While the first Legends game did include some Mega Man related in-jokes (such as the names of MegaMan and Roll, or how MegaMan’s suit looks a bit like Mega Man’s uniform, or how the boat shop owner was named “Wily” and had gray hair and a mustache), these weren’t really appearances of the original Mega Man, but rather joking references. Mega Man Legends 2, however, goes far beyond this and establishes both the original series and the X series as video games and comic books within the world of Legends. You’ll see what I mean when you check out the screen shots below.

Click on a thumbnail for a full-screen snap.

Identified as simply a “comic book” in the game, this looks a heck of a lot like Ice Man.
This one looks a bit like Kalinka...
A poster identified as a character from a comic book, although it’s quite clearly a black Zero.
Reading a book off the shelf in Barrell’s room, you finally find out why Barrell gave the baby MegaMan such an odd name...
Buy the “Comic” item from the store and you’ll find this in MegaMan’s room. It doesn’t identify as a Mega Man comic but it sure looks like one.
And, best of all, in the bar is a TV showing none other than the Mega Shows, or a variation thereof. This is such a blast that I made an animated GIF of the rotating sequence.

As a side note, Misadventures of Tron includes a similar cameo as well. I have a screen shot posted on its Game Hints page.

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