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In Megaman Battle Network(1) Lan “synchs” with Megaman, and his dad says if Megaman gets deleted then Lan will die. Well, what happens if he goes into a netbattle after he defeats wily?? If Megaman loses then what?? Also, what happens to this “synch” in the other games?? Did CAPCOM just forget?

Yep. No seriously, they apparently forgot, at least for a while. They do mention it briefly once or twice in later games, but they never really discuss again the impact of whether or not Lan will die if MegaMan is deleted. (Since the game ends when MegaMan is deleted, I guess it is a moot point.)
    As a side note, my guess is that the “synch” either wore off after Battle Network 1, or else Dr. Hikari managed to undo the effects of Hub.bat somehow. This is just a suggestion, though; the games don’t say one way or another. MegaMan and Lan are apparently different than other Navi/Operator combos because they are twins, but then again, it is hinted that ProtoMan is also “different” somehow, and that is never explained in the games...

What does WWW [in Battle Network] stand for?

World Wide Wily. No, just kidding. It stands for “World Three.” Believe it or not. As for the meaning of the name World Three, who knows? (Of course, it’s a joke off the real-life acronym that stands for “World Wide Web.” But everybody knows that.)

I beat MegamanZero 2 and got the ultimate armour. After that, Every time I play the section where it ranks my elf score gives me a -24 points! Can you tell me why?

Yes, when you use certain Cyber-elves (mostly the ones that have significant permanent effects), the negative score becomes permanent as well. That means you’ll always get a negative score for those elves for every stage thereafter. And the more such elves you use, the more the score plummets.
    The other elves won’t impact your score except for when you initially use them.

This site rocks I visit it every day to see whats new.
    1. Who is stronger Megaman or Protoman?
    2. In the X series Dr. Light seems to be alive but what happan to Dr. Wily?
    3. In Megaman and Bass who do you use most often?
    4. Who do you think is smarter Megamn or Bass?
    5. What ever happaned to Tango?
    Thank you for answering this.
    P.S. Bass is #1
    - Blues

    1) Mega Man. He wins more often. (Unless you mean the Battle Network series, in which case, probably ProtoMan, although that’s a toss-up.)
    2) Nobody knows. Capcom hasn’t said.
    3) Bass. Sorry, Mega Man, but that game’s level design practically screams for the double-jump.
    4) Oh, Mega Man, definitely. *grin*
    5) Maybe he destroyed one project too many around the lab and Dr. Light put him up for adoption. (Just kidding.) No, seriously, we don’t know what happened to him. Capcom hasn’t said.

Why doesn’t Dr. Wily send all of his robots at once instead of sending one robot master at a time because he knows Mega Man is going to defeat them one by one. What he should do is send all of them at Mega Man or take all of the robot masters he created and put them together to make one massive robot with all the powers of all the robot masters Mega Man fought. Wouldn’t you agree?
    - Skull Heart

If Wily sent them all at once, it might help, but largely they would only be getting in each others’ way. Just imagine all those shots flying around. Sheer statistics say that the more targets you have, the more often you’ll be hit, and the Robot Masters would be making up most of the targets. For that matter, take all of the robots’ fighting patterns, then paste them all on top of each other into a single room, and picture the mayhem that would ensue.
    As an interesting aside, one of the manga featured a scene similar to this, involving a bunch of Robot Masters all trying to shoot at a foe at once and hitting each other instead...

Hi i was very bothered with this for a long time when i was watching the megaman t.v. show on dvd. Well when it was orginally on tv I remember this episode where there was sting cameleon and i didn’t know if it was real or if i was just going insane. Well i was wondering if you could clear this up because me, my brother, and a few of my friends can remember him being in and episode.
    - Megaman Fan

There’s no Sting Chameleon, but you probably are thinking of the “Mega X” episode that had Vile and Spark Mandrill. And Snake Man, but I doubt that’s who you’re thinking of.

