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    First off, I want to tell you how good your site is (I know you must get that a lot, but I wanted to say it) and thank you for putting my site on your links section. But I have a few qustions...
    1)You said you play a lot of games besie Mega Man ones. Did you have to buy a GameCube when Mega Man Network Transmission, or did you already have one?
    2)In one of your other MegaGrams, Mega Man said that breathing is not essential for his survival. But in Rockman and Forte, you can see mist coming out of his mouth, and if you run low on energy, he starts to breathe REALLY heavily.
    3)What would Wily do if he ever killed Mega Man? Would he throw a party?
    - Drew Terronez

    1) I already had one, luckily. Which is good, because I’ve decided that maybe it’s time to stop buying game systems just for Mega Man games, heh...
    2) I said breathing isn’t essential to his survival. (Otherwise, he couldn’t survive underwater and in space and stuff.) I didn’t say he doesn’t breathe. ;)
    3) World domination!! =)

Woo-hoo! A good, clean, yet thorough site on the Blue Bomber! Chalk up another critter for the endangered species list!
    Seriously, I have a question (don’t we all (just one?!)).
    Instead of using American Dollars or Japanese yen, Legends and Battle Network use zenny to buy stuff (neither series being wise to get stuff you don’t need at present (ANOTHER Guard *??!! I already have fifty!)). I’ve also noted that (mostly in your books) the original Mega Man world currency deals primarily in zenny. So...if Mega Man, Voulnutt, and EXE (and Lan, too) use zenny to purchase their weapons and equipment from dealers, what do X and Zero buy stuff with?
    (Speaking of Zero, what’s the point in having energy crystals that you only use for two purposes? Why should we spend the things on feeding Fatso and the Cyber Elves? (Does Capcom expect ZERO to eat ’em, too?))
    Also, do X and Zero EVER lighten up a little? I understand, their job is quite hectic, but why not bust a Maverick and have fun doing it? Even a bad joke’s better than no joke! C’mon, guys!
    Last question. How much would each Mega Man (or whatever) weigh? I’m thinkin’ that if Mega Man weighs in about, say, three hundred? Knock of about 150, and that’d be close to X’s weight (Zero’s head’s way too big in MMX1, by the way). Voulnutt would come in around 150-180, and EXE ranges from a few pounds (PET) to several hundred tons (depending on the machine he’s jacked into). (Am I making Mega Man out to be a fat guy or something? I hope not!! (Shut up, Bass!))
    (You too, Protoman!)
    (And Wily!)

    1) Actually, my books don’t use a monetary unit at all. Instead, they use debit cards. That’s right, plastic. As for the X series, they don’t seem to have shops. Which kind of makes sense for the Maverick Hunters to not charge their own members to upgrade equipment and stuff. (This will probably change when the X RPG is released.)
    2) X and Zero apparently don’t know how to have fun, no. No surprise, since nothing good ever happens to them. I remember seeing X smile all of once in the entire series (that being in X6 when he finds Zero). Actually, I think he might smile during the ending of Xtreme 2 as well, but I can’t quite recall, so don’t quote me on that.
    3) It’s almost impossible to judge weight of a robot because it depends on what he’s built with and how dense his body is. X is taller than Mega Man though, so I’d assume he’d be heavier.

I have MMBN2. Nice game. (TREBLE IS HARDER THAN BASS!!!)
    I’ve searched through the game hints on all of the BN games, and I confirmed something that I’ve noted before. The Navis and characters in these games (at least, the ones who play a major role in the plot) are all based on characters from the classic and Legends games, but there’s not one Navi based on someone from X! Has Capcom showed ANY indication of inserting a character based on an X character, or has X gone the way of disco music (old, dead, but still good)?
    Also, I noticed how much Mega Man Zero looks like a Net Navi. In fact, he would probably pass of as one! (I wouldn’t be surprised if Mega Man Zero’s design was originally to be used IN Battle Network...)

    1) Yes. Yes, he is. As I said, if you have any troubles with Bass, you’ll never beat Gospel.
    2) Yes, they are. As for the X series, I suppose there is always the Zero Virus from Network Transmission... (Not that the X series is dead by any stretch of the imagination, as Capcom is still cranking out X/Zero series games with no sign of stopping.)
    3) I wouldn’t be surprised if the same character designer was assigned to both the Zero series and the Battle Network series...

Yo, I’ve been playing megaman for who knows how long and I must say your website is incredible. I really enjoy the Battle Network Series. But I don’t undersatnd how you beat the stupid Dominerd. It’s like nothing affects him. I’ve tried everything from cannons to swords to punchs and I just don’t know. HELP!!!!!!

The only time you can hurt it is when it is attacking. I’ve noticed that some variations will attempt to counterattack you whenever you hit them, so you can provoke them into attacking you by shooting at them with your buster. Also they will attack periodically on their own, of course. To hit them, move back one tile just as they appear, then attack. Otherwise, they appear right on top of you and you can’t recover in time to do much.

I have a question. Will you ever list the spawning locations of the bosses in mega man battle network 1-3?

