Mirrored Reality

“Wily!” Dr. Light exclaimed in anger. He knew he should have been more careful. But he’d been so concerned about the damage he might have accidently done to Mega Man that he’d never thought to—

Mega Man! Dr. Light swiveled his head around. The blue bomber was still sleeping. Hoping he hadn’t just reversed the situation again, Dr. Light opened his mouth to yell.

A Guard Joe was too quick for him, though, and instantly clamped a hand over his mouth, muffling the cry. Behind them, the other Guard Joes were effectively covering up all of Break Man’s protests as well, and despite his struggles were busy binding him even tighter than they had before.

Dr. Light watched in dismay. Mega Man had insisted he not sleep though such an event, but that was exactly what he was doing. If they didn’t find some way of waking him soon, it would be too late!

Mirrored Reality
Mandi Paugh