Two months after Geo’s fateful meeting with Omega-Xis, the world appears to be at peace. Transers have been replaced with their upgrades: Star Carriers. The FM-ians are gone, the Satellites are gone, and society is going along on its way. But some people want to disrupt this peace and gain control of the world through an ancient technology, and they plan to use EM waves to do it...

Special Features

Top Help
Screen shot from Capcom.
There are three versions again; however, there are only two actual retail boxes. Each game is actually two versions in one. Both games get Zerker, the Electric element. Thus why they are titled Zerker X Ninja and Zerker X Saurian.

As you might expect, this game plays a lot like the first one, though they have made a number of tweaks and changes. Here are a few of the more notable differences:

  • You now walk around in the same space as the real world when you are in wave form, in addition to the Wave Roads which hover above the land. This means you can access all the same areas in wave form as you can in normal form.
  • You no longer tap on things on the touch screen in order to pulse into them; instead, just walk up to them while in wave form and search them. (Many “EM Wave Spaces” don’t become available until later points in the game.)
  • You can now equip “Abilities” similar to using the Navi Customizer, except without the grid.
  • You now have a statistic called “Link Power” which governs how many Ability items you can equip, certain doors you can open, and other things.
  • You can now use Battle Cards without losing your charge on your buster.
  • You can use “Star Cards” to increase the attack power of your cards.
  • Omega is visible following you around when you have your Visualizer on (this is actually kind of cute).
  • The interfaces are more sensible about what goes on the touch screen and what goes on the top screen.
  • There are a number of other alterations to interfaces and menus not mentioned here.

Star Cards

Star Cards are cards where the name is followed by a * with a tiny number underneath it. These are simply variations of regular Battle Cards. You win them from “G” versions of viruses that appear randomly. (“G” viruses are larger and have all of their statistics doubled.) Star Cards can only be placed into certain slots of your Folder, which means you are limited to a maximum of 3 of them. However, they can be used like normal cards (you can even make them Favorites) and they also boost the attack power of any card in the Folder that has the same name. The higher the number under the star, the higher the power bonus.

Screen shot from Capcom.
Thus, Star Cards actually give you several benefits at once: You can have more cards in your Folder in total; you can have more than just the normal limit of 3 copies of the same card in your Folder (the Star Card itself doesn’t count toward the limit); and you can boost the attack power of all copies of that card.

Rescuing Mr.Hertzes

Sometimes during battle there will be a Mr.Hertz on the battle field in one of the tiles in the row immediately ahead of yours. This is a variation of the Mystery Data in battles from Battle Network games. If the Mr.Hertz takes a hit of any kind—from you or from the enemies—he will vanish. If he survives the entire battle, he will reward you with an Ability program after the battle.

Note that any card that auto-aims will target the Mr.Hertz—and usually before targeting anyone else, since most auto-aim cards go for the closest enemy, and that’s virtually always the Mr.Hertz. Also note that Mr.Hertzes are considered to have no element for the purposes of cards like RdrMisil1.

Wave Command Cards

Wave Command Cards are physical cards that you place onto the touch screen on the DS and then you use the stylus to touch the dots or holes in the cards to input the secret code that the card holds. This has various effects depending on the card you use. There are two basic categories of cards.

To use a Battle Card, you first need an in-game item called a Blank Card. (See the Items section for some examples of where to find these.) Go to your Card Box, highlight a Blank Card, and press A. This brings up the input screen. Note that once you write data onto a Blank Card, you can overwrite that data at any time by highlighting the card, pressing Select, and then inputting a new Wave Command Card. So this means you can switch your cards at any time you want. (But they have to be in the Card Box, not your Folder, to do this.)

To use any other type of card, go to the Omega-Xis screen in your subscreen and press Select. You can get all sorts of special effects using this. Most of them are self-explanatory; however, let me detail Mega Man Data Cards for a moment. Mega Man Data Cards let you apply a power-up to MegaMan which can increase his statistics and add free abilities. Once you input one of these, you will gain a new subscreen page to the right of the Omega-Xis page that shows your current power-up and its effects. Press A while on this page and you can turn off the power-up or delete it entirely. Some power-ups lower your Link Power when they are equipped.

Note: I am not going to reveal any Wave Command Card input codes on MMHP. The reason is because you have to buy these things. It would not be fair for me to give them away for free.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • You can use the touch screen to grab and scroll the scroll bar thumb in item lists and other places with scroll bars. This makes paging through long lists a lot faster.
  • Do not attempt to use two Brother Cards to Triple Tribe in a single turn. You can Double Tribe with one of them and then the second is wasted.
  • Sometimes Mr.Hertzes (or other characters) mention monsters or giants or other hidden creatures. They are giving you hints about where you can encounter “G” type viruses.


Top Help
Play Control: 3
Screen shot from Capcom.
Pretty much the same here as the previous game, although I don’t know if this was an intentional change, but MegaMan’s recovery time seems to be noticeably worse in this game. Taking a hit or using an attack can nail your feet to the floor, preventing you from moving for a significant enough amount of time that you end up taking even more hits. This makes the game feel sluggish when you press left or right and nothing happens.
Graphics: 3
Not a whole lot has changed here either, although they now use the top screen to show the sky, which isn’t actually exploited very much, but sometimes something is floating up there for you to see. Because it is now possible to walk on the ground level in wave form, it is sometimes confusing about where you can walk and where you can’t.
Animation: 3
The animations return from the previous game; they also added a few more—for example, several townspeople have special “looking up” sprites for looking into the sky in the upper screen. And Geo has a sprite for pulsing in while wearing skis which is cute. Another thing I didn’t mention is they paid extra attention to making sure Omega’s head is always on Geo’s left arm when he’s in wave form, at least for his normal sprites.
Music: 4
At first, the music seemed pretty standard to me, but as I played, several tunes jumped out at me as being quite good. Also, I always appreciate lots of use of stereo.
Sound Effects: 3
Very similar to the previous game. There is an extra reverb sound effect when you get attacked, though this is mostly only noticeable if you have headphones on.
Plot: 3
The plot’s not bad; they actually did remember to take into account events that happened in the previous game. (If you wonder why I’d mention this, note that Battle Network 2 failed to do this...) The whole thing about Omega eating the OOPArt was quite funny. On the other hand, there are a couple of “hand meets forehead” places, such as the heroes deciding to sit around and wait for the bad guys to destroy the world before doing something to stop them...
Difficulty: 3 (normal)
Screen shot from Capcom.
The difficulty does not seem to have really changed much. Just as a hint, if you are really having troubles with the game, find, buy, steal, or cheat yourself a MegaMan Rogue power-up. Nothing will stop you with that form applied...
Replay Value: 4
Each game comes with two versions so you can Brother up with yourself if you don’t know anyone else who has a copy of the game. This makes it rather worth going through the game at least twice. But even despite that, as with the previous games there’s still a lot you can do even after you’ve beaten the game.
Polish: 3
Nothing terribly jumps out at me in this department, but they did add some extra touches, such as the Wave Roads now flicker electronically which is kind of cool.
Overall: 86%
There’s not a whole lot to say here, since this game is very similar to the previous one.
+ Plus:
Once you get the clear game save, the music resets to normal even though the world is still in peril, so at least you don’t have to run around listening to the crisis tune all the time.
- Minus:
If you start a quest that you can’t complete for whatever reason, and then you save the game, you are stuck for good, because there is no way to cancel a quest and you can’t take new quests when you currently have one active. They should have either let you do multiple quests at once, or let you cancel your current one.


Top Help
I’m writing this based on the Ninja version of the game. I don’t think there will be any drastic differences, but if something that I say doesn’t match your version, that’s probably the reason.

Note: This walkthrough covers only the main plot of the game. For information on the Title Menu Star area, side quests, and other hidden goodies, see the secrets section.

(Note: I know that technically Omega’s nickname is “Mega.” I’m still not going to call him Mega. Sorry.)

