Two hundred some odd years after the Battle Network series, people now carry around personal Transers. These Transers do not, in and of themselves, have Navis, but they can utilize Navi Cards and do just about everything from sending e-mail to acting as cell phones.

Seeking out extraterrestrial life, NAZA set up a space station called “Peace,” which vanished one day. Geo Stelar’s father disappeared during that occurrence. Crushed by the loss of someone he loved and admired so much, Geo remains home from school and pines away the hours by staring at the stars. He remains unwilling to become close to anyone else out of fear of having his life shattered again.

But then an alien being named Omega-Xis takes up residence in his Transer, and everything changes...

Special Features

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Screen shot from Capcom.
This is basically a Battle Network game with everything renamed. Battle Chips are now Battle Cards, the PET is a Transer, the Net is the Wave World, jacking in is now pulsing in, Mystery Data is now called Mystery Waves, NAXA is NAZA, your Pack is your Card Box, Sub Chips are Sub-Cards, Mr. Programs are Mr. Hertz, and so forth.

Aside from the new characters and the numerous term differences, the major changes that you will notice are:

  • The network areas now hover above the real world maps, which makes them slightly easier to navigate because if you get lost, you can use the real world as a reference point; and
  • In battle, you are now restricted to only 1 row on your side by default, which means you can only move sideways, not forward or back. (Also, of course, the battles are in 3-D, but this by itself really has little affect on the game play.)

This game comes in three versions: Leo (Fire), Pegasus (Aqua), and Dragon (Wood). You can offset the major difference between the three versions (that being the form that MegaMan can take during battle) by forming “BrotherBands” with players who have different versions of the game.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Switching pages on the subscreen produces a super-distorted, synthesized voice that says the name of the section (such as “E-mail!” and “Mega!”). Cute.
  • Geo’s face portrait changes subtly throughout the course of the game. There are other examples of such attention to detail such as by changing the references of “Geo” to “MegaMan” only after Geo actually names himself that.
  • When Geo sends himself a reminder e-mail, why does he say “Looks like I’ve got mail” when he receives his own message?
  • You can pulse in right next to people, and they don’t notice...
  • If you put on the Visualizer while you happen to be standing where an invisible NPC will appear, you can get stuck inside the NPC and can’t move. The solution, of course, is to take off the Visualizer.
  • This game has more multiplayer interactions via the whole BrotherBand thing. You also have a bit more freedom in renaming and customizing things. You can even (gasp) rename Geo!


Top Help
  • How do I get through the DeepSpace area?
    I have not personally done this yet; however, as far as I know, the doors in DeepSpace require you to defeat the “ghosts” of past bosses. You encounter these in various places in the Wave World (dead end paths are good ones to search). For example, I bumped into TaurusFire at the end of a dead end path in Echo Ridge EM-Rd near Geo’s neighbor’s house. I encountered TaurusFireSP by just walking down Echo Ridge EM-Rd near the shop. And so on. I am pretty sure that defeating enough of these will open the doors in DeepSpace, although I haven’t yet confirmed this.


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Play Control: 3
They removed the ability to selectively walk or run; Geo always moves at a run when you are controlling him. Most people probably prefer this, but personally I wish I could at least hold down a button or something to walk. During battle, the controls are mysteriously vexing; after having played Battle Network games for so long, I find myself constantly pressing the wrong buttons to do everything. I accidentally press the Battle Card button when I want to shoot my buster, I press the buster button when I want to block, and so forth. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but it does take some getting used to.
Graphics: 3
The graphics are basically Battle Network graphics reworked. Not bad, but there’s really nothing new here either.
Animation: 4
Screen shot from Capcom.
The sprites are virtually identical to the Battle Network sprites in execution. During battle, the models aren’t bad, though they sometimes look pixelated. The cell-shading is pretty decently done, though, considering. On the other hand, personally I think Geo looks rather silly while running. Too bad you as a player can’t have him walk instead.
Music: 3
The music’s nothing to write home about, but it is in stereo. A lot of the tunes deliberately sound similar to various Battle Network musics.
Sound Effects: 3
Pretty much the same as Battle Network. Some of the sound effects make use of stereo to make them sound “whooshier.”
Plot: 3
Well, Geo is a wimp, and his three soon-to-be-friends start off the game as total jerks. Still, the interaction between Geo and Omega (who’s a slightly nicer jerk) is quite amusing. Although Geo has a reason for not wanting to make friends, this reason clashes with the game’s quest system since it’s so out of character (at least early in the game) that Geo would be going around helping people when he does not actually like getting involved in other people’s affairs.
Difficulty: 3 (normal)
Once you learn the ropes (such as knowing when to block attacks), the difficulty rating is really not that high. One contributing factor may well be the fact that, instead of needing to dodge things by moving within 9 squares, now your movement-related dodging is limited to: move left, move right, or block. This lack of options sounds like it should make the game more difficult, but it actually tends to make it easier because it also restricts what kinds of attacks enemies can reasonably throw at you.
Replay Value: 3
As with the Battle Network games, after you get the clear game save you are pretty much allowed to leave the space station and go anywhere you want to finish quests you missed the first time through and such. In fact, doing the side quests seems to take more time than the main plot line. That says a little something about just how much of this game is optional.
Polish: 2
Not bad, but the font and other GUI is virtually the same as Battle Network. One good thing is they now allow up to 10 characters for Battle Card names, which is nice to see. But card descriptions and other item names are still ridiculously abbreviated. Also, the dialogue box font seems like a step back from even Battle Network 6.

Furthermore, some of the decisions made regarding on which screen to place things seem a little odd to me. Your menu appears to be on the upper screen, but then when you actually open your subscreen, it opens on the lower screen. (Personally, I would have used the second screen for a map display. Much more useful than seeing Geo’s stats all the time.) During the overworld your main game play is on the lower screen; when you enter battle, suddenly the action is taking place in the upper screen. When you select to save the game, you press “save” on the lower screen, but then the confirmation prompt appears on the upper screen. All text entry takes place on the top screen, when it’d be a lot easier if it was on the touch screen—then you could compose messages by just touching the letters you want. And so on.

And they still haven’t gotten rid of the annoyingly long fade-out/fade-in that is required after every single cut scene...

Overall: 85%
In the same vein as Mega Man ZX, this game is basically a Battle Network game with a facelift. This is not necessarily a bad thing; if you liked the Battle Network series, then you will almost certainly enjoy this title. I can’t in good conscience say that it’s really any better than the Battle Network series, but it isn’t worse either. If you’ve never played a Battle Network game before, there is no harm in picking this one up as your first title. The game makes lots of in-joke references of the Battle Network series but the plot stands on its own.
+ Plus:
You can rename Geo, and paint your own face portraits for use in the BrotherBand system. Okay, so this isn’t really a big deal in terms of game play, but it’s still pretty snazzy.
- Minus:
Personally I liked the Navi Customizer for increasing stats much better than simply equipping a different weapon on Omega. I know they were trying to be different, but maybe they’ll add something more flexible and customizable in a future game.


Top Help
I’m writing this based on the Leo version of the game. I don’t think there will be any drastic differences, but if something that I say doesn’t match your version, that’s probably the reason.

(Note: I know that technically Omega’s nickname is “Mega.” I know that this plays into the plot regarding why Geo dubbed himself “MegaMan.” I’m still not going to call him Mega. Sorry.)

