The Mega Man Home Page was created in 1994 and first posted to the public in 1995. A lot has changed since then, but its goal is still the same—to provide a thorough and unique source of information on the Mega Man series. I originally created this site alone, and I still maintain it that way—because that’s the way that works best for me. Thus keep in mind you’ll be reading the perspective of a single person, not a staff of writers.

The site is organized by series. So if you’re looking for information on a particular version of Mega Man, you can find it centered all in one place. Every series section has some brief information about that series’ plot and characters; more details can be found on each game hints page. General information that is not related to any series in particular is also presented in each section for your convenience. (If you have no idea which series you want, try the Master Game List.)

All information relating to a particular game is centered in that game’s section. Thus you no longer must go to separate sections to read about weapons, items, characters, and so forth. Most games have two sections: a Game Hints page and a Data Base page. The game hints include the information one would need to know to beat the game and find its secrets. The database is the home of more extraneous information, such as how to use the weapons and items found in the game, and information on the game’s characters and enemies. Each Game Hints page has a link to its Data Base at the top. (Some games don’t have a Data Base yet, in which case the Data Base link is missing and all of the available information is on the Game Hints page.)

If you’re looking for a specific piece of information and you don’t know what game to go to, try the Index.

Enjoy your stay!

- The MegaMaster

Site Conventions

  • Game titles: To avoid confusion, I use Roman numerals when referring to Game Boy games (example: Mega Man II) and normal digits for NES and later games (Mega Man 2). Other games (such as the X series) should be self explanatory, although sometimes I use a system or subtitle if necessary for clarity.
  • Japanese VS English: This is an English website and for the most part focuses on the English side of the games. I use the English names for characters and items in most cases, unless I’m speaking specifically about the Japanese version of something. Furthermore, keep in mind that virtually all of my information comes from the English games, unless otherwise specified. This means if a piece of information is in the Japanese version of a game but is not found in the English version, it might or might not be mentioned on this site.
  • Contradictions: In the case of one source contradicting another, I go by games first, then manuals, then information gleamed directly from Capcom (either via their website or another reliable means). Barring this, I will then consult sources which may or may not be from Capcom, such as game magazines and cartoon shows. Note however that as noted above, if a game contradicts its own manual (for example, the Legends manuals get the names of characters wrong a lot), I go by what the games say. If the games contradict themselves (it happens), I go by either what was used first or what is used most consistently.
  • Spaces: Japanese doesn’t use spaces, but English does; thus it’s “Rockman” in Japanese and “Rock Man” in English. This is why I use “Mega Man” rather than “Megaman” (except in Legends and Battle Network where his name is very consistently spelled “MegaMan”). I follow this convention both to be official, and for clarity’s sake (without spaces, names such as “Boomerkuwanger” become almost indistinguishable, and you also end up with unnatural double consonants such as “Napalmman”).
  • Robots: In most cases, I use the term “robot” as a general case word for any automation, whether it be a Met or Mega Man himself. Some insist that humanoid robots be called nothing but androids; however, since Mega Man is by definition both a robot and an android, I’m not wrong to call him a “robot.” Besides, the games themselves use the term “robot,” and heck, Mega Man even calls himself that.

Contributing to MMHP

  • Anything e-mailed to me becomes eligible to be used by me in any way I desire, unless a different agreement is made prior to the mailing. I’m not trying to be impolite here, but if something is mailed to me without my consent, I feel justified in using that item however I feel like it.
  • If I get any info, ideas, images, text, etc., from any other source, I will credit that source on this site. Please look for credits before asking me if you can use an item you might find on these pages, since it might not be mine to give. Anything and everything that is not credited anywhere on this site are completely my own ideas and effort. This means if you find something on another page that is also on mine, but not credited, then either it’s a coincidence (they do happen sometimes), or the other person “borrowed” said item. ’Nuff said.
  • If you e-mail me something and I post a similar item not credited to you, it’s because I had already obtained or planned to obtain the item myself before it was ever mailed to me. This is why you should always check first before mailing things since I may already have the item in question and just haven’t had the time to post it.

Other Notes

  • I am not an employee of Capcom. The Mega Man Home Page is my tribute to one of the greatest characters I’ve encountered, not a work assignment. Since it is done by an “outsider,” it can provide a non-biased view (well, okay, so I have to admit I am a little biased toward Mega Man...). On the other hand, please don’t ask me for Capcom’s inside info because I probably won’t know any more than you do.
  • All dates are in the American English format, i.e., month/day/year.