Mega Man Battle Network and Battle Network 2, in the same vein as Mega Man Legends 2, include lots of in-jokes contained in the various posters, toys, and other objects you see sitting around in the environments in the game.

I’m only scratching the surface with this list, but here we go...

Click on a thumbnail for a full-screen snap.

Seen in Dex’s room, this is a very pixelated version of a promotion image involving Tron, her Gustaff, and some Servbots. (When I get a chance I’ll post the original image.)
This poster in Lan’s room is MegaMan and Data from Mega Man Legends 2.
This poster is a lot more recognizable.
Care for a little TV?
Aww, a little Servbot doll...isn’t it cute?
This identifies as a Data doll in the game, although it looks a little beat up.
A poster with a Birdbot on it, in the Metroline.
Don’t know how I missed this one. Thanks to Tempest.
From Battle Network 3 White. Screen shot from Hinoryu.

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