Because I love to draw, I’ve produced a few comics (really, more like graphic novels) along the way. I enjoy creating comics for several reasons: they’re much like still-frame animation, and I enjoy creating animations as well; and they don’t leave me with the “what should I draw now” feeling.

I have started on some comics based off books in The Series (3 and 6 so far) and although I’ve done over 90 pages combined, I don’t really feel they are complete (mostly because they aren’t; they’re only penciled so far, and neither one gets even halfway through the relevant book). I’ve also considered creating some comics featuring all-new stories, rather than book adaptations.

However I am extremely slow when it comes to drawing comics. I could take days just to finish a single page, and usually I keep tweaking with it because I’m never satisifed. Thus, though I hope to someday post some comics here, I really don’t have a whole lot to offer at the moment. Once upon a time I did scan some pages from the Book 6 comic which are below.

Please note that I do not send comics to people. So please don’t ask. Thanks!

This is the first page. I figured this was an appropriate one to show. I used a ruler (eventually) but other than that, everything in my comics, including the wording, is hand-drawn.

One of my favorites because of Gravity Man at the bottom, this page is from the part of the book where Mega Man is attempting to fight off the Robot Masters next to the crystal. It doesn’t contain any dialogue from the book, and some of the events are also not described in the novella (for in the book I simply generalized, which can’t be done in a comic).

Ahh, the momentous moment when Dr. Light finally discovers what has been done to his little (very!) creation. By this point I was using a ruler for the panel outlines, as well as for the backgrounds where applicable.

Last one (that I’m posting anyway). Introducing Dr. Wily’s robotic cat. And the robotic mouse right beneath its claws...

At any rate, I’m not terribly pleased with most of these (which is primarily why I didn’t scan any other pages; the Book 2 comic is even worse), but what can you say? Live and learn.