Carry the Stars

  • When you start, Geo is just opening a package. It’s his new Star Carrier, which replaces his old Transer.
  • After Geo plays with his new toy for a bit, walk up to the woman standing nearby to show her your Personal View.
  • Omega asks about the “Advert Ship” floating in the sky above Geo’s head. As they look at it, the ship suddenly begins to spark. Then it falls out of the sky and almost lands on Geo.
  • Check the ship and talk to all of the spectators standing around. (One of them is Chase Wind! Continuity!)
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • The ship starts to emit a screeching noise that scares everyone off. Omega has to remind Geo to put on his Visualizer (typical). The ship is, naturally, infected with viruses and this is, of course, the tutorial. Note that if you say you don’t want to hear about how to fight, then the tutorial messages are skipped and you just fight the following battles normally.
  • Go pulse in at the wavehole that is shown to you, and head back to the ship. Fight viruses.
  • After you’re done, pulse out and return to the ship for another cut scene. You need to find a propeller that fell off the ship.
  • Walk north to the big blue house there (Luna’s) and when you get close you will get a cut scene.
  • Pulse in and head around to where the Wave Road ramps down to the ground, and you can walk up the road and across the rooftops to the one with the propeller.
  • Pulse out and go talk to Miser to get him to shut up. The producer gives you tickets to his movie in thanks.
  • At this point you’re free to walk around and talk to people. The Big Wave store, of course, is closed.
  • Enter Geo’s house and talk to his mom. Their TV isn’t working.
  • Go outside to pulse in, then walk back inside the house in wave form and search the TV. This is how you pulse into things now.
  • Find the Mr.Hertz and talk to him.
  • Pulse out and go back inside the house and talk to Geo’s mom again.
  • Geo and his mom watch a documentary about the space station Peace. (Didn’t that blow up in the previous game?)
  • You are free to go outside now if you want, but ultimately it’s time for bed. Sleep in the bed when ready.
Star of the Show
  • Go through town and search the bus stop for the next cut scene. Luna points out that Geo doesn’t have any Brothers in his new Star Carrier. (This serves as the BrotherBand tutorial.) Luna is going to form a BrotherBand with Geo but the bus interrupts her.
  • In Wilshire Hills, enter the elevator and go up.
  • On the upper level, talk to the guy and girl standing a bit south from your starting position for a cut scene. You learn about “Matter Wave” technology which lets them produce objects out of EM waves.
  • Go up the ramp and you can search a sign to learn about Sonia being out of retirement again.
  • Talk to everyone here and you will get another cut scene. Luna decides they should check out IFL Tower nearby.
  • Go up the ramp past the old man to the next area.
  • In the new area, go up the ramp the rest of the way for another cut scene.
  • Omega tells Geo to put on his Visualizer and he sees a lot of Mr.Herzes on the pathways near the tower.
  • Hyde issues a veiled threat to the kids and then walks off.
  • Search the tower doors and you will learn that the tower is at capacity and they aren’t letting any more visitors inside.
  • Head back down to the theater (it’s to the left of the movie sign down in the previous area). Bud discovers his movie ticket is gone.
  • Head down the ramp and talk to the man in the suit (Van Geaux) standing down there. He shows you the ticket. Now you just need a way over there. SkyBoard, anyone?
  • Talk to the dude with the Matter Wave, Kaz Nova. Naturally, he asks you to do a quest for him in return for using his SkyBoard.
  • Find Hale Knitter near one of the Sonia signs on the ramp to the next area and talk with her.
  • Omega suggests Wave Changing, so put on your Visualizer and go find a wavehole. There’s one to the left of the elevator.
  • Go back to Hale and talk to her again. There’s a conversation and Omega takes a peek into her Star Carrier. (You can now enter people’s Star Carriers to do quests.)
  • Omega discovers she’s interested in someone with a high Link Power. Go back and report this to Kaz. (Remember to pulse out first!) He gives you the SkyBoard in return. Generous guy.
  • Your subscreen opens. Flip to the left page of your item screen if it isn’t there already, and you will see the SkyBoard listed there. Press A to activate it. You form the board and it talks to you. Several screen fades later, and Geo has the ticket.
  • Take the ticket back to your friends and give it to Bud. Now you can enter the theater.
  • Head up in the elevator inside the store and you will bump into Aaron Boreal. He tells you some things about the Star Carriers and such. (Funny, he mentions that “anyone” with a Star Carrier can use Battle Cards, but how do they pull this off without being able to Wave Change?)
  • Up the next elevator to the shopping plaza you get a cut scene. The kids enter the theater and the movie starts. It turns into a Ghost Busters / Luigi’s Mansion knock-off in short order.
  • During the intermission, you can walk around and examine things.
  • Talk to the first girl behind the counter right outside the theater room (the one on the left, toward the wall). Geo buys an orange juice.
  • On his way back to the theater, Geo sees Hyde heading into the theater room. They announce that the movie will continue, so Geo enters the theater too. During the show, the lights go out and when the lights come back the holograms are gone. You know what this means.
  • Hyde, as Dark Phantom, decides to put on a show of his own. He conjures some ghost viruses and kidnaps Luna to act as his heroine.
  • Once the cut scene is finished, you are free to move around. Leave the theater and talk to the maintenance man by the elevator to learn the elevator isn’t working.
  • Go back to the theater entrance and pulse in. You can use the Wave Roads to get to the first floor, where the elevator switch is. (Use the circular warp panels to navigate. You can’t use the elevator in wave form even when it is working.)
  • On the first floor, search the center of the empty counter (there’s nobody standing behind it right now) and you will find the button to activate the auxiliary power.
  • Pulse out and head down the elevator in real form. Ghosts are blocking the exit. Omega suggests using a vacuum on them. Remember where to get one?
  • Head back up the elevators to the top floor. Recall that when Geo bought his orange juice, the lady here offered him a vacuum for an absurd price. Now she just gives it to him.
  • Go back down to the door. Get close to the ghosts, then open your subscreen, switch to the “Item” page, hit Left, and activate the vacuum Matter Wave.
  • Outside, it’s dark and there are ghosts everywhere. Head up toward the tower.
  • The tower entrance is blocked by ghosts and your vacuum is full. Omega notes there are Wave Roads going all the way up the tower.
  • Pulse in and work your way up. To the right of the entrance to the tower, you should find a purplish warp point which will get you on the path you need to go.
  • There is a downed Mr.Hertz here that will explain that a ghost attacked him. This is an avoidance mini-game where you have to avoid being touched by the ghosts as they move around. There are branching paths you can use to avoid the ghosts. Save after every one you get past for ease of use.
  • When you first come to the spot where there are two wave points right next to each other, take the second one first. You have to go back on the lower path later anyway, so may as well save some time by not doing it first.
  • When you reach a break in the road, the plot will point out the two guys stranded on the ledge below. Go back down and rescue them. You get attacked by two BoodachGs and a regular Boodach.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • You can now use their platform to cross the gap from before. Head up and right.
  • In the next area, when you reach the tower you have to save a girl and then an old man from more sets of ghosts. Step on the purple warp point just past the old man to continue.
  • Not far beyond this is the skull panel which indicates an upcoming boss.
  • Boss: Dark Phantom
  • You get a BrotherBand with Luna here.
Vacationing Stars
  • Luna tells Geo they’re all going on a trip, and says to meet at her house. But first, she tells you to upgrade your Star Carrier. What better way to do that than by talking to the guy who invented it?
  • When you try to exit Geo’s room, he gets mail from the Mr.Hertz he saved at IFL Tower. You get your first Ability Wave item and this is a tutorial on how to use it.
  • Go talk to Aaron Boreal in Wilshire Hills to get your Star Carrier upgraded. He also gives you a Blank Card.
  • After this, head to Luna’s house and meet with everyone. She’s decided on a ski trip to Grizzly Peak, a manmade ski resort.
  • Talk to Geo’s mother to get permission to go on the trip. She tells him to do his homework.
  • Go into Geo’s room and search his computer to download his homework. When the first try fails, just try again. Geo turns on his computer, and now you have to pulse into it.
  • Go outside to pulse in, then reenter the house and go search Geo’s computer again to pulse in. Head toward the upper right corner of the Computer ES to find the viruses.
  • After the battle, pulse out of the Wave World and go to bed. You don’t need to do Geo’s homework; he does it automatically as part of going to bed.
  • The next morning, go to the bus stop and search the sign for a cut scene.
  • Luna elects Geo to check in, so go to the hotel and check in. Notice the glass door that opens for you? This door only functions for humans. You can’t walk through this with your EM body. Keep this in mind for later.
  • The clerk is busy, so explore the hotel while you wait.
  • Go up the elevator on the right, and head outside, and you find Bob Copper from the previous game. The police force has sent him to learn about the Abominable Snowman rumors.
  • (Note: There’s a wavehole you can use up here. MegaMan can walk up and down ski slopes even without special equipment; Geo can only go down them and even then only when he has skis on. So if you want to navigate slopes, it’s best to do it in wave form if you have a choice.)
  • Beyond Copper is Foodtopia. Talk to everyone there and you will eventually get mail that your rooms are ready.
  • Return to the lobby and talk to the receptionist. You are given the suite because you had to wait so long.
  • A guy in pink and gold saunters in with two henchwomen in black suits. He gloats about taking over the hotel.
  • Once that’s over with, go up to your suite (it’s up the elevator on the right, and all the way at the end of the hall). Luna uses the key but it doesn’t work. Omega suggests opening the door from the inside. You know what this means.
  • Go outside, pulse in, and then run back inside. Near the hallway you should find a Wave Road leading the direction you need to go.
  • (Just for fun, look inside the Star Carrier of Noira Crush, one of the henchwomen. You find her schedule. 10:00am: Secret meeting. 11:00am: Hostile takeover. 12:00pm: Lunch.)
  • Inside the suite, Geo realizes his friends can’t see him in that form. Not to worry, there’s a wavehole nearby.
  • Pulse out and go open the door. Geo knocks down the door. And then his friends ask, “Is that Geo’s voice?” Well, duh, he just broke down the door, you ought to be able to see him by now...
  • A Matter Wave called Mr.Moustache welcomes them. The others leave to investigate. Mr.Moustache gives Geo a ski set. You can use the skis off the item screen whenever you want as long as you are outside.
  • Luna has sent you to Foodtopia, so return there. Beyond the man standing there is a metal ramp. When you approach the ramp, you get a phone call. A mysterious voice tells Geo to meet him by the water fountain in front of the hotel’s entrance.
  • (Note: Technically the caller tells Geo to meet in the wave fountain’s ES, but this is both illogical and misleading. The caller is evidently one of Richie’s henchwomen, but why would she know that Geo can pulse in? Besides, even if you go into the ES in wave form, you find nothing unusual there.)
  • If you approach the fountain in human form you get a cut scene. A huge snowball appears and almost lands on Geo’s head, but someone warns him in time. She skis down to talk to him and introduces herself as Amy Gelande, daughter of the owner of the hotel.
  • (Bud: “Amy Gelande! You’re my biggest fan!” Zack: “Wanna try that again?”)
  • Amy says she thinks she saw the Abominable Snowman throw the snowball. Geo puts on his Visualizer and looks at the snowball and sees an EM head. Zack says he’ll mail Geo the locations where other people have encountered the Abominable Snowman.
  • Geo sends the others away. Time to go pulse in and take care of that snowball!
  • Once that’s out of the way, there’s another snowball up the metal ramp in Foodtopia. You can pulse in back near the hotel and walk over in wave form.
  • The third snowball is also in the Foodtopia area, up on the left side. In wave form you can reach it by walking up the large snowy slope in the center of the area, to the left of the ski lift.
  • When you get all three snowballs, you receive mail from Zack. Go down to meet everyone in the lobby.
  • In the lobby, you encounter a kid with white hair. You’ll be seeing more of him later on.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Zack and Bud find Geo, and they talk. There’s going to be an eating contest in Foodtopia and Bud wants to compete.
  • Geo wants to check on Luna, so head up to the suite. Try to talk to Luna but she won’t let you. Leave the suite. (Too bad you can’t pulse in to talk to her as MegaMan.)
  • Outside the suite, you get a phone call from Bud. He wants you to find an “EatMchn.”
  • Go back into the suite and talk to the Mr.Moustache Matter Wave. He says the staffer by the laundry room has one.
  • Pulse in and use the Wave World to get there. Use the Wave Road path that’s just above the exit that goes outside. If you follow the road around the long way, you will get the laundry room. Pulse out using the wavehole there and then talk to the lady.
  • Once you get the EatMchn from the employee, pulse back in. Now you have to walk all the way back.
  • Find Bud in Foodtopia and give him the EatMchn (use it off your item list). This starts the cut scene of the eating contest.
  • Omega sees something and tells Geo to put on his Visualizer. Yep, it’s Taurus. Omega calls it a residual EM. Somehow Bud retained some of Taurus’s EM waves and they take over and he transforms.
  • Geo says he can’t pulse in where people can see him. Why let that stop you? It never has before. Go up to the wavehole that’s near the ski slopes and pulse in.
  • Run down the ramp toward Bud for a cut scene.
  • Boss: Taurus Fire
  • Once that’s over and done with, head back to the suite. Try to talk to Luna...again. She won’t let you in the room again. She tells Geo to sleep on the couch.
  • Go to the couch near Mr.Moustashe and search it to get the prompt to sleep.
Just Chill
  • You see a cut scene here between Richie and Hyde. (Why does an EM body leave footprints?)
  • The next morning, Geo gets up and prepares for a day of skiing. (“Ski Change! Geo Stelar, On the Snow!”)
  • Go through Foodtopia to the ski lift, put on your skis (use them off the item screen), and then get on the lift. At the landing, get on the next lift.
