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Dear ol’ Megagrams,
    I was wondering if u were ever gonna put up that robot master pics section again. I missed it. It also had some cool pics of Mega Man, Break Man, and Bass. Out of opinion, I think an independant art section would be cool too. Since I saw your book covers, I have been practicing up.
    Spanks a lot
    - Break Man X

Mmm... Robot Master picts? Perhaps you are thinking of the images directory? All the images that were ever on this site are still there; the organization is just a bit different. Try the Memorable Moments section for book artwork, and the Images Index pages for other pictures.

I really like your site because it’s very detailed and covers a lot of material. Anyway, i wanted to ask the question: Why are the levels in MMX4 so short? A lot of the levels were pathetic! What do you think about this?

I didn’t notice them as being overly short, but they didn’t strike me as incredibly long either. You’d think with all that space on the CD they could stand for longer levels. With all the people who complain that games aren’t long enough, I’m suprised developers don’t use CD space to the max.

First of all: YOUR SITE REALLY ROCKS (kind of a wordgame, isn’t it). I haven’t time yet to read all of your books (I’m german, so I can not read as fast as others :) ), but they are sure cool. I would really like to see Books of the games themselves (esp. the ones with a more complex story, like the X-games. I have some additions to your Hints for MMX3: Vile and Sigma 1 can be easily defeated with the Spinning Blade.
    Bye ... Andy “the Firehawk”.

Hmm, didn’t I mention the Spinning Blade? Guess I left it out. I often use it on Sigma although in the end I tend to do better with just the Buster and dodging. I’ve started writing books on games but I tend to get bored partway through and never finish. I’m not even going to touch the X series.

Dear Megagrams,
    First, I’m just going to say this is an EXCELLENT site. Keep up the great work (I’m not sucking up to you; this is just my personal opinion). Now, on with the questions...
    1-What reasons could there be for CAPCOM suddenly switching from the 32-bit machines and make a game for for the Super Famicom? Strange if you ask me, especially since CAPCOM hasn’t associated with Nintendo for a while now.
    2-Why did Dr. Light make all those enhancemant capsules for X if he did not know what X was going to be doing once activated?
    3-Could X just be Mega Man/Rockman rebuilt?
    4-The voices aren’t that bad in Mega Man 8. It’s only because it’s the japanese voice actors who are speaking in English for the characters. Geez...give them some credit...
    5-Just what are Break Man, Forte, Rockman and the “Reincarnation of Yamato Man” or whatever saying? (In the Museum/introductory level)
    6-It is possible that some of the characters of the Rockman/Mega Man series are alive in the X series. Here’s proof: In Rockman X3 for the PSX/Saturn, there is an FMV sequence with Volt Catfish(Or in japanese: Electro Namazaurus) is swimming somewhere(Don’t know where exactly), If you look closely you should see a cameo appearance of Auto.
    Well that’s all for now. Again, Keep the good work and congrats on the spectacular website!
    - A.M.P.General

I’m glad you enjoy the site. That’s what it’s here for! On to the questions:
    1) I don’t know, but it probably depends on how well the SNES is holding out in Japan (which I’m not aware of totally). It did take me a little by surprise, although I personally was happy since the SNES is still my favorite system. ^_^
    2) You could also ask how Dr. Light knew there was a war going on between the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce in Mega Man X4...
    3) It’s possible, although the chances are growing less with every game. First, Dr. Light says right off the bat that X is a new robot that he built, implying that X isn’t just an old robot upgraded. Also, if X is being built at the same time as Zero, he can’t be Mega Man at all.
    4) True...but they could have used English actors. ;)
    5) From what I understand, not much. King (the Yamato Man guy) is talking about how he has just stolen Dr. Wily’s robot designs. Rock and Blues want to put a stop to him, but Blues falls and King leaves Rock/Forte with the Green Devil while he goes to take over the world...
    6) I know. I think that was more of an in-joke than a real occurance though... On the other hand, if these actually are robots we are dealing with (Capcom seems confused on that point at the moment), then they can’t die, so they very well could still exist in the future...

Dear MegaGram,
    If you think about it for a while the reason why Protoman is not a playable character (except for in the arcade versions) is pretty obvious. From the start, Protoman was a shady, decret character that would hide in the shadows and only reveal himself when Megaman was in times of need or when he just wanted to give him some advise. So he was only a Helping character who would watch from the sidelines and step in occasionally. He probably isn’t the type of character that would get into a full on fight. E.g. Megaman 6. When Megaman was fighting E. Protoman, the real Protoman came in to destroy the Holographic projector and to give Megaman some energy. He has always kept his location a secret and nobody knows where he is at any given time (except for if he is present.).
    Also, Rockman vs. Forte is just one of these games like Sonic and Knuckles. During that game, where was Tails? And Mario vs. Wario. Luigi wasn’t present as far as I know.
    So, Protoman may never become a playable character. Just like it may never become a Two-Player game, because the type of gameplay in a Megaman game would not be suitable for multiple players unless its set in a Power Battle scenario.
    Also, how does Dr. Wily keep on building the same type of fortress over and over again so quickly? And why don’ they try and make the game a bit more original?
    - Cyclops

I know where you’re coming from, but it is disappointing. Protoman is definitely mysterious but he’s been given enough action to warrant a player character part—more so than Bass, actually, and as a bonus, Protoman is on Mega Man’s side already so you don’t have to try to explain why Bass is fighting against Dr. Wily...
    Where was Tails? In Sonic 3. If you pop Sonic 3 into Sonic & Knuckles you can play as Tails through both games in a huge epic adventure and gain his Super transformation in the process. That’s hardly leaving the little guy out—not like some of the Sonic cartoons and comics, of course.
    I guess Wily sticks to his ways. Easier that way I suppose. If you changed the games too much, they wouldn’t be Mega Man games anymore.

