This is essentially a port of the two arcade games, Power Battle and Power Fighters, into one Neo-Geo Pocket Color cartridge. The two adaptations play very much like their big brothers and in terms of game play are almost completely true to the originals. This cartridge is, however, missing a lot of the music from the arcades and of course the graphics are pared down, although this affects the sprites much more so than the backgrounds. The story and endings are mostly intact, although the graphics used during them are altered quite a bit and only Mega Man’s theme song is actually present.
Screenshot from Jess Ragan

Currently Battle & Fighters is available only in Japan. I assume it would have been translated had SNK not yanked their foreign market support...

Since the two games here are more or less identical to the arcades, you can pretty much consult the arcade pages for more information. The things which are different (such as the music) don’t really affect game play. I’ll note some insights here that I gained by playing this game, although it should be noted that since I was only able to play the arcades a small number of times, it could be all of the info on this page holds true in the arcades as well and I just never noticed.

Screenshot from Jess Ragan
The following lists what Robot Masters are weak against which weapons. By “weak” I mean the game gives a visual indication—in the Power Battle, the screen flashes white for a brief instant, and in the Power Fighters the entire action is paused for several seconds the first time you use the right weapon on a foe. Note that these weaknesses are probably identical to the ones in the original arcades.
Power Battle

Screenshot from Jess Ragan
Power Fighters

For more information on fighting these guys, see their respective arcade pages.
Power Battle
  • Yellow Devil (Rock Monster)
    He’s missing his legs in this one, but, otherwise he’s mostly the same. Weak against Super Arm and Gyro Attack.
  • Pumpkin
    Weak against Thunder Strike.
  • Dr. Wily
    Weak against Rolling Cutter, Dust Crasher, and Slash Claw. Although these work for all three forms, I’d save your weapon energy for the final one. This is because you only have to hit the final Wily a few times with these weapons to break his pod and get the good ending. Thus you don’t want to be out of weapon energy when the timer starts ticking.
Screenshot from Jess Ragan
Power Fighters
  • Yellow Devil (Rock Monster)
    Weak against Thunder Beam.
  • Mad Grinder
    Weak against Centaur Arrow.
  • Mecha Dragon
    Weak against Quick Boomerang.
  • Dr. Wily 1
    Weak against Bubble Lead, Slash Claw, and Super Arm.
  • Dr. Wily 2
    You can’t change weapons during this battle, so the liklihood of you having the proper weapon is slim. However in this version of the game there is plenty of time to defeat Wily with just your arm cannon. Stand in the center and use fully-powered shots whenever possible and you shouldn’t have too many troubles.
There are no passwords or saved games that will allow you to restart a game in the middle (not that you really need them since a single play through the game is relatively fast). However the game does save your top scores.
The following weapons are available in the two games. Some have been changed from their original forms (and some renamed as well) which is noted below.
Power Battle

Power Fighters
Screenshot from Jess Ragan

    Screenshot from Jess Ragan
  • Charge up! Charged shots not only take significantly more damage, but they can also knock foes backward and cancel certain of their attacks.
  • Although every opponent has a weakness against a specific weapon, I’ve found it’s not always helpful to use that weapon. Oftentimes you are better off just firing away with your arm cannons. It depends on the boss and his reaction to the weapon, as well as how easy it is to hit.
  • Unlike most Mega Man games, here you can hit things that are off the screen. Use this. Oftentimes your best strategy is to stay as far away from your opponent as possible and fire at him while he’s off the screen. Generally it is much easier to avoid his attacks in this way.
  • Press up and jump to do a super-jump (Power Battle only).

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