  • After the cut scene, ski down to Foodtopia. The game pretty much requires you to go the right way, so don’t worry about getting lost.
  • At the bottom, Geo somehow beats the other two down even though they started without him.
  • It starts to snow. In fact, it starts to blizzard. They shut down the lifts, but not before Bud manages to get on one in search of Amy, who is on the pro courses.
  • Go pulse in. You can now run up the ramps to the area above to where the lifts take you. (You weren’t allowed to come here in wave form earlier.)
  • The first area is Bunny Slopes ER. You’re not allowed to walk up the slopes here, so walk around the left side to the narrow path that leads to a Wave Road. Follow the road to the purple lightning sphere thingie. Talk to the Mr.Hertz nearby to learn some of his friends were swallowed up by it. Search the ball to get transported to the mini-game.
  • This is the skiing mini-game mentioned in the manual. You have to ski down grabbing Mr.Hertzes. There are only three positions you can be in (left, right, center) but you cannot hold down the control pad, you have to tap it in order to switch positions. The mini-game cycles until you reach the required number of Mr.Hertzes.
  • Head down the Wave Road to the second mini-game.
  • Shortly past that sphere, you get a phone call. Somehow Geo can still access his Star Carrier even when he’s in wave form and doesn’t have a physical body. Oh well, I guess this also explains why he can open doors.
  • Geo answers the phone in wave form. That would have been pretty funny if it had been someone who didn’t know his secret identity. But the call turns out to be from Bud. He says he found Amy.
  • In the next area, walk around a bit and find the next purple ball mini-game.
  • Past the final mini-game sphere is the boss panel. If you are low on health, mark a bunch of Recover cards as favorites and run around fighting battles to get your health back up. (Or use a Sub-Card.)
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Boss: Yeti Blizzard
  • Somehow stopping Yeti Blizzard puts an end to the blizzard as well. You don’t even need to go fiddle with the weather control machine.
  • At this point, you get a BrotherBand with Bud.
Eating the Past
  • Back with Geo...who is watching himself (as MegaMan) on the news.
  • Omega “convinces” (e.g. forces) Geo to go around his town asking people what they think about MegaMan.
  • Once you’ve talked to everyone you get a cut scene. Geo and Omega’s conversation is interrupted by a scream coming from Big Wave.
  • Enter the store and you can see a virus in the real world. Ken says he materialized his Matter Wave surfboard and the viruses materialized with it.
  • Geo thinks to himself that he can’t pulse in because Ken would see. Naturally, Ken then decides to try to attack the viruses and he gets himself knocked out. Perfect chance to pulse in...except there’s no wavehole. You have to go outside anyway. And since when do people notice us pulsing in anyway?
  • Enter the store in wave form and you can fight the viruses. There are three in total. You’ll face off with slightly beefed up versions of viruses you’ve already fought.
  • After you get all of the viruses, there’s a cut scene. Geo actually sticks around—in MegaMan form—until Ken wakes up. Then of course he has to do the usual routine of trying to explain where “Geo” went.
  • Outside, Omega suggests that Geo just tell everyone who he really is. Honestly, it seems like half the world can see them while they’re morphed, and it’s not like Geo is terribly subtle about dropping hints about his true identity, so I figure it won’t be long before everyone knows anyway...
  • When you pulse out, you get another cut scene where Sonia runs up and they talk for a bit. Geo mentions not being used to talking to celebrities. Dude, you are one!
  • While Geo and Sonia are talking, Omega tells Geo to put on his Visualizer but Geo doesn’t see anything. Omega points out that if Sonia is here, then “you know who” must be too. Yep, Lyra pops in.
  • Sonia invites Geo to Wilshire Hills. Omega accurately notes, “I wonder what Prez would do if she saw this.” Enh, we’ll worry about that later.
  • Get on the bus and go to Wilshire Hills. Find Sonia not far in and talk to her. After this, when you get in the elevator you’ll get a cut scene.
  • As Geo and Sonia talk, they see an ad for the “Lost Civilization” exhibit at the museum. The museum is at IFL Tower so head there. At the entrance you get a cut scene.
  • Go inside the tower for yet another cut scene.
  • The movie producer that Geo helped (back when the Advert Ship crashed) is there. He gives you free passes again, this time to the museum.
  • Go talk to the lady behind the counter to get your “Guide” Matter Wave. Summon it from your item list.
  • Search the exhibits. When you search the Star Carrier, Omega decides to take a closer look at it. He promptly sets off the alarm.
  • Matter Wave guards surround Geo. Geo says he accidentally touched the exhibit (even though he didn’t) and apologizes. Mr. Miser believes him and tells the guards to stand down.
  • After you search all of the items in this room, the guide takes you to the next room.
  • When you’ve searched all of the exhibits there, you get another cut scene.
  • The last exhibit is of the “Out Of Place Artifact” (or “OOPArt” as you’ll hear it referred to from now on). As you might imagine, the artifact that you see here depends on what version of the game you are playing.
  • Omega tells Geo to put on his Visualizer and Geo sees that the OOPArt is flaming with energy. Geo asks what the thing is. Omega says it’s a weapon.
  • Suddenly black holes begin to appear under some of the museum exhibits and suck them away. The holes also suck up the auto-guards for good measure.
  • Run back to the entrance and Wave Change. Sonia changes immediately after you and she’s there with you.
  • The eyeball thingie with the long name is on a Wave Road path. You have to find a way up there.
  • Search the tapestry you may have noticed earlier. You will reveal a secret panel.
  • Through the secret door, head to the left and around behind the OOPArt platform.
  • At certain points you will get snagged by black holes. You have to do a button-matching thing to escape. If you fail, you get sucked into the “Un-Dimension” where the stolen exhibits are. Once you find the exit (it moves around but it’s usually near one of the exhibits) you come out where you fell in, so except for any battles you fight in the Un-Dimension, you really don’t lose anything other than some time.
  • When you get close to the eyeball you get a cut scene where the eye decides to go after the OOPArt. (Yes, I know the eyeball has a name. Kamikakushi. But it’s easier to just type “eyeball.”)
  • Now you have to walk all the way back to where you started in order to get back to the OOPArt. Why can’t we teleport like the eyeball? Or jump off the road down to the floor? Or something?
  • Luckily, the Plot declares you will get there on time, so you don’t have to rush. Also, it seems the eyeball is too busy trying to suck up the OOPArt to waste time trying to black-hole you.
  • At the OOPArt, Geo runs forward to rescue the artifact. Omega grabs it with his teeth and Geo tries to pull it out. Then Sonia comes up and destroys the eyeball with one blast of her guitar. Why didn’t she do that to begin with?
  • When the dust clears, the OOPArt is gone. Omega admits that he accidentally swallowed it. And then Geo suddenly starts flaming. (Must have been something he ate...)
  • Mr. Miser runs over at that moment and asks if MegaMan is that blue hero that’s all over the news. Sonia says it is, and that MegaMan took care of the disturbance. Well, strictly speaking, Sonia did, but... The producer calls MegaMan a hero, not realizing of course that this hero just ATE the one-of-a-kind super-priceless OOPArt...!
  • Embarrassed, Geo runs off. At this point the producer realizes the OOPArt is gone. Meanwhile, Solo appears from a black hole nearby. (That eyeball is not as dead as it appeared. Either that, or there’s more than one of them...)
  • Outside, Sonia and Geo reform their BrotherBand. You also get the SniaFldr extra folder. Feel free to steal any cards from it that you want.
  • Sleep to continue the plot.
Something He Ate
  • The next morning (we assume), Geo is back to watching about himself on the news.
  • Geo called everyone else already, so go meet them in the park. (Actually, it’s kind of hard not to; you step away from Geo’s house and you get into the cut scene.)
  • No one has arrived yet, but Geo overhears Ken from the Big Wave talking to Solo about the blue hero.
  • (Odd, when we talked to Solo at Grizzly Peak, he seemed to already know that Geo could Wave Change. Yet here he is asking where the blue hero is? Maybe he can’t figure out how to find Geo’s house? I mean, it can’t be hard to look it up in a phone book...)
  • So anyway, Geo and his friends meet. During the conversation, someone cries out. Everyone looks and sees two townspeople stuck in black holes. Oh gee. I wonder who could be causing this. Then more people get snagged. Pretty soon the entire town’s population, except for Geo and his friends, are being dragged into the black holes.
  • Go pulse in. You get more black hole mini-games here. In the Un-Dimension, the stolen museum exhibits are still there. Can’t we grab them and take them back with us when we leave?
  • The game shows you where the eyeballs are, but if you missed it, one’s in the far upper right corner. One is up the ramp on the Big Wave, and one is up the other ramp, across the building rooftops, and toward Geo’s neighbor’s house.
  • When you reach one of the eyeballs, Geo destroys it on the overworld. There’s no battle, surprisingly.
  • Destroy all three of the eyeballs and you get a cut scene where Solo appears. He demands they give him the OOPArt, but of course they can’t, because Omega kind of ate it. So Solo decides to get it himself and he Wave Changes.
  • Luna and the others arrive. Solo asks if they are his friends. Stupidly, Geo says “Yeah.” So now Solo has more clues as to MegaMan’s identity (if he needed them). He also knows who to hold hostage to get the OOPArt back. ;)
  • Naturally, Solo produces another eyeball and makes a black hole under the feet of Geo’s friends. Instead of doing something smart like shooting the eyeball, Geo challenges Solo. You don’t get to fight him, though. Solo blasts Geo on the overworld. Then he sucks away Geo’s friends.
  • Geo doesn’t do much to fight back; he just begs Solo to bring his friends back. Geeze, Geo, just jump in the black hole and save them yourself. You know how to get out of those things—just find the exit point!
  • Eventually Geo starts flaming—yep, now he’s mad. Just kidding. It’s the OOPArt, of course. Finally the battle begins.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Boss: Rogue
  • After you win the fight, Solo is told to retreat. His eyeball companion goes away as well, but the black hole that swallowed Geo’s friends is still there. The hole starts to shrink, so Geo runs over and sticks his arm in. He manages to save Luna but then the hole disappears.
  • After some cut scenes, you’re back with Geo in his room. He’s back in pouty mode. He gets a phone call from Luna, who tells him to get over to her place so they can strategize.
  • On the way over to Luna’s, there’s a maintenance man who is trying to repair the doghouse. Omega suggests helping him, of course.
  • Pulse into the doghouse and talk to the Mr.Hertz there. He asks for a D.Enrgy. If you look in the list below you can see where to find one.
  • Fetch a D.Enrgy if you don’t already have one and give it to the Mr.Hertz and he’ll be really happy that he was helped by MegaMan, despite the fact that the D.Enrgy doesn’t even work. Oh well.
  • Pulse out and talk to the maintenance man again.
  • Go on to Luna’s house and talk to Luna for the next cut scene. At the end of the conversation, Geo runs off.
  • There’s no Vista Point anymore to go to when Geo is pouty, so return to Geo’s house and talk to his mom. Then enter his bedroom.
  • The next morning, Luna phones Geo and tells him she’s coming over and he better not leave his house. But Geo says he doesn’t feel like talking so he’s going to go somewhere before she gets there.
  • Leave Geo’s room and talk to his mom.
  • Exit Geo’s house for a cut scene. Luna walks out of her house and promptly gets grabbed by Hyde.
  • Hyde phones Geo, recognizes Geo’s voice, and figures out that Geo is MegaMan. So how did he know to call Geo in the first place? Anyway, he tells MegaMan to come to the movie theater.
  • Head to Wilshire Hills. Outside the shopping plaza, you find Mr.Boreal and other people saying that some weird guy has locked himself in the plaza.
  • Pulse in; in wave form you will be allowed to go through the doors into the shopping plaza. Use the warp points to head upstairs to the movie theater.
  • You find Dark Phantom with Luna. You have to follow the Wave Roads to get up to where Luna is. Through the Murians that Hyde summoned, of course. Unlike with the eyeballs, these you have to fight.
  • Near the end are three of the Murians in a group. Before Geo and Omega can engage them, the OOPArt unhelpfully decides to intercede. The Murians are destroyed, but Omega says they’re done for because the OOPArt is too powerful for him to control.
  • Move forward to Luna and Dark Phantom. Luna wakes up and Ophiuca appears next to her.
  • Boss: Queen Ophiuca
  • After the battle, Hyde summons more Murians to take care of Geo while he’s weakened.
  • Geo fights, and Geo loses. Spectacularly. Hyde gloats. Then the screen flashes white. Flames appear around Geo and with another flash of light he destroys all of the Murians. Luna gives Geo some more Link Power and this enables Geo to control the power enough that he transforms.
  • Mini-Boss: MurianGs (This is the tutorial battle for you to learn how to use your new transformation.)
  • You can now “Tribe On” using Brother Cards, or by equipping the Ability item that was given to you.
  • Go to Luna’s house again and talk to her again to get another cut scene...again. Luna and Geo turn on the TV to see if the news tells them anything. On a program about the Loch Mess monster, Messie, they see Zack.
  • Luna decides they will go to Loch Mess to get Zack. But neither of them knows where Loch Mess is. Geo suggests asking Ken Suther, at the Big Wave.
  • Visit the Big Wave and talk to Ken. He talks a lot but he doesn’t know anything helpful.
  • At this point Geo receives an anonymous email from someone telling him to meet him in the lobby of the hotel. So go to Grizzly Peak.
  • Find your Auto Brother in the Grizzly Peak hotel lobby. Geo asks him/her about Loch Mess, and you learn it’s in Netopia. Also, you can register your Auto Brother as a Brother here if you want.
  • Return to Echo Ridge and you will get a cut scene where Geo tells Luna what he learned. Luna tells Geo that he needs a passport to go to another country. Omega speaks up at this point to helpfully point out that Geo could take the Wave Road instead. So Geo tells Luna to go on a plane and he says he’ll meet her there. (Hope you can stuff your luggage into your wave form, buddy.)
  • Sleep in Geo’s bed when ready.
One Big Mess
  • The next morning, Omega suggests Geo try the satellite dish on Luna’ house. Pulse in and get there from the ramp near the Big Wave shop.
  • Search the satellite in wave form and Omega will ask if you want to pulse into the Sky Wave.
  • Talk to the angel Hertzes and Geo will ask how to get to Loch Mess.
