Mega Magic 2

Time froze as the room was flooded with light the color of fire. Mega Man was thrown backward, flying past the others without striking any of them only because they managed to leap out of the way in time. In the space of those terrifying moments, they all realized that some sort of magical spell had come at them from seemingly nowhere—only Mega Man had jumped in the way and taken the blow instead.

Finally the light faded and Mega Man dropped to his knees.

Across the room, the shadows began pulsing and gathering, forming a midnight-colored form. As it grew sharper in focus and more solid, the N-Team through its shock realized that it looked horrifyingly like the sorcerer they’d encountered before!

Mega Man noticed him too. He and the sorcerer locked eyes and said the same thing.


Mega Magic 2
Mandi Paugh