• This particular password generator hasn’t been fully tested.
  • To go directly to the Wily levels, select all the Robot Master weapons and the Robot Museum.
  • To obtain the Super Adaptor for Rush, select all four Rush circuit plates.
  • If you select any weapons among the Slash Claw, the Wild Coil, the Noise Crush, the Scorch Wheel or the Proto Shield, then the first four weapons (Danger Wrap, Thunder Bolt, Junk Shield and Freeze Cracker) will be enabled, no matter what selections you make in the form.
  • If you select the “Special Password” option, then the password generator will always display the same password, no matter what other selections you make in the list. This special password will take you directly to the very last Wily level, with all items collected and 999 bolts. You can also use this password to access the hidden versus mode, by holding down the L and R buttons while pressing START after entering the password.
  • If you want to start the game from the beginning, with all eight regular levels available, then select the Robot Museum, and none of the Robot Master weapons. However, keep in mind that the passwords that the game will give you will be invalid until you acquire all of the first four weapons (Danger Wrap, Thunder Bolt, Junk Shield and Freeze Cracker).
  • In case you’re wondering, the Mega Man 7 password system doesn’t record the number of lives. You always start each game with 2 lives in reserve.
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