  • When you find the exit to Mess Village, you get a cut scene where Luna finds Geo and tells him that she can’t understand the locals. So you have to find someone you can talk to.
  • Find Gerry Romero not far away and talk to him and he will give you a Trnslatr. (You practically need a translator to translate these shortened item names!)
  • Now that you can understand people, go talk to folks. Unfortunately nobody is talking about Zack. All anyone wants to talk about is Messie.
  • In one corner of the village you come across Mr.Copper. The force has sent him to investigate Messie.
  • (By the way, Copper’s Star Carrier screen says “Dislikes: Baseballs.” If you don’t get this joke, play the previous game.)
  • When you’ve talked to everyone, you get a cut scene. After you get control again, talk to Luna.
  • Luna says the bridge is unstable. Omega thinks she might be on to something, and suggests that you Wave Change and check it out. Do so.
  • On the bridge, talk to the oversized Mr.Hertz. He needs you to ask another Hertz for help.
  • Find the Mr.Hertz on the empty island that you get to by using the arrow panels that shoot you though the air. The path begins near a building to the right of the island, a bit south of the problem bridge. You get FlotShoe/240.
  • Return the FlotShoe/240 to the fat Hertz and get an HP+100/150 in return.
  • Pulse out, talk to Luna, then cross the bridge to the Observation Deck.
  • Talk to everyone on the Observation Deck to get the next cut scene.
  • (Search the binoculars next to the woman and you will be asked if you want to pay 500z. Pay the cost and a Wave Road appears.)
  • Go back to the village for the next cut scene. The World Mysteries TV show is filming. Zack is on today’s show as well. Go over and talk to him. (Apparently he decided that telling people about Messie was more important than sending a mail to his family or friends to let them know he’s all right...)
  • Talk to Luna first, then head left and exit the area into the next area, Messie’s Cove. Circle around the area and you will find Zack toward the upper right.
  • Return to Luna and talk to her. This triggers a cut scene where Zack sees Romero using a Matter Wave to create a fake Messie. Then Hyde appears and offers to help Romera make a “real” Messie. Yep, you know what this means.
  • Meanwhile, back with Geo and Luna. A tsunami is approaching. Leave behind Luna and all the merchants behind their counters and head for the Observation Deck. The tsunami hits and the water level is now about 20 feet deeper, submerging the village.
  • Geo realizes he’ll need that Matter Wave submarine he saw before. (I have no idea why we can’t walk around underwater in wave form. We can walk around in space in wave form...)
  • Find the Matter Wave sub to the north, isolated from everyone else. Talk to the man and get the DiveMchn.
  • Go pulse in and then you can walk down the indicated ramp to the sea. Use the DiveMchn (off your item list) right before you reach the water.
  • Just at the bottom of the ramp is a Mr.Hertz that explains that you have to shut off the security system first. The Mr.Hertz gives you “Old Docs” to help you find other Hertzes that can shut off the security. Omega tells you to press the L button and he’ll read the docs. When you find a likely spot, you need to press Y to dig.
  • You can also dig up green Mystery Data at certain points.
  • Digging where there is nothing to find will usually result in viruses.
  • You need to find three Mr.Hertzes in this area:
    • Next to the king’s crown in the piles of sunken treasure to the left of where you entered the water.
    • On the right side of a starfish in the lower right corner of the area.
    • Right next to the sunken raft (go through the sunken ship and follow the path through the cave up to the upper ledge).
  • Once you clear the first door, you—naturally—have to do it all over again in the next area. Read your Old Docs again; there are more pages now.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • You need to find five Mr.Hertzes this time:
    • By the overturned throne (the path to this is a little hard to see; it’s behind the Hertz that gloats).
    • Inside the cave down the slope from the octopus.
    • Next to the sunken submarine.
    • The center of a group of five rocks to the right.
    • On cracked ground to left and down a little of the tail of the mermaid statue.
  • Get all five of the Mr.Hertzes in this area and you can fight the boss.
  • Boss: Plesio Surf
  • After this, Zack and Geo reform their BrotherBand.
What’s Up?
  • Zack phones Geo and asks him to come to his place.
  • When you go there and talk to him, you learn that somebody fell out of the sky over in the country of Whazzap. (I don’t make up these names, honest!)
  • Go talk to Ken Suther at the Big Wave again and learn of Whazzap’s location. I dunno why they couldn’t just use an atlas...
  • Luna and Zack prepare to leave. Geo has to get there on his own, of course.
  • Sleep in Geo’s bed when ready. You aren’t allowed to enter the Sky Wave until you do.
  • Go to the area in the Sky Wave where the portal to Mess Village is. There is an angel Hertz there. Talk to him and he opens the path to Whazzap.
  • When you reach the portal to Whazzap, Geo pulses out automatically. Luna and Zack join up with him. Then suddenly they’re surrounded by natives. All they can say is “Whazzap.” (Groan.)
  • Go talk to the Shaman guy standing near the center of the area. No one else will talk to you until you do this. The Shaman tells you that you have to say “Whazzap” first or no one will talk to you. Also, Geo asks about the person that fell out of the sky. The Shaman says there is such a person there but he’s too busy to talk to them.
  • After this you can talk to the rest of the natives. They talk about the “great one” who likes to eat. Oh gee, who could that be?
  • Once you’ve talked to everyone, you get a cut scene where Luna and Geo and Zack compare notes.
  • After this conversation, go to the next area to see symbols (“Whazzap Lines”) drawn in the ground.
  • Read all the plaques and talk to all of the people to advance the plot.
  • Head back to the town area. The townsfolk are in front of the tent in front of the statue in the center hailing Bud as Budicus. Bud’s all dressed up regally and he even has a new face portrait too.
  • Once the initial cut scene is over, walk closer to trigger another one.
  • Go back to the Whazzap Lines and talk to Luna again and they plot and plan about how to get Bud’s attention. They decide to make Bud some ginger beef.
  • You need: Beef, Onion, Rice, and Egg.
    • Get Rice from the lady called Wherzat in the central town.
    • The Egg can be obtained from the wall above the murals; you have to get there through the Wave Road. Pulse in at the Whazzap Lines, then go up to the temple and take the right path, onto the teleporter.
    • The Onion grows to the south of the town, along the edge of town.
    • Swipe the Beef from the offerings just below Bud.
  • Talk to Luna once you have everything. She gives you a CookMchn. Activate it from your item list. Thankfully there’s no cooking mini-game.
  • The gang create the beef rice bowl and set it out on the Whazzap Lines at night and wait for Bud like he’s a wild animal. (Evidently, though Zack made a conscious decision not to contact his friends, Bud didn’t because he’s lost his memory.)
  • While Luna and Geo and Zack try to talk some sense into Bud, the Shaman shows up and lures Bud away with barbecue ribs.
  • Luna materializes a Matter Wave tent for them to spend the night.
  • The next morning, something’s going on in the village so head on down there to discover the townspeople celebrating Budicus becoming their new leader. In the middle of this, a nice earthquake helpfully interrupts, and Solo appears next to Bud.
  • Go pulse in near the sundial. There’s a ramp to the left, a little to the right of the center of the village. That path will lead you up to the top of the statue.
  • Reach Solo and Bud for a cut scene. Rogue knocks Geo down and decides to go back to attacking Bud. This makes Geo justifiably angry, and he starts flaming again. You know what this means.
  • Boss: Rogue
  • The next morning, Bud still hasn’t woken up. Zack says he has an idea and tells you to follow him, but then he just stands there. Really, you have to lead the way.
  • Go down to the village where you find they just left Bud lying in the middle of the ground. You trigger a cut scene where they jog Bud’s memory with some ginger beef.
  • The Shaman comes up and he says Bud has to stay there and be their leader, and when Bud refuses, Shaman calls for help and a bunch of villagers chase everyone off screen.
  • Omega suggests going after the Shaman first. Geo says he’ll pulse in because that’ll allow him to get close because nobody can see him. And how’s that going to help him? Oh well. Anyway, Geo tells the others to “hide here.” So they just stand there in plain sight. Right.
  • Pulse in and go find the Shaman. You trigger a cut scene as you get close.
  • (Omega: “I just got a very, very good idea.” I am very, very scared.)
  • Omega tells the Shaman he’s an evil monster and threatens him to let them go. Playing along, Geo charges the Shaman, and the Shaman faints. The townspeople nearby see this and rush over to him.
  • Pulse out and go talk to Luna. She tells Geo that Zack and Bud are already at the tent.
  • Head over there and talk to them. Then search the tent to pack it up.
  • Pulse in and you can head back to the sundial to leave.
  • After Geo escapes to the Sky Wave, you see a cut scene where Hyde shows up to give got it, an Ancient Star Carrier.
  • Once you gain control of Geo, head toward his home.
  • When you come out of the warp point into the Echo Ridge portion of the Sky Wave, Geo gets a phone call. Bud says they were on their way to the airport when a giant bird attacked them. So instead of getting on with world domination or at least solidifying himself as the ruler of Whazzap, the Shaman decided on petty revenge.
  • Talk to the truck Navi next to the warp point where this cut scene takes place. If your Link Power is high enough (I’m not sure how high it needs to be), he’ll give you a WhzzpKey. This lets you open a door leading to a shortcut between Echo Ridge and Whazzap. You want this key.
  • When you exit the warp point into the Whazzap village, you get another cut scene. Shaman has tied up all of Geo’s friends and is telling the villagers that Budicus was an imposter.
  • Terra Condor flies off with Bud, Zack, and Luna. He tells the villagers to take care of “that kid in blue.” But the villagers actually realize their shaman is, well, a sham, and they stand aside.
  • Head to the next area with the Whazzap Lines and up the stairs. You can now enter the temple.
  • You have to take the Flame Hertzes to their pedestals in order to unlock the paths ahead. While you have a Flame Hertz with you, an icon shows in the corner of the screen. You can hide down the stairs to avoid the bird attacks. The game also shows a shadow over MegaMan briefly before a bird swoops down.
    • The first Flame Hertz is to the upper left. He wants to go to the east pedestal. That’s to the lower right.
    • The second Flame Hertz is to the lower right, near the temple entrance. He wants to go to the west pedestal. That’s to the upper left.
    • You can see the third Flame Hertz appear when you save the second. It’s just below you. Naturally he wants to go to the northern pedestal which is to the upper right.
    • The third Flame Hertz tells you the fourth is north of him. That’s upper right. He’s at the tip of one of the “wings” in the pattern. Anyway, you know what pedestal he wants; there’s only one left.
  • In the next area, it’s the same deal. (What, you expected something different?)
    • The first Hertz is to the lower left from where you entered. He wants the north pedestal. That’s upper right.
    • That one tells you the next one is north of him. But go down and right a bit and then follow the winding Wave Road to find him. He wants to go to the south. That’s almost straight down-left.
    • That one tells you the next one is north of him (again). He’s really in the upper right corner of the area, near one of the Flame Hertzes you saved already. He wants to go to the “twin” pedestals that are near the center of the lower part of the area. His brother is down to the right of him a bit. Get them both first and then take them to the twin pedestals.
    • The next group of three are scattered around. One is to the lower right not far from the twin pedestals. One is in the far upper right Wave Road, up the ramp. And one is just to the upper right of the twin pedestals, not far from the first one. Grab these two at the same time. Then you can go for the third one and then get them to the pedestals. They want to go to the three pedestals to the left of this area.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Finally you can go fight the boss!
  • Boss: Terra Condor
  • So the villagers find out their shaman is fine, and a few days later, tourists from Netopia come to visit... and there’s a statue of Budicus surrounded by bowls of ginger beef...
Breaking All Bonds
  • Solo seems to be brooding about what Geo said to him before they fought. Hollow appears and again offers him the Indie Proof. He says if Solo really despises Link Power, then he should use the Indie Proof. Solo finally accepts.
  • Meanwhile, Geo is dreaming of Sonia. He wakes up, and mentions it’s been a week since they found Bud, but no sign of Sonia. But then Bud calls and says he knows where Sonia is. He tells Geo to come to his house.
  • Go there and Bud plays the recording of the news show. (Planes are disappearing all in the same place and we recently passed a gate leading to Bermuda Maze. What’re the odds?)
  • Head to Loch Ness where the plane made its emergency landing.
  • Find the pilot, Tayle Spinn, in the area of Loch Mess with the sheep (Messie’s Cove). He says the plane’s BlackBox caught it all on film but it fell into the loch.
  • Go to the Observation Deck, head to the upper deck, pulse in, and then follow the ramp to the upper right all the way down into the loch. You have to manually activate the DiveMchn again.
  • You’re back underwater. Go to the second area of this loch and head for the candlesticks you saw before. The black box is right near them.
  • Take the box back to the pilot. Now he needs a projector to play the data.
  • Go talk to the cameraman near the news van where you came in. Get the Matter Wave Projectr.
  • Go back to the pilot and activate the Matter Wave item off your item list. You don’t see much but there is a split second image of Sonia. At this point, the pilot mentions the Bermuda Maze.
  • Find the door to the Bermuda Maze area a little down and to the left a bit from where you come in from the shortcut from Echo Ridge. An angel Hertz in front of the door says someone broke it once before. Search the door and Omega will break it again.
  • When you go through the portal, you see Sonia just ahead. Naturally she tells Geo to stop searching for her. When he refuses, she cuts their BrotherBand in an attempt to make him go away. Then she flattens him with a guitar cord.
  • Back at Geo’s house, Geo is in pouty mode again. Luna emails to tell him that she and the others will be by Geo’s house soon. Geo decides to run off again because he doesn’t want to talk to them.
  • Go outside and search the bus stop and Geo picks a destination automatically.
  • You end up in Wilshire Hills. Go up the elevator and then up the ramp and search the Air Display with Sonia’s face on it. Nighttime comes and Geo’s still standing there, gazing at the sky.
