Of Flesh And Steel

“Lyric,” Dr. Light said sternly, deciding on the direct approach. “Listen to me. You’re a robot.”

She blinked. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she returned, having finally managed to sit up. “I’m a human. And this is the greatest dream I’ve ever had!” With that she slid off the lab table. But she misstepped almost immediately, and crashed to the ground with a loud clanging noise. “Oww!!”

Mega Man dropped to his knees beside her, but she hardly noticed. Lyric froze, then abruptly began beating her fists against the metal floor. Muffled banging noises resulted. With a stone-faced expression, Mega Man just knelt there and watched. He did not try to stop her. He knew instantly what she was doing. In seconds she went still and lifted her gaze to stare incredulously at them. They all knew she’d realized the truth.

“I’m...” She couldn’t seem to form the words. “I’m not... dreaming, am I?”

Grimly they shook their heads.

Of Flesh And Steel
Mandi Paugh