That’s Just Stellar

  • After some opening plot, you get to choose a name for Geo. You can pick a first and a last name separately. You’re limited to six letters each, but that’s not half bad.
  • There’s some conversation, and Mr. Boreal gives you a Visualizer from Geo’s father.
  • A gloomy Geo heads off to Vista Point, behind the school, since it’ll be clear that night and he wants to see the stars. But before you can get to your destination, Luna and her two minions show up to try to convince Geo to go to school.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • When Geo leaves the three, he almost immediately gets an e-mail from Luna, who sends her BrotherBand homework. Apparently, the attachment runs automatically. (Bad e-mail program! Bad!) Of course, this is the BrotherBand tutorial.
  • Go to north (up-right) to get to the platform with the cut scene where Geo is looking at the stars and talking to his dad. During this sequence, Geo’s PET—I mean, Transer—picks up his dad’s access signal. Then a beam of light—namely, Omega-Xis—hits him, and this also has the side effect of activating Geo’s Visualizer as well.
  • So, uh, the bad guys who are after Omega-Xis possess a locomotive. But for whatever reason, Omega can’t fight the viruses himself. So he goes into Geo’s Transer and arranges for Geo to do the work for him.
  • Once the cut scene is done, walk down the steps and around the platform and stand on the wavehole. Press R.
  • In the Wave World, move up and around to the right. (Even though the train is down-left, you need to go up-right. Exactly.) Don’t worry, Omega will pretty much keep you on course.
  • Once you get to the train, touch its wavehole on the touch screen to pulse into it. (You can only do this when it’s flashing.)
  • Inside the train computer, walk forward to bump into the typical Mettenna viruses. This is the battle tutorial.
  • Once that’s all taken care of, Omega bribes Geo into letting him stay in his Transer by hanging information about Geo’s dad over Geo’s head. Nice guy.
  • The next morning, Omega wants to see the town, so he pulls Geo by his Transer off his bed platform and down to the floor below. This is pretty amusing.
  • When you get outside, you discover that Omega got bored during the night and occupied himself by sending Geo a lot of e-mail. These serve as further tutorials, essentially.
  • Omega wants you to talk to people. to people!
  • When you’ve talked to everyone, a cut scene starts. Now Omega wants to see inside people’s Transers. This involves going into wave form. Use the wavehole in the park (you can’t use the one in Vista Point).
  • Walk around the Wave World. See those signs over people’s heads? Touch those people on the touch screen to jump into their personal pages. (You don’t even have to be close to them; as long as you can touch them, you can zap yourself over to them.) You learn the person’s name and can read his or her “MES.”
  • Once you’ve viewed the personal pages of everyone in town, Omega will explain that he was searching the Transers for another FM-ian because ever since that morning he’d been feeling the presence of one. Omega now decides that the FM-ians are hiding inside computers (“Comp Space”) instead.
  • Enter the car computer. Inside, near the control panel, is a Jammer.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer
  • Head back home. Sadly, you encounter Luna and her pals again right outside the door to Geo’s house. Omega gets irritated and shows off his MegaUppercut—he takes control of Geo’s arm by his Transer and knocks Bud out cold. Geo apologizes and runs away.
  • You get a plot sequence where an FM-ian named Taurus appears in front of Bud. If you don’t know where this is will soon.
  • Meanwhile, Geo decides to go to bed... and he still hasn’t learned about his dad.
  • Sleep in Geo’s bed when ready.
Charging Straight Ahead
  • So someone is vandalizing things around town. Leave Geo’s house and head for his daily excursion to Vista Point. Princess Annoyance and her lackey show up, searching for the vandal.
  • Head back toward Geo’s house. The gang of three drive up in a pickup truck. Luna invites him to ride along. Geo wisely refuses. But Taurus fuses with Bud at this moment, and the car chases Geo around town. This entire plot sequence is on auto-pilot, so read fast.
  • In the Wave World, Geo suggests blocking the road to stop the truck so that he can jump into the truck’s computer. So hop into the car computer and access the control panel there. You have to fight viruses to gain control of the car.
  • The pickup truck crashes into the car that Geo moved. Now, if Luna and Zack weren’t both killed by the collision, we should be fine...
  • Exit the car computer and you’ll be able to jump into the pickup truck.
  • TruckComp Stage
  • You have to ride bulls in a mini-game here. Luckily it’s not all that bad. You just have to touch the icons as they appear, and the hit detection is generous.
  • Get RedKey from the control panel there, and return the way you came. (Thankfully, the bull is calm now.)
  • Open up the door that the RedKey works on, and go down that path. Get past the bull and go to the next control panel. Get BlueKey.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Onward to the BlueKey door. Past that and another bull is the control panel with the YelloKey. Exit to TruckComp2.
  • Go forward, ride the bull, get off, grab items, get your TetKeyA.
  • Ride the next know the drill. By the time you are finished collecting items and riding bulls, you should have the four Tetrakeys (A through D).
  • Head down the license plate path to the door down there. Open the last door, and it’s a straight walk to the boss.
  • Boss: TaurusFire
  • Afterward, Geo waits until the three kids wake up in order to make sure they’re okay. When they ask who he is, he comes up with the “MegaMan” name on the spur of the moment and quickly pulses out.
  • A few days later, Geo is back to staring at the sky when a man wearing mechanical wings crash-lands nearby. Geo asks the man about the wings, and he calls them his FlapPack. But he doesn’t want Geo to look at his invention.
  • Leave Vista Point, and you are introduced to the help signal. Follow it. It flashes more when you are close to the source. In this case, the source is two kids who lost their ball in a tree.
  • Talk to the boys, then go back to Vista Point and try to recruit the help of bird-man. He refuses, so go talk to the RC guy next.
  • Try to buy a can of juice from the vending machine. Since it’s broken, pulse in and go fix it. Fight viruses. You know the drill.
  • Buy the drink and take it back to the RC guy. (His name is Chase Winde.)
  • You get the RCChpper from him. Take it back to the kids. This starts a sort of mini-game where you use the Navi card PropellerMan to control the chopper. Move the chopper to the ball to knock it down.
  • Once that’s done, go find Mr. Boreal by the pickup truck. His assistant, the bird-man, shows up. Mr. Boreal introduces him as Mr. Tom Dubius. I’m dubious as well. Mr. Boreal invites Geo to visit his lab the next day.
  • Sleep in Geo’s bed when ready.
Swan Dance
  • There’s a plot sequence here between Mr. Dubius and a swan FM-ian. I think you know where this is heading.
  • The next morning, it’s time to head off to the lab. Go to the bus stop in Echo Ridge and search the sign to catch a bus. You end up at the main gate of AMAKEN. Talk to Mr. Boreal.
  • Wander around and search things. There’s a wavehole not far away that you can use to explore the place from the air if you so wish.
  • Go inside the AMAKEN building when you are ready. Mr. Boreal introduces the kids to his assistant and says he’ll let them tour the place for free today. Talk to Mr. Boreal after the cut scene to get your EntryPas.
  • Go into the museum and look around. There’s a black hole generator here, but it’s broken. If you put on your Visualizer, you can see a lot of shattered paths. There’s a wavehole in this room that you can use to enter the Wave World.
  • When you’re done exploring, search every exhibit to go on with the plot. After you get the cut scene, go back out and talk to Mr. Boreal.
  • Use the StaffPas he gives you to go through the gate to the elevator. Ride the elevator and go through the door up there for the next cut scene.
  • Mr. Boreal shows the kids around while Mr. Dubius listens from around the corner. Dubius mistakenly thinks Boreal is claiming credit for his FlapPack, and he runs off (and vanishes, as it turns out, because if you go through the door which Mr. Dubius took, you’ll end up on the roof with no place to go. Eh heh heh...).
  • When you’re done here, go back to the museum and talk to the guy behind the counter next to the exit to the upper right.
  • You get a spacesuit so you can go into the simulation. Now you can float around and search things. Talk to everyone to advance the plot.
  • Unsurprisingly, Mr. Dubius shows up and transforms in front of everyone. He mesmerizes everyone else, but Geo is saved because Omega sees it coming and tells him to turn away in time.
  • After the cut scene, turn on your Visualizer to get another plot sequence. You may have noticed already that there’s no wavehole. But just in case you didn’t, Omega will now point it out.
  • Go to the planet Earth and search it. You need to find the person who can open the door. That would be your tour guide. Get the KeyCard from her and go back to the door.
  • This triggers KeyMan. He asks you for the passcode. This answer is actually something of a trick question, because just recently Pluto was taken off the list of planets, which means the answer is now 8 whereas a few years back it would have been 9. You don’t have to know this piece of trivia, though, because you could just count the planets in the simulation for the answer.
  • Go out into the museum and pulse in.
  • You have probably already seen this coming, but the road leading to the simulation area is busted. Head toward the black hole generator. Remember, go down and left first, then around, to get there.
  • Inside the Black Hole Comp, examine the control panel. (You knew they put it there for a reason!) Fight viruses.
  • Off to the simulation area’s Wave Road. Go right first for an item. (The people can wait, right?)
  • Pulse into the simulation generator in the center of the area.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • SpaceSimComp Stage
  • Welcome to the land of cheese. Straight ahead is a planet blocking the road. Go left instead onto the large gray area to learn about this area’s mini-game. You need to launch rockets to shoot the, uh, ducks. (I would dub them the Quacky Lackies, but the game beats me to it.)
  • Dodge the falling stars as you move across the gray area. Touch the rocket to start the first mini-game. Barbeque the first duck and continue on past the next few gray areas (picking up items as you go, of course). Find the patterns in the stars (heh, I just made a punny) and you shouldn’t have too many troubles getting past these.
  • After you shoot down the second duck, the planet blocking the original path disappears. There’s a shortcut available so you don’t have to walk all the way back.
  • It’s the same story in the next area, except the paths branch more. The trickiest part is not getting lost. You need to find 3 rockets to clear the path to the exit.
  • In the last area, you get a clear choice between left or right. Once you’ve done one side, you get a shortcut taking you back to the center. There are 2 rockets on each side. For the easiest time, clear the area first, then run around collecting items.
  • Boss: CygnusWing
  • After you win the battle, Mr. Dubius is still merged with Cygnus. Mr. Boreal and the kids try to convince him that this is all a big misunderstanding. Dubius refuses to believe them, so Mr. Boreal takes off his helmet to prove that he can trust him. After some conversation, Mr. Dubius finally ejects Cygnus and morphs back to normal.
Dodging Coppers
  • Geo wakes up and discovers Omega is gone. He actually looks around for him, and worries about him bumping into FM-ians on his own, which is a little different from before when Geo was grumbling at Omega being so pushy.
  • The doorbell rings, so go answer it. (Peepholes, dude!) A man in a trench coat rushes through the door uninvited. He introduces himself as Bob Copper, and says he’s here to investigate Z waves.
  • Once the policeman is gone, go outside and hunt for Omega. You may notice that the Big Wave shop is open now.
  • Go up to the Vista Point for a cut scene. You meet Sonia, who is composing a song for her deceased mom. Once she leaves, Omega pops back in.
  • Head toward home, where Copper is exclaiming about the Z waves. Meanwhile the irritating trio walks up, complaining that they just got grilled by Copper. They also talk a bit about Sonia’s concert.
  • When the kids leave, Copper comes along looking for the source of the Z waves. Geo hides from him.
  • At this point Omega gets the idea to hop into Copper’s Transer and get info on him. Go pulse in, then circle around to the path that is nearest to where Copper is standing. (Notice there’s no sign over Copper’s head.) When you get close enough to him, you’ll trigger a plot scene.
  • Copper notices the increased Z wave readings, so he puts up a shield to protect himself from them. This also prevents you from pulsing into his Transer.
  • So you need something to throw at Copper to knock him out. Remember that ball pitching machine that appeared in Vista Point earlier? Go check it out. You find that the machine is locked, but it has “Echo Elementary School Joe” written on it.
  • Go find Joe in front of the card shop. He doesn’t want to let you use the machine. Well, don’t let that stop you. Pulse in and go steal the location of the key out of his Transer. (It’s for a good cause! I think...)
  • Return to Vista Point and search the red bench near the train for the PitcherMan card.
  • Once you have the card, go search the pitching machine again. This will open a wavehole. Go pulse in and hop into the machine. Search the glowing baseball in the center to fight viruses.
  • With that taken care of, Omega lures Copper into range, and Geo nails him with the pitching machine. Once the batter is out (quite literally), check out his Transer before he comes around.
  • Omega decides that having the Satella Police on their trail will be bad. So he tells Geo to go back into Copper’s Transer so that he guessed it, tinker with his data. Omega erases all of Copper’s data regarding Z waves despite Geo’s attempts to stop him.
  • Copper wakes up and discovers his data is gone. (Backups, dude.) Wondering what to do, he runs off.
  • Sleep when ready.
Harping on a Note
  • Much like last time, Geo wakes up and the doorbell rings. He doesn’t check before opening the door this time either. A different man rushes in uninvited this time. He’s Sonia’s manager and he’s looking for Sonia. Don’t know why he’s barging into people’s houses looking for her, but...
  • Outside, you get another help signal. Run around until you track down its source. It’s in Vista Point. Search the train.
  • Sonia comes out from behind the train and asks Geo to hide her. She doesn’t want to give the concert and she doesn’t want to go with her manager. Geo offers to hide her at Mr. Boreal’s lab.
  • Take the bus to AMAKEN. (It’s okay, Sonia is with you. Somewhere. Maybe Geo stuffed her in his Transer.)
  • Find Mr. Boreal in the lab and talk to him. He agrees to let her stay overnight. He suggests that Geo and Sonia form a BrotherBand, but naturally Geo refuses. (I’m not sure I’d form one with a total stranger either.) After all, as Geo says: “I can’t tell even a Brother that I’ve got a weird, free-loading alien in my Transer!” (I am so going to write that in my Transer!)
  • The lights go out before Geo can leave. Omega reminds Geo to put on his Visualizer. You see a black ball.
  • Pulse into the Wave World. You have to find 5 of the wave balls. One is in the area over the lobby (AMAKEN Fyr EM-Rd). Two are in the area over the lab itself (AMAKEN Lab EM-Rd). One is over the museum (Sci Museum EM-Rd). One is in the simulation area (SpaceSim EM-Rd). You fight slightly souped-up viruses with each wave ball you take out.
  • When that’s done, talk to Mr. Boreal again. Then talk to Sonia. She asks to speak to Geo on the roof. Go out the door near the lockers to get on the roof.
  • The manager barges into the conversation, having eluded Mr. Boreal enough to get on the roof. Geo insinuates himself between the manager and Sonia, but the manager knocks him out of the way and walks off with Sonia.
  • Head home for the next plot scene with Bud and Zack. Meanwhile, the manager is chewing out Sonia, who jumps out of the car and runs away. But she doesn’t get far before she encounters an FM-ian named Lyra.
  • Back with Geo, Omega warns him that someone is coming and to be on his guard. A moment later, Copper roars up and jumps out of his car, asking Zack and Bud if they saw anything odd happen. He, of course, traced Z waves here. He notices another spike in Z waves just in time for Sonia to knock him flat. Moments later Zack and Bud go down.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Omega tells Geo to put on his Visualizer, and Geo can now see Sonia standing nearby. Sonia tries to hit Geo with the note attack that floored everyone else (which is now visible), but Geo dodges it. Sonia says she doesn’t want Geo to get hurt, and she leaps away to attack other fans instead.
  • Pulse in and chase Sonia down. When you hit certain points, you’ll trigger a mini-game. You need to press the directional buttons surrounding Geo’s sprite to shoot at the notes coming in those four directions.
  • Head toward Vista Point on the Wave Road. You will encounter Sonia right near the exit of the area.
  • Keep following the road until you come across another mini-game. This time notes will sometimes come two at a time.
  • After that, head left and down to another blue patch where Sonia is standing. Sonia forms a jet sled out of a musical note and hops on, flying away. Geo actually has the presence of mind to ask Omega why he can’t do the same thing. ;)
  • Geo notes that Sonia went in the direction of Mr. Boreal’s lab. Pulse out and make for the lab.
