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Hey. Long time reader, first time...uh...MegaGrammer... First of all, the obligitary-yet-sincere “Your site rules” message. Your site rules! Now, to the questions.
    1) What if Capcom were to make a new original series game and incorporate Proto Man’s energy defect into the plot? What would you say in the book series? “Break Man’s energy defect returned. I guess even Dr. Light can be wrong sometimes!”? ;P
    2) Only one other question. What would you say is the best Mega Man game released this year? (2004, if you end up posting this next year.) Thanks for your time.
    - Canada Man

    1) Heh heh heh. Well, it is true that I tend to try to avoid doing anything that will conflict with Capcom’s plots. But in this case, it was just too good of a story not to tell. Hey, if Capcom does deal with it in a later game, I’d be quite surprised. I suppose I would say it was a different energy defect then. =) (Poor Proto Man, he just can’t win...)
    2) Command Mission. *looks* Yep, it was a 2004 game. What? Command Mission was a fun game! Well, okay, so the plot was kind of messed up, but it was a good game if you ignore portions of the plot...

Hi. I just had a quick question. When I beat MegaMan X7, I started a new game, hoping to use the clear-game save, but it wouldn’t work. Help me please! WAAAA!!!
    - AxlZero 125

Don’t start a new game; load your clear-game save file. In other words, treat it as a saved game rather than a “new” game. (When you load it, you’ll find that you’re at the beginning of the game again, as if you’d started a new game.)

G’day MegaMaster,
    I like your website about the MegaMan Series, I’ve been visting since I first found it, anyway, I have a few questions.
    (1) Who is this Dr. Weil from MegaMan Zero? There are those who belive he is Dr. Wily in disguise.
    (2) Although a Japanese made Series, MegaMan and his friends (and of course his foes) live in the United States of America, is this true?
    - Kaminta

    1) He could be. Capcom’s never really said one way or another (unless they did in Rockman Zero 4 which I haven’t played yet). Given Dr. Weil’s appearance, what with that tank that he’s in and such, it could be he’s kept himself artificially alive past his normal life span. Of course, if he really is Wily, then apparently he changed his name, and the only reason I can see he’d do that is to avoid people knowing his true identity...but if I was going to do that, I’d pick a new name that didn’t even remotely resemble my real one, so...
    2) It’s a little hard to say. I think the packaging for Rockman (1) may have placed the games in Tokyo, but that could be wrong. Then there’s the world map in Mega Man 8 that you can look at, but overall I generally don’t think much about it since I don’t really look at the series as taking place on our Earth anyway (as the years are completely messed up for that). As a side note, I found it humorous that the OAV behaved as if Mega Man was American or some similar nationality, given the references of cars driving on the “wrong” side of the road and the chopsticks and such. Sure, in that show Mega Man lived in the “game world” but it just seems convenient that his game world matches everything that America does, is all. It’s not proof, but it is amusing.

When Zero wears his black armour is he called ’’Nightshade Zero’’ or just Black Zero? This kid who knows nothing about the Blue Bomber saw me drawing some characters and went to KB Toys and bought 4 toys of MegaMan characters. He pronounces Bass like the fish, claims that black Zero is ’’Nightshade Zero’’, calls X ’’Mega X’’, and has never played any of the games. Also could you please clear this up? My older brother says that Zero was a girl in the original series and heck,I don’t even know if he was in the original series. I do know that Dr. Wily built Zero to destroy MegaMan and Bass. And yeah, I guess that’s it. Thanks for allowing me to ask these questions.
    P.S. Axl rules and if Zero is there tell him that I don’t think he’s a girl and that since he rules too, he and Axl should be actual partners!
    - Treble-me Breeze

As far as I remember (somebody will correct me if I’m wrong =)), “Nightshade” is not actually from the games, but from the toys. The black Zero was called Nightshade when they made a toy of him. In the games, the black armor either hasn’t had a name at all, or it’s been called literally “Black Zero” (as in Command Mission). As for “Mega X,” that’s from the cartoon shows.
    And yes, Zero’s a male. The games always use “he” for him.