  • Hollow appears on a spire nearby. Naturally everyone can see him. For that matter, how’d he know where to find MegaMan? Coincidence? He just happened to choose to terrorize this town, right?
  • Run right past the “monsters” and the townsfolk and go Wave Change nearby because nobody will notice anyway. ;)
  • Search each virus to attack it. You fight Murian viruses of different colors; each color has a different elemental property.
  • When you get them all, Hollow appears in front of MegaMan and of course tells him to give him the OOPArt. Then Solo appears out of a black hole, and Hollow agrees to let him do the fighting instead.
  • Boss: Rogue EX (This is a gimmick battle. You can’t hurt him; his shield blocks everything you try to do to him. Just fight normally and after you’ve opened up your Custom Screen about four times, Geo will speak up and note that he can’t damage him. After this, the battle closes.)
  • Rogue starts to finish off MegaMan, but then there’s a flash of white and when the light clears, MegaMan is gone.
  • Geo wakes up in Echo Ridge, still in MegaMan form, with Harp Note beside him. Sonia says she saved Geo but doesn’t think she’ll be able to get away with it again without being seen.
  • Geo pulses out automatically and ends up by his house. (They had to do this or else when you pulsed out you’d end up back in Wilshire Hills with Hollow and Rogue, and then Sonia would have to save you all over again.)
  • Go into Geo’s house and talk to his mother. For once she actually notices his absence.
  • Sleep when ready.
The Power of Friendship
  • Geo dreams about Sonia and wakes up worrying that Luna will decide to visit. ;p
  • Exit Geo’s house and his friends are there to encourage him. After they convince him that Sonia would never betray him, Geo cheers up and decides to head back to Bermuda Maze to find Sonia.
  • Go to the Sky Wave and travel back to Bermuda Maze. You’ll find Sonia just inside, like before.
  • Boss: Harp Note
  • Sonia finally breaks down and explains what happened to her. She also mentions that she’s looking for something in the Bermuda Maze. Naturally, Geo stupidly suggests getting it first.
  • You regain your BrotherBand with Sonia here.
  • Not far away you find a panel that warps you forward. Geo ends up in an entirely black place. Sonia comes and consults a specter-like thing to find the correct path.
  • In the next area, talk to the specter and it will move forward. Follow it.
  • Basically, talk to the specter and it will zip off. You have to really run to keep up with it in order to see which way it went. When it disappears off some zippers, you can relax; it will wait until you take the zippers before it continues.
  • (Note: If you go the wrong way, you will come across a “virus house” and if you walk too far into that area, you must fight a running battle against viruses. When you see the distinctive area of the virus house, just turn around and leave.)
  • If you lose sight of the specter, you want to go up-left the first time.
  • This should lead to an area with fog. Go up-left again.
  • You should be in another area with fog. Go up-left a third time.
  • In the next area, go up-right this time.
  • The next area, with the blue zippers, head down-right.
  • For the next area, go down-right again.
  • You should now be in a distinctively different area. Exit up-right.
  • This leads to a room with the specter and Sonia in the center, and four stars in the sky. (When you make it here, this is a good spot to save.)
  • Go up-left from here, and you should come across four Mr.Hertzes of different colors. Sonia is standing on the correct path. Head up-right.
  • This time, take the path the green Mr.Hertz says, which means take the path the blue one is standing on (up-left).
  • In the next area, there are four golden Mr.Hertzes. They say “those with patience have good luck.” So just stand there long enough and three of them disappear. Take the path the fourth is standing on (down-left).
  • In the next area, talk to the red Mr.Hertz. He says yellow. Talk to the yellow Mr.Hertz and he says down-left.
  • You should now see Sonia and the specter again. She says this is the last maze. Go down-left.
  • (Note: In this area is another specter who asks for a PuffBlst1. Give him one, and he will teleport you to this spot again in the future if you ever want to revisit here. When you want to call on his services, you will find him in the very first area of the Bermuda Maze, past the merchant specter and to the upper right a bit.)
  • Now there are two stars in the sky. Go up-left from here (the opposite direction that red is facing).
  • In the next area, green says blue is honest. Blue says red is a liar. Red says don’t go down and left. So...go down-left!
  • In the next area, yellow blips around a lot and says to go up. Likewise red says to go left. So put them together and go up-left.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Next there is a line of blue Mr.Hertzes. The stars are blue and green. One of the Hertzes mentions green fields and blue skies. Take his path: up-right.
  • You end up back in the blackness. Sonia tells Geo to follow the specter. The specter moves really fast up and to the left. You should find Sonia standing by the correct path. Save and step on the zipper.
  • Boss: Hollow
  • Hollow blows up but then proceeds to escape somehow. Then Solo appears and transforms. Sonia blasts Geo backward to knock him out of danger.
  • Geo ends up right outside the zipper that leads to the boss. So naturally zip yourself back.
  • There’s a bit of a flashback here where Solo explains his past.
  • After Solo unburdens himself, Geo brings up the subject of his dad. Geo points out that he used to be just like Solo. But then he met Sonia. Geo gets all flaming again with the OOPArt, and the battle is joined.
  • Boss: Rogue EX (Yep, for real this time. This time his shield will only block some of your attacks, but not all of them.)
  • After this fight, once you return to the overworld, Rogue’s shield shatters. He realizes his EM barrier is useless against Link Power. (“We beat him with the power of friendship!”)
  • Hyde pops in then to take advantage of the situation. He somehow manages to get the OOPArt and take off with it while Solo, Geo, and Sonia are too incapacitated to stop him.
Precursor to Ruin
  • Leaving our heroes still collapsed in the maze, the game decides to fast-forward a few days...
  • After a cut scene with Hyde and Vega, Geo wakes up in his bed. Luna tells him he returned to Echo Ridge all beat up. Sonia is currently in the hospital. Bud and Zack call and say to turn on the TV.
  • Exit Geo’s bedroom and search the TV in the living room. Vega is on TV, in full view. So she only showed herself to Hyde because of his success but she’ll now show herself to the entire world? Anyway, she does the typical megalomaniac speech about ruling the world, yada dada.
  • Bud calls with a message from Sonia. She says if the Mu are brought back, it’ll be the end of the planet. Why? Weren’t they on this planet once already? And they don’t seem to have managed to destroy it. Sonia tells Geo that she thinks Vega took the OOPArt deep within the Bermuda Maze.
  • Luna leaves for the hospital. Omega naturally points out that even though the OOPArt is no longer with us, he still hears the voices of the ancient tribe. So we can still use Tribe On, even though the McGuffin is gone. I figured they wouldn’t take that away. (Omega: “It’s my curse and I’m fine with it!”)
  • Enter the Sky Wave and you see a cut scene with Vega, Hollow, and Hyde.
  • When you enter Bermuda Maze you encounter Hyde in the form of Dark Phantom, there to delay you until Mu arises. He sucks MegaMan into a black hole and you end up in the Un-Dimension. You have to fight a running battle against viruses here.
  • Find the exit and discover the world has ended in your absence. Just kidding. Actually, you end up in Wilshire Hills.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • An earthquake ensues and then a black hole appears in the sea and a floating island rises into the sky.
  • Oddly, Omega says there’s nothing they can do but wait until tomorrow, when Vega has promised to release the full power of Mu. Personally, I say attack the darn EM island now, before it’s fully powered up, but...
  • Pulse out, and you end up in Wilshire Hills instead of where you pulsed in.
  • Go home and sleep when ready.
Floating Continent of Mu
  • At noon, Zack calls Geo with information on Vega. She began as a scientist. She invented Matter Waves. Then she vanished. Just after that, someone trespassed on some important ruins and stole countless relics. Gee, I wonder who.
  • Go outside and you can see the floating island with Vega calling down at the people somehow (probably using EM waves). Vega offers the people to join the Neo Mu Empire as its citizens. She says she will test them to see if they are worthy to join the empire. She sends EM beings to Echo Ridge.
  • Some townspeople are surrounded by EM creatures, so go pulse in and save them. MegaMan fights them off on the overworld. But then the people start arguing with each other over which one will become a citizen of Mu.
  • Omega says there’s something screwy going on with their Star Carriers, so go search one of the people. You will see his or her Link Power is now 0.
  • Vega sends more EM bodies, and Omega finally realizes that, ya know, we really need to destroy that floating continent of Mu.
  • Luna phones and asks Geo to come to her house. So pulse out and head to her bedroom for a powwow.
  • Once all of that is complete, pulse in and head for Bermuda Maze. (Aren’t you glad you have that shortcut?)
  • Talk to the specter near the exit from the first area (not the merchant) and he will give you directions.
  • In the next area, there is another specter standing in the center. He says “Mu is to the right. The center of the maze is to the left.” If you go down-left from here, you will retrace the path that you took with Sonia earlier. (This leads to Vega’s hideout.) Going up-right will lead toward the end of the game.
  • Head up-right from the specter mentioned above.
  • There’s no guidance from any specters here, but remember the words of the first one you talked to? You just went up-right. Now go down-right, then down-left, then up-right, then up-left.
  • Done correctly, you should end up in a distinctive area with no clouds. At the top right of the area is a warp point and next to it is a specter. He offers to sell you D.Enrgy Sub-Cards. You can buy as many of these as you want, so go ahead and get at least two.
  • Enter the warp point. You end up at Sky Staircase. (Actually it’s a really big ramp.)
  • Halfway up the staircase is a specter. He warns you about pulsing out.
  • Not far above the specter you enter a cut scene. Hyde appears once again to stop you. He claims to have power bestowed upon him by Lady Vega as a reward for taking the OOPArt. What this means is he gets an “EX” by his name.
  • Dark Phantom EX
  • Rogue shows up at this point. Since the bad guys already tried to off Rogue, Hyde says he’ll just destroy Rogue along with MegaMan. (Rogue: “Bring it on then! I never liked you anyway!” Omega: “Can you explain this?” Geo: “Heck if I know! I thought they were friends!”)
  • So Rogue and Dark Phantom fight (on the overworld). And Geo just stands there and watches. ;)
  • After the battle’s over and Rogue wins, Hyde asks for yet more power from Lady Vega. In response, Hollow appears, knocks Hyde flat, and disappears. (How’s that for an answer?) Rogue leaves shortly thereafter.
  • Head up the ramp past Hyde and reach Mu.
  • Walk forward and search the stone tablet for a clue. Get item “Kath.” You can view this item in your Key Items later if you need to remind yourself of the rune.
  • Go check the glowing cyan door to the upper-left. It says it will open to those who read and understand the tale of Mu inscribed on four stone tablets.
    Some of the runes you may need to draw. There may be others.
  • Here’s how the puzzles here work. You have one of the four runes you need; the other three are protected by Murians. When you try to pass a certain point on the Wave Road, blocks will appear to lock you in, and Murians appear. If one of them touches you, you see a large image of its chest and you must draw a rune on it within a set time limit. The necessary rune is randomly selected and it flashes very briefly when the image first appears. If you don’t draw the rune correctly, you fight the Murian in battle. Either way, the Murian blows up and you can progress.
  • On the path to the right, you should find a stone tablet and get “Fon.”
  • On the path to the left, past the Mr.Hertz, there are two stone tablets. Get: Wol and Mir.
  • When you have all four pieces, go to the door. This brings up a custom interface where you have to draw the symbols in the correct order. One note about this interface: You can draw directly on the bright tile. Omega says to touch the panel you want to draw in, but the first one is selected for you at the start, so simply start drawing. When you are done with the first panel, touch the second one once, then start drawing. And so forth.
  • The solution for the first door is: Kath, Fon, Wol, Mir.
  • If you get them right, the door opens. When you try to go through, a familiar-looking EM body stops you. It Wave Changes with a Murian and attacks.
  • Boss: Yeti Blizzard EX
    Mu puzzle solutions.
  • In the next area (“Room of Heroes”), read the door to the left, then go down the stairs.
  • Stone tablet to lower right: Zul.
  • Stone tablet down and to the left a bit: Tuk.
  • Stone tablet to the left: Masa.
  • Stone tablet to the upper left: Ebesh.
  • The correct order for the door is: Tuk, Zul, Ebesh, Masa.
  • Go through the door and you find an Ancient Star Carrier just sitting there. While Geo muses about it, another EM body pops out.
  • Boss: Plesio Surf EX
  • The next room (“Room of Genesis”) has a large tank built into the floor containing the various EM bodies in stasis.
  • Go forward first, up the stairs, and read the door.
  • Stone tablet in upper left of this area: Rai.
  • Stone tablet to the right side of this area: Foh.
  • Stone tablet to the lower right of this area: Chan.
  • Stone tablet in the upper left part of this area: Fai.
  • The correct order for the door is: Foh, Fai, Rai, Chan.
  • Up ahead is another Ancient Star Carrier, of course.
  • Boss: Terra Condor EX
  • In the next room, Hollow appears in front of you to bar your path. But then Rogue comes along and boots MegaMan aside since he wants to fight Hollow himself.
  • Hollow realizes he’s outnumbered so he summons one of those eyeball things to form a black hole underneath all three of them. Rogue knocks MegaMan out of the way, and he and Hollow disappear into the hole.
  • Save the game and heal up because this is the end.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • The path leading to Vega is littered with those Murians. In a way this is actually good because you don’t get attacked by random battles (it seems) while the Murians are active, and if you get all of the runes right, you won’t have to fight any battles at all. In which case you get to the final boss with full health.
  • Right before you reach Vega, use one of those D.Enrgy items that you bought if you need to. Then walk up the stairs to the final battle.
  • Final Boss: Le Mu
  • After the battle and some story, you actually gain control of MegaMan again briefly. Just walk back up to Le Mu. You shouldn’t get attacked anymore, and the rest of the story is on auto-pilot.


