Forgotten Memories

“The factory went berserk, Ephraim. The machinery turned against the workers. And they were blabbing about robots.”

Mega Man was no longer listening, but instead focused his eyes and thoughts on the factory in front of him. Although Ephraim and Emily had told him who he was, he himself had no memories to back it up. However, he did remember the things they had let him read about himself. He was a fighter—a warrior of freedom that had often battled the evil Dr. Wily and his army of robots.

And now he was again needed.

Suddenly determined, he took off, heading straight for the robot-infested factory. Worried, Ephraim followed him down the front path, stopping at the road. Emily was right beside him. “Do you suppose he can handle it?” she whispered to her husband.

Ephraim looked grim. “Let’s hope,” he murmured back.

Forgotten Memories
Mandi Paugh