Hey again.Your site just gets cooler and cooler.Just two questions.
    In X Command Mission,what happened to the colonel in X4-7.this redips guy looks similar,but in X8 colonel isn’t a maverick,and I’m sure the colenel in X4-7 wouldn’t steal supra force metal and claim X a traitor.
    Also,why would anyone believe X was a traitor.He’s saved their buts countless of times.
    Anyway,cool site again.See ya.
    - Jake

Yeah, this doesn’t make a lot of sense either. Obviously, they couldn’t use Signas because they wanted Redips to go Maverick, and, well, it’d ruin later games if Signas went Maverick. So they had to make up a new guy. It would have been nice to at least see some of the other Hunter Base characters though, just for consistency’s sake.
    As for X being a traitor, well, that’s just Redips being insane. Of course, X was also considered an illegal invader to Giga City early in the game, even though he was there to save them—and even though he was part of the government which defines what is and isn’t illegal—which made no sense either.

I know many people have noticed this but X in the Megaman X series is crazy! At the end of most of his games he always has these thoughts about going maverick, or killing zero, or whether he will go maverick himmself. He also keeps thinking about if the fighting will ever stop. Well it hasn’t yet so get over it. Like in X7 what’s up with that! X not fighting... come on! And Zero is so convinced that one day that X is going to kill him because he thinks he will go maverick. In X5 he went maverick but didn’t kill him. Dang! Zero come on think here you are his best friend! These two characters are THE BEST in video game history and everyone knows it. But... Capcom better get these two a therapist fast!

If X and Zero are stupid and insane, why would they be the best characters in video game history? And if they became sane, would that make them better...or worse?

Hello i have a few questions that i must ask:
    1)In the exe cartoon who is tori froid? Is he in the games?
    2)in the original series why almost every game has the same set or recolours instead of different ones?
    3)Why was megaman green in captain N?

    1) He’s in the games, but he’s not IceMan’s operator. The cartoons changed that. In the games, IceMan’s operator is Tori’s father, and Tori himself played only a small part (he was kidnapped).
    2) Do you mean enemies that look the same except for their coloration? This happens in nearly any game, not just Mega Man, and not just the original series. It’s done for several reasons, one of which is to save resources. If you mean the colors that Mega Man himself takes on when he gets a new weapon...well, that might be lack of creativity (combined with a very limited NES palette). Then again, some colors just don’t look good together. And whose idea was it to use pink on pink?
    3) I like to say it’s because they had the tint controls adjusted wrong on their TVs, but in all seriousness, I have no idea.

I love this site. I have pratically scoured the four ends of it. I have a question, How often do you update the site, read MegaGrams, etc.?

Well, you can see I sometimes lag behind on the MegaGrams. It’s true that I don’t usually read them until I’ve got time to sit down and start compiling the next batch of MegaGrams, so if you want a question answered faster, you’d probably best use e-mail. As for the rest, it’s really on a need-to basis. I update the Previews section whenever I have new information, for example, and I update Game Hints pages as I have time to play the games. I don’t really have a schedule of updating the site—I just do it when I have time and I have something that needs to be updated. (Thus why Mega Musings and the Song of the Whenever and such are never on a solid schedule...)

Just wondering: Why does the Mega Man KiSS doll have toes?
    - Marisa

Because I was in a weird mood when I drew it. Seriously. There’s no official artwork basis for it (well, except some of the silly stuff Capcom included in the Complete Works, and I’m not sure that counts). Call it creative license.

i jsut have one quesiton but how did u get all that plot from the megaman series (not x) ive been playing the games i just beat 4 int he series... and still havnt seen much of what u wrote in the plot just a little of it

Manuals are your friend. No, seriously, for many of the earlier games you have to read the manual to get the plot. The early NES games had very little in the way of in-game storytelling. I suppose I should dock them for this in the ratings and review sections, but I do try to rate each game in light of the environment in which it was released, rather than unfairly using hindsight. And back in the days of the early NES titles, well, NES games so rarely had plots that any game which even remotely possessed a story caused fans to jump around in glee. “Look! Plot!” It was a rare breed back then, but of course, nowadays it’s the norm. (The game earned extra points if its plot actually made sense and didn’t involve rescuing damsels in distress. Actually, given that, I suppose games haven’t advanced much since those days.)

nice site. the copyright on megaman (original) 1,2 expired. it is now legal to play in emulator!

Not true. Copyrights of anything made after 1978 (this applies to Mega Man) last at least 70 years for a private citizen, and at least 95 years for a company (when the copyrighted work was done “for hire”). Mega Man would probably fall into the latter category since employees created it for the company Capcom. If, for whatever reason, the copyright for Mega Man is held by an individual, then it will last for 70 years after that individual dies. Point being, you will probably be dead before the copyrights expire on any of the Mega Man games. (For more information, see: U.S. Copyright Office)