Dream Machine

Mega Man’s breaths were coming in gasps. He was feeling weaker by the moment as his energy was slowly sucked away. Suddenly his knees buckled underneath him, dumping him to the hard ground. Mega Man rolled and jumped back to his feet. He took two steps before his legs collapsed again and he fell to his hands and knees. His strength was rapidly leaving him now.

I can’t make it, he realized then. Already his energy levels were nearing critical lows. He tried to get up but couldn’t; instead he simply collapsed to the ground. The world began to swim. I’m just not going to make it this time. A vision floated in the haze in front of his eyes. No dream could save me now...

The red and white image wavered and flowed. Then suddenly it snapped into focus. It looked like his brother, running toward him in an endless motion; running but going nowhere. A smile played over his lips as Mega Man allowed his eyes to close.

His final dream.

Dream Machine
Mandi Paugh