  • You need to pulse in from outside the lab, because you can’t get inside. Run around the long way, heading for the lab building. When you touch a square blue area, you will trigger another musical-note mini-game.
  • Keep going right and up. There’s a large blue area where you will face the showdown with Sonia.
  • Boss: Harp Note
Star Trials
  • Three days later, Sonia holds her retirement concert at Vista Point. After the concert, Geo and Sonia talk and form a BrotherBand.
  • After Sonia leaves, Geo pulls out his pendant and notices it’s glowing. After that, he goes home.
  • Geo dreams of the three Satellites. Here’s your first encounter with your patron version of the game.
  • When Geo wakes up, the pendant is still glowing. Leave Geo’s bedroom and go talk to his mom about the pendant (they’ve only been discussing doing this for four days now).
  • She doesn’t know much about it, but suggests talking to Mr. Boreal. So head out to the bus station.
  • The gang of three naturally interrupts you before you can get on the bus. Luna says she’s decided their class is going to do a school play and of course she’s already cast Geo into a role. She urges him to see the set.
  • Enter the school and meet Geo’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Shepar.
  • You’re finally released to walk around. Search things and head for the gym when ready. (Don’t worry, you can’t get lost because the game won’t let you go any other way.) Note: In the snack shop and the gym are waveholes if you want to use them.
  • Go up onto the stage to discover a set of Geo’s town. There’s a MegaMan and a Taurus costume there. Yep, Luna’s decided to reenact your first contact with an enemy FM-ian. ;)
  • While they’re talking, Omega suddenly warns Geo to look up. Geo dodges out of the way just in time as a stage light crashes down where he’d been standing. After a reminder from Omega, Geo puts on his Visualizer and spots the Jammer above the stage.
  • Geo tells Luna that he needs to use the bathroom. You gain control at this point. The game doesn’t let you be smart and pulse in somewhere where Geo won’t be seen, like the cafe. You have to do it in the gym.
  • Once you’re pulsed in, you see the Jammer by the exit to the foyer area. He moves through it, clearly baiting you, but chase after him anyway.
  • Head to the Foyer EM-Rd for another cut scene. Somehow the Jammer manages to come down behind you.
  • Mini-Boss: JammerG (This is a plot battle. You can’t hurt him, but after you open your Custom Screen about four times, you will get a cut scene where Geo notes that he isn’t hurting the Jammer at all. This also closes the battle.)
  • The Jammer grabs Geo, the screen goes white, and Geo wakes up outside the snack shop. Omega says that right at the last second, Geo lost his wave form, and therefore couldn’t be hurt by the Jammer anymore, because the Jammer could only directly affect him in wave form. Geo puts on his Visualizer but can’t find the Jammer.
  • While Geo is talking with Omega, a boy with green hair who is suddenly standing in the snack area speaks up. You learn his name is Patrick, or just Pat for short. There’s a brief conversation here.
  • After Pat leaves, run back to Luna and the others.
  • Once that’s taken care of, leave the school and go back to the bus stop so that you can finally resume your journey to AMAKEN.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Talk to Mr. Boreal about the pendant. He discovers it is a transmitter that is activated by a BrotherBand. Boreal suggests going onto the roof of AMAKEN to get a good signal.
  • Head past the lockers out onto the roof, but instead of Geo’s dad, the three Satellites contact Geo. They tell Geo they have come to prepare him for a fight by bestowing on him the Star Force. Interestingly, when Omega speaks up and asks why Lyra and Sonia can’t do it instead, the Satellites say it’s because Lyra is too different from them, but Omega’s wave signature is surprisingly similar. This is a clue that is expounded upon much later.
  • During this plot sequence, you learn about Planet AM, Planet FM, Andromeda, and the FM king.
  • Anyway, in order to get the Star Force, you must undergo the “Star Trials.” Good thing we didn’t have anything more pressing to do at the moment!
  • The Satellites point out golden Mr. Hertzes which are the Star Guardians. There are 5 in total scattered throughout the AMAKEN Grd EM-Rd area. You need to defeat them all. So go outside and pulse in. Talk to each guardian and fight viruses. With each one you defeat, you get a Starlgt (Star Light) item.
  • When you have them all, the Satellites say they will proceed to the second trial. They are now standing in the Wave World. Go meet them.
  • Boss: Leo/Pegasus/Dragon (Sorry, if you’re playing another version, you’re on your own.)
  • Sleep in Geo’s bed when you’re ready. Feel free to explore and do quests and such first.
Back to School!
  • Geo decides to go back to school. A few days later, he finally gets around to doing it. So off you go to school.
  • Inside the school, go say hello to your teacher. You learn that your class is 5-A on the 2nd floor. Go there and class will begin.
  • During the break, you need to talk to everyone in your class to proceed.
  • After class, you need to meet at the gym. There you will end up in rehearsal for the play. Pat is playing the part of MegaMan. Geo gets to be a bush.
  • After this, you’re free to explore and do whatever.
  • Sleep in Geo’s bed when ready.
In the Balance
  • Back at school, you see a conversation between Principal Loude and Mr. Shepar. After this, Libra shows up helpfully to act as the (tilted) scales of justice.
  • Anyway, back to Geo. Off to school with you, where the Study Wave begins to brainwash the kids. When one of the students says it’s boring, Shepar flies off the handle and turns into Libra in front of them. Good going, dude.
  • Geo’s out like a light so Omega punches him using the Transer. Self-punch! Heh heh.
  • Oddly unaffected by the Study Wave, Pat gets up and walks over and asks why Geo’s talking to himself. He then tells you that the Study Wave controls are in the studio.
  • Leave the classroom and go right, through the purple door at the end of the hall. Once you walk far enough into the studio, you’ll trigger a cut scene.
  • Mr. Shepar disappears into the computer system, and you need to follow him. So go jack into the...well, darn, we can’t do that. You need to find a wavehole. (Why is it that all of the FM-ians simply enter computers directly, but we have to find waveholes?)
  • The nearest wavehole is in your classroom, behind the prop piece. (Notice Pat’s not around?)
  • Pulse in and leave the classroom Wave Road where you will bump into the Jammer from before. Ashamed and dispirited from his previous defeat, Geo doesn’t put up a fight. But your patron Satellite appears to finally bestow upon you the Star Force.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Mini-Boss: JammerG (This is also a tutorial, to explain how to use the Star Force transformation. You begin this battle transformed.)
  • Head your way down-right toward the studio. Once in the studio’s Wave Road, wind your way around to the computer.
  • SchoolComp Stage
  • Certain paths will begin with a one-way panel followed by a calculator tile. These are mini-games. The pedestals at the end of the paths send ghost-like things at regular intervals which trigger quiz questions when they strike you. If you get a question wrong, you lose 10 HP. Reach the pedestal at the end to destroy it. You will almost always be attacked by viruses immediately afterward.
  • When you have destroyed 3 pedestals, go to the gate barring the path to the next area, and it should open for you.
  • If you were expecting me to say “more of the same here” you won’t be disappointed! Except that I don’t have to say it, since I already did...
  • Clear 3 pedestals to open the next door.
  • (By this point you’ll probably find yourself memorizing the answers instead of looking at the questions. Or just guess randomly, if you really want. If you’re having problems, just load up your Folder with various Recover cards and make them all Favorites.)
  • Clear 3 more pedestals to open the door at the top of the ramp of staplers.
  • Boss: LibraScales
The Show Must Go On!
  • So Pat suddenly decides to be conveniently absent right before the play. Guess what this means? ;) (Geo’s sprite while wearing the MegaMan costume is delightful.)
  • A week later, you rejoin Geo at school. Go to your class and talk to everyone.
  • After school (that was fast), Mr. Shepar asks Geo to meet him in the studio. When you get there, you discover he’s brought Detective Copper to the school.
  • Copper reveals that he knows the Z waves indicate the presence of alien beings. Mr. Shepar jumps to Geo’s defense, and gets Geo off the hook for now. But as Omega warns him, Copper will probably be tailing them from now on.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Return to Geo’s classroom and talk with Luna. As they are chatting, Bud and Zack rush in—and promptly turn into monsters. Geo puts on his Visualizer and sees the Jammer from before.
  • Luna and Geo run away. Head toward the school entrance. You’ll find more EM monsters there.
  • Run back toward the elevator. Another monster comes out, and Geo and Luna duck into a nearby classroom, where Geo leaves Luna and heads out alone.
  • Once you are back out in the hallway, go use the snack shop’s wavehole to pulse in. Return to the Class 5-A Wave Road and walk around the path until you trigger a cut scene.
  • You’ll quickly realize the Jammer has flown the coop. Head back along the Wave Road down to the first floor and to the classroom where you left Luna. (That would be 1-B, in case you forgot or didn’t notice.)
  • As soon as you enter the correct room, you get a plot sequence where Geo finds Luna surrounded by baddies. He tries to go to her but the Jammer gets in his way.
  • The Jammer beats Geo down and is about to deliver the final blow when he’s flattened by Harp Note. The Jammer tries to retaliate by having his “EM humans” hurt Luna, but Harp Note goes and blows them all away with one stroke of her guitar. (Man, what’s she doing hanging around in the sidelines? She needs to be the hero of this game!)
  • Geo leaves Luna to Sonia and takes on the Jammer.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer2
  • Afterward, Sonia and Geo take Luna back to her house to recover. Once you are outside again, you find Sonia waiting near Geo’s house. She asks Geo to go shopping with her on Sunday.
  • Sleep when you’re ready.
Snaking Twists
  • That Sunday, Luna has nothing better to do and decides to visit Geo. Naturally, she gets there just as Geo is leaving. She hides and then follows him. This is going to be bad.
  • You’re given control at Time Square. Go around searching things and opening waveholes and such.
  • Find Sonia near the dog statue.
  • They head off to Nacys with Luna following behind. Once you are inside, talk to Sonia again for the next plot point.
  • Go up to the roof to the exhibit. Enter through the door.
  • Explore the exhibit and search everything along the way. When you’ve checked everything out, you should get the next cut scene.
  • Luna encounters her parents, and then while she’s dealing with them, Sonia and Geo walk up. Luna’s parents pretty much blow up at the whole thing and Luna storms off.
  • Omega says he’s got a bad feeling about this. Head outside to see why. Yep, Luna’s about to discover what FM-ians are. ;) (Why is it everyone can see the FM-ians normally, except for Geo?)
  • Luna ignores Geo’s cries and fuses with Ophiuca, and immediately vanishes into the Wave World.
  • Enter the exhibit and head for the giant snake replica at the end. You see a cut scene where Luna’s parents are being squeezed by snakes. Some more snakes jump out at Geo and Sonia. Sonia takes the hit and goes down, and Geo runs off. Omega suggests taking care of the snakes first.
  • Go talk to the snake expert, Prof. Snake. You need to find the maintanence man. The professor suggests he might be on the first floor taking a lunch break.
  • Because of the snakes blocking the way, you’ll have to use the Wave Road to get out. There’s a wavehole you can use not far from the snake professor, near the albino boa sign.
  • Once outside the exhibit, work your way to the Nacys building. If you have troubles navigating, remember you can touch the round red warp points to zap yourself to that location.
  • Enter Nacys via its wavehole on the roof. You will find that there are snakes inside the store as well. Well, at least you’re safe up here in the Wave World.
  • There’s a wavehole exit on the penguin stand. Once you land there, search the cave right in front of you to get a cut scene. You get the thermostat card.
  • Pulse back in right in front of the maintanence guy (it’s the only way off the penguin stand) and make your way back to the exhibit.
  • Pulse out once you find the proper wavehole (don’t press R because you’ll just end up on the penguin stand again), and then head for where Sonia and the snake queen are. Geo uses the card and activates ThermoMan. Press the “Cool” button, naturally.
  • After that, run over to where the man is fallen on the path to the right. The snake that was blocking your way before is now quiet. You can pulse in behind him.
  • Follow this new road to the blue warp panel. This brings you to the top path where you can reach the giant snake.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • RoboSnakeComp Stage
  • Almost immediately you come across a poisoned Mr. Hertz. (Yes, you read that correctly.) You need to find the antidote so that he can open the door for you. (I don’t make this stuff up, honest!)
  • Basically, the idea here is after you pick up each antidote, this activates giant snakes which will shoot out from the quivering bushes and chase you a short distance. Keep running and either find a branching path to hide in, or, in most cases, just stick to the main path and the snake will eventually go off into another set of bushes instead of continuing the chase.
  • (If you get hit by a snake you get poisoned. This reduces your HP at regular intervals on the overworld. However, if you restore a Mr. Hertz while you are poisoned, he’ll cure you as well.)
  • A short distance past the first Mr. Hertz is, naturally, a second one. Geo’s on the ball and doesn’t even have to ask for details. The snakes here move in slightly different patterns, and one bush releases birds instead of a snake.
  • In the next area, just to be different, there are two Mr. Hertz victims at one of the gates. This means you need two antidotes as well, one from each side. (On the right path, stand on the high ledge to avoid the two snakes.)
  • It’s the same basic drill in the third area as well.
  • Boss: QueenOphiuca
  • When you defeat Ophiuca, an FM-ian named Gemini comes along and finishes her off, but your battle with him is yet to come.
  • Afterward, Luna impulsively hugs MegaMan, and then the Comp Space collapses, dumping them back into the real world, where Luna finds herself hugging Geo. This sprite is priceless.
  • You get Luna as a Brother here. Meanwhile, Sonia accuses Geo of forgetting about her. But she says she’ll forgive him if he treats her to a sundae.
Magnetic Personalities
  • You see a brief scene with Pat here, then you’re given control in Geo’s classroom. You can’t pulse in to do quests or anything, so just head for home.
  • Geo receives a phone call from an unidentified suspicious voice telling him to go to Time Square. When you do so, you’ll find a crowd has formed to watch two men squabble with each other.
  • Omega reminds Geo to put on his Visualizer. You now see “+” icons in circles over the two men. Omega says they are strange EM waves.
  • Go pulse in and circle around to the ledge that overlooks the two men. Geo automatically takes care of the plus balls. You don’t even have to fight viruses or anything.
  • But now two little girls have minus balls. As you might be guessing, two pluses or two minuses will repel. Since there’s no end to them, you have to find the source.
  • Head toward the upper-left side of the Wave World (beyond the truck Navi). You should find a Jammer up there.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer2
  • Geo pulses out, and his Transer rings again. The person from before calls again to gloat. This time he identifies himself as Rey.
  • You’re left to go home now. Do quests if you want.
  • When you try to walk down the stairs toward the bus station, you get a cut scene with Pat (who looks normal). He asks Geo to join him at the café to talk.
  • Pat tells Geo a bit about his past, and about how he’d felt a kindred spirit in Geo. When Geo mentions his “safe” place (Vista Point), Pat decides to take Geo to his safe place—a place called Dream Island.
  • Take the bus to Dream Island. Explore and find Pat up the stairs near the exit to the park.
  • In the flower garden you get a cut scene. Geo tells Pat about his dad. Pat then says he’ll tell Geo about his parents, but he asks Geo to follow him.
  • Find Pat out by the garbage trucks. Follow him into the waste processing center. (Well, really, you are preceding him.)
  • Again, walk ahead of Pat and turn left at the branching path to reach the next cut scene. Pat says that this is where he was thrown away.
  • Start to leave the garbage dump and Geo receives a phone call. The guy from before warns Geo not to get “trashed” out there, and then hangs up.
  • Geo starts to leave again and someone or something sets off the intruder alarm, and SorterBots rush up to line up in front of Geo. Another one comes to block the sidewalk that leads out. Geo worries about Pat being in danger as well but when he looks over, Pat has mysteriously vanished.
  • Luckily for Geo, there’s a wavehole nearby. Geo pulses in automatically.
  • Omega suggests looking for the person who is controlling the SorterBots. So travel the Wave Road up the wide stairs, across the blue area, and down through the snaking orange paths, until you reach the satellite tower.
  • Hop over into the Incinerator Comp. There are three Jammers in there, and Gemini appears shortly thereafter.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer2 (and some viruses)