They’re on the ’Net maps for 1 and 2. For 3, probably eventually.

Why does docter Wily look like an alien in mm2?

It’s not Wily. It’s a hologram. You can see the projector that Wily is controlling when you defeat the alien. As to why he used a me. Maybe he got sick of his saucer getting blown out of his contraptions...

Hi! Im a newbi to the Mega Man games and I was wondering which is the best game from the X series? Also I need to know where can you find the old Mega Man shows or where can you download them (if you can, that is). By the way your site is the best I’ve seen on Mega Man!!! Keep up the Good Work.
    - Dennis

    1) This page should be a good place to get started.
    2) For the Mega Shows, try a place like Amazon (do a search for “Megaman” in the DVD section).

How can MegaMan be a Navi? I mean he was alive and grown up in MegaMan LEGENDS he was NOT a Navi, but in the EXE series he was BORN by Lan Mother, how can that be? How can he be born if he was grown up in LEGENDS? The plot was that Lan’s father upload in a PET and he became Navi. And how about Roll in the LEGENDS she was grown up also. How can this be?

It’s not Mega Man. Each series chronicles a totally different person who just happens to be named Mega Man (or some variation thereof). I try to explain this in the introduction page, but I agree it is still confusing to newcomers to the series.

    There were some things in the carachter descriptions for Link & Zelda that I didn’t think were quite right. I’ve only played Ocerina of Time & A Link to the Past (and Four Swords) so if the discription info is from other games than your okay.
    1)I thought Link had blonde hair(your pic. is still pretty good, though).
    2)How do you know Link’s personality if he never talks(the thing about trying to steal kisses was pretty funny, but I never thought Link was that kinda guy)?
    3)Since when did Zelda wear riding clothes? I’ve always seen her in a dress.
    4)Since when did she have a bow & arrows?
    Don’t take my ramblings personaly & don’t make any changes to your characters!:)
    - cameonater

Well, here’s the thing. There are actually at least two different Links and Zeldas (see, Capcom isn’t the only one who does it), possibly more (I’m not a ZeldaMaster, so I can’t tell you precisely). In the two NES games is one Link, and then the SNES and Game Boy games start in with a different one. The easy way to tell these two Links apart is that one of them wears pants and one of them doesn’t (hey, it’s true).
        Then there’s the N64 Link. I’m not sure where he fits in, exactly, but needless to say, he’s probably not even the same one as the SNES Link or the NES Link.
        Anyway, the Captain N Link is actually based off the NES Link, the one that wears pants. (Brown pants, for anyone who is curious. Contrast this with the N64 Link—popularized by being included in just about everything, including Smash Bros. and Soul Calibur—who wears white pants.)
        Like many game series, early in their history, the Zelda games were kind of confused about colors. Link’s hair started out brown and then turned into more of a dirty blonde. Zelda’s hair started out red (no joke).
        I sort of merge these and draw Link with blonde-brown hair and Zelda with reddish-blonde hair. Or I try, at any rate.
        In the early games, Zelda isn’t really shown often. So for whatever reason, all of the non-game shoot-offs put her into the exact same riding outfit (pants, shirt, vest). And I mean all of them—comics, books, both cartoon shows, etc. Everything I have seen has been curiously consistent in this. They also all give her a bow (as in, archery). She may well wear dresses while she’s doing formal stuff in the castle, but since my books always involve her out adventuring, I figured pants with a bow and arrows makes a heck of a lot more sense. Who would go running around in a dungeon in a skirt anyway?
        The kissing thing is from the cartoon shows. Actually I really don’t use it in the books so I should probably just remove it from the description.

I have a MegaMan Card Game that I would like to have published. How would I go about doin’ that?
    Also, I’m not getting personal or anything, but what’s your age? I dunno, I see you as a Rich kid with every game system known to man.(That’s not an insult, that’s envy.)
    Well, thanks for reading this, peace out.
    - A huge MegaMan fan
    P.S.: Your books ROCK!!!

    1) Unless you already have the resources to print the game yourself, you’ll have to find a publisher of some sort, and that means finding a company that already has the resources to do what you want to do, as well as one that will take outside submissions (which probably isn’t many, unfortunately). I don’t know of any to suggest, but you probably can think of a few to at least try. Phone them—companies are notorious for not taking their e-mail seriously. Also of course you’d have to license the Mega Man characters from Capcom, but usually the publisher will handle those details.
    2) No, I’m not rich. I do have almost every system Mega Man has ever appeared on, but that doesn’t make me rich (just insane). It’s all in what you spend your money on. I don’t have a big TV or a nice stereo system; I don’t even have a CD player or a DVD player or the associated piles of CDs/DVDs. My money went elsewhere instead.

Is there any way of cracking trymedia so I can get Megaman Legends for the PC for free?

Go shovel snow for your neighbor and ask for a $20 bill in exchange. That’ll be enough to buy a copy of the game. (Or wash some cars. Or clean windows. Or mow lawns. Plenty of opportunities.)