, are thought up consciously? Do you make all the dreams you have into Mega Man books, or do you pick and choose? Also, which parts, if any, do you think up consciously? Finally, if all the books you have come up with so far were already up (Books 18, 19, etc.), which one would you be on?
    Thanks again for your time. Sweet dreams.
    - Lioness470

Generally the dreams tell the entire story—how it begins and ends and what goes on in the middle—although they have been known to be vague in parts, so those details which the dreams don’t provide I must fill in myself. Whether or not a dream becomes a book usually depends on how complete it is, how long it writes up to be, and how much of an impact its plot makes to the series as a whole. Certain books just seem to “fit” better than others.
    Currently I’m only as far as Book 18 (that one is still a little iffy, although it seems pretty definite by now). There are a couple of “sideline” books in the works, however, as well as what might end up being Mini-Books, if I decide to release them. I’d like to finish 14 and release 15 before working too much on other things, though.

Dear MegaGrams,
    I’ve got to say it: I love this site. All this art is nothing I could come close to. Now, to the questions. =]
    1) Still working on Books 14 & 15? (I also write for fun, so I like to see worthwhile fan fiction, like yours)
    2) When are you going to get Break Man in here to whip out a MegaGrams column? There’s nothing wrong with Mega Man, of course, but Break Man’s always held my attention. =]
    3) Bass: you’re a distant third, bat-head. =P
    4) Didn’t I see an American ad for Battle & Chase a few years back? It was Mega Man in his Rushmobile car holding a driver’s license and a fake DMV test.
    5) Please clear this up for me... Rockman: Power Battle (1995) was released in America, and Rockman: Power Fighters (1997?) was not. Am I right?
    6) After talking with a few people (ok, ok... two) I’ve come to assume that the first Mega Man game anyone plays ends up being their favorite forever.
    7) A friend of mine is fixated on Rockman & Forte. I keep having to pry it away from her. I think she just really, really likes Bass. Any suggestions?
    8) I like the music for the first three NES games alot better than the later games. I see in the credits the composer calling himself “Yuukichan’s Papa”, and for the rest of the games there are different names; but it could be his real name. Is it the same person or not?
    Thanks for your time, I think I’ve taken up enough of it now. ^.^;
    - Copperhead

    1) Yep. I’ll release them eventually.
    2) I have to find him first. Not that that’s hard, but he usually finds me instead—but only when he wants to.
    3) I can hear Bass now. “Only third!?”
    4) Yes. It was all set to be released in America. I have no idea why it wasn’t.
    5) Power Battle was seen by people in America, yes. I’ve seen Power Fighters (in English) in Canada. I’m not sure about the US.
    6) Interesting thought, although I am an exception. Although the first game I played (MM2) is one of my favorites, I lean more toward MMV, MMIV, and MM3.
    7) Sounds like a hopeless case to me. Better not let Bass find out.
    8) It’s undoubtably the same person, although as you noted, often the credits were under false names (“Fish Man” comes to mind).

    This is Adam from Adam’s Mega Man Omega Page, and I need to know something: does Reggae appear in any games other than MM7?! I’ve played most all of the games, even some Japanese games and the Wily Wars but can’t find him! I was also told he’s in Rockboard, but he isn’t, to my knowledge. Thanks for your page, and keep up the great MM work!!
    - Adam

He’s mostly a manga character. He’s shown on the cover of Rockboard however. I haven’t seen him very often in the games either.

Heey, whazzup
    Just a couple of questions and observations, and I’ll leave ya alone First of all... why do so many people think that Mega Man 9 will tie the know between the X series and the Classic series? I mean, people thinking that X literally means 10 in this case. If that was true, wouldn’t X2, X3, and X4 respectively be Mega Man 12, 13, and 14? What happened to Mega Man 11? Also, Roman and Arabic numerals don’t mix. Why combine a Roman X with an Arabic 2, 3, or 4? Doesn’t make much sense. Also... why would Capcom break out of order, releasing the so-called “Mega Man 10” before 7, 8, and 9? Just a thought.
    And second... would 1,000,000 Grams be equivalent to 1 Mega Gram? :)
    See ya
    - Shortcut

    1) I’m not sure why either, except for the X is the Roman numeral for ten sort of thing. What people keep forgetting is that X was meant as a variable—an English letter—not a Roman numeral. But either way, Capcom really did it to themselves—if there was that much confusion over Mega Man X when it was first released, imagine the mass hysteria when/if the real Mega Man 10 is released...
    2) Do a million Mans make a Mega Man?