  • Omega suggests that now would be the time to attack Gemini because Gemini doesn’t have a human host. Gemini agrees, saying he is a bit vulnerable without Rey there. (Well, that answers that.) But he gets away before they can attack.
  • After this cut scene, you end up at the control panel where Geo turns off the alarm, then leaves the Incinerator Comp. (Pulse back into it for a Mega Weapon.)
  • Pulse out of the Wave World and Geo wonders what happened to Pat. But Pat shows up right then and he’s fine.
  • You can go home now, or pulse in to do more quests.
  • When you attempt to take the bus, you get another cut scene with Pat. Geo starts to get on the bus, then he changes his mind and goes back to ask Pat if he wants to become Brothers. Pat asks for one day to think about it.
  • Sleep when ready.
  • So Pat has decided to agree to Geo’s proposal. Head to Time Square to meet him. Up the stairs you’ll get a cut scene.
  • Rey reveals himself, which leads to Gemini coming out. Rey says he wanted to be Brothers with Geo so that he could get the Andromeda Key, but if that’s the case, then he really blew it by coming out too early. ;p
  • Gemini and Pat/Rey fuse into two separate cat-like humanoids. (Naturally, Pat is the white one.) Each one has a claw on the opposite arm, which is rather interesting because this required modified sprites as well.
  • The two of them release more plus/minus waves, then Rey tells Geo to meet them at the scrapyard and defeat them to put a stop to the waves.
  • Go to Dream Island to the trash dump. Walk through on foot until you reach the backhoe that is blocking the path. (You can’t use the Wave Road here; if you try, Omega stops you and says you have no reason to be there. No reason?)
  • Search the backhoe to get your next task.
  • Walk back to the left and talk to the maintenance man there. Geo asks to borrow his ShovelMan card. But the man says he was knocked out by an intruder last night and he dropped the card.
  • Search the crane nearby to find the card.
  • Talk to the maintenance man again. He lets Geo move the backhoe himself. Yes, a little kid.
  • Head back to the backhoe for the cut scene where you can move it backward (lever to the left). Go to the next area.
  • Only now does Omega think to use the Wave Road instead. There’s a wavehole next to the trading machine.
  • After you pulse in and step on the warp panel, head to the right and you come across a splintered path. Omega points out a piece of junk nearby.
  • ScrapComp1 Stage
  • Move forward and talk to the Mr. Hertz. You get a radar to use to track down other programs.
  • Enter the scrap yard to the left of the Mr. Hertz and start hunting. Touch the screen to “ping” the location where you touched. Keep pinging all around Geo until your radar turns yellow, then narrow it down to the location where it turns red. Once you find that spot, walk Geo over and press A to search that location and reveal what is buried there.
  • Every once in a while, a countdown appears on the screen. Dodge between the bulldozers when they pass. They come in two waves, in two different directions, each time.
  • You can unearth Mystery Waves in addition to the Mr. Hertzes. When you’ve found everything that is buried, the game will tell you. So keep searching until this happens.
  • Once that’s taken care of, go take out the Jammer at the end.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer2 (and some viruses)
  • Outside, you have repaired the road, but yep, you guessed it, the road on up ahead is broken too. Time for more digging! (You have to circle around to get to the comp this time.)
  • ScrapComp2 Stage
  • Same deal here. One Mr. Hertz is near a fridge; one is near two sets of broken guitars. The third is on a dead-end little path that extends out from the rest of the area.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer2 (and some viruses)
  • Now you can move on to the next area of the Wave World. You end up in Scrapyard2 EM-Rd. Once there, use the green warp point to pulse out. Then you can run up the stairs in human form to meet up with Pat and Rey.
  • After a brief conversation, the two of them pulse into the antenna behind them. Then they start broadcasting minus/plus waves.
  • If you put on your Visualizer you’ll notice there are two places to pulse in. Take the second one, and pulse into the antenna.
  • ScrapComp3 Stage
  • On the left side, one of the Mr. Hertzes can be found the corner near the telescope. The other is near a pile of nondescript colored things.
  • On the right side, one is in the corner near one of the holes that surround the area where you are placed when you get hit by a bulldozer. The other is in a corner near the Met hats you see nearby.
  • Once you’ve gotten all of the items, move forward to the showdown with Gemini.
  • Boss: GemnSprk_B and GemnSprk_W
Broken Bonds
  • A week later, thanks to Pat’s betrayal, Geo is back in pouty mode and he’s back in skip-school mode.
  • Omega tells Geo to put on his Visualizer, and in a rather unprecedented move, he appears in front of Geo and talks to him directly. After saying his piece, Omega offers his farewells and bails. (Amusingly, you can still access the “Mega” page of your subscreen, even though Omega isn’t there anymore.)
  • Not even Geo’s friends can cheer him up, and he tells them flatly to leave him alone. So with nothing to do, leave Geo’s house. Now where would Geo go if he’s in pouty mode? You got it—Vista Point.
  • Up on the platform, Sonia and Luna find Geo there, but he has decided he doesn’t want friends anymore, so he cuts their BrotherBands. (And unlike Omega leaving, this actually does have an effect on your subscreen.)
  • Meanwhile, at AMAKEN, Mr. Dubius tells Mr. Boreal about a signal they picked up from outer space.
  • Geo wakes up from a nightmare about Omega, and his mom tells him she’s going to Time Square with some friends. When you gain control, Geo receives some email from Mr. Boreal asking Geo to come to his lab.
  • Go to AMAKEN and talk to Mr. Boreal in his lab. He tells Geo that they received a signal from the space station Peace...which is, naturally, now on a collision course with Earth. Copper shows up at this point to tell Geo that the station is basically a giant ball of Z waves, and they don’t know the whereabouts of his father.
  • A new signal arrives, which is basically a taunt from the FM king who claims he is on his way to personally destroy the Earth.
  • Suddenly the room shakes and when the dust clears, everyone can see the Wave Roads, even without a Visualizer. A black-purple ball of waves appears in the room and begins to bombard them with Z waves. Copper uses a weapon he’d been saving up until now to neutralize the black hole.
  • Mr. Boreal reports that another black hole has opened in Time Square. Geo remembers that his mom is there and so of course he has to go to her. Luckily the buses can still run despite the disturbance.
  • Head up the stairs to discover a bunch of people—including Geo’s mother—floating in the air near another black hole. Geo runs over to the usual pulse-in location and tries to pulse in, and there’s an amusing animation here as he remembers Omega’s not there.
  • Geo starts to go back to the black hole when three Jammers appear right in front of him. This beating ends when the Satellite admins come to Geo’s rescue. (You get a Giga card here that contains your Star Force Big Bang attack.)
  • After all of that... Someone’s set off a help alert. Unfortunately, this one proves to be completely useless in actually aiding you to track down the person who signaled it...
  • Head to the scrapyard on Dream Island and try to go up to the tower where you fought Pat. There’s a guard there. Go back to the pitching machine and search the machine to start a cut scene.
  • Once the guard is out of the way, run up to the tower to find Omega and Sonia (in Harp Note form), who’d tried to fight off the five resurrected evil FM-ians and lost. The FM-ians are, luckily, busy monologuing instead of finishing off their prey. However, unfortunately Geo doesn’t arrive in time to prevent them from getting the Andromeda Key (bleh).
  • Gemini prepares (again) to finish Omega off. Geo takes the hit for him (and somehow survives it), then chants the spell: “EM Wave Change! Geo Stelar, On The Air!!”
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer2G
  • After this, you get to make a BrotherBand with Sonia...again. You actually have to specify where you want to put it. Again.
  • Sonia tells Geo to make up with Luna next, and become Brothers with her again. (No jealousy here!) But you know, Sonia, what about the end of the world that’s approaching and all?
  • Find Luna in front of the Big Wave shop. She won’t talk to you. Talk to her two lackeys. This triggers a cut scene where some Jammers attack Luna, Bud, and Zack. Geo wave-changes right in front of them, surprising just about everyone except for Luna.
  • Mini-Boss: Jammer3 x 3
  • When that’s all over, you regain Luna as a Brother. Then as the three of them begin to leave, Bud and Zack stop. Bud comes back and asks Geo to be his Brother too. (Zack would as well, but the game is limited to only three plot-related brothers, so...)
To the Sky
  • At this point, Omega suggests going to AMAKEN and talking to Mr. Boreal, so go do that. You learn a bit about the section of the space station that fell to Earth. Mr. Boreal sends you after his former boss who knows the location of the section. He won’t give you the guy’s name, but he tells you to search for an old man.
  • Go to Echo Ridge and find the resident old guy. He should be standing by the car. Talk to him, and he mentions writing something in his Transer. So go pulse in and read his Transer. (His name is Iver Gatte, by the way.) Read his MES.
  • Retrace your steps and enter the Big Wave’s Comp Space. Use the Wave World to go behind the counter to talk to the owner. He will sell you a tropical tea for 3,000z.
  • Pulse back in, exit the Big Wave, and walk to the warp panel that will lead out of the Wave World into the park. Once you’re outside in human form, go back to Gatte and give him the tea. He tells you to look in Comp Spaces for the information you’re seeking.
  • At AMAKEN’s museum, you can now search the space colony display and open a wavehole. Go pulse into the Comp Space that you just opened and you should find a black ball of waves in the back. Search it and fight viruses.
  • Find the NAZAData in your Key Items and read it.
  • Go to the scrapyard on Dream Island and find the backhoe that is near one of the two waveholes. It’s partially over a path. Use Select to choose ShovelMan and then search the backhoe. When the cut scene starts, just move the lever and eventually he’ll shovel away an entrance.
  • Enter the door go down the path to the space station section. Search the control panel at the end.
  • Mr. Boreal shows up, saying he got a call from Iver. Apparently Mr. Gatte went and told Boreal where the piece was hidden. So why didn’t he tell us?
  • Gemini arrives with another black wave ball and knocks down Geo and Boreal. Geo thinks to himself that he can’t transform to fight back because it’ll leave him wide open. Since when?
  • Gemini attacks again, but Pat appears and blocks the hit, trying to buy Geo enough time to wave-change. Mr. Boreal’s reaction here is amusing.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • With Geo transformed into MegaMan, Gemini splits into his two fused forms...even though Pat is still lying on the ground. Gemini says he recreated these shapes from memory, and that he doesn’t need Pat or his body anymore.
  • Boss: GemnSprk_B + GemnSprk_W
  • Gemini blows up and takes the wave ball with him. Mr. Boreal calls Dubius to take the injured Pat to AMAKEN for medical care while Geo tells Boreal about his adventures. Boreal promises to get the transmitter up and running by tomorrow. (But didn’t Gatte say he’d fixed it already?)
  • Anyway, you’re free to wander and explore. When you’re ready, go sleep in Geo’s bed.
Final Showdown
  • The next morning, as Geo is getting ready to leave, Omega apologizes for getting him caught up in this fight. But Geo just comments that this isn’t like Omega at all. Geo also mentions that he wants to visit Vista Point before they leave.
  • Talk to Geo’s mom and go to Vista Point.
  • During the cut scene, Luna and her buddies show up to bid Geo farewell.
  • Head to the hidden section. Walk to the control panel and you find Mr. Boreal sleeping in front of it. Talk to him for a cut scene.
  • Omega reminds Geo to put on his Visualizer. You can see the warp point that’ll lead to the space station, as well as the wavehole you’ll use to pulse in. (As expected, Geo and Omega are going to use the radio transmitter to simply beam themselves directly to the space station.)
  • Sonia arrives, asking to go with Geo, but he says she needs to stay on Earth and defend it, because she’ll be the only one who can fight the FM-ians.
  • Step onto the warp panel and you will see Geo be beamed up through that hole in the ocean you probably spotted earlier on Dream Island. Then you appear on the space station.
  • Despite what Geo says about not being able to pulse out right now, there’s no place for you to go except for an exit panel that’ll involve you pulsing out.
  • Back in human form, Geo doesn’t clutch at his throat and fall over, so we will assume there is air. Wander around and search things.
  • Try to go through the gray-brown door on the back wall. Geo says he can’t open it and they decide they have to open it from the Wave World.
  • Try to go through the blue door that’s in the middle of the hallway. If you’ve searched the other door, you will get additional text here. Geo activates KeyMan and you need to enter the red frequency that you saw earlier: 2183.
  • Use the wavehole behind the door to pulse in. Explore and pulse into various other computers first, before pulsing into the door itself. Inside the door is a mini-dungeon.
  • StationComp1 Stage
  • In these computers, you have to connect stars to draw constellations in order to open the door. (To do so, click on one star in the touch screen and drag the line to the second star to join the two together. Repeat this until you’ve drawn the constellation.)
  • The constellation that you are to draw always matches the boss that you’ll fight. Unfortunately I didn’t think to sketch most of them, so you’ll have to figure them out for yourself. However, the center of each area shows the constellation that you need to draw; you can’t walk there, but you can use the paths that crisscross over it to snatch glimpses of it.
  • This particular constellation looks basically like a big plus-shaped formation. Once you’ve input the code correctly, move across the skull panel to the boss.
  • Boss: CygnusWingEX
  • Pulse out and go through the door to the next area (AC Module).
  • Once again, search the brown door first, then search the pile of scrap that’s blocking the way. But as Geo struggles to move it, he realizes he’s having troubles breathing.
  • Use Select to put ThermoMan as your Navi, then search the air circulator. Touch the “Air” button rather than hot or cold (because according to the other device the temperature is already correct).
  • Once that’s done, search the air circulator again to open a wavehole so you can pulse into it later.
  • Search the pile of junk again and Geo will remove it. Go pulse in.
  • StationComp2 Stage
  • Same story here. The constellation is sort of like a radiating star with all of the lines going outward from the center two stars, which are linked together.
  • Boss: TaurusFireEX
  • The next area is the Power Module. Search the door and Geo will read a note tacked to it.
  • Put PropellerMan as your Navi and search the control panel.
  • Move the robot to the open panels you see with all of the multicolored lights inside. Once you guide the robot close enough, you get a quick cut scene where the repairs are made. There are 3 panels to repair.
  • Go through the opened door and pulse in.
  • StationComp3 Stage
  • This constellation sort of has a box or diamond in the center, then two arms that branch out to the sides.
  • Boss: LibraScalesEX
  • Pulse out and head for the door. Andromeda is awakening. But first, of course, you have to unlock the next door.
  • Hunt around as usual. There’s nothing blocking the way to the warphole this time, but Geo gets a little distracted when he finds himself in his father’s lab. There’s a long flashback here, where Omega finally tells Geo what happened to his father (you know, like he promised way back at the beginning of the game).
  • When you’re done with that, pulse in. You have to navigate here by tapping the red warp points on the touch screen.
  • StationComp4 Stage
  • The constellation here is basically a circle with three branches. I actually thought to draw it this time. Too bad I didn’t think to draw the others. (This sketch is not pixel-perfect and it’s not to scale, but it should give you the idea.)
  • Boss: QnOphiucaEX
  • Geo pulses out of the comp; pulse out of the wave world and prepare to go through the door. Omega gives you the obligatory warning that you can’t save once you pulse in here. So save first.
  • Pulse in, and as usual, travel the windy twisty path that is just there to make you have to fight viruses and get to the final boss with less than full health. Well, you can always use a Sub-Card if you have to.
  • When you reach the blue stairs, you get to see the FM king for the first time in the entire game. (He’s cute! It’s no wonder they haven’t shown him to you before now—you’d never be able to take him seriously.)
  • It’s during this cut scene that Omega finally admits what you’ve already guessed—that he’s actually an AM-ian. Given that his planet was destroyed, he has a bone to pick with the FM king, and that’s why he infiltrated his forces.
  • Final Boss: Andromeda
  • When you defeat Andromeda and Geo leaves the Wave World, you actually gain control again, and you have to move Geo back to the first module, where you came in. Head toward the wavehole where you first arrived in the space station. Once you do this, the game’s ending is on auto-pilot.