Top Help
Most of the bosses in this game are covered in the Data Base section.
Le Mu
Screen shot from Capcom.
There are only 3x3 panels of the battle field; Le Mu takes up the other 2 rows. It has two arms and its torso. In the center of its torso is the glowing symbol which is what you have to hit. At the start, your attacks won’t do damage, but the panel in its chest starts turning colors. When you get it to red, it shatters, and then Le Mu’s appearance changes almost completely and you can see the OOPArt in the center of its chest. At this point you can damage its HP.

Le Mu forms black holes on your side which damage you normally if you are standing on the panel when they appear (the panel flashes first as usual). Watch that you don’t move onto a panel while the black hole is still there; it’ll hurt. Also, Le Mu can form Murians from the black holes which attack the panel in front of them. Le Mu can also throw drills—they can either go straight forward or hit diagonally to the left or right. It throws about four drills in a set unless you knock it out of the attack. And Le Mu can slam the ground with its sword arms or fire a screen-engulfing laser (block this, of course).

Equip the highest damage Mega Weapon you have and try to break away the front panel as fast as possible so that you can focus your Battle Cards on actually damaging its HP. You’ll probably spend most of your time dodging black holes; the Murians are a bit easier to see coming, although be careful one of them doesn’t knock you out of your Tribe On mode if you have one active.

General Auriga
Similar in appearance to a Guts Dozer, this guy uses mostly charges. His solders will appear in a line in front of him or around him as he rolls forward. You can destroy the pawns to get them out of your way, but it takes a few hits, so you may need to use a Battle Card on it. Sometimes he charges alone, hitting two columns instead of just one. Obviously just dodge to the side for this one. Auriga can also sit in a corner or somewhere and send various-colored minions toward you rapidly. You can dodge between them but you have to be fast, and destroying them can be tricky as well. One strategy is to use Invisible so they go right through you, or to launch yourself away from them with a card like BsrkSwrd. You can also try to block them with objects.

Ironically, his ultimate attack is one of the easier ones to deal with. He moves to the center of the field with a very large spiked bar. Shoot him in the center, where the gem is; when you do enough damage, you will destroy the spiked bar and abort the attack. Otherwise he’ll flatten you because there is no room to dodge.

You can’t knock Auriga out of attacks. He has SuperArmor. But you can paralyze him with Counter Hits.

Apollo Flame
This guy has a curious defensive property that protects him from taking damage for the first hit of virtually any attack. It’s not an aura because it doesn’t matter how much damage you do; you just have to hit him rapidly enough to break through the invisible shield and start affecting his health. For example, if you use a StkyRain on him, the first hit or two of the attack won’t hurt him, but the rest will. Apollo Flame is weak against Aqua but keep this defensive property in mind because if you bounce an Aqua card off his shield, his weakness will not come into play.

As for his attacks, his most basic attack forms sun flares like a prominence that arcs from one panel to the next; he creates a lot of them all over the battle field, not necessarily on your side. In fact, usually only one panel on your side is affected. You can either dodge or block this. Second, he will send tornados toward you, one on each row; these block non-piercing shots so don’t try to use Battle Cards through them. Apollo usually sends these in sets of two. You have to be careful about the timing of your block because if you block too soon, your shield will expire right before the second tornado hits you, and you won’t have time to put it back up again. Also, Apollo can throw down a fireball that hits the 2x3 panels on your side—just block this or Counter Hit him while he winds up for it.

Apollo Flame has SuperArmor but is vulnerable to Poison panels—which bypass his defensive property—so FlotShoe plus some PrplCarpt cards can be a way to help deal with him. StkyRain is a good card since it is Aqua and does multiple hits, and of course, if you can raise your own Power and Rapid ratings, you can do some damage by just rapid-firing him.

Saved Games

Top Help
Screen shot from Capcom.
Astonishingly, you can actually have two saves per cartridge now instead of just one. You get one save per version. So, you get a save when you play the Zerker version, and you get another save for the version of your game cart (either Ninja or Saurian). For each version, you have to play through the plot from the beginning. (The game is basically the same regardless of version; the different versions just determine what transformations you get.)

When you choose “NEW GAME” you create “Auto Brother” information for the other version. This allows you to, at a later point in the game, form a BrotherBand with that other version of the game, which allows you to “Double Tribe” with that version of the game. (You can only “Triple Tribe” if you form a BrotherBand with someone who owns the other version of the game.)

Note that when you save the game when you have Brothers, one of your Brothers’ portraits might be randomly shown for the questions asking you if you want to save, instead of Geo’s.


Top Help
This section lists most of the items you can find by searching real world objects, or by finding blue and purple Mystery Waves throughout the main plot (the green ones are random). This doesn’t list every item in the game, but it should give you a start. Quest rewards are listed in the Quests section instead of here (except for the really critical ones). Ciphers are in the Secrets section. These are in roughly chronological order ’cuz I’m weird like that, but I did separate them into categories.

HP Memory

  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Geo’s bedroom.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Shopping Plza ER.
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from merchant Mr.Hertz in Shopping Plza ER.
  • HPMem10: Talk to the man behind the counter at the Shopping Plaza (50 Link Power).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in IFL Tower1 ER.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Mailbox ES (Echo Ridge).
  • HPMem10: Search the skis by the heater in the Grizzly Peak hotel.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Lost Ice Stat ES (Grizzly Peak).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Foodtopia ER (Grizzly Peak hotel).
  • HPMem10: Search bed in Grizzly Peak hotel suite.
  • HPMem10: Talk to the souvenir shopkeeper at Grizzly Peak (100 Link Power).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in BlckDmnd Run ER.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Big Wave ER.
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from Big Wave shop.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Mess Village SW.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Mess Vllge ER.
  • HPMem10: Search binoculars on Observation Deck in Mess Village.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Step ES (Zack’s room).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Junk Box ES (Bud’s room).
  • HPMem10: Search the plaque describing the Mr.Hertz Whazzap Line drawing.
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from merchant Mr.Hertz in Whazzap Lines ER.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Old Dragonfly ES.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Whzzap Ruins2 ER.
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from merchant specter in Bermuda Maze.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Room of Heroes.
  • HPMem10: Search the Ancient Star Carrier in Room of Genesis.
  • HPMem10: Search the sheep couple in Messie’s Cove.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Shepherd ES.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Ammonite ES.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Murian ES.
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from merchant specter in Trans Dimension1.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in BrokenBusstop ES.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in StuckWindmill ES.

Battle Cards

  • GrndWave1: Blue Mystery Wave right near the wavehole near Geo’s house.
  • ParlyzPlus: Blue Mystery Wave inside Geo’s house.
  • Attack+10: Blue Mystery Wave in TV ES (Geo’s house).
  • Recover30: Blue Mystery Wave in Air Display ES (Wilshire).
  • FireRing1: Blue Mystery Wave in Wilshre Hills ER.
  • RdrMisil1: Blue Mystery Wave in IFL Tower1 ER.
  • BooHat1: Blue Mystery Wave in IFL Tower2 ER.
  • Recover30: Blue Mystery Wave in Hills Blvd. ER.
  • MadVulcn1: Blue Mystery Wave in Hills Blvd. ER.
  • Invisible: Blue Mystery Wave in Movie Theater ER (Wilshire).
  • LongSword: Blue Mystery Wave in Doghouse ES (Echo Ridge).
  • AttckPanel: Blue Mystery Wave in Luna’s Room ER.
  • AttckPanel: Blue Mystery Wave in Grizzly Peak ER (outside upper floor of hotel).
  • SyncHook1: Blue Mystery Wave in Grizzly Peak ER (get there via Foodtopia).
  • AirSpred2: Blue Mystery Wave in Bunny Slopes ER.
  • IceStage: Blue Mystery Wave in Bunny Slopes ER.
  • Recover50: Blue Mystery Wave in BlckDmnd Run ER.
  • PlusCanon: Blue Mystery Wave in Bud’s Room ER.
  • Whistle: Blue Mystery Wave in Zack’s Room ER (get there via Bud’s house).
  • RdrMisil2: Blue Mystery Wave in (Broken) Lift ES.
  • Recover80: Blue Mystery Wave in Echo Ridge SW.
  • PuffBlst1: Blue Mystery Wave in Mess Village SW.
  • PrlyzeStg: Blue Mystery Wave in Binoculars ES (Mess Village).
  • AirSpred3: Blue Mystery Wave in Messie’s Cove ER.
  • WhtMeteor: Blue Mystery Wave in Loch Mess1 ER.
  • SprBarrier: Blue Mystery Wave in Whazzap SW.
  • HevyCanon: Blue Mystery Wave in Whazzap ER.
  • AtomMine1: Blue Mystery Wave in Whzzap Ruins1 ER.
  • BustrPanel: Blue Mystery Wave in Whzzap Ruins1 ER.
  • Whistle: Blue Mystery Wave in Home Security ES (Loch Mess).
  • SilvMteor: Blue Mystery Wave in Bermuda Maze.
  • FlyngImpct: Email from Aaron Boreal late in the game.
  • Recover200: Blue Mystery Wave in Holy Flame ES.
  • RdrMisil3: Blue Mystery Wave in Mu.
  • PlsmaGun3: Blue Mystery Wave in Room of Heroes.
  • Recover200: Blue Mystery Wave in Room of Genesis.
  • Recover300: Blue Mystery Wave in Alt. EchoRidge ER.
  • Recover300: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension1.
  • HolyPanel: Blue Mystery Wave in Alt. LochMss2 ER.
  • Recover300: Blue Mystery Wave in WhazzapMaiden ES.
  • WoodGrnde*3: Blue Mystery Wave in Alt. WhzzpLns ER.
  • PlsmaGun1*3: Behind a Link Power 150 door in Grizzly Peak ER.
  • AtomMine3: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension1 (Harp/Ophiuca seal).
  • RdrMisil3*1: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension1 (Terra/Gemini seal).
  • IceGrnde*1: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension1 (Yeti/Plesio/Cancer seal).
  • Guardian: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension1 (Auriga seal).
  • GigaMine*3: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension2 (equip all IndFrags).


  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave on Wave Road near Luna’s house.
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in TV ES (Geo’s house).
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Shopping Plza ER.
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Air Display ES (Wilshire).
  • Cloaker: Blue Mystery Wave in Wave Sign ES.
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in IFL Tower2 ER.
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in IFL Antenna ES.
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Doghouse ES (Echo Ridge).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Computer ES (Geo’s computer).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Snow Man ES.
  • Unlocker: Blue Mystery Wave in Snow Man ES.
  • D.Enrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Wave Fountain ES (Grizzly Peak).
  • D.Enrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Peak Hotel ER.
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Lodge Monitor ES (Grizzly Peak hotel).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Bargain Bin ES.
  • FireSrch: Blue Mystery Wave in Bargain Bin ES.
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in OldBinoculars ES.
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Bureau ES (Luna’s room).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Pool ES.
  • AquaSrch: Blue Mystery Wave in Pool ES.
  • SrchEye: Blue Mystery Wave in Control Panel ES (A-one security system in museum).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Sunken Ship ES.
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Octy ES.
  • D.Enrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Canopy Bed ES (Grizzly Peak).
  • Unlocker: Blue Mystery Wave in Jumbo Griddle ES (Grizzly Peak).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Shepherd ES.
  • D.Enrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Priest Statue ES.

Ability Waves

  • UndrShrt/60: Blue Mystery Wave in Peak Hotel ER.
  • HP+100/150: Search a table in the Big Wave store.
  • FstBarr/45: Blue Mystery Wave in Bureau ES (Luna’s room).
  • ChrgCrss/150: Defeat CancerBubble (first time).
  • ChargeV/90: Behind a Link Power 100 door in Wilshre Hills ER.
  • ChargeP/150: Buy from merchant in Corn Dog Stnd ES.
  • FlotShoe/240: Blue Mystery Wave in Cock-A-Doodle ES.
  • HP+200/240: Blue Mystery Wave in Obsrvatn Deck ER (Mess Village).
  • MegCls+1/340: Blue Mystery Wave in Electric Rock ES (Whazzap).
  • MegCls+1/340: Blue Mystery Wave in Whzzap Ruins2 ER.
  • ChrgWood/170: Buy from angel Hertz in Whazzap Sky Wave.
  • Reflect/280: Blue Mystery Wave in Bermuda Maze.
  • ChrgIce/170: Buy from merchant in Crown ES (king’s crown sunken in the loch).
  • ChrgPsn/220: Search the bamboo blinds in Vega’s Hideout ER.
  • HP+400/420: Blue Mystery Wave in Mu.
  • MegCls+1/340: Blue Mystery Wave in Torchere ES.
  • ChrgIce/110: Blue Mystery Wave in Alt. BlkDmdRn ER.
  • HP+300/270: Blue Mystery Wave in Alt. MessCove ER.
  • MegCls+1/260: Blue Mystery Wave in Alt. WhzpRns2 ER.
  • SprArmr/600: Blue Mystery Wave in Trans Dimension2.