I’ve always wondered......
    Why is it that in the Manga, the 6 original Masters Are Rock’s friends? that always puzzles me. I was wondering if you’d know of a connection (or disconnection) between the games and the manga
    by the way, awesome site! I love Mini Book 0!
    - paulandy

I’m not sure where they got that idea, but Capcom did it as well in SuperAdventure. I suppose it’s not all that surprising that Dr. Light might try to recreate those robots that Dr. Wily stole; after all, they were originally designed to help humanity. But the Mega Man 1 Robot Masters aren’t always on Mega Man’s side. There are a number of games where they most certainly aren’t. Don’t think of this as the robots switching sides, though. Most likely, they aren’t actually the same robots, but instead are recreations...since Mega Man keeps destroying them. Unless they have 1-Ups, I suppose...

Where does the Megaman in Megaman Legends come from? I know that he was found on a “dig”, but who created him? Dr. Light? He created Megaman and Megaman X. So did he create this Megaman? If so then I’m wondering? If Dr. Light created the real Megaman and Megaman X and if he created this Megaman then how many Megamans are there. Please answer
    - Mega Wonders?

MegaMan Voulnutt (that is, the guy in Legends) was created by “The Master.” But we don’t really know who this master was. He’s almost certainly not Dr. Light. As for the number of Mega Men, see the series explanation. (Short answer: Four.)

Recently, I have been thinking about the ending of Mega Man IV. Knowing your stance on “living machines” and their ability to decide between right and wrong as opposed to “machines” who simply do what they are programmed to do, I have been thinking about Ballades sacrifice. He also “realized that he was wrong.” How is this possible? If machines cannot make their own decisions on morality, then what is Ballade doing here?
    - Samuel Evans

All of Capcom’s robots act as though they are humans with metal skin. There is no explanation given for this. They just do. So you will see plenty of examples of things like these in Capcom’s games. (And lest you think I’m picking on Capcom, lots of other people do it too.) Also remember that the living machines explanation only applies to The Series.
    Having said that, I pose to you: If Ballade and other robots can make their own decisions in the original series, what was so special about X? The answer is nothing, which is a major plot hole that Capcom opened in their own games.

There are two things I need at least somebody to answer this:
    1. Hasn’t anyone ever thought that the whole story of Megaman (which includes X) to be kinda sad? Really! First it starts out with a happy and nice-acting little robot boy who is surprisingly stays cheerful in even the most vile situations (well at least most of the time) and has family and freinds who stick by him no matter what, even in the thick of battle. Then... something really tragic happens and tears him away from every single thing he once knew and cared about. He was even forgotten about completely, as if he were a worthless rag doll that was cast aside in a corner of a dark closet! Then the whole world erupts into a raging war that seems to especially revolve around him! And his one and only best freind in the entire world is probaly the one who made his world into such a sad and lonley one! Then dissapears without much warning! And the worst part about it is no one seems to remember anything about the once happier world! Much less care!
    And 2. How could X build his own empire out of what seems like absoltely nothing? Like it just appeared out or thin air or something...
    (Nobody cares in this thing, do they? I mean, forgetting the one who saved the world that many times? That’s just cold and cruel as it is unusual!)
    - Halo

I can’t answer your questions, I’m afraid. But I can raise my hand and point out that I’ve been saying things along this line for a long time. Which is also a good reason to hope that the original series never ends, because why would anyone want to turn it into that?

Hi. Just like most of the other people, I like your site. I have one question: Why don’t you have a message board? There are a lot of free message board/forum services that are free. If you did, your fans could gather in one place and discuss Megaman and other things. There are so many sites that have message boards, and it’s kind of strange that you don’t...
    - Gyroman

I get this question a lot. But check out this page and tell me why it’s necessary to add yet another to the list?
    (Notwithstanding that, I wouldn’t have time to moderate the stuff that would get posted to such a forum. If you want to see some classic examples of what would end up happening, check out Capcom’s Black Hole list (man, that’s funny). Now just imagine trying to manually ban all these sorts of folks yourself...)