Top Help
Most of the bosses are FM-ians or viruses which are covered in the Data Base section.
You fight these as mini-bosses. They move around somewhat randomly, and they’ll either come up to your row and punch, or stand back and fire a vulcan. If you keep moving, they shouldn’t give you too much problems.
He moves around heavily. He can toss a fireball on a panel on your side (aimed at where you are standing, so move), and he can leap up and land on your side in an attack that hits all of the panels on your side save for one (which, naturally, is where you stand). Since this is just a test, he’s not really all that deadly. Just to be mean, load up your folder with Aqua chips before this fight.
As with the later Battle Network games, this thing is floating in space, taking up what would be the last two rows of the battle field. Despite this, most of your Battle Cards will work, even cards that normally hit a panel (such as GrndWave). In its first form, Andromeda can be damaged at just about any time except when it is very high in the air. However, around the 1100 HP mark it will unfold into a more humanoid form, and at that point, you can only damage it while the green gem in its torso is lit (when it isn’t gray). This usually happens while it is attacking. Your SuperArmor will prevent you from being knocked out of your attacks, but still, trading hits is not a good idea if you can avoid it.

In its first form, Andromeda can send meteors somewhat haphazardly down on the field (these come one by one but they are very fast so there is little warning), and it shoots missiles down two of the three rows (this happens right after its eyes flash). And it can hit the entire field with a multicolored splash; block to avoid this.