Mega Weapons

  • StarHoop: Blue Mystery Wave in Suite ER. (A well-balanced earring??)
  • BustGlov: Blue Mystery Wave in Museum ER.
  • ImageEye: Cipher.
  • BublFist: Purple Mystery Wave in Echo Ridge SW.
  • CobrFang: In Snow Man ES, give the truck Navi a SnoBall1 card.
  • ZphyrWng: Search waterfall in Messie’s Cove.
  • ZenyFndr: Search the hamburger mural in Whazzap.
  • R-F Claw: Buy from merchant Mr.Hertz in Old Dragonfly ES.
  • Paralyzr: Blue Mystery Wave in Whazzap Lines ER.
  • K.Knckle: Blue Mystery Wave in Room of Genesis.
  • BldngEye: Behind a Link Power 350 door in Mess Village ER (must turn on fishing rods).
  • CardFndr: Get from a Navi in Whazzap Lines with a Link Power of 350 or greater.
  • TitnGlve: Blue Mystery Wave in Mu Statue ES.
  • WhtBreth: Buy from merchant Mr.Hertz in Mu Statue ES.
  • M.Breath: Complete every quest in the game and get it in Trans Dimension2.
  • BN Blstr: Find all of Lan’s diary text data items.

Purple Mystery Waves

  • Echo Ridge SW: BublFist (Mega Weapon)
  • Corn Dog Stnd ES: WhtMeteor
  • Octy ES: HPMem20
  • Crest ES: GigCls+1/500
  • Alt. IFL Twr2 ER: Aura (Battle Card)


  • Blank Card: Search the basketball hoop in Zack’s house.
  • Blank Card: Search the bed in Bud’s house.
  • Blank Card: Blue Mystery Wave in Cock-A-Doodle ES.
  • Blank Card: Blue Mystery Wave in Old Dragonfly ES.
  • Blank Card: Blue Mystery Wave in Murian ES (end-of-game Mu).
  • Blank Card: Blue Mystery Wave in BrokenDisplay ES.
  • TradrTix: Blue Mystery Wave in BrokenDisplay ES.
  • TradrTix: Blue Mystery Wave in ChristmasTree ES.
  • IndFrag1: Get it from doing Ere Mitic’s quest.
  • IndFrag2: Talk to Pat and defeat Gemini Spark in Whazzap Ruins2 ES.
  • IndFrag3: Search the dog house in Alt. EchoRidge ER.
  • IndFrag4: Search a monitor in Vega’s Hideout ER.
  • IndFrag5: Search the downed Mr.Hertz near the throne in Loch Mess2 ER (later in the game).
  • IndFrag6: Search the downed Mr.Hertz in (Broken) Lift ES.

Tricks and Secrets

Top Help

Quests are a little different here. When you are in wave form (or when you talk to them or have your Visualizer on), look for icons over people’s heads that are reddish-pink instead of cyan blue. Then Wave Change and “talk” to them in wave form. Omega will ask if you want to check out their Star Carrier. Say OK and this will let you activate the quest. Then pulse out and talk to the person in person. You will get an option about what to talk about, the quest or his normal conversation line. Pick “Star Carrier” and go from there. Note that when you fulfill a quest’s objectives, you must talk to the original quest giver before the quest is officially counted as being completed.

  • Don McCard: (Echo Ridge) He wants Battle Cards so he’ll be the #1 collector instead of #2. He wants a FireRing1. Get: Unlocker (Sub-Card).
  • Bonnie Amora: (Echo Ridge) There’s a guy in Hills Boulevard, and she wants to become his Brother. Go to Wilshire Hills and find Styg Dismal (he looks like a mechanic or maintenance man). He likes Brussels sprouts. Go back to tell Bonnie. She doesn’t seem terribly thrilled. Get: AttckPanel.
  • Kate Chizer: (Hills Boulevard) She’s a quizzer. #1: Star Carrier. #2: Sonia Strumm. #3: Shopping Plaza. Get: HPMem10.
  • Ere Mitic: (Shopping Plaza) The maintenance man. He found some black object and hid it somewhere in the plaza. Go Wave Change, then search the SkyBoard on display one floor below. You are attacked by some oversized viruses and pick up IndFrag1. Go talk to Ere to convince him to let you keep it.
  • Iver Gatte: (Wilshire Hills) Remember him? He asks you some questions about electronics. First answer is “Matter Waves.” The second is “a singer.” Last one is “Satella Police.” Get HPMem10.
  • Ai Scrounge: (Grizzly Peak) You need a Link Power of 200 or more to take this quest. She’s been finding things, mostly at the Grizzly Peak bus stop. She hears a beep whenever she picks things up. Pulse in and go talk to the Mr.Hertz that’s in front of the bus stop. He was leaving presents for the girl to make her happy. This is his way of thanking her for a time when she helped an electronic device. Pulse out and talk to Ai again to complete. Get: Whistle (Battle Card).
  • Leroy Mann: (Grizzly Peak) When you talk to him, he wants ideas. You get three choices. Select “I need to think” and the EatMchn will speak up to provide the answer for you. Get: HPMem10.
  • Amy Gelande: (Grizzly Peak) She’s training and wants the following cards: SnoBall1, JetSki1, and Scythe1. Don’t take this quest until you have the cards. Put the cards in your Card Box (not in a folder) and talk to her when you have them. Get: HP+200/225. (Also Amy’s wallpaper.)
  • Nival Peaks: (Grizzly Peak) His Star Carrier broke. He wants the “blue bomber” to come fix it. (Omega: “You hear that? Fix it.”) When you talk to him, you learn he was riding a sled when his Star Carrier broke. There’s a sled on the slope just below the wavehole near the upper exit of the hotel. Circle around and climb the hill in wave form to get to it. Search the sled in wave form (don’t touch the wavehole!) to fight viruses (a series of running battles against SnoRollG viruses). When done, pulse out and go tell the kid that he’s good to go. Get: HPMem10.
  • Noira Crush: (Grizzly Peak) One of the henchwomen—the one with the funny schedule. She’s apparently in love with a guy named Yugo Astray. That’s the guy behind the souvenir counter. Pulse in and read his Star Carrier. Then go back and tell her the result. Get: Sunglass. (Read in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Blair Loude: (Grizzly Peak) Principal from Geo’s elementary school. He still likes to compose songs. You need to help him fill in the blanks. First one: Grizzly Peak suites. Second: Perfect for rich girls. Third: Oh! Grizzly Peak! Last one: GP Resort Hotel! (Be careful not to choose “Motel” here.) Get: 2000z.
  • Ema Nesia: (Grizzly Peak) She’s lost her wallet. Last time she saw it was before she went to get her ski wear that was drying out. Go check the dryer in the hotel. You should find the wallet when you search it. Return to Ema and give it to her. Get: FireSrch (Sub-Card).
  • Styg Dismal: (Wilshire Hills) He wants a Brother. Say you aren’t sure if you know a story and your skis will speak up. Get: HPMem20.
  • Snaila Mail: (Echo Ridge) She is worried that she never gets mail from Alec. Pulse into the red mailbox nearby and talk to the Mr.Hertz inside (not the merchant). He wants a D.Enrgy. Get: HPMem20.
  • Chase Winde: (Echo Ridge) His RC Copter is gone. Off to Loch Ness. (For the love of all things good, make sure you can access the Sky Wave before accepting this quest.) You will find the copter in the Loch Mess Sky Wave area, near the portal that leads to Loch Mess itself. Get P Reprt (read it in Key Items to get a cipher). You also get to keep the copter.
  • Carma Iffy: (Wilshire Hills) Need a Link Power of 300 to take this quest. She’s looking for Mother Hills, a fortune teller. This character is hiding in this area; look for the path around behind a display in Wilshire Hills while in wave form to find another path. From there you can find a “hidden doorway” where you talk to Mother Hills if you search the doorway. Report back to Carma. Get HPMem10.
  • Van Geaux: (Wilshire Hills) He’s looking for paintings. Geo says there was one at a resort hotel. Go to Grizzly Peak and search the painting in the suite. Return to Wilshire Hills to talk to the guy again. Get PlsmaGun3.
  • Kaz Nova: (Wilshire Hills) He wants you to bring a pretty girl from IFL Tower to him. Find her on the top of the tower (go inside, and you end up in the museum; enter the elevator again and you get the option to go to the top of the tower). When she asks, say “That’s not it!” Then tell her that he’s got muscles. Finally, tell her “Not really.” This will result in her telling you to tell Kaz to ask her out himself. Return for your reward. Get: RdrMisil3.
  • Han Gard: (Wilshire Hills Museum) He wants the blue hero to guard his video game. Talk to him and say “Security...” and a security Matter Wave will speak up. After hearing about security, the kid gives you the VdeoGame he was so worried about losing. Read it in Key Items for a cipher.
  • Hale Knitter: (Wilshire Hills) She needs wool for her sweater. You can find sheep in Loch Mess. She wants blue wool. Go to the area in Loch Mess with the sheep and circle around to the one in the upper right standing by itself to get the wool. Return it to her for the reward. Get: Scarf (read it in Key Items for a cipher).
  • Ruina Recker: (Wilshire Hills Shopping Plaza) She thinks she broke a guide board in the Shopping Plaza, but it’s really a virus. Go talk to her, then go to the second floor and search the information board right near the elevator while in wave form. Fight viruses. Go back down for your reward. (Oddly it seems defeating viruses in the information board also fixed her Star Carrier and every other device she’d spread viruses to...). Get: HP+300/360.
  • Joe Hawnt: (Wilshire Hills Theater) He feels like he’s being haunted. Talk to him and he asks for MegaMan’s help. Go Wave Change and come back. You’ll find him surrounded by Mr.Hertzes who feel relaxed when they’re near the kid. Talk to them, then pulse out and talk to Joe again. Get: Charm (read it in Key Items for a cipher).
  • Gredy Miser: (Wilshire Hills Museum) He thinks he’s cursed because everything he’s been involved with has failed. When you talk to him, he says the number of exhibits have increased. He noticed something strange over by the Saurian exhibit. Pulse in and run over and talk to the group of Mr.Hertzes over there. After that, go back and talk to Miser again. Get: WoodSrch.
  • Heidy Tidy: (Grizzly Peak Hotel) She needs help cleaning the rooms in the hotel. Your vacuum Matter Wave speaks up at this point. Ignore it and choose the “C’mon Mega, think!” option. Sometimes Omega has good ideas. Get: ElecSrch.
  • Rolly Pollyn: (Grizzly Peak suite) She wants to lose weight and asks you to talk to a diet expert in the city. Go to Wilshire Hills and search the Star Carrier of Kate Chizer. Then return to the quest giver for your reward. Get: ShrtCake (read it in Key Items for a cipher).
  • Yugo Astray: (Grizzly Peak souvenir clerk) He can’t find Foodtopia and needs a map. Talk to him, then go to the front desk and search it as if you were going to talk to the receptionist. Geo will pick up a FlorGuid. Return it to the clerk for your reward. Get: HPMem10.
  • Gelande: (Grizzly Peak Hotel owner) He’s trying to come up with a unique souvenir. He suggests you talk to the gourmand in Grizzly Peak. Well, that would be Meala DeVour, found in Foodtopia. Omega suggests taking a peek in her Star Carrier, so go pulse in and do so. You learn the answer is “water.” Go talk to Mr.Gelande again. Get: SrchEye.
  • Chatty Ditz: (Foodtopia) She found a treasure map and needs help decoding it. Talk to her to get TreasMap. Go to the museum in IFL Tower and search the ancient fish exhibit. Then go and search the windmill in Messie’s Cove (you can do this in wave form if you want, then you can just pulse out and avoid the trip back). Finally, search the penguin fossil in Whazzap. Geo finds a letter buried there. Return it to the quest giver. Get: OldStrap (read it in Key Items for a cipher).
  • Meala DeVour: (Foodtopia) She wants to try eating some “SoulFood” from a lady in Whazzap called the Soul Mother. Find an unnamed old woman in the second area of the temple (Whazzap Ruins2) and talk to her while not pulsed in. She will give you the SoulFood. Take it back to Foodtopia for your reward. Get: HPMem10.
  • Rich Dotcom: (Grizzly Peak) He’s insider-trading. First talk to Richie and ask him about his suit. Then go to wherever it is Bob Copper is hanging out at the moment (at the end of the game he’ll be found near IFL Tower) and talk to him. Return to where you left Richie and see that he’s gone. Return to Copper and you’ll find Richie with him as well. Ironically, in order to finish the quest you still have to talk to your “quest giver” i.e. Richie. Get: 6000z.
  • Shudder Bugz: (Mess Village) Geo realizes they never returned his Matter Wave projector. Go talk to the man. He tells you to keep the projector, and adds that you can use it to take pictures. He prefers landscapes and wants a snow scene. This means a long trek back to Echo Ridge, and then walk to the wavehole so you can pulse out, and then head over to Grizzly Peak. Go into the suite and search one of the windows to get the photo. Then head all the way back. Get: SrchEye.
  • Minor Angler: (Mess Village) He wants hints on how to fish. Go find Claud Pincer in the Big Wave and look inside his Star Carrier. Once you’re done, pulse out and you’ll end up back in Loch Mess (assuming you didn’t pulse out anywhere else along the way). Get: HPMem10.
  • Gerry Romero: (Mess Village) You need a Link Power of 500 to do this quest. He’s trying to find a “matchless beauty” to star on his TV show. When you go to Whazzap you will notice Wazafowonwon has moved. Talk to her, then return to Mess Village and tell Romero about your find. Get: TradrTix.
  • Luz Stufalot: (Observation Deck in Mess Village) She dropped her moterbike in the loch. You know what this means. The scooter is found in the Loch Mess2 ER area, down and to the right a bit from the mermaid statue. Somehow, Geo carts it with him back to the surface. (Actually, he stuffs it into his bag where all of the other items go.) Get: HPMem10 and a Blank Card.
  • Alec Tribec: (Messie’s Cove) This is another quizzer. #1: Loch Mess. #2: Messie. #3: Stream Cancro. #4: Bubble attack. #5: 430 HP. Get: PzleBook (read it in Key Items for a cipher).
  • Tayle Spinn: (Messie’s Cove) He wants help to find a friend of his. At least this one is obvious even though it means yet another trek through the Sky Wave. Go to Chase Winde in Echo Ridge. Search his Star Carrier while in wave form to hear he’s been wondering how “Mono” is doing. Pulse out (if you didn’t touch the wavehole you won’t even have to go back through the Sky Wave) and tell this to Tayle Spinn. Get: TradrTix.
  • D’nwan Draun: (Messie’s Cove) He wants to know how to swim. Say that you can’t swim and the DiveMchn will speak up to give the answer for you (though he basically says what Geo says if you were to choose one of the answers that doesn’t work). Get: ChrgSver/150.
  • Wazafowonwon: (Whazzap) This is a quizzer (with a little surprise thrown in at the end). #1: Budicus. #2: Eggs. #3: FireRing1. #4: DnceFire1. #5: 5. #6: Vending machine. #7: 7. #8: Mackrelfilletychius. #9: Christmas tree. #10: [fight viruses] Rolling out a carpet. Get: HPMem20.
  • Wherzat: (Whazzap) You need a Link Power of 400 to do this quest. She wants to make a potion to let her live longer, which requires a fish from the loch. Go talk to the fish merchant in the upper left of the main Mess Village area. He used to catch them on a small island. Pulse in and go to the lower right part of Mess Village and follow the wave road path you find there. After looping around and going across a couple of islands, it should lead to a zipper panel which takes you under Mess Village and over to an island on the left. You should find a female-looking Hertz there. Talk to her and she’ll agree to stop scaring the fish away. Go talk to the merchant again and he’ll give you a MessFish. Return to Whazzap and talk to the quest giver. Get: HPMem20.
  • Y’Gat Riddem: (Whazzap) He wants you to repeat the beats back at him. #1: Boom chika boom boom. #2: Boom chika boom. #3: Boom kashakalaka. #4: Chika chika boom. Get: SilvMteor.
  • Shaman: (Whazzap) He wants to learn of the ways of the world. Return to Echo Ridge and don’t bother pulsing out. Enter Zack’s house and search his bookshelves in the back. Geo and Omega say they are picking up a Sonia album, but what you are actually getting is the encyclopedia. Once you have it, pulse out and you will end up back in Whazzap, all ready to give the encyclopedia to Shaman. Get: AtomMine3*1.
  • Kyanaigotu: (Whazzap Lines) He wants to learn about the outside world. This is effectively a quiz. #1: IFL Tower. #2: Amy Gelande. #3: Sheeps (er, should just be “sheep”). #4: World Mysteries. Get: Run-Away (read it in Key Items for a cipher).
  • Whazzat: (Whazzap Lines) You need a Link Power of 500 to do this quest. He found a glowing stone and wants to learn more about it. Choose “Don’t really know...” and your Matter Wave Guide will speak up for you. Get: 3000z (but they don’t tell you what the stone was).
  • Lennycia: (Whazzap Lines) She wants you to bring her a snow bunny. Those are found in Grizzly Peak, naturally. Get a SnoBunny by searching one of the snow bunnies at Grizzly Peak (I think any of them will do) and return it to Lennycia. Get: HPMem10.
  • Aaron Boreal: (Wilshire Hills Shopping Plaza) He’s trying to make an upgrade for the Star Carrier. This is basically a quiz. #1: Six. #2: Eight. #3: Whyzza Whazzap. After this, he will claim to give you a Recover150 but doesn’t. Talk to him again and again ask him about the Star Carrier for your real reward. Get: HPMem20 and a Blank Card.
  • Bob Copper: (Outside IFL Tower) You read one of his case files regarding Z Waves and ghosts spotted at IFL Tower. Talk to Copper, then pulse in and start up the tower. Near the window washer platform you should find a sparking ghost. Talk to it to start the battle against some viruses. Pulse out afterward and talk to Copper again. Get: AquaSrch. Omega points out that there’s a tracking device on it. Don’t worry though, Omega neutralizes it. =)
  • Luna Platz: (Luna’s room) She wants help cooking. She asks for bananas first. Pulse in, travel to Whazzap, and search the food offerings under the Budicus statue for some bananas. Then pulse out and you’ll be back in Echo Ridge. Next she wants coconuts. You know, a normal person would buy these in a grocery store, to Grizzly Peak and the palm trees! Take the coconuts back to Luna and now she decides she wants a recipe. She doesn’t bother to tell you for what. Go to Geo’s mom and Geo will ask her what it is that Luna is trying to make. His mom will give him a recipe. Take this back to Luna and she’ll admit she wanted to cook for Geo. Get: Cookie (read it in Key Items for a cipher). Also, your Link Power goes up by 20 for doing this quest.
  • Bud Bison: (Luna’s room) Bud worries about turning into that “cow monster” again. Go check out his house while in wave form to find Taurus Fire there. Fight Taurus Fire SP. Pulse out afterward and talk to Bud. Get: HP+500/500. Also, your Link Power goes up by 20 for doing this quest.
  • Zack Temple: (Luna’s room) Talk to him, then go to Loch Mess and down to the sunken ship. Pulse into the mast and talk to the viruses you see there. Prepare yourself because you are about to fight a long set of running battles against various “G” viruses (why does Zack always lead us into running battles?). If you survive, go back to Zack for your reward. Get: GigCls+1/500 and +50 Link Power.
  • Sonia Strumm: (Luna’s room) She needs help with lyrics. Just follow her promptings to choose the correct entries: “We get up and run,run!”, “Swing those hips around”, “Make it glad,glad,glad!”, “Take ’em off and shout!”, “Run,run! It’s so fun!”, “Geo...!” (This seems egotistical but notice she asks you for one of her Brothers and she isn’t Brothers with Zack or Bud.) Get: Recover300 (and her wallpaper). Also, your Link Power goes up by 20 for doing this quest.
  • Hope Stelar: (Geo’s mom) She’s looking for a recipe for a dish that Geo’s father used to like. Pulse in and ask the Mr.Hertzes around the house to see if any of them remember. The one near Geo’s mother should have it. Pulse out and go tell her about it. Get: HolyPanel.
Cipher Codes:

