Lands of Confusion

Something stirred under a pile of debris, sending concrete pebbles rolling in all directions. Mega Man realized that his brother was probably buried, but his movement was a good sign. “There you are,” he said in relief, carefully dislodging the pile of metal and rock.

The cannon that had been digging up through the debris exploded under his hands, blasting him in the chest at point-blank range. Flung backwards by the impact, he crashed into a metal pole and fell limply forwards, unable to move or breathe past the burning pain.

The cannon slithered through the debris toward him, then stopped and pointed in another direction. A tall shape struggled upright, half-spreading tattered wings. His back was to the cannon, he didn’t see it.

Mega Man tried to shout, but he couldn’t do more than whisper.

Lands of Confusion
Book One