Once it transforms, its meteors come more rapidly, the missiles now cover all three rows (so you have to shoot one to avoid damage), and it has an additional laser attack that strikes two of the three rows depending on which hand it decides to use. (Stand in the opposite corner to avoid this one.)

Be sure to set up your Folder and your Mega Weapon before you enter this battle. I don’t think Andromeda can be affected by status ailments so those weapons are less useful here. I would recommend the BN Blstr if you have it; then you can simply rapid-fire Andromeda whenever it is vulnerable without having to prepare a charged shot first. Battle Cards which can strike the center row while you aren’t standing on it (such as WideWave) are good for hitting Andromeda’s second form without getting toasted by the laser. As far as defense goes, Aura will defend against the meteors and missiles, but the first time Andromeda does its full-screen attack it will remove your Aura even if you block the attack. In lieu of that, I would recommend HolyPanel instead. Try to make good use of each and every Battle Card because Andromeda has 2500 HP to hack through.

Saved Games

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You are only allowed one save on the cartridge. So you can’t start a new game unless you are willing to save over your previous one.

When you beat the game, you are asked if you wish to save clear-game data. This is basically your Title Menu Star.


Top Help
This section lists most of the items you can find by searching real world objects, or by finding blue and purple Mystery Waves throughout the main plot (the green ones are random). This doesn’t list every item in the game, but it should give you a start. Quest rewards are listed in the Quests section instead of here. Ciphers are in the Secrets section. These are in roughly chronological order ’cuz I’m weird like that, but I did separate them into categories.

HP Memory

  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave inside Geo’s room in the Wave World.
  • HPMem20 x 2: Buy from Net Dealer in Echo Ridge EM-Rd area.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in TruckComp2 (Echo Ridge).
  • HPMem10: Complete the help request for using the chopper to get the kids’ ball.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in AMAKEN Grd EM-Rd.
  • HPMem10: Search a telescope at AMAKEN. (You have to use the Wave Road to circle around back; go through the Wave Road from inside, and exit the Wave Road at a warp point there, and you’ll end up in the real world right next to the door that leads outside.)
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • HPMem20 x 2: Buy from Net Dealer in AMAKEN Grd EM-Rd.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Rocket Comp (AMAKEN).
  • HPMem10: Search the planet Jupiter during the simulation (AMAKEN).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in SpaceSimComp1 (AMAKEN).
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from the Big Wave shop.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Pitcher Comp (Vista Point).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Big Wave EM-Rd.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Principal Comp (statue at school).
  • HPMem20: Search the thermostat in Zack’s room near his bed (thief!).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Video Game Comp (Bud’s room).
  • HPMem10 Search the teacher’s desk in classroom 1-A.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Class 5-A EM-Rd (school).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in 5-B Comp (school).
  • HPMem20: Search a camera in the school studio.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in SchoolComp3.
  • HPMem10: Search the blue tear-drop statute in Time Square.
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in RoboSnakeComp2.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Cake Shop Comp (Time Square).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Mowai Comp (Time Square).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Time Sq. EM-Rd.
  • HPMem10: Search a garbage truck at Dream Island.
  • HPMem10: Search a picnic table at Dream Island.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Pirate Ship Comp (Dream Island).
  • HPMem20: Search the stack of tires amongs the cans in the scrap yard (Dream Island).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in Scrapyard2 Em-Rd.
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Space Colny Comp (AMAKEN).
  • HPMem20 x 3: Buy from Net Dealer in City Dump EM-Rd (Dream Island).
  • HPMem20: Search the oxygen tanks in the Service Module (space station).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in AC Mod Comp (space station).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Power Mod EM-Rd (space station).
  • HPMem10: Blue Mystery Wave in Test Mnitor Comp (space station).
  • HPMem20: Blue Mystery Wave in StationComp4 (space station).

Battle Cards

  • RdrMissil1: Blue Mystery Wave in Vista Pt. EM-Rd.
  • IceMeteor1: Blue Mystery Wave in Fridge Comp (Geo’s house).
  • ParlyzPlus: Blue Mystery Wave inside Geo’s living room in the Wave World.
  • Gatling1: Blue Mystery Wave in TruckComp1.
  • IceMeteor1: Blue Mystery Wave in Lab EM-Rd (AMAKEN).
  • HeatBall2: Blue Mystery Wave in SpaceSim EM-Rd (AMAKEN).
  • IceStage: Blue Mystery Wave in SpaceSimComp2 (AMAKEN).
  • Gatling1: Blue Mystery Wave in SpaceSimComp3 (AMAKEN).
  • RdrMissil1: Blue Mystery Wave in SpaceSimComp3 (AMAKEN).
  • Invisible: Blue Mystery Wave in Foyer EM-Rd (school).
  • GraviStage: Blue Mystery Wave in Gym EM-Rd (school).
  • Whistle: Blue Mystery Wave in Zack’s Rm EM-Rd.
  • PlusCannon: Blue Mystery Wave in Bud’s Rm EM-Rd.
  • Recover50: Blue Mystery Wave in 1F Hallway EM-Rd (school).
  • PlusCannon: Blue Mystery Wave in Class 1-A EM-Rd (school).
  • IceMeteor1: Blue Mystery Wave in Class 1-B EM-Rd (school).
  • RdrMissil2: Blue Mystery Wave in Class 5-B EM-Rd.
  • ChainBubl1: Blue Mystery Wave in 2F Speaker Comp (school).
  • PlasmaGun2: Blue Mystery Wave in Studio EM-Rd (school).
  • Gatling2: Blue Mystery Wave in Studio EM-Rd (school).
  • PowerSong: Blue Mystery Wave in Piano Comp (school).
  • HeatBall2: Blue Mystery Wave in SchoolComp1.
  • Gatling2: Blue Mystery Wave in SchoolComp2.
  • Barrier100: Blue Mystery Wave in SchoolComp2.
  • IceMeteor2: Blue Mystery Wave in SchoolComp3.
  • JetAttack3: Blue Mystery Wave in Panda Comp (Nacys).
  • MoaiFall1: Blue Mystery Wave in Mowa Mowa Comp (Nacys).
  • HevyCannon: Blue Mystery Wave in Event Stage Em-Rd (Nacys).
  • HeatBall3: Blue Mystery Wave in RoboSnakeComp1.
  • PlasmaGun2: Blue Mystery Wave in RoboSnakeComp2.
  • Recover150: Blue Mystery Wave in RoboSnakeComp3.
  • IceMeteor2: Blue Mystery Wave in Time Sq. EM-Rd.
  • Gatling2: Blue Mystery Wave in Nacys 1F EM-Rd.
  • Gatling3: Blue Mystery Wave in City Dump EM-Rd (Dream Island).
  • HevyCannon: Blue Mystery Wave in Dream Park EM-Rd (Dream Island).
  • GNullStage: Blue Mystery Wave in Drm Island EM-Rd.
  • HolyPanel: Blue Mystery Wave in Boat Comp (Dream Island).
  • JunkCube1: Blue Mystery Wave in Recycld Itm Comp (Dream Island).
  • IceMeteor2: Blue Mystery Wave in Luna’s Rm EM-Rd.
  • Recover200: Blue Mystery Wave in City Dump EM-Rd (Dream Island).
  • Fokx-Fu1: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp1.
  • VulcnSeed1: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp1.
  • RdrMissil2: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp1.
  • RdrMissil3: Blue Mystery Wave in Scrapyard1 Em-Rd.
  • Recover200: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp2.
  • Gatling2: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp2.
  • FlickrKck2: Blue Mystery Wave in Lighthouse Comp (Scrapyard2).
  • JunkCube1: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp3.
  • IceMeteor2: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp3.
  • IceMeteor3: Blue Mystery Wave in IsldUndrgndEM-Rd (Dream Island).
  • VolticEye1: Blue Mystery Wave in Servce Mod EM-Rd (space station).
  • PlasmaGun3: Blue Mystery Wave in StationComp1 (space station).
  • Gatling3: Blue Mystery Wave in AC Mod EM-Rd (space station).
  • RdrMissil3: Blue Mystery Wave in StationComp2 (space station).
  • HolyPanel: Blue Mystery Wave in StationComp3 (space station).
  • Recover300: Blue Mystery Wave in Living Mod EM-Rd (space station).