Hi Mandi,
    Me again. I’ve got some questions (sort of), and thought maybe you could help.
    1) To all those who would like to see Rockman & Forte in America: I’d personally like to see it done on the PSX, with anime cut-scenes. What do you think?
    2) Have you ever played Marvel Vs. Capcom with Mega Man *and* Roll?
    3) If so, did you do the Hyper Rock & Roll? (I like that move, it’s just evil...)
    4) Do you know if Capcom is working on any new Mega Man games (I mean ones that nobody’s heard about a hundred times)?
    - DocDoom

    1) If the art in the anime scenes looked as silly as the drawings in Rockman & Forte I’d prefer not...
    2) Yep, all the time. I call it my “I want to die very fast” team. ;)
    3) See the bottom of the Marvel VS Capcom game hints page. =)
    4) Heh. No, not that I’ve heard of. Not yet anyway. I want a Color Game Boy game as good as Mega Man V. Ahhh...

Hey Mandi. I love this page! Anyway, I have a few things to ask:
    1.) In the Mega Man Feedback Forum, you ask if people would actually pay money if the Mega Man stories were released in stores. Are you really planning on doing this (And if so, what format? Graphic Novel)?
    2.) Some of your daily quotes are from the “Interactive HTML Book”. What exactly is this? When are planning on showing it?
    3.) Your art really blows me away. They are seriously some of the best Mega Man pictures I have ever seen. Have you ever entered one of Nintendo or Capcom’s many art contests (Examples: Mega Man Designs, Envelope Drawings, etc.)
    4.) I think you should have a poll to vote for favorite Robot Master, supporting character, and if people like Mega Man or Break Man more!
    Thanks for listening!
    Danyal Herder

    1) I started to get them published, but got busy and never really got anywhere. They’d be novellas if published—like what you get from the Download page, only on paper. I’m way slow at graphic novels.
    2) The HTML book is like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, really, although I’m experimenting with JavaScript to make it more game-like. I’ll post it when I finish enough of it to make it playable, which might be a while...
    3) No. I almost sent an envelope to Nintendo Power but ended up never sending the letter—so the envelope was never used either.
    4) There are plenty of other sites that do that. =)

Dear Mandi,
    How long did it take for you to be able to draw Mega Man the way you do now?
    - Cyber Speed

My whole life. Well, not exactly—I didn’t start drawing Mega Man until about 1990 of course. I’ve always been an artist, though, and I mostly taught myself through constant practice, getting better as the years went by. By the time I met Mega Man I was already decent at drawing humans, so it was just a matter of trying to figure out Mega Man’s composition. Even so, I’m still perfecting my drawing style. Art is one of those things that you never stop learning and improving upon...

Dear Megagrams:
    First of all I’d like to say great page especially the art. Any way down to the questions:
    1. could you please post some more of your comic pages or mabey some more images in your image index because the art makes the page look GREAT!
    2. Do you think Capcom will make a game where Break man is the main character?
    Thats all for now keep up the good work
    - Skull

    1) I’m working on it. ^_^ It takes me some time to make new images but as I do so I’ll be putting them up, probably little by little.
    2) Honestly? No. Can we dream? Yes. ;) I suppose it isn’t an impossiblity—after all, Tails got his own game eventually. Luigi hasn’t, but he has been a player character before, so we can always hope.

Dear Mandi,
    I really, really love your Mega Man Books! I really like the way you included Captain N and the others... OK, let’s cut to the point.
    1)In your books, is there any hope of ever seeing the “hidden side” of the main caracters? By this I mean, like Mega Man threatening Dr Wily and meaning it (after all, he’s alive and like the rest of us, he too can be violent or cruel)? Also, any hope of ever seeing Dr. Wily actually helping the good guys without this profiting him, like in that story when he tells Mega Man where to find the hyper-gravity chip (almost out of gratitude)? Your characters are very good, but I find them a bit too “good guys/bad guys”.
    2)Any thoughts of making Roll a bioroid? I know, you probably don’t want that, but I think she’s a little too boring as she is presently...
    Thanks for listening!
    - TerraSPR

    1) Oh yeah, Wily has tons of Light in him. It’s so much fun! Course, he won’t admit it. He might not even be aware of it. Mega Man is pretty much good. No getting around that, though of course he’ll still get angry, and he seems to have grown bitter in the later years. Bass, on the other hand, is a trip. If Break Man is Chaotic/Good then Bass is most certainly Chaotic/Evil... or maybe just chaotic, heh heh...
    2) That comes later. ;)

I’ve noticed something odd:
    In early Mega Man games, Dr. Light’s lab seems to be in Japan, but in Mega Man 8, you can see on the stage select that the lab is in United States. Could it be only because it would made conflict with Tengu Man, who has is hideout in Japan?
    P.S. I love it when characters are replying :)
    - Mega Boy

No one could ever agree on where Dr. Light’s lab was—the Japanese games said Tokyo, the English games didn’t really specify, and the cartoons said New York City. To be honest, lately Capcom has been adapting so much from the Mega shows that I wouldn’t be surprised if they also changed the location of the lab to match. However, I would like to say it’s just Capcom being inconsistant again, as they’ve had only a recent habit of doing. I’d really hate it if they actually were rewriting everything to match the Mega shows...
    PS: Me too! It gives me some time to work on other things. Just wait till you see who I wrestle in here next, assuming I win the wrestling match of course..!