    1. Do you think you might write (finish, post, whatever) those missing books from the series? I’ve read the teasers, and they sound phenominal.
    2. Are you planning to novelize the other Mega Man games?
    3. What about the X series? And plans for writing about the adventures of X and Zero?
    4. Lastly, do you believe that Break Man (and perhaps Bass, Roll, Rush, Beat, and TANGO!!!) still exists in the future? Is there some official source that gives us a definite answer? I don’t want Break Man to be dead!
    Lastly, I love your site, made it my starting page, read all the books, hope you keep writing!
    - TheLactoseIntolerantVolcanoGod

    1) If it’s on the Booklist, it’s in the works.
    2) Probably not. I find writing novelizations of the games generally boring, and most people find reading them generally boring. So I’ll probably stick to original plots.
    3) Not currently.
    4) Officially, there has been no word, which leads you to wonder if any of them ever existed in the X plotline to begin with.

Dear Mandi,
    Have you ever thought about writing a story about the Marvel vs. Capcom cross over. But maybe with some interesting twists in it, like Venom and Megaman fighting, but in the end Megaman ends up getting possessed by Venom’s Symbiote after a blast from the Noise Crush.
    In the Captain N series, I think though Megaman did appear in it. Captian N is in no way connected with Megaman. I thought that show was just one of these poor shows based on games characters. They couldn’t even get the art work right...
    - Symbiote

No, I’ve never even thought of doing any writings based on Marvel VS Capcom (since as a rule fighting games are generally lacking in plot), though from what I’ve seen there are at least three or four fics out there already about it.

ok so sigma is a virus(as seen in x3) and then his virus was killed. so how did he come back for megaman x4? any ideas?(could it be the bad plot connections? or did it not really die?
    - mega spam

Apparently the anti-virus used in X3 wasn’t exactly effective...

mega man x as a anime movie a real live would be stupit but a anime movie that would be cool as hell!

I thought anime anything would be cool, but then I saw Mega Man 8. Needless to say I don’t have my hopes up. (On the other hand, the voice acting in Mega Man Legends wasn’t nearly as bad...)

Hello Mandi/MegaMan/Whoever’s answering this:
    I’ve got one of those annoying list of questions, so here goes:
    1) How did Capcom weasel their way out of a lawsuit with Marvel(AquaMan,I’m reffering to)? and Why does he do cool attacks in the game(“Water Pillar” and “Water Cannon”, to name a few) and all you get is a measly Water Balloon?
    2)What is Capcom going to do with ourfavorite Man in Blue? Maga Man’s popularity seems to be decreasing. No one seems to talk about it as much. Will they come out with one more conclusional game for each series?
    3)What are your top three favorite weapons from MM8?
    I doubt you can answer any of these, excluding number three, but Plse try to.
    - Mine Carp (No! It’s YOUR Carp!)

They’re not annoying; they’re catagorization.
    1) With all the “Mans” out there, I’m not sure it’s possible to keep from duplicating somebody’s name. But to be truthful, I don’t know. As for the weapon thing, a Water Cannon would have been fun, especially had it been controllable, although Mega Man would have been a sitting duck while using it.
    2) Everyone seems to think for some odd reason that Capcom is done with Mega Man. Why? They generally make one to two Mega Man related games a year. This past year (1998) they made their two. Granted, those two were Rockman & Forte and Mega Man Legends, but that’s still two. In 1999 they will probably make one or two more. I don’t see them stopping until the fans stop buying.
    3) I found myself using Flash Bomb and Tornado Hold the most often. I suppose my third favorite would be the Thunder Claw.