  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Desk Comp (Geo’s room).
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Vista Pt. EM-Rd.
  • SrchEye: Blue Mystery Wave in Doghouse Comp (Echo Ridge).
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Car Comp (Echo Ridge).
  • Unlocker: Buy them from the Sub-Card dealer in the Sign Comp (Echo Ridge).
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Sign Comp (Echo Ridge).
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in TruckComp2.
  • SrchEye: Blue Mystery Wave in AMAKEN Grd EM-Rd.
  • D. Enrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in AMAKEN Fyr EM-Rd.
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Black Hole Comp (AMAKEN).
  • SmEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in 1-A Comp (school).
  • Unlocker: Blue Mystery Wave in 5-A Comp (school).
  • Unlocker: Blue Mystery Wave in 2F Hallway EM-Rd (school).
  • LrgEnrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Tailor’s Comp (Nacys).
  • Unlocker: Blue Mystery Wave in Vanity Comp (Luna’s room).
  • D. Enrgy: Unearth a blue Mystery Wave in ScrapComp3.
  • D. Enrgy: Blue Mystery Wave in Service Mod Comp (space station).

Mega Weapons

  • S. Claws: Blue Mystery Wave in Sci Museum EM-Rd (AMAKEN).
  • B. Eye: Blue Mystery Wave in Foyer EM-Rd (school).
  • T. Armbnd: Give a SyncHook2 to the truck Navi inside the 1-A Comp (school).
  • BearRing: Blue Mystery Wave in Zack’s Rm EM-Rd.
  • P. Ring: Search the surf boards behind the counter in Big Wave.
  • Z. Finder: Search the ticket counter on roof of Nacys.
  • Paralyzr: Blue Mystery Wave in Nacys Roof EM-Rd.
  • H. Glove: Blue Mystery Wave in Incinerator Comp (Dream Island).
  • C. Finder: Blue Mystery Wave in Spacesuit Comp (space station).
  • S. Mirage: Blue Mystery Wave in StationComp2 (space station).
  • BN Blstr: See the Secrets section.

Purple Mystery Waves

  • RoboSnakeComp3: JamMachGun (Battle Card)
  • Dream Park EM-Rd: BreakSabre (Battle Card)
  • Servce Mod EM-Rd: HPMem20
  • StationComp1: Aura (Battle Card)
  • DeepSpace1 EM-Rd: JamminPnch (Battle Card)

Tricks and Secrets

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General Tips:
  • Remember your block (press Y). The shield in this game is much easier to use than the equivalent ones in Battle Network and the reason it exists is because you have only one row of movement. Without a shield, your only options to avoid attacks would be to move left or move right. Not very interesting. So they added the block. Remember that some attacks are piercing and can get through the shield, so you must also know when to block.
  • When you use the lock-on (press Down), Geo jumps forward to attack. You can use this for virtually any Battle Card (except ones that dim the screen), even ones that are not of limited range. Remember that you can actually use this teleport motion to dodge attacks in a few rare cases. However, it’s also possible to lunge yourself straight into an attack that would otherwise have missed you. So use it carefully.
  • You can find new waveholes (that lead to devices from the Wave World) by searching devices in the real world. So search everything. (Sometimes you have to turn the device on in order for its wavehole to appear.)
  • You can pulse out of device computers separately from the Wave World as a whole. So this can be used as a shortcut to exiting a device.
  • Use the Select button to cycle through your various Navi Cards. If you talk to certain people when you have a specific Navi selected in the upper screen, something may happen.
  • Occasionally you will encounter miscellaneous people who want to battle you. These are optional bosses that you can fight for fun and profit (mainly to get their cards).

Practically every NPC in the game has a quest associated with him or her. Pulse in and visit their Transers and view their “MES.” to take a quest. Then pulse out and talk to the person in order to begin. You can only have one quest active at a time, so I suggest saving before taking on a quest. This list is incomplete but should get you started.