The cipher system is a bit more streamlined now; address your ciphers to L.M. Shin.

  • AXIMSOEG: ImageEye (Mega Weapon)
  • INWOJAODN: WhtMeteor
  • KYWSAVE: HP+100/135
  • BEMOCOBST: Recover150
  • IARENFINURA: Unlocker
  • RIETCARRSAR: PlsmaGun2*1
  • BRITEINKG: Recover200
  • OLSISKEYHIUMC: MegCls+1/340
  • WVETMAERAT: SyncHook3*1
  • As the manual says, if you have a Battle Network GBA cart in your DS while you are playing Star Force 2, you can find “old text data” in various EM Wave Spaces. Each time you open such a package, you fight viruses and then receive the data that you can then read in your Key Items. Look in the following places:

    • Mailbox ES: Red mailbox near Luna’s house.
    • Sunken Ship ES: In Loch Mess1 ER.
    • OldBinoculars ES: Near IFL Tower.
    • Lost Ice Stat ES: Grizzly Peak, near Foodtopia.
    • Ammonite ES: Fossil in Whazzap Lines.

    Aside from the Battle Network cameos, you also get the BN Blstr Mega Weapon for doing this.

  • As expected, this game has a Title Menu Star area. After beating the game, save your clear-game data, then load the game that you just saved and pulse out. You should receive a message upon exiting the Sky Wave...

    Note: Spoilers: For those who would like a bit more information on this, here it is in brief:

    • After receiving the message, go to Vega’s Hideout in the Bermuda Maze. (Follow the path you and Sonia took earlier.)
    • Pick up the AltFutre and pulse out again.
    • Pulse in at Echo Ridge (if you’re not already there) and try to enter the Sky Wave. This should trigger a cut scene.
    • Enter the warp hole that you have opened and you will find yourself in Alt. EchoRidge ER.
    • In the upper right corner of this area, near Luna’s pool, is another warp hole to Trans Dimension1.
    • Once here, you shouldn’t have too many troubles understanding what to do next. Find and defeat all of the bosses to open up the warp point in the center of the area.
    • Past General Auriga is Trans Dimension2. There are a lot of challenge gates in this area; however, the one of key importance is the one that requires gathering all of the “S” cards. This means you have to fill out your Library with all 150 cards (regular cards only; not Mega or Giga cards). How do you go about doing this if you don’t have friends to trade with? Here are some suggestions:
      • Pick up the CardFndr weapon ASAP and equip it.
      • With the CardFndr equipped, revisit all of the game’s areas (including Mu and the alternate future areas themselves) earning needed Battle Cards off viruses.
      • By noting the patterns in your Library you can usually guess many of the cards you are missing, and thus have some idea of where to go to get them.
      • Visit all of the merchants and buy up any card you don’t already have. (This includes the “VS Only” cards!) Use the ZenyFndr if you need cash for this.
      • If necessary, fill out the rest of your Library by tossing your spare cards into the various Traders (pick a Trader based on the relative power level of the card you need—the more cards you have to trade in, the more powerful the card you can get). Save the game before you do this, and if you don’t get lucky by the time you run low on cards, reset and try again.
    • Fight Apollo Flame, and he opens up yet another challenge. However, after this, you’re on your own. Have fun!


Top Help
When Vega realizes she can’t rule the world, she orders Le Mu to drop the floating island onto the earth below, at least destroying the fools that she’d wanted to rule over.

Meanwhile Rogue is fighting Hollow when Hollow realizes Vega is in trouble so he teleports away.

Hollow appears in front of Vega to challenge MegaMan, but before they can fight, Le Mu causes an explosion that knocks everyone away from it. When the smoke clears, Vega sees that Hollow shielded her from the explosion, and she realizes belatedly that Hollow had become precious to her too, just like Altair, whom she based Hollow off when she created him as the world’s very first Matter Wave. Of course, she realizes this too late, but as Hollow is disintegrating, Altair’s voice urges Vegalita to live a long and happy life.

Vega recognizes that Le Mu is still executing her final command. Since it’s now well out of control, Geo and Omega realize they have to destroy it in order to save the planet, and, leaving Vega behind, MegaMan runs back up to Le Mu.

With the encouragement of his friends and the rest of the people down on earth, Geo gathers up his strength and blasts Le Mu into nonexistence. Left without its power source, the floating island begins to crumble, but Geo doesn’t have the strength left to escape. (No word as to why he didn’t just pulse out, which would put him immediately back on the ground.) The continent breaks up and falls into the sea (along with the OOPArt). Credits roll.

After the credits, Geo hears the voice of his father telling him that he’s done well so far, but he still has a promise to keep. A promise to return to his friends. After all, they would be sad if he died.

Geo wakes up in Echo Ridge with Solo standing nearby. Solo claims he saved Geo only because Geo was in his way when Solo was escaping the island himself. Solo adds, before walking away, that Geo is right where he belongs. As Geo’s friends arrive to welcome him home, Geo realizes he really is right where he belongs.