  • Chatty Ditz: (AMAKEN outside) Pulse into the Wave World and talk to the Mr. Hertz that’s now standing near a warp point. Go back and talk to Chatty. Get: 1,000z.
  • Millie Booney: (AMAKEN outside) This is a quiz of sorts. First answer: Card Force. Second answer: BrotherBand. Third answer: A secret. Get: Whistle (Battle Card).
  • Grace Fulle: (AMAKEN inside) Go inside the ticket machine and fix it. Talk to the Mr. Hertz in there. You need to give him a SmEnrgy. Get: Invitatn. (Look at it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Polly Reade: (AMAKEN museum) This is another quiz. First answer: A black hole. Second answer: 3. Third answer: Leo for me. Might differ based on your game version. Get: SciNotes. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Sumar Guy: (AMAKEN outside) The antenna on the roof is broken. Well, to fix that you need to pulse in. Wind your way around down left and then up to the antenna. Inside the antenna, attack the viruses. Return to the man for your reward. Get: Unlocker.
  • Juan Mocard: (Big Wave) He wants a PowerSong Battle Card. (Don’t these people think it odd that we suddenly pop out of nowhere knowing about their problems?) Don’t take this request until you have the card. Get: GrndWave2.
  • Quiero Mocard: (Echo Ridge) He wants a PowerBomb1 Battle Card. Wow, that’s easy. Even easier than the PowerSong. Get: Attack+10.
  • Tuggy McGrav: (AMAKEN museum) The black hole generator is acting up again. Go pulse into it and head for its control panel. It has a virus, of course (even Geo notes that it sure is vulnerable to viruses). Fight viruses. Get HeatBall3.
  • Tom Dubius: (AMAKEN museum) He wants to add hovering capabilities to his FlapPack but isn’t sure how to do it. Use Select to switch to PropellerMan on your upper screen, then talk to Dubius again. Get: Blueprnt. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Leroy Mann: (AMAKEN lobby) He wants to know more about a girl. Go talk to him first, then pulse in and zip yourself into Grace’s Transer (she’s behind the counter). You learn that she likes cooking. Go report this to Leroy. Get Cloaker.
    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • Edgar Knight: (AMAKEN museum) Yet another guy who’s fallen for the girl at the info desk. Give him a Recover30 card to use as a gift. Get Unlocker.
  • Mira Lookes: (SpaceSim) She feels like someone’s watching her. Pulse in and head for the Wave Road over the simulation. Find the Mr. Hertz near the tour guide and talk to it. The Program promises to look without her noticing. Uh huh. Anyway, pulse out and go get your reward. Get: GNullStage.
  • Swill Waters: (AMAKEN upstairs) He wants something to drink that doesn’t come from the AMAKEN vending machines. Head back to Echo Ridge and buy him a drink from the vending machine there. Get: D. Enrgy.
  • Joe Hawnt: (Echo Ridge) He keeps seeing a blue floating thing behind the vending machines. Go check it out. You’ll know when you’ve found the right spot because Geo slows down when you run through it. Put on your Visualizer and you’ll find a Mr. Hertz there. Talk to it, then go back to Joe for your reward. Get: SrchEye.
  • Cindy White: (Echo Ridge) She’s interested in a guy named Chase Winde (that’s the dude with the RC helicopter). She wants to know how old he is. Zap yourself into his Transer and read his MES. Go back to Cindy to give her the answer. Get D. Enrgy.
  • Iver Gatte: (Echo Ridge) He lost some money in Vista Point. Talk to him, then go up there and start hunting around. You should find the money by the telescope. Deliver it to the old man. Get: HeatBall2.
  • Chase Winde: (Echo Ridge) He’s curious about how you’re getting along. Go talk to him. This starts a sort of mini-game where you have to fly the helicopter and find three balls. One’s in the tree where it was before. Another is on the Big Wave. The third is on a tree near the exit to Vista Point. Get: RCMag. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Job Goode: (School) He’s trying to change lightbulbs. He asks you to change one in the gym. Use the Wave World to reach the lamp. Search the farthest lamp and you’ll uncover a wavehole. Go use it to enter the lamp’s computer system and take care of the viruses plaguing it. Get: Handbook. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Triv Query: (School) He wants you to take a quiz. #1: Galoshes; #2: 30; #3: 1-A; #4: 50; #5: Hiss. Get QuizBook. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Ema Nesia: (School) She wrote her locker combination on a piece of paper, then lost the paper. Go search in front of the girls’ bathroom. When you return the note to her, she tells you her combination is 130 and asks you to use a KeyCard to open her locker. Just so happens you have one of those. The game uses it automatically. Enter 130 and press OK. Get Eraser. (View it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Rad Contre: (School) He wants an RC flying partner. Well, you have one of those. Talk to him, then press Select to flip through your upper screen until you find PropellerMan. Talk to the kid again. Get: RCScrpbk. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Savory Delejo: (School snack shop) She needs a sandwich delivered to “someone” in Echo Ridge. Go outside and start talking to people. Turns out it’s for the old guy. Get: 2,500z.
  • Holly Watcher: (School) She’s got a problem with a tardy student named Lei. Go to the gym and use the Wave World to reach the upper area by the lights. Talk to him, then return to Holly for your reward. Get: Invisible.
  • Lei Zeek: (School) He is a pitcher and needs a bit of help. Bring the PitcherMan Navi to him. Get: PlusCannon.
  • Will Knappe: (School) There’s a lullaby coming from the roof making him drowsy. Pulse in and talk to the Mr. Hertz that’s on the Wave Road nearby. Get: PowerSong.
  • Nadia Kleen: (School) She’s trying to clean her classroom. Talk to her with ShovelMan as your Navi card. Get: GreenBurst.
  • Dee Jay: (School) There’s been a lot of interference in the school’s broadcasts. Pulse in and go to the studio on the Wave Road. You need to find 3 black wave balls. One is in the center. One is in the upper right, over the blank blue area up there. The third is near the VCR shelves. Talk to Dee when you’re done. Get: PlasmaGun2.
  • Teresa Tudor: (Teacher at school) Something’s wrong with the thermostat. Well, we can fix that. Talk to her, then talk to her again with ThermoMan up. Press “Heat” of course. Get: IceMeteor2.
  • Barry Square: (Teacher at school) He wants to be a popular teacher like Mitch Shepar. Pulse into Shepar’s Transer to get a clue to give to Mr. Square. Get: TripSong.
  • Blair Loude: (Principal at school) He’s trying to write a song for the school. He sings and you have to fill in the correct words: “In the town of Echo Ridge sits a school house that’s [white]. That’s our school! The students are all so [cheerful]. And the teachers are all so [kind]. That’s our school! Echo... We love you Echo [Elementary]!” Get: IceMeteor1.
  • Mitch Shepar: (School) He wants some Mowa Mowa figures for his kids. Go to the roof of Nacys and talk to the man who has appeared there. He offers you a limited edition figure. (Mr. Shepar has 7 kids so I don’t know if just one figure will be enough, but...) Bring the figure to Shepar. Get: HPMem10.
  • Donna Query: (Time Square) Another quizzer. #1=100; #2=a museum; #3=3; #4=cow; #5=Ken Suther; #6=6; #7=3; #8=4; #9=9; #10=JetAttack1. Get: HPMem10.
  • Heidi Rune: (Time Square) She’s lost a ring. She remembers taking it off when she went bowling. I have no idea why she didn’t just head over to the bowling alley and look for it, but since she hasn’t, go do it for her. Search by the window of the bowling alley to get the ring. Take it back to her for a reward (that was easy!). Get: SrchEye.
  • Collin Waytin: (Time Square) His cell phone is broken. Talk to him, then go pulse in. Head down to the lower right of the Wave Road area, near the bus stop sign. You’ll find three Jammers. Talk to them to find out what they are up to. Fight a running battle of 3 battles each containing a Jammer2 and some viruses. Get: 3,500z.
  • Indy Darke: (Time Square) He’s worried that his girlfriend might leave him. Go pulse in and find Heidi (she should be in the same area). View her Transer MES. to learn about her desire for cooking. Talk to Indy again to reassure him that all is well. Get: LoveBook. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Prof. Snake: (Event Stage) Some of his snakes have escaped. Find one (CornSnke) on the roof near the door into Nacys, in the corner. Find KingSnke inside the store near the lower right corner. Python is found outside Nacys in Time Square to the right of the Nacys building. Get: SnakeOrn. (Look at it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Sluger Park: (Nacys roof) He wants help beating a video game so that he can get the baseball card prize. Find the game not far away in the arcade. Make sure PitcherMan is active as your current Navi (press Select), then choose to play the game. Get: FireBzook2.
  • Homer Park: (Nacys roof) He has no idea what to get his grandson. Too bad he didn’t think to get him the baseball card, heh. Anyway, the grandfather wants you to take a look inside Sluger’s Transer without him knowing. (How does elder Park know you can do that?) Go pulse back in and do it. Go report this to the grandfather. Get: Cloaker.
  • Kurt Taylor: (Nacys) Customers have been complaining about seeing a blue ghost in the fitting room mirror. Go upstairs and pulse in, then head back inside the store and talk to the Mr. Hertz that is just above the mirror. (Yep, turns out to be another Mr. Hertz sighting.) Once you’ve talked to him (even though it doesn’t appear as though you’ve accomplished anything) go back and tell Taylor. Get: DeptFlyr. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Annie Olde: (Nacys) She’s lost. Go get a floor guide from the customer service counter. (Search the counter near the white papers near the card trader machine.) Get: 2,000z (wow, that’s a lot for a floor guide!)
  • Rheema Deller: (Nacys) She wants help remodeling the front doors. Switch to KeyMan (via Select) and talk to her again. Get: Recover120.
  • Vaughn Platz: (Luna’s father) He’s planning to open a Mowa Mowa exhibit, and he wants to wallpaper the place with MoaiFall1 cards. He needs 5 of them. Get: HPMem10.
  • Veil Platz: (Luna’s mother) She wants to cook Luna something special but she’s not very good at cooking. Geo suggests to himself that his mom is good at cooking. Go to Geo’s house and find his mom. She gives you a recipe. Return it to Luna’s mother. Get: MembCard. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Selah Agane: (Dream Island) Talk to her, then go pulse in so you can jump into the refrigerator that’s next to her (turn it on first if you haven’t already). The Mr. Hertz inside wants a Recover80. Get: HPMem10.
  • Meala DeVour: (Dream Island) She wants some Shooting Star Cake. You can get some from AMAKEN. Search the gift counter (don’t talk to the guy behind the counter, just search the counter) to buy one for 500z. Get: 5,000z. (Quite a return for your investment!)
  • Roy Query: (Dream Island) Yes, you guessed it—another quizzer. #1=Security System; #2=moon; #3=Big Bang Coffee; #4=FireBzook2; #5=2; #6=100; #7=150; #8=King; #9=Rover; #10=a chem lab; #11=Uwaaa!; #12=12; #13=Nacys; #14=a giraffe; #15=an old lady. Get: HPMem20.
  • John Forman: (Dream Island) One of the scrap robots is broken. Talk to the man, then put ThermoMan as your active card and talk to the SorterBot. Once that’s done, talk to Forman again to get your reward. Get: HPMem10.
  • Mead Greene: (Dream Island) Talk to him with ShovelMan up as your current card. This produces a cut scene where they get a backhoe from somewhere and Geo uses the ShovelMan card. Just move the lever to the left to take care of the tires. Get: HPMem10.
  • Chrys Golds: (AMAKEN) Sonia’s old manager is looking for a new star. Honestly, it seems like cruel and unusual punishment to point any other girls in his direction. Anyway, I ran to Time Square and talked to the first girl I saw and got a hit. Get: 7,000z.
  • Bob Copper: (Time Square at the end of the game) Believe it or not you can help this guy out. Ho boy. Anyway, after talking to him, go pulse into the Moai statue near Copper. There’s a Jammer inside. Fight viruses. Next, pulse into the Cake Shop Comp and repeat the procedure. Finally, pulse into the Enormatron Comp (the big screen on the outside wall of Nacys). When you’re done, go talk to Copper to make him even more suspicious than he was already. Oh, and to get your reward. Get: HPMem20.
  • Aaron Boreal: He wants to show Geo an old photo album. He thinks he stashed it somewhere in his lab. Search the lockers in the lab to get Album. Return it to Boreal. Get: HPMem20.
  • Hope Stelar: (Geo’s mother) The fridge is acting up. Talk to her, then pulse into the fridge and fight viruses. Get: ProtChrm. (Read it in Key Items for a Cipher.)
  • Pat Sprigs: (AMAKEN) He’s been thinking about the SorterBot that found him over 10 years ago. Go to the junk yard. There’s a maintenance man standing near the entrance. Talk to him. You discover the SorterBot was bought by a department store. Head to the roof of Nacys and you’ll find the SorterBot in the playground. Return to Pat and tell him. Get: HPMem10.
  • Zack: (Vista Point) Not an official quest, but people report that if you talk to Zack after you clear the game at least once, then you can then visit the piano in the school to fight a running battle against beefed-up viruses. If you win, you can return to Zack and gain him as a Brother.
Cipher Codes:

This game’s lotto number system is a bit more complex. Instead of finding numbers, you find sequences of letters. To turn in such a code, write an email to your Satellite (select the box in the center). Make the subject “Cipher” and write the code in the body. If you did it correctly, as soon as you close your subscreen, you should get a notice from the Satellite with your item. This list is incomplete; find others!

    Screen shot from Capcom.
  • AURIEFRUTS: Recover50
  • LAREBARAON: TimeBomb1
  • NROSIMAMSTU: Unlocker
  • SIXGAME-O: D. Enrgy
  • PREOBCOPB: SrchEye
  • ALPTUNZLA: Unlocker
  • NGYNGIWCUS: GhstPulse2
  • IPHAUEOEUNQC: TailBurner3
  • ISNBDUBO: Cloaker
  • KNIGSPIAREM: FlickrKck3
  • ROHNATPE: HeatBall3
  • OSLEGRATE: HevyCannon
  • If you have a Battle Network GBA cart in your DS while you are playing Star Force, you can access a hidden side quest. Inside the Doghouse Comp (which is an in-joke all in its own) you will discover a black ball of waves. Search the ball to start the quest. Find the Jammer in the Statue Comp (in Vista Point). Return the MystrDat to the black ball to meet MegaMan.EXE (this is an in-joke) and complete the quest. Aside from seeing the Battle Network cameo, you also get the BN Blstr Mega Weapon for doing this.
  • At the end of the game, a wavehole will appear in the Wave Road over Vista Point. This leads to the DeepSpace area, which is this game’s optional area of high difficulty. You probably have to have a Title Menu Star for this to show up.


Top Help
After the defeat of Andromeda, Geo is too exhausted to continue fighting. The FM king laughs...just in time for Andromeda to try to eat him. ;)

With the help of his friends, Geo saves the FM king by blowing up Andromeda. The FM king admits that he’d lived his entire life avoiding being deleted by people who wanted his throne. This experience led him to paranoia, where he began to simply assume right off the bat that everyone planned to betray him. That’s why, when Planet AM tried to form an alliance, the FM king jumped to the conclusion that it was just a ruse to cover an invasion, and so he attacked them first to prevent it. And, subsequently, he did the same thing when Earth contacted him.

But Geo decides to forgive him, and asks the FM king to be his friend. You learn here that the FM king’s name is Cepheus. When Cepheus asks Omega if he’s all right with this, Omega responds, “Are you kidding? You’re Geo’s friend. If I hurt you, I’d be the bad guy.”

The Satellites, the Three Sages of Planet AM, appear at this point, and agree to help Cepheus rebuild Planet AM. They mention that not all of the AM-ians are dead. Some were on other planets and escaped the fate of their planet. The four of them leave to do their thing. Omega stays behind because without him, Geo can’t return to Earth. Besides, he’s starting to get used to Earth, he says.

Geo returns to the warp hole where he came in, but the space station begins to fall apart, and he can’t wave-change. He thinks he hears his father’s voice, and he follows it to a module which he detaches from the rest of the station and uses as an escape pod. Unfortunately, the auto-pilot fails halfway through, and Geo ends up drifting aimlessly in space.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mr. Boreal realizes what’s going on and asks Geo’s friends to go to Vista Point and contact him through their BrotherBands. The five of them shine beams of light from their Transers up into the sky, which connect with Geo’s Transer and lead him to Earth.

After the credits, you learn that Geo took about three weeks to recover, but now he’s well enough to return to class. Everyone shows up to walk him to school, even Sonia, who doesn’t even attend his school. Bob Copper is there, but comments that though he has a lot of questions he wants to ask, he thinks now might not be such a good time.

As everyone heads to the school, Omega and Lyra sit on the roof of Geo’